03 March 2003 – Eric Thomson
I think the Hitler transcript is genuine, for I see no false notes in my Gestalt of The Leader and his statements. Like the hero in "They Live", Hitler unmasked the hebes, but what did the Goyim do? They kow-towed to them and did their bidding. The truth shall make no one free, unless he heeds it and does something to free himself by means of truth. As I have long said, truth is our protection. We do not protect truth! Instead, we must use it.

I note the word, "exterminate" in the English translation of what I had read previously as "Hitler's Table Talks". The denotative meaning of "exterminate" is to "uproot", and the German word, "ausrotten" means, also, to "root out", as in drive out, rather than kill. If Hitler had meant that the jews should be killed, I think he would have said so, just like German army orders to relocate or to execute certain persons. The kikes tell us that any German word in connection with jews means "kill". If that is so, why are there so many "survivors" collecting pensions and indemnities from Zionist Occupied Germany today?

I see little advantage in saying that jews are dumb, but Goyim are dumber. It is not so much that jews are smart, but that they are organized and pass on their scams to succeeding generations. There is nothing original about the assortment of jew-screws, any more than there are 'new' judo tactics. The old sheenie scams are as good as new, for Goy parents do not teach their young survival skills. If I had kids, I would certainly warn them of the scams I have encountered, but my typically Goy parents, who knew about sheenie scams perpetrated upon them never taught me anything. As P.T. Barnum allegedly said, "There's a (Goy) sucker born every minute!" Apparently, wearing a bird on his head adversely affects Birdman's logic.

Yes, fags are disgusting. I do not tolerate their camp and cattiness, which offend me as much as the patter of the obnoxious sheenie, Don Rickles. Jews, niggers and fags are anti-social in thought and deed. No healthy society can nor should tolerate them. I have never met a gay fag, so their expropriation of that word is typical Orwellian doublethink, as the list of dead AIDS carriers is perversely called "The Quilt of Life". What else can we expect from perverts?

Some women are good at spotting fags, while others are abysmally ignorant and actually marry them. I recall my discovery of an Andy Warhol movie in San Francisco. I'd heard so much hype about Warhol's "artistic" creativity and his "far-out" films that I went up to the ticket window of the cinema to buy a ticket to "Lonesome Cowboys", if I recall the title correctly. The White woman sold me a ticket and said, "You won't like it." I thanked her and said I needed education. After no more than ten minutes of watching the disgusting catty campiness of the 'actors', I fled the theater. I told the woman who sold me the ticket that she was absolutely right. She offered to refund my money, but I told her to accept it as my tuition fee for my Warhol lesson.

Some fags I can spot right off, but others are not at all obvious to me. A female colleague of mine in Toronto clued me in as to the proclivities of one of The Zud's chosen collaborators, who was by no means the only fag he favored. I never had any reason to believe that The Zud was a fag, so I think he was as oblivious to them as I was. Several of our female collaborators had no trouble spotting them, and they were right, as things turned out. A notorious fag who 'promoted' National Socialism in Bundeszogland, Michel Kuhnen, was praised by The Zud, and one old Afrika Korps vet who had been a supporter for years walked out of the meeting in disgust. I had seen a recent photo of Kuhnen, and I correctly diagnosed that he had AIDS, but The Zud insisted on praising him as a "leader". By doing so, he alienated several faithful supporters and activists, just as if he'd planned to do so. Kuhnen died shortly thereafter, so I see no advantage The Zud sought to obtain from his gratuitous praise of the fag-phony-Führer. I had thought National Socialism was about children and racial continuity, rather than fag uniform fetishists. Certainly, The Zud was never a National Socialist, even though the kikes called him a "Nazi". Obviously, kikes have difficulties in spotting real Nazis.

My work requires me to associate with bipeds whom I much prefer to stay away from, but I do not have to hobnob with them socially, so I can keep my contact to a minimum. When I retire to the solitude of my batcave, I am no longer oppressed by such associates.

The pending food crisis in "Usrael" will be quite serious when it hits. My landlady in Barcelona experienced the hard times and food shortages in the city as the siege tightened during the Spanish Civil War. The people ate the pigeons, then the cats, and they were about to start eating the rats when the Nationalists entered the city and the Reds fled to France. The Reds terrorized the populace, but there was no disorder in the form of nigger-style riots and looting. With order, scarcity is tolerable to some degree, but with disorder, scarcity becomes calamity, with mass starvation. I have no doubt that many urban denizens would revert to cannibalism, as their contribution to diversity. I am sure that what we shall see in "Usrael" will make the Spanish Civil War look tame by comparison.

