13 February 2003 – Eric Thomson – d0213et.htm
The most recent spic spy case here, as reported in the jewsmedia, may be the prelude for a ZOG fishing expedition amongst "domestic anti-government" persons and groups. The "missing documents" can give ZOG all the pretext it wants to raid people it deeps "anti-government". Since the government is Republican, based on a tiny majority, it would seem that the Democrats would be the people to raid. Ha! One wonders if the spic connection in the Guard could have supplied the Colombians with info, at a price, of course. It has loyalty only to money. Funny how that reminds me of "The Chosen One",  in which von Mannerheim says to the CIA man that you have become "Strictly professional", that is, mercenary. Earlier on, Hans describes the U.S.A. as becoming a "mean little dictatorship" without grandeur, which would be dangerous but not great

If the news about The Zud is correct, and if he gets the bum's rush out of "Usrael", that would leave the dubious "Mrs. Zündel" holding all the goodies, while the silly Zud decorates the inside of a Bundes-gulag. Talk about  'jew-jitsu'! To quote FDR: "In politics, things don't just happen the way they do. They are MADE to happen the way they do!" The Zud's penchant for jewish mama types was undoubtedly in his ZOG-profile, so Ingrid would quite likely be part of a set up or trap, with adequate assistance from The Zud himself. To quote The Zud, "Time will tell." I warned him that one could not fight the ZOG and live a bourgeois-Biedermeier existence. His jewish mistress told him otherwise, and his wishful-thinking did the rest, Wouldn't it be "the best of all possible worlds" if we could zap the ZOG and live in opulent Berchtesgaden residences, with outdoor Jacuzzis and 16 cylinder Cadillacs? I tend to agree with Yockey on one point, at least, that "in the age of Total Politics", dissidents would not be living lives of prestige and luxury. Neither good roosters, nor, real revolutionaries are fat, as wise men have observed.

In my evaluation, The Zud was a man of ego, rather than substance. His intention was not to build a pro-White movement, but to show the world ''he could tweak the jews and get away with it. That's all folks! The Jews have deeper pockets and longer reach, so Zud's miraculous' escape to the U.S.A. could have been planned in advance, after Ingrid popped out of nowhere! Being an egotist, the Zud isolated himself from everyone but his jewish dominatrices so he was an easy mark. By moving all his stuff from Toronto, the ZOG can take a better inventory of what he saw of value, for things might have been stashed at 206, had the ZOG raided those premises and deported him from Soviet Canuckistan.

The Germans have a good word for a nasty indulgence: "Schadenfreude", which means taking pleasure from others' misfortunes. If the Zud news is as bad as it is reported, you can be sure that I still hate to be right, for I tried to warn The Zud of this possibility, a very likely possibility, back in 1976. It's like telling a friend that he should stop smoking, to prevent his lungs from being damaged. Twenty years later, after disregarding the warning, one's friend is suffering the consequences. As usual, I hate to be right.

I can foresee that "Mrs. Zündel" will capitalize on The Zud's departure by milking sympathy donations from Zudniks (Zündel supporters), while she takes over his persona, like "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers". The Zudniks will want to believe that she will continue The Zud Tradition (whatever that accomplished), and they will send her zogbuck, because that which they want to believe MUST be true, as in, "I've donated to the Zud for 20 years, so it must be worthwhile!" Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I don't seek the support of fools. I actually try to avoid them.

As usual, there is no agreement on Bible interpretations, and no agreed-upon definition of "True Christianity". Since I am not a god, I must work with the information available to me, and use my
brain to interpret it. I am not trying to prove a foregone conclusion, but to express my findings. In regard to Pamela's question, "What is Truth?" I simply ask her to answer the simple question: Which came first, Cabalism or Christianity? Why does so-called Christianity conform so closely to cabalistic ritual for the evil-doer's getting away with murder? In Old and New Testaments, I discern two gods, Yahweh and Jesus. In the New Testament I perceive two Jesuses: one a fire-breathing god of righteousness; the other a god of all-embracing forgiveness, in accordance with the Cabala. I do not approach my observations with prejudice, but with the desire to evaluate what has been written on behalf of these Semitic cults, which apparently originated from Voodoo or vice versa, since semitic religions are of Afro-Asiatic origins. As a White man, I cannot accept such alien beliefs, but I have learned about them, perhaps more than those who think they know what they are taking about.

