22 February 2003 – Eric Thomson
There was a report in an Indiana jewspaper about jews fleeing France, which is thoroughly invaded by Arabs, in particular, fanatical Moslems from Algeria, where the government carries on French colonial policies, despite popular support for the Moslem majority. The same applies to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in regard to the unpopularity of their secular regimes who are deemed to be sellouts to Judeo-Western capitalists. That's what they are, of course! The Saud family which rules Saudi Arabia is viewed as corrupt, by everyone, including their own people. I don't envy them, for they must placate the Anglo-American petrobanksters and their fanatic Moslem people. It's a tightrope act which cannot go on indefinitely, and I strongly suspect that the U.S. presence, ostensibly against Iraq, is also aimed at Saudi Arabia, which not only has oil, but sponsored the Al Qaeda bunch and the Taliban, as CIA catspaws in Afghanistan against the USSR. Now the U.S.A. has switched sides and allies, like something right out of Orwell's "1984". Everybody we set up to do our bidding eventually becomes our 'enemy', since we cannot stick with any side of a conflict, except Israel. The U.S. plays the same perfidious game of treachery that the Brits are noted for.

As you observe, "Usrael" is a ZOG-gulag, and its inmates are largely sheeple who are dumbed down, downbred mongrelized subhumans. They are too stupid and too distracted by the jewsmedia to know that they need to find leaders who will not fleece and slaughter them as a matter of routine. As you say, it is unlikely that this Babel society can rescue itself. Maybe the Chinese will rescue us (HA!), since they are arriving in such numbers. Canada Census has proudly announced that the second language of Canada is now Mandarin, in terms of speakers. French may be the third language, now, but it will fast fade away as the wogs pour in. At last report, the French Canadians were admitting Haitians because they are "Francophones". I guess Anglo-Canadians will take in speakers of pigeon English to enhance their numbers. Pretty scary, eh kids? as Count Floyd would say. The Haitians not only bring some French. They also bring AIDS!

Some correspondents have criticised me for "seeing jews under every bed". Now that so many have come out of the woodwork, these critics are tending to agree with my assessment of the kosher quotient in U.S. politics and elsewhere. The latest yid who stands unhid is Congressman Kerry, who posed as a nice Irish Catholic boy. Most people do not knowingly vote for a Zionist or jew, and that's why I call our rulers the Zionist Occupation Government, which has taken office by stealth and misrepresentation. Henry Ford mentioned that we would be quite surprised to see how many people and issues would bear the jew flag, if such identification were required.

Your observations of McCain (sp?) indicate that he may have certain political ambitions. I just wonder whose side he will be on, if he makes a move. "Usrael" is ripe for a coup d'etat, rather like pre-Napoleonic France or pre-Fascist Italy. I would not be surprised by such an eventuality, with The Praetorian Guard in charge. The floundering fatheads of this banana republic aped Roman institutions such as the republic and senate, along with internal and external imperialism based on 'divide and rule', so modern technology has allowed us to commit all of Rome's suicidal blunders much faster than our original model. I believe Hitler described the U.S.A. as a 'mushroom' culture, quick to grow and quick to perish.

What the ZOG is doing to its American sheeple is directly described in Protocol #10, wherein the Goyim are to be exhausted by toil, confusion, crises and disease plus poverty, so that they would beg for a jew world order. If we would understand ZOG policies of the present and the future, we should refer to The Protocols of Zion, that fabulously accurate "forgery".

The FEDZOGUSA regime is sending more troops into Colombia, to control the drug trade and protect the oil pipeline. Apparently, at least one of their aircraft has been shot down and two of its American passengers were reported as being "executed". Colombia is ideal guerrilla country, and its population of tri-racial mongrels have been fighting their own civil war for over 300 years. I know Colombia pretty well. The people are prolific and vicious, with or without the cocaine industry. This simply proves that money does not alter character, for warlords remain warlords with or without drug money. In fact, one cannot be a druglord unless he is also a warlord. The Colombian 'rebels' claim different brands of politics, but they are really bandits without political programs for governing entities larger than their clans and gang members. Like typical mafias, they prefer to LIVE OFF those who are ruled, rather than rule directly themselves, rather like the U.S. Federal Reserve which uses the U.S. government as its frontmen and patsies. Such a deal! Why bother to rule Colombia, when one can have what one wants without the overhead? I predict that ZOG-mercs will face growing resistance as their presence increases in Colombia, similar to the results of U.S. presence in 1920's Nicaragua.

