01 March 20023 – Eric Thomson — ZOG-PROPAGANDA IN MESTIZO-AMERICA
I really appreciate your compendious analysis of the 9-11 cover up. The uncanny neatness of the Trade Towers' collapse would indicate explosives, to me. I also understand that the two aircraft that hit the Towers could have been remote-controlled, for the onboard aircraft computers are now susceptible to external override from ground or other aircraft. Apparently, there is a software program that was designed to PREVENT the diversion of airliners by highjackers aboard the aircraft. This program which can be activated by any transmitter, using the correct code, effectively excludes the aircrew or highjackers from controlling the aircraft from the flight deck or cockpit. The plane then may be flown to the destination of the external controllers. If all of these scenarios are true: that Israeli suicide pilots took over the aircraft; that explosives were placed in the Towers, and that the aircraft were under remote control, we would be seeing a great redundancy in a truly massive operation which would require extensive coverup from the top of FEDZOGUSA down to the jewsmedia, as you have pointed out. This redundancy would not be so much a conspiracy, as an official policy! How arrogant these Zionists are.

Here's a bit of lemming character for you, on the Yakimoron level: an Ostensible White who is married to an Anglo-mestiza, with mud-colored offspring, is a true Jeffersonian anarchist, who believes that "da guvmint" is violating the U.S. Constitution's 4th Amendment rights of privacy, so he will not travel on public transportation. What will he do when ZOG-mercs stop him on the road in his pickup truck or horsedrawn wagon (the latter being a sign of a true strict-constructionist!)? Wait 'til he finally discovers that Might Makes Right, as T.R. declared when he took Panama. Well, he absolutely distrusts "da guvmint" in all things, EXCEPT the ZOG's official lies about Iraq, which he insisted must be bombed, "before they bomb us!" No presentation of the facts can cure him of this delusion. His ilk would not object to the U.S.A. becoming a Moslem country, with a majority Arab population, as long as they were not "terrorists". Another lemming told me that it was all right for Mexicans to take over the U.S.A. "as long as they weren't illegals"! The local Bircher-types don't mind being run over by an 18-wheeler, as long as it's on the 'right' side of the road.


Here's a snapshot of current attitudes toward ZOG-prop, in regard to goading Goyim to die for Israel. The only true-believers appear to be Ostensible Whites, who are the REAL MINORITY in North America. They equate jew interests with theirs. The majority mestizo population, that is, Eurasian, look on with varied degrees of satisfaction. Anglo-mestizos appear worried because they see demography going against their interests. The mestizo, "American Indian" population is seeing Whitey on the run, and is going for more shakedowns of the tax-payers, not realizing that when Whitey goes, their perks and privileges also go. Hispano-mestizos are complacent, for they deem themselves the takeover nation, the new conquistadores. They are happy to see the crazy Whites leave the country for a far away war. More space for them! The Asians, particularly the Chinese, see North America as their happy hunting ground, a paradise already developed for their takeover and occupation. The jews say very little, but their evil grins of triumph tell me what is on their minds, as the last of the hated Whites rush off to war, at their behest. Only the Blacks show any intelligence, for they are scared. They don't like Whitey, except for his women, and they also know that when Whitey goes, they go. Their response is to enjoy White largesse and White women as long as possible, before the Yellow Deluge sweeps them away.

"Sergeant" is right on re situation evaluation. The essence of security is the avoidance of violent situations, rather than the firepower to engage in cowboy and Indian stuff. Obviously, if one's opponents know when and where one is going, and his capabilities, they will take the steps required to defeat one's security precautions. Firepower is no substitute for brain-power, as ZOG-mercs will learn in due course. If they learn and survive, I wonder what they may decide in terms of serving the ZOG's imperial adventures. They might well require more convincing and more compensation, but I can't imagine anyone who would be so stupid to go back into a losing game, in which one is likely to lose one's life, as well as limbs.

I really like duct tape, and I would buy lots of it, if I could afford it. I use it to seal large envelopes. I would not use it to seal myself in my room and suffocate.

The likelihood of ZOG minions bashing my flimsy door down I would take as a compliment, and I doubt that it would be necessary. ZOG knows I have no secrets, for all relevant material I have is already on FAEM. At least twice, my room has been entered by persons unknown, although the landlord denies entering without my knowledge or consent. Nothing is missing, as far as I know, but if anything were, the thieves would be welcome to take it, for their need would be greater than mine! ZOG could waste some high-tech bugging devices on my premises, but I would only recommend the footage of audio or video as a cure for insomnia. There would be such categories as "White Nationalist toothbrushing", "Sock Drawer stuffing", "Nazi dishwashing", "Sleeping", "Shaving", "National Socialist showering", &c. Since I am out most of the time, there would be nothing to see or hear, unless I have mice sharing my quarters, which I would be able to detect, myself.

As for blightwingers "betraying the Cause" by handing over their mailing lists to zoglings, I think we should forget such paranoid delusions forthwith. ZOG is entitled to photocopy all envelopes and/or copy down the return addresses and addressees thereon, without a search warrant. If you use the regular mail, ZOG can get your mailing list automatically. This has been S.O.P. for at least 3 centuries. As for telephone monitoring, I assume that all I say over the phone is heard by ZOG, and what I have to say is not secret. In fact, I would broadcast most of it, if I had access to a radio station. The only potentially dangerous substances I have on hand are the concoctions which I throw into my stewpot on the stove. I euphemise these experiments as "Adventures in Eating", although ZOG might deem them "biowarfare ingredients." Since I'm the only guinea pig, I don't see why ZOG would object.

As for the telephone, ZOG need not bother obtaining warrants in order to find out who called whom, when and from where. That's on my printed phonebill.

ZOG knows that I represent no threat to its existence, that I have nothing worth taking, and if they were to put me into their gulag, I would at least enjoy regular meals, regular hours and freedom from a coolie job which runs me ragged and keeps me below poverty level. I think that my being glommed by the ZOG is also unlikely, because my jewish readership would complain to their ADL representatives. My Ostensible White readership would just tune into niggerball, as they do anyway, around Super Bowl time. My chances of being shot by zoglings is less likely than my chances of being shot by anti-White mestizo bandidos, as an amusement. The area where I live is under ZOG surveillance cameras, so they know that I am up to nothing. In fact, their videos give me an airtight alibi that I am not consorting with men in robes and burnooses and that I do not double-park my camel. With all the ZOG videos, I could prove a negative in court! I am a word-criminal, not a terrorist. If one views life as the quantification of consumption, rather than the qualification of existence, then one can fear the ZOG. My attitude is therefore, "What, me worry?"

As ZOG falls into recurring crises, you are wise to keep your eyes on the niggers. When the looting begins, I hope you are somewhere safe.