In the book of jew mythology, I seem to recall that "the writing was on the wall" as the jews prepared to betray Babylon, which had been "so good to the jews" that they elected Cyrus, emperor of Babylon, as their "christ" or jew-king. The precedent of jews electing a Gentile as their king particularly irked the Lubavitcher Sanhedrin when Koresh (Hebrew for Cyrus) of the Waco Wackos took up this title. The publication, Criminal Politics, discussed the likelihood that these Brooklyn kosher cowboys sicked the ZOG on the Wacoites, and holocausted them in terms of the Noahide Laws, which Bush Sr. proclaimed were "the basis of our civilization", when he feted the Lubavitcher Rebbe in his Oval Office on "National Education Day". The Noahide Laws are jew laws for dealing with Goyim, the violations of which can result in the death penalty. Nothing is more profane to a jew than a Gentile claiming to be a "true jew". In Toronto, the ADL forced the local "British Israel Center" to remove their sign, and it would not surprise me that "copyright" laws, plus emergency powers may be invoked to criminalize "Israel alias Christian Identity". The full powers of the Genocide Convention may also be applied against those who practice the First Amendment, which was abolished de jure after the ratification of The Genocide Convention, which is a treaty, with the same force as The Constitution.

Well, to get back on track, it appears that the writing proclaiming the pending collapse of the Judeo-American imperium is not only on walls, but in all major media, including the Internet, from a wide variety of sources across the political spectrum. They see the same indicators of downfall and derive the same meanings from them that we do. As one writer put it, Bush acts like there is no tomorrow, because there isn't. We are on a kamikaze ride on behalf of Israel, thence, down the toilet of history. Who will be the primary beneficiary of the demise of FEDZOGUSA? CHINA! It really does appear as if the jews have betrayed us, as they did with their Babylonian hosts in ancient times and their German hosts in World War I. Some things never seem to change: Goyim and still dumb and jews are still subverters and destroyers of their host peoples. When will we ever learn?

I don't envy your 'jungle journeys'. In my travels, I made my acquaintance with "the wretched refuse of the teeming shores", in the words of that egregious kikess, but I did not have feelings of menace, as I do now. I have not changed my attitude, but THEY have changed theirs. They have lost their fear of the foolish White man, like sharks and other predators which stupid people feed. With loss of fear comes loss of respect; the jews pander to this syndrome by lying propaganda that the muds are just as good as us, and that we 'stole' what we have and what they want, so they should' rightfully' take it from us, and our lives along with it. The hebes intend that we go the way of the golden goose and the dodo, and we are certainly obliging them! You can see the danger you are in, right now, and especially when the ZOG falls down. It appears that you live in an area which would be most difficult for obtaining the barest essentials for survival, plus an ample supply of savage predators. If you can get out, I would recommend it, or at least have an escape route in the event of a sudden breakdown of order. My own location is better because the non-Whites are vying for turf amongst themselves and Whitey is so scarce, he doesn't count. An old gringo might be able to use 'diplomacy' with the Mexicans, and live a little longer, but I am indifferent to my own survival if my race dies out. I have always been a foreigner in this accursed land, whose White denizens behave like zombies under an evil spell. Basically, I have nothing to lose, and hence, little to fear, so every day is a little adventure. Sometimes I feel like a person who knows he is on The Titanic and that it is sinking, but I am surrounded by fools who quarrel over the shuffleboard puck and dither about rearranging the deckchairs. They do not want to hear that we are sinking.

Here are 2 'man-in-the-street-on-the-way-to-the-gutter' conversations I had today with 2 young, Ostensible Whites: the first wanted to join the Marines, but was rejected, most likely for mental malfunctions. He wants to nuke Iraq. I asked him what good that would do the U.S.A., which is being invaded. His reply was that we must nuke or-be-nuked. "Will the bombing of Iraq deter North Korea or China?" He didn't care. I asked him if he played chess, and he said that he did. "Surely, you know that you must be able to see more than one move ahead," I said. "I love this country," he replied. "So does everybody else," I said,"for they are all coming here. The U.S. government does not love this country, because they seem intent on giving it away."

The second fellow was right out of "1984". I mentioned Osama, and. he said "We should have killed him when we were in Iraq the first time." Bush had managed to confuse Osama bin Laden with Saddam Hussein. Score 1 for Bush and zero for the U.S.A. When I said I was talking about Osama, he told me there was no difference, as far as he was concerned; nor was there any difference between Iran and Iraq.