21 February 2003 – Eric Thomson
The confusion with the term "imperium", meaning the oneness of society and state, and "empire", meaning a multi-national state is apt, to lead to misunderstanding. Quigley does not incorporate historical facts into his arguments as much as he subordinates facts for the sake of argument. Often, this leads into error, falsehood and outright schoolboy 'howlers', as does his misevaluation of Christianity, which he characterizes as a "this-worldly" religion. Obviously, Quigley was ignorant of Jesus' statement: "My kingdom is not of this earth." He reverses the historical facts entirely. Pagans loved the body and kept it clean. Christians closed the Roman baths and preached that "the mortification of the flesh was good for the soul" and that lice were "pearls of God". I have had the 'benefit' of a mainstream Christian upbringing, and I renounced "the sinful lusts of the flesh" before engaging in the cannibal feast of consuming God's "body and blood". The primacy of the state was soon replaced by the primacy of the church, and the Roman Catholic dominance of Europe in the Middle Ages was as totalitarian as any secular regime. The Romans permitted all gods and religions within their domain, but the Church attempted to suppress, and did so with lots of blood-letting and torture, all other religions. Quigley would have us believe that a power vacuum can exist, with the "withering away of the state", to quote the jew, Levy alias Marx. Quigley's assessment of Christianity as being of the world and of the flesh makes a specious distinction between Western Christianity and that of Eastern Orthodoxy. Both cults are neo-Platonist, as was their alleged founder, Jesus. As for Semitic religions being proponents of the world and the flesh, Quigley appears to be "not of this world", since his statements are absurd in this regard.

In his description of The Russian Empire, he is accurate. Russia, as I have tried to point out to geophiliacs, has never been ruled by Russians, but by other nationalities, as an empire, most recently by the Khazars who changed their name from Khazar to "JEW" in 700 A.D. By incorporating multitudes of alien peoples, empires insure their decay and collapse. The fallacy that one can have "a government of laws" and not a government of men was revealed by the Romans, whose empire perished for lack of Romans, and by the U.S.A., whose empire is going the same way. Diversity s death.

Quigley avoids all facts which might contradict his arguments. I think we can agree that there is no power vacuum in human affairs. When Rome collapsed, local warlords and/or bandits took over. Power became disintegrated, but remained in society. The Church superseded the state, and subordinated state organs to its theocracy. The jewish imperium continued its erosion of European society by means of the Church, rather than the Roman state. As trade resumed, so did usury, which is the primary instrument of jewish imperium. As Mayer Amschel (later Rothschild) declared: "Give me the power to issue money, and I care not who makes the laws!" This statement is reaffirmed in The Hazard Circular issued by The Bank of England, for control of the money supply is the key to indirect rule over people, by creating the illusion of choice. Obviously, one cannot choose to go to war if he lacks the money!

Hitler revealed his wisdom and knowledge when he declared that the state is the vessel which protects the race, and the race is the vessel which protects the individual. Italian fascism declared that all individuals are subordinate to the state, and made no mention of race. Thus, it is erroneous to claim that National Socialism and Fascism are the same, since the priorities were quite different. Hitler was right, of course, as history and demography have shown us. To me, it is absurd that state and society should be divorced, and that the state would be the purview of private and alien interests, to be used as an instrument against the public interest. Of course, a diverse public can have no "interest" upon which it agrees, so I am referring to the interest of a racial-national state. The state is thus an expression of the folk, for whom it DIRECTS, PROTECTS and COLLECTS. Far from being "totalitarian", National Socialist Germany, according to Quigley, was a supporter of private enterprise, within a "Folk economy'! Jews did not like such an economy, since they were not members of the Folk, and never were!

You have presented some useful insights in regard to the dynamic relationship between the individual and society, but these must be considered within a racial-cultural context, as, for example, the plight of Beethoven in an African village or the Wright brothers in China. I was born in a fundamentally anti-White society, which rapidly revealed its true-jew nature. Hence, I can play no worthwhile role in society as it now exists. I also know that I am not alone in this predicament.