I enjoyed the article on Orwell in Heritage & Destiny magazine, along with Martin Kerr's definitive article on Yockey's "Imperium". After I read "Imperium", I wondered what relevance it had to racial nationalism. My evaluation is: NONE! As I have mentioned, the erroneous doctrine of "historical inevitability", as propounded by Spengler and Levy alias Marx ignores causality. One can thereby assume that all diseases are fatal, but if one knows the cause, they may be treated and even prevented. Symptoms are not causes, nor are they inevitable. What man can do, he can undo.

When one appreciates The Spanish Civil War in terms of "cui bono", the machinations of the Soviet Jewnion are not so inscrutable. The USSR was the creature of Judeo-Capitalism, and its monopolist minion. Both sides in the Civil War proceeded consistently in accordance with the rule, "The best of the Goyim must be killed." The Jew, Franco, made sure that a Spanish version of National Socialism, as propounded by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, would not occur. Franco took over the Falange Party name, exiled Jose Antonio's successor, and used the party members for his own purposes, as he did with the Carlists, who provided him with effective fighters. Both sides of the war were a motley alliance of groups whose 'diversity' would have caused them to fight their own civil war amongst themselves, had it not been for the motley groups on the other side. Franco provided the leftwing upbringing for the present king and systematically interspersed his regime with closet commies and traitors, such as Admiral Blanco's successors. The Spanish people faced a poor choice indeed: Judeo-Communism, Judeo-Fascism and Judeo-Capitalism. The propaganda that "the Catholic monarchs" of 1492 rid Spain of jews, is just that. Spain is riddled with jews, most of whom pose as Christians, just as people have licences on their cars. In Franco Spain, jews would show their crosses, but they remained jews, in blood and in their private religious observances. I lived and worked in Spain during the Franco regime, so I am not typing these words off the top of my head, so to speak. I am also fluent in Spanish and I have studied Spanish history, so I was hardly a typical tourist. Franco's version of fascism was similar to policies enacted by the former Republic: bread producers were subsidized, and bread was a government monopoly, to make it affordable to the poorest working people. If I recall correctly, one could buy a kilo of bread, freshly-baked, for 14 pesetas; 500 grams (una libra) for 7 pesetas. A streetcar ride was 7 pesetas. Vino corriente or common wine was also cheap and probably subsidized, and it was terrible. Spaniards drink their red and white wines with lots of soda water. I finally avoided the wine and drank soda water at meals, much to the consternation of the waiters! White, polished rice cost the same as brown, unpolished rice. I was told that the workers who processed the rice would suffer if the brown rice were cheaper, for people would only buy the brown rice! All taxi fees and hotel rooms were price-controlled. In the sixties, that made Spain the poor man's France, which was a gigantic clip-joint. Hence, foreign tourists flocked to Spain where life was not only good, but cheap. Been there. Done that. As I recall, a sumptuous shower at a public bathhouse in Barcelona cost 7 pesetas, and that was about the price of a haircut which one could have before one showered. The only reason I left Spain was my desire to explore the world, rather like the character in the B. Traven novel, "Death Ship". As I recall, the peseta was sixty to the U.S. dollar., in the 1960s.

I recognize former girlfriends in that essay by Simon Sheppard. I agree with him that the cost of rejecting Nature is steep, indeed. The female/materialist nexus was a good reason for me to flee the Judeo-American ratrace, in order to build a life of my own. I do not participate in rigged games, from which I derive no satisfaction. I credit my survival to my lack of emotional stamina in being able to withstand constant bombardments of an alien culture, and in my well-developed selfishness, which gave me the resolve to resist transitory temptations on behalf of my long-term good. I was far wiser than I knew, at the time. I have not bred slaves for the ZOG, and I have avoided ZOG-enslavement to the best of my abilities. I may be under the ZOG, but I am not of it, nor for it. I am therefore a ZOG-affirmer, but not a ZOG-lover.

