03 February 2003 – Eric Thomson
Once again, the blightwing arseholes have let their wishful-thinking lead them to their well-deserved disaster. Now, they want me to "prove" that Putin is a jew, after he said he was in a newspaper report. If the blighters will not believe me, as they refused to believe me when I said Ian Smith was a sellout; they can go to hell. Why should they believe me when I find a newspaper clipping quoting Putin? If I say that the road ahead is mined, based on my information, they would like me to prove that to their satisfaction. I know the truth, so I will not drive down that road, nor will I ignore the fact that Khazars still run Russia. The onus is on the goddamned blighters to check out my warning for themselves. Why should they believe me, when it makes them uncomfortable? My favorite Hungarian jew, Arthur Koestler, wrote about the Khazar conversion to Judaism in his book, "The Thirteenth Tribe". There are also references to Khazar/Ashkenazim in The Jewish Encyclopedia et al. It is no secret. Putin is a Khazar and a jew, just as was Stalin. The majority of "jews" in Israel are "secular". This means that they do not observe the practices of Judaism and are basically not religious, although they observe jew holidays as Moslems observe Christian holidays in North America. Even the Japs love Santa Claus and Christmas, because they are good for business. Putin may not attend synagogue, and neither may Greenspan of The Federal Reserve, but they are both Khazars and see themselves as members of their kosher tribe.

Manfred Roeder is unable to identify jews in a synagogue. He admitted that he worked for the Phillips family of Holland for years, and did not know they were jews. Back in the 1980s Roeder became an "Ostler" and spoke about "Russians" as he does now, without making a distinction between a Russian or a Tatar, nor a Khazar. I am sure Putin is bemused at his approach, for the names Roeder cites are not Khazar. Imagine that the U.S.A. had a Mexican president and that the Mexicans had taken over the U.S.A., as they are now doing. Roeder would write about Pocohantas, George Washington, Harry Truman et al. and refer to them as "Americans", just as he would refer to President Martinez as "American", not knowing that each and every one were of different race and nationality! Roeder admitted to me that he had been expelled from the NAPOLA for "lack of character". They were right! Roeder supports whatever makes him feel good, at the moment. To hell with facts and principles! I know the man very well, for I worked with him in Toronto and was on the scene when he reneged on his debt to Ernst Zündel.

Jared Taylor is another Judas Goat leader, for he believes jews are "White". I have corresponded with him on such matters. Beware! He is a race-traitor. Perhaps some blighters will remember my words, if they are still alive. I really don't care. As I told one correspondent, I will not fight people to protect them from themselves.

Adolf Hitler was right, as usual, about the future of North America: If the people cannot or will not throw the jewish monkeys off their backs, North America will be a wonderful gift to the Chinese. This is exactly what is happening.

Thanks for the stamps. Every cent counts with me, and I advise Whites to spend their ZOGbucks while they can, for they may go the way of Tsarist rubles or Confederate dollars any time, as inflation really gets going. I don't care that Chinese TV sets are cheaper. I don't have a TV, by choice. What I see is that food, shelter and transportation costs are soaring. An acquaintance just returned from Seattle by bus. He confirms my previous information that all bus passengers must have internal passport documents, as in the former USSR with current photo identification. They must prove that they are the same persons who purchased the tickets. They must then undergo full body-search with metal detectors and baggage inspection. I asked if it was permissible for one to carry a safety razor in his checked baggage, as well as nailclippers, but he did not know for sure. I asked him if metal belt buckles and/or suspender clips were permissible. He said, yes, that all visible metal was allowed, but that passengers had to unbuckle their belts to allow the inspector to see if anything metallic were concealed behind the buckle! If I were to travel by bus to the next town, I would have to up-date my internal travel documents, but I can just walk, so I can avoid the costs. The ZOG lacks the manpower to patrol all the trails, police the borders and clear the huge foreign colonies of illegal immigrants and criminals, let alone "terrorists" who know the ropes and what to look out for. Lots of ordinary citizens will be caught, but I doubt if many real terrorists will be.

As the Frontschau would say, "Die Übersetzung geht weiter!"