In regard to the identification of mongrels alias jews alias Afro-Eurasians, the profiles are pretty distinctive. As I mentioned in my note attached to the photos, one may mistake mongrels for "White" when one is surrounded by a majority nigger population, but, despite Pierce's credo, not being Black does not mean one is White. There are 3 primary races and subracial distinctions. Admixtures of primary colors are not new races, for the offspring tend to follow Mendel's genetic observations, i.e., Black/White crossbreeds' offspring will tend toward White or Black, along with obvious half & halfs. Roy Rogers was a classic Eurasian type. Note his eyes, hair and complexion, although in Hebrewood, tans and blonds come out of bottles.

The vast majority of jews are not White by any stretch of the imagination, let alone DNA evidence. According to a New York Times article, jews resemble their host peoples because jew males took Gentile females, as they do now in White host societies. By tracing the male parts of people's DNA, researchers discovered that the Lemba tribe of South Africa, which originated in Yemen, shows jew DNA. At some time much later, jew tradition switched to tracing jewish ancestry through the female ancestors. There are thus Chinese jews whose genes are not entirely Chinese; Indian jews; Arab jews, and Black jews or Falashim of Africa. The Whitest jews are the Khazars or Ashkenazim, but they are not White, either. How much Mongolian and Negro genes make a "White" person? None, if race is to have any meaning. In genetics, as in reality, there is no democracy, for it is the minority factor which counts in behavior and intelligence. Many Anglo-mestizos whom I know, along with Anglo-mulattos of one-sixteenth non-White admixture exhibit all the behavioral traits of their non-White ancestry, although they are naturally fair and blond with blue eyes. "White Trash" is really mongrel genetic and social rubbish, upon which no viable society can be built. In genetics, a little means a lot!

I understand that Colin Powell is a Jamaican jew who attended school in Brooklyn, where he learned fluent Yiddish, much to the discomfort of the Ashkenazi leadership of Zionist Occupied Palestine. Pierce et al. may deem him "White" because he is a jew, but I don't, nor would any sane person.

The term, "race", has been unscientifically defined with calipers. People with long noses are "Caucasian", like the Eurasian Ainu of Japan and the Ashkenazim of Russia. So are mestizos (Eurasians) of Amerasian origin, including so-called American Indians. Long-noses do not a White person make, neither in outward appearance, nor inner DNA, FDR and Pierce to the contrary.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that jews are "White", and that we should accept them as fellow Whites in our racial struggle for existence, AS WE HAVE DONE SO FAR! The U.S.A. is in its present mess because our ancestors did allow jew infiltration and subversion of our leadership. Would we like more of same? Remember, the jew infiltrates by being 'nice', but he is always connected with and subordinate to Zionist organization and policies, in which Whites are the targets for genocide. The job of the 'nice' Jew is to stick with his own kind and make them 'nice', too. He does not belong in the White Cause, nor in pro-White groups. Let him form his own branch of The Anti-Zionist Alliance, if he is sincere as a Non White and a Jew. If we were a Sicilian survival group, would we admit a known Mafia member? If we were Indians, would we admit a known Thugee? History proves that jew interests are anti-White, at least since 2000 B.C. Is it therefore sensible to believe, now, that the kike has changed his attitude, his racial objectives and his behavior? If you believe that, then there's a nice bridge I can sell you, very cheap!

Apparently, The Zud has gone 'thud', exactly as I warned him in 1976. Wishful-thinkers believe that Frau Zud is "German", but I say she is an obvious jewess, for I do not equate wishful-thinking with reality. If the Zuddess is jewish, I predict that she will continue to milk The Zud's sucker list for sympathy donations, in his name, of course. These donations will do nothing to aid Mr. Zud, who is likely to be snuffed in ZOG custody, here or in Zionist Occupied Germany. If the Zuddess is jewish, she will not be stripped of her U.S. citizenship, nor will she go to Germany to attempt the defence of her husband. Eventually, she will shed her "German" persona and liquidate the Zud's ill-gotten gains, to retire in comfort in a golden ghetto, to be closer to her own kind. Stay tuned! I strongly suspect that The Zud was a victim of an ADL set up, with lots of help from his own ego. In the end, he really did it to himself when he abandoned the cause of White Survival and alienated his activist supporters who would have risked their own lives and freedom to protect him from the ZOG-mercs and the kikes. Been there. Done that.

