08 February 2003 – Eric Thomson
In regard to your observations on "The Day the ZOG Dies", it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN. In "The Chosen One", I imagined how a revolution could be brought about by attacking strategic targets, not people; for revolutions historically proceed from the LACK of subsistence, rather than the lack of consumers. As I analyzed new information since I wrote "The Chosen One" in 1964, I saw that we are in the midst of revolution, in terms of major changes in our society, as well as in Europe. It is not ours to wonder if we have the 'right stuff' for starting a revolution, but for surviving the revolution that is coming down upon us, whether we participate or not in its origins. The causes of the present political/demographic/economic revolution have been in place for decades, if not centuries, and now, we see the fruits of these revolutionary and above all, anti-White policies. "Here Comes the Revolution, Ready or Not!" as I wrote in regard to Objective Conditions. Such pre-revolutionary conditions must be felt by the people with leadership abilities and most of the sheeple, in about the same proportion and the same time. Then, it is up to us to take drastic action or perish, as we choose. Had Rhodesia been sealed off from the escape routes to other countries, the Whites may have acted more intelligently and effectively in their choice of leaders and strategies. As Tolstoy wrote in "War & Peace", there was no military brilliance in the Russian army's outflanking of the French after the loss of Moscow. It was simply and stupidly because there was food along the Russians' line of march! The withdrawal of Whites from Black Africa is indeed strategically correct, IF Whites were able to plan to retake a depopulated Africa. At present, the Chinese would be more likely to take the continent.

As you say, there is no point in blasting Iraq on behalf of Anglo-American oil interests, for it could be purchased much cheaper than it will cost to seize the oilfields and occupy them forever. One otherwise erudite writer "who sees no jews" opined that the Bush regime wants to capture the oil of the Middle East and Central Asia, to sell it to China! Who will garrison and guard such huge areas on behalf of Anglo-American petro-banksters? Not the U.S. military! One correspondent thought that the U.S. could maintain imperial rule of vast regions and hostile subject peoples by means of ZOG-merc elite forces which are primarily still White. I am aware of the strengths and weaknesses of small elite groups, as described by Liddel Hart. They are only good for taking out small strategic targets, and/or to establish a bridgehead for massive reinforcements. When the reinforcements fail to arrive, as illustrated in "A Bridge Too Far", the small force gets flattened. Once the element of surprise is lost, the enemy can bring his larger forces to bear. The U.S. will not have White troops much longer, and North America is being massively invaded by Chinese, who occupy elected offices in the U.S.A., so I do not see a U.S. regime selling Central Asian oil to China for very long, if at all. The would-be pundits who refuse to see jews in the works are absurd, like firemen who refuse to see flames, but who think the smoke and fumes can be extracted from the house, and the heat can be reduced by turning up the air-conditioning. Madeline Albright stated openly and bluntly that we were attacking Iraq for the "security of Israel, not for the security of the U.S.A." Can the Goyim comprehend this fact?

I never had a copy of "The Federal Reserve" by Mullins. All I read was a photocopy which was lent to me. Sorry! A number of publishers carry that title on their booklists.

Alcohol and other drugs in a viable society are questionable. The Prohibitionist Movement was partly a reaction against people who drank and operated locomotives and industrial equipment. Now, we have aircraft and ships like the Exxon Valdez which should preclude operation under the influence of alcohol, &c. In my opinion, a responsible society would not have such drugs for 'relaxation' nor 'recreation'. Dr. Oliver wrote in "When We Were Sane", that Victorian society saw drugs and alcohol as benign vices which rid society of undesirables. That was before welfare and subsidized medical care. Now, responsible members of society are taxed to support growing numbers of the irresponsible. Legalizing drugs presently banned, so as to conform to laws applicable to tobacco and alcohol would require a multi-tiered society in which certain professions would be forbidden to use such substances, especially pilots of ships and aircraft, truck and locomotive drivers, bus and car drivers. I am sure we would discover more important categories as the effects of drug legalization progressed!