It is revealing that the people of "Usrael" behave like spoiled brats and throw tantrums when they are denied whatever they want, even if it's not good for them. As I understand, the Arab-Moslem population of France may be one-fifth or even one-quarter of the French population. France is now a colony of Algeria, just as "Usrael" is a colony of Mexico. Would Bushy go to war against Mexico? He would first have to deal with the "hispanic" population within U.S. borders. Well, the French are in the same position: if they upset the Arabs on behalf of Israel, there will be domestic repercussions, like 'things that go boom'. The Turks have overrun Germany, along with other non-Whites, a large percentage of whom are Moslems. Moroccans are a major minority of Holland, according to one jewspaper story I read. I wonder if the writer confuses Moroccans with Moluccans from the former Dutch East Indies. At any rate, the Moslem influence is heavy in Western Europe, just as the "hispanic" influence is heavy in the U.S.A. Politics is people power, so demographic change means political change. The one thing which all countries have in common is that we are all ruled by alien-oriented mafias of jew-supremacists, whom I call the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Governments). Until that situation changes via populism, things will
go from very bad to much worse. Venezuela and Brazil may be the sign of things to come: Marxist populism, the have-nots versus the haves. As in Cuba, the haves are whiter than the have-nots, and the breeding differential means that the darker have-nots will multiply, for they do not understand the rule that one should not breed if he cannot feed. In Latin America, fewer than a third of the population is born in wedlock, so you can call them bastards, and you'll be right two out of three times. Judeo-banksterism via such bodies as the IMF insure popular discontent and political disorder in debtor countries, so the hebes may be hoping for a revival of Marxism, under their control, as their long awaited Jew World Order. Surely the banksters know what the results of their policies will be, just as an arsonist knows what will happen to a building when he sets it on fire. If one wants to see the outcome of the Jew World Order, he can look at present-day Colombia. After the Jew World Order will come The Great Chinese Imperium, if we do not dismantle the ZOG.

Zündel fell into the trap I warned him about in 1976, and now, all his worldly goodies and even his name are in the greedy hands of his jew wife, "Ingrid" alias Ina, alias Angrid. He really did it to himself.

I'm sorry to learn of Matt Hale's blightwing-inflicted problems. The blightwing is its own main problem, and it would be the same if there were no jews and no ZOG. This is the unavoidable result of mental midgets with gigantic egos. You know the kind, after your decades of experience!

Worse is not better if we remain on our fat asses and do nothing. The truth can make no one free, if it goes unheeded. Unlike those you have read, I, whom you have not read, do have a plan for the oncoming crises. I have stated it for decades. It is ORION! Our Race is Our Nation! How easy it is to hide something that big in plain sight. The second plan is DOWZ! Down With ZOG! Those who are not actively working on behalf of these two points are part of the problem, not the solution.

To achieve ORION, we must have clear definitions of who is White and who is not. Then we must network and co-ordinate our efforts. White Nationalists must create their own state within the ZOG empire. This must begin as a state of mind, for government exists in the minds of the governed, first and foremost. The White Nation must exist before there can be a White Nationstate or country. As I outlined in my previous essays, our form of government must follow function, on behalf of racial preservation and improvement. Wiggers will have no place in a White Nationstate, nor will jews of any color.

The first obstacle to White Nationhood is ourselves, and those who pretend to be White. The second obstacle is the ZOG. The Anti-Zionist Alliance would overcome this obstacle by means of networking with anti-Zionists of all colors and co-ordinating anti-Zionist activities, such as the diamond boycott, the kosher tax protest, &c. This would be a worldwide effort, similar to ORION. To sum up: ORION + AZA = White survival and freedom. The solution is simple; the difficulty lies in its achievement, but we can do it with will and wisdom, if we apply ourselves to this task with consistent determination.

Thank you for David Lane's address. Please let me know what censorship rules apply in regard to content, for my published letters are banned in most countries under ZOG.


As I wrote in "What We Can Do", the blightwing exists primarily as publishers, whose publications may be informative or disinformative. Regardless of their political pretensions, publishers pursue profit, not principle. This is not to say that no one should pay for value received, but when items are sold, one should determine what the publisher's first priority is: people or profit. Those of us who publish our information free of charge do so on behalf of our principles, and not for profit, so we have no conflicts of interest, real or potential. Our people come first:

Of late, I have been made aware of strident, nay, hysterical attempts at criticism from certain publishers posing as politicians, on such issues as ORION! and DOWZ! These concepts are frantically rejected and denounced with fear and loathing by supporters of the so-called National Alliance, whatever that may be. First off, how can an alliance be national? Would this be an alliance of nations or an alliance within a nation? If the former, which nations are allied? If the latter, which groups within a nation would be allied? The founder of the "NA", Dr. Pierce, sold memberships to all and sundry, including the notorious mestizo informer who was instrumental in the destruction of The Order: Señor Martinez. The ludicrous definition of "White" being any person who is not ostensibly Black or Chinese appears to be the criterion for sale of NA membership status. I'm sure that a few zogbucks more would permit Blacks and Chinese to buy their NA memberships, too. It's time to flush these "paytriots-for-profit" down the toilet of history. If Whites want to survive, we must divest ourselves of those who pretend to be pro-White activists, but who are neither!