Over the past two weeks, my meager free time has been totally mestizoed by worker absenteeism. One would think that a seven day work week on graveyard shifts would suffice, but not with the mud factor. One mestizo of the Anglo persuasion could not make it in for his day shift in time for opening, so I had to show up, after I did the closing shift. The other Anglo-mestizo wants his days off, so he will not perform this essential service, although he always complains that he wants more hours to feed his gambling addiction. When I offer him some of my hours, so I can have a day off, he becomes reluctant, and suddenly has "things to do." I am indeed a victim of 'biowarfare'. No good comes from mestizos, be they jew or Gentile, from my decades of hard experience. This is a big part of the White man's burden, which is largely self-inflicted. Jefferson wanted a mestizo society. I would wish him nothing better, as condign punishment for his arrogant folly, for it's living hell for a White man. That wee dab of Injun will sure undo ya. These fellows are ¼ Injun, so they receive White man's tribute via the reservation. Maybe I should feel privileged to associate with members of the leisure class: red niggers; the original welfare parasites!

I was pleasantly surprised by that extensive article on the USS LIBERTY atrocity which was perpetrated by the Israelis, who have a history of attacking and betraying the U.S.A. and killing U.S. people. I believe that 9-11 was a Mossad 'stunt', in terms of 'cui bono': "Very good for Israel!" as Netanyahu blurted, before turning on the crocodile tears of concern for the dumb U.S. Goyim. If Saddam would have done the same, the U.S. Goyim would have been urged to nuke him forthwith. Funny: an Arab can give us the finger and it's an act of war. Israel can stab us in the back, and that's an act of 'friendship'. Such a deal!

The urban hell you describe is heaven for Asians, who just thrive on hubbub and crowding. In the "Military Thoughts of Chairman Mao", he describes the Long March into the boonies of Yunnan. Mao's army of 10,000 soldiers and camp-followers trekked through grasslands sparsely inhabited by tribal folk. Mao wrote that some of his men went mad, "because there were no people"! Imagine Lewis & Clark going nuts because they were traversing so much open country with far fewer companions. Mao might counter by saying they were nuts to begin with. The idea of going on a hike with 10,000 people is not my idea of loneliness. In fact, my reason for such outings is to get away from crowds! Obviously, I am not Chinese! For Whites, space = freedom. Jews love their crowded ghettos, which is a tribute to their oriental heritage. The factor which allows me to enjoy my existence in Judeo-America is my freedom from being jostled and crammed into some crowded, smelly, noisy flophouse of the sort I experienced in Toronto. Being able to take a shower without constant demands to "hurry up!" on the part of subhumans who are about to lose control of their bowels is also a privilege which I enjoy. The 'downtown' area is sparsely inhabited, since most of the stores are vacant, so I almost have this neighborhood to myself. It would be nice if I had some free time, but I must not wish too hard for that, since I also need my job! There is no telling how long that will last, in view of the poor business climate. No matter how many mestizos there are, very little money can be made from them. Their business is breeding. Ours is feeding. I have no fear of a nuclear attack, since a hydrogen bomb would be wasted on Yakima.

Covington is on about a ZOG crackdown on the blightwing. I would think that the ZOG has more important things to do with its inflated money, unless the blighters whom they target have property worth seizing. I advised the Zud and others that one should not acquire that which one cannot defend, and that all property should be used in the struggle, as propaganda. Patriots-for-profit are easily identified, ZOG knows! Wordmongers and word-criminals of my ilk are aware of the limitation of words to inspire, so if ZOG tells me to shut up, I shall do so, and strive to devote more of my scarce time to the appreciation of Nature. As the jovial hangman used to say, "When one door closes, another one opens. Enjoy the drop!" I agree that a White Out-Elite may be forming, thanks be to ZOG, for we are prime examples of the 'superfluous White men'. What we choose to make of our lives is still mainly up to us, and that will show whether we are the effluents or the excellence of our society, as extremes of its bell-shaped curve. The jew Toland described blightwing 'leaders' as being misled by Hebrewood's 'loser' image of Hitler. They think that their failures 'prove' that they have the makings of leaders. Toland observed that The Third Reich's leaders were already "somebodies", without the NSDAP. "Even when Hitler was a 'nobody', he was a 'somebody"'! Take care!