In regard to achieving mental relaxation in a crowded, bustling society, I observed that the Japanese have an excellent 'cure' in the form of the Tea Ceremony. One withdraws from the bustle and hurley-burley a short distance outside the tea house, into a formal world of artistic taste and ritual. The ceremony is peaceful, while demanding the participants' attention to the performance of ritualized physical acts in a controlled environment, free of noise and other disturbances. Powdered green tea is used, and several cups of that will have you 'wired' for the rest of the day, with eyes wide open, but, one's mind is relaxed from the ritual diversion which proves that "a change is as good as a rest." One could use hot water instead of tea, in order to achieve the relaxation without the stimulation, if one wished, but you get the idea. Each of us can do something similar, with no need for drugs, simply by applying our minds to what is desirable and possible and disciplining ourselves to practice a ritual sufficiently demanding of our attention, so that our minds can have a vacation from the world of toil, tedium and tension. One fellow I knew practiced yoga, routinely. He claimed that he only needed five hours of sleep per day, and that he could make orderly plans and remember important things so that he lived more enjoyably and more efficiently every day. I don't know what sort of yoga he performed, whether standing on his head or sitting in the lotus position, but I know he needed no drugs whatsoever, not even coffee. Since I enjoy coffee and chocolate, I would probably indulge by taking those forms of medication, as I do now. As for such things as beer, I avoid alcohol when I need to be awake and alert, which is most times. If I had a properly organized life, like that of Thomas Edison, I could sleep when I felt tired and work around the clock, so I could do without coffee quite easily. As you probably know, other peoples categorize reality differently. Occidentals distinguish between "sport" and "religion", but this is not so in Japan. Judo, &c. is an expression of Buddhism, like the tea ceremony. Judo requires a whole lot of physical exertion, but remains a form of prayer and self-discipline in terms of the religion. Traditional Japanese society, from emperor to untouchable, is all one kimono. The tea for the ceremony is produced from plants which were grown according to ritual, as is the charcoal, the utensils, the design of the teahouse. It represents an entire universe of consciously conceived supporting factors, all of which form the ritual called Japanese society. Wholistic, I guess! It's funny that ancient Aryan Greeks also practiced sports in a religious sense, to honor the gods in their Olympic contests. Using "Israeli Identity logic", one might thereby attempt to prove that ancient Greeks were Japs, or vice versa. If you would believe that, then I can offer you a package deal: The Ark of the Covenant is concealed in one of the pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge, but you'll have to buy the bridge, too. That way, you'll find out the meaning of being truly jewed. Ha!

As you say, crowding and unharmonious diversity require that a White man make some kind of getaway, even if temporary. I enjoy what I call 'dynamic solitude'. I prefer to write fiction in a coffee house, if allowed to do so. In European cafes, people could nurse a drink or a snack and chat, wool-gather, write and even play chess! The waiters were in no particular hurry to serve, and least of all to hustle the non-consuming customer out. The longer he stayed, the more certain it would be that he would order something! Of course, it was understood that non-consumers make places available for really hungry or thirsty customers, but there never was a problem with that, as I observed. I do remember sharing a table with some people in a Copenhagen cafeteria. A slob lit up a cigarette and a sweet Danish girl who was sitting next to him said in sweetly-accented English: "I hope my eating does not disturb your smoking." The slob apologized and left the table. Cafe society was good when I was in Europe, for one could engage in civilized conversations with strangers of male or female 'persuasion'. In the 1950s, one could do about the same in the U.S.A., but in the sixties, the 'strangers on a train' scene got quite paranoid and uptight. Sexual promiscuity made possible by The Pill correlated with extreme reluctance to engage in conversations with strangers in public. Why that was, I do not know. If I'd found a job I would have stayed in Denmark, but I had to settle for Spain; Barcelona, the poor man's Paris of the 1960s. As Hemingway would say, "Barcelona was a movable feast."