The clan/tribal community in my Spring Island is indeed practical. The "Travellers" are such a community, as are the various mafias of the world, the bandit state of Zionist Occupied Palestine is the foremost example. Naturally, such communities require an infrastructure of loyalty and organization outside their territorial existence, as well as within the locality. Spring Island was probably sustained by vulnerable rich people who were attracted to its exclusivity, one by one. Club Med acts as a screening system for vulnerable rich people and people of importance whose proclivities may lead to blackmail. The Freemasons also sponsor such activities at their conventions, in which "all things are permitted and also made manifest", so that blackmail photos of participants may be used later. The latter-day Vikings of Spring Island were not "Hagar the Horrible" types as depicted by lying Christian propaganda. Harold Hadrada, for example, wore the finest silk under his exquisite chain mail. Silk was the preferred underclothing for warriors of that period, for its strength and fineness aided in cleaning wounds. Naturally, silk was something only the wealthiest and most cultured people of Europe could afford, and Hadrada was a typical Viking: a man of culture, courage, and international business acumen, for Vikings were_ topnotch world traders. Their 'Viking" adventures of piracy and banditry were sidelines. Modern-day Vikings would be just as advanced in terms of knowledge and technology. Obviously, the reason for the use of the diesel engines for the island's electricity supply was that imported fuel was available. The steam engine was kept in reserve, for it could burn locally-available fuel in an emergency. The Viking knows when to be savage, but he is not primitive. Unlike the Christians, he also liked to bathe and be clean, just as he made and maintained his fine weapons. The Danish Museum features a wagon with roller bearings, which was beautifully and functionally designed around 500 B.C. by local White Folk. Roller bearings were only rediscovered in the mid-20m century. White men invent and forget.

I wonder how ZOG zapped your friend. Was he the victim of a snitch? Yes, ZOG prefers that recreational substances be poisonous. You mention embalming fluid in alcoholic drinks. That's the tip of the nutritional iceberg. I discovered that sodium and calcium propionate are used to retard spoilage in bread. I learned that they were ingredients of embalming fluid, which is, I understand, chiefly formaldehyde. My remedy for athlete's foot was very effective, for Whitey had deduced that athlete's foot fungus fed on dead skin cells. It was correctly deduced from that knowledge that the fungus would die if the dead skin cells behaved similar to live ones. The two propionates did the job, and I was cured of my chronic athlete's foot infection which I had acquired in junior high gym class. Nothing else worked. Yes, ZOG is hazardous to our health!

The pleasures of the flesh must be seen in a social context. The way in which they are used by Judeo-Capitalist society is anti-social and thus, destructive. "Find a hole and fill it" or "find a pole and stuff it" are not eugenic goals and are therefore anti-social. When such goals are promoted, we see the enemies of civilization at work, chiefly the jews and their nigger front men. No civilization can be maintained with jew-jiggaboo values, nor with Christian-Marxist values, either.

The bankruptcy of Christianity (Marxism with God) and International Socialism (Marxism without God) was clearly revealed in World War I. International worker solidarity would have stopped it at the outset, but there was none. Christianity could have stopped it, particularly during the unofficial Christmas Truce of 1914, but the churches did not speak out. The German soldiers' belt buckles had "Gott mit uns" embossed thereon, and all European participants were Christians, so "God" was on everyone's side, except the living!

Re the turnover of British National Party's Nick Griffin: It appears that we are seeing the Americanization of British politics. When one votes Democrat or Republican here, one knows that it is pretty much Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The jew cartoonist, Al Capp, who composed the "Li'l Abner" series referred to the parties as "Demmicans" and "Replicrats", because of their lack of distinction. In other words, each steals the planks of the other party platform and the only choice is cosmetic, as we have seen over the entire 20th century. British parties had explicit programs, which distinguished one from another, and they had party discipline which punished a party member if he voted against the party's platform in parliament. Now it's gone to showbiz and 'product-promotion', so one can vote for a labor or Conservative candidate and take one's chances, just as we do in "Usrael". I doubt that any person. who abandons policy and principle to cadge political office would refrain from betraying the voters who put him there. We are used to being betrayed here in the Jew Ass Oy Veh by such people. At least Churchill stated his intentions of screwing the British people, when he promised them "blood, toil, sweat and tears". Both FDR and Woodrow Wilson were the "peace" candidates, as was Lyndon Johnson, and they had every intention of reneging on their election promises, as history proved. The Brits may as well get used to institutionalized mendacity, as we are, for we are all nations under ZOG. Why do we put up with it? is to me the great mystery. The mystery is only solved when we realize that fewer than one out of twenty is a man. The rest are sheeple. The ZOG does with the leaders what the Chinese did: isolate them from the sheeple, in our case by murder, bribery, incarceration and censorship. Since most sheeple don't know what they are, they see no value in a leader who will not fleece them nor slaughter them. "Bash! Bash!" bleats the voice of the majority. It's time for niggerball!

I discovered the Kosher-Communist-Capitalist Nexus in Peru because I had no stake in ideology and was not afraid to ask relevant questions and draw relevant conclusions: The Cold War was an Orwellian hoax!