As far as the coming domestic collapse and conflict goes, I enjoy what is presently enjoyable, while I remain vigilant and, alert to possibilities, good or bad, as they occur. Meanwhile, the awesome Mexican and Asian invasion is coming into the Jew Ass Oy Veh, like water into The Titanic, and Whitey stays glued to the boob tube.


Many thanks for the news on Griffin of the BNP. I have sent that to a former friend and supporter of his in the U.S.A. I'll bet he'll be surprised. Colin Jordan is right, and I agree with everything he has to say. I even quoted him in regard to Adolf Hitler, when Tom Metzger was spouting Strasserite twaddle, otherwise known as "National Bolshevism". One speaker in "Triumph of the Will" said it in one line: "Sometimes a folk needs a revolution to live, but no folk lives on revolutions!"

The ZOG is falling into the Chinese trap which was on the Internet, allegedly from the Chinese military command. Their idea was to suck ZOGUSA into the boonies, far away from the U.S., where US ZOG-mercs would be stretched to the end of their logistic capabilities, and spread real thin. When the U.S. has exhausted its troops and materiel, and worn out its aircraft, the Chinese will make their move and wave some nukes in our faces, as they suggest abandoning Taiwan to the Peoples' Republic of China. They might also 'suggest' that the U.S. open unlimited immigration from China to the U.S.A. The last of the Whites will be expended overseas, as ZOG leaves U.S. borders unprotected. Bushy knows what he is doing. In my considered and informed opinion, I could not imagine more harmful policies against the people of the U.S.A. than have been chosen and implemented by the U.S. government, even if I were the worst enemy of the U.S.A. As Saddam would say, "Your enemy is not in Bagdad. He is in Washington, DC!"

Madeline Albright admitted that the U.S. forces arrayed against Iraq were for Israel's security, not for U.S. security. The jew, Ignatiev, of Harvard has publicly called for the extermination of the White Race, and still, the Whites do nothing. The only mention of Iggie's call for genocide was in a German newsletter, in German, although it appeared in The Washington Post! Has everybody gone to sleep?

I know Duke personally, and I do not rate him as a man of sterling character, nor of great intelligence. He can fleece fools, but he doesn't fool the ZOG at all. As I wrote, they can fleece him whenever they decide and/or put him in a cell full of Black Power, and have the guard go to the restroom for a few moments. The ZOG-gulag can be as uncomfortable as the ZOG cares to make it.

Propaganda, can be on all levels, as Commander Rockwell pointed out in his essay, "Propaganda, from Ivory Tower to Privy Wall". My friend, Willi Krämer, one of Dr. Goebbel's secretaries, told me that the purpose of propaganda is to build an organization. It can also be used to demoralize an enemy. I am comfortable with university professors, statesmen and manual laborers, and my appeal is the same message, expressed in ways which each group can understand. I do not appeal to perverts, crazies and people I would not like to share a speaking platform with. I have no qualms sharing a platform with non-White anti-Zionists, for I am also an anti-Zionist, as well as a White Nationalist. I will not share a platform with necro-Nazis, wiggers, patriotic pedophiles and mongrels posing as Whites, nor with regalia freaks and leather fetishists. That is why I would not wish to propagandize such types, and I certainly would not identify myself or my cause with them. I take care not to do the ZOG's work when I put out propaganda, which I have put out and analyzed for decades. I am also aware and have produced 'black' propaganda which purports to come from the target source, but is intended to work in favor of Our Racial National Cause. I can easily spot "pro-White" propaganda which is really not, even if someone "on our side" composed it. I have no argument about degree nor of level. The jews would love to classify us as necro-Nazi perverts, for example, so I see no need for us to fall into such a trap, through our own efforts, and at our own expense. Again, many thanks. I'll pass on the cards to my correspondent: who may be able to find more White people than I can in this part of Northern Mexico, where a White man sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

The latest blightwing insanity which is taking hold is the belief that jews are "White". They are not, according to the latest DNA studies, and they even say so in "The Genetics of the Jews", which was written by jew hematologists, in articles originally published in The Lancet, the official journal of the British Medical Society. These articles were amalgamated into the book I mentioned and published by Oxford Press in 1978. Khazars of the blondest, lightest complexions have negro genes, resulting from slavery and concubinage (prostitution). The negro factor, as well as the Mongolian factor, are particularly noticeable in jews from Odessa, whom I have met. Yet, the blightwing insists that such creatures, including Arabs, are "White"! The only thing we can say of them is that they are not completely black, like Colin Powell, who is also a jew. He speaks fluent Yiddish. Although he was born in Jamaica, he went to school in Brooklyn with his fellow jews, and learned the language there. Yiddish means Yid Deutsch, the German dialect spoken by jews, which is usually written in Hebrew letters. Although it is read from right to left, as Hebrew, it is not Hebrew, any more than the jew dialect of Spanish, which is called Sephardish or Ladino. Putin, as I read, is a jew, said he was, but the blightwing missed it, apparently. Putin is the twin of a former NKVD kike, Yezhov, another Khazar, like Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky et al. I told one blighter that he might as well join the Khazars of Israel and the USA as those of Russia. It amazes me how they always get it wrong and never get it right. They challenge me to 'prove' to their satisfaction that these people are jews. I replied that I have proved it to my satisfaction, so it is up to them to do their own research. If they don't believe me, why should they believe my sources? The blightwing is in the 'feelgood' business. Truth can only be what makes them feel comfortable for the moment. That is not my definition of truth, for something may be true, whether we like it or not. That's the White man's view. The jew-view of truth is whatever they want it to be, for their perceived purposes. That's why jewish 'science' reasons backwards from the conclusion to the observation of facts. All facts which do not support the conclusion are dumped.

Something I have noticed is that I cannot tell a Mexican from an Arab. They both have a large Afro-asiatic admixture, and share their ugly features. That will make the identification of 'terrorists' even more difficult for the ZOG. All the Arabs need do is don sombreros, and they vanish in the crowd.

"They Live" is very educational in regard to its portrayal of race-traitors. The blonde, blue-eyed female is one type and the bum who becomes a frontman for the aliens is another. You note that these traitors even dress like Freemasons, when they attend their meeting to assess the financial benefits they have received from serving the alien-world-destroyers. It's as plain as day, for that has been exactly what's  been going, on in our own society. Those special sunglassess were allegorical, for those of us can 'see' without them when we become jew-wise. I even saw a jew using hypnotic gestures when he was trying to sell a Goy something outside a supermarket in Louisville. I thought, "the effrontery of these kikes!" A drugged, dopey, downbred herd of Goy suckers is what the hebes want, the better to fleece and slaughter them. "They Live, We Sleep." I'm glad you obtained the movie, which is getting harder to find. The hebes know that it is a favorite film among 'certain people', so I think they will phase it out gradually. As I understand, "The Matrix" was supposed to be an antidote to "They Live", for the heroes, I have read, are called "Zionists". Would you believe?

That's a very good title: "The Day ZOG Died". It has possibilities. Would the Munchkins celebrate? Or would they react as they did when the aliens' features were revealed in "They Live"? I do not see the collapse of the ZOG as a reason for doing nothing. We are like the inmates of a prison which is collapsing upon our own heads. Our job is to dodge the falling pieces and organize ourselves to construct a new society, while we fight the muds for our lives and livingspace, as well as livelihoods. Most Ostensible Whites appear to be living as passive spectators, even though they are participants, like passengers on the Titanic. They are like the character portrayed by jew Peter Sellers in "Being There". He  was raised by TV, so he tries to 'change channels' by aiming his TV remote at two niggers who intend to mug him. Rots of ruck, as the wise Japs say. Thanks for the downloads on Israeli atrocities. I notice that the ZOG is doing everything it accused the Nazis of doing, a thousand-fold, yet, the Goyim do not see any comparison. Hypnosis or stupidity? A mixture of both, perhaps.