06 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
I am shocked to see that U.S. trade deficits now include agricultural products. That was supposed to be our Turd World Ace in the Hole, for ZOG said that we could export our jobs and factories overseas (read China) and that we could always sell our agricultural surpluses as the world becomes more populated and hungrier. U.S. agriculture, bragged the ZOG-lovers, was the most efficient and productive in the world, especially with our illegal Mexican labor, which is 'cheap' for the race-traitors, but exceedingly expensive for the tax-payers. Obviously, something went wrong, and I suspect that the export of our agricultural technology into areas where labor is either cheaper or more efficient may have undone our agribusinessmen. Oh well, they'll just relocate their firms and farms overseas, as the manufacturers have done. Wealth always finds a way. So long, suckers! as they say. Naturally, one suspects a kosher fudge-factor in all ZOG-stats, like those of the former Soviet Jewnion. After the major accounting scams which led to Enron, I suspect that the "official statistics" are no more reliable than those of Arthur Anderson et al. Why am I reminded of "1984"; that part where the chocolate ration went down to 20 grams from 30 grams, and the proles (read Goyim) were triumphantly told that the chocolate ration had been "increased" to 20 grams! The latest act of war is Washington's inflationary attack on the U.S. people. Food and fuel costs are skyrocketting, and even the jewsmedia say so. Will ZOG blame Iraq? Stay tuned!

Yesterday, I spoke with a righteous lemming, an Ostensible White, who was a former oil field worker, all of whom agree with other reports I've received over the decades about the world oil surplus. He told me that there was oil in Central Washington, and said there was abundant natural gas in Ellensburg, north of Yakima, but that natural gas prices have risen at least 40%. The price rises are blamed on the Arabs and the Venezuelans, although all of our petroleum products come from Alaska! Such a deal! He dislikes ZOG's oil rackets, but he hopes his sons will soon see active duty in ZOG's overseas 'wars'. What blood-thirsty parents I've met recently. How willing they are to sacrifice their children to ZOG. How little love they have for their children. Is this their revenge for changing all those dirty diapers? Another oilfield worker told me that he worked on numerous drilling rigs which struck oil, but the wells were routinely capped. He thought the U.S. was very clever in sucking up the Arabs' oil and saving the abundant North American oil supplies. "Save for whom?" I asked. He said he'd never thought of that, but agreed that U.S. and Canadian oil would probably be used by the Chinese and/or Mexican population of these countries. Such a deal!

Well, I see by my Chinese dictator (my clock) that I'd better head out for my American coolie job. I don't earn much money, but I sure put in the hours, seven days a week. If I were a blightwing conman, I would have lots of time, perhaps even an outdoor Jacuzzi, but then, I would not be me, and I would dislike living with myself. DOWZ! & ORION! T_.

PSEUDO-SCIENCE VERSUS RACIAL REALITY. The blightwing blather relating to race ignores present scientific discoveries about DNA. DNA reveals the simplicity and the complexity of race, subrace and mongrel-mixtures. When Dr. Landau, the jew boss of The Centers for Disease Control, announced with visible regret that one out of one hundred Whites was immune to the AIDS virus, he did not say "Alpine" or "Nordic". He said WHITE! Pseudo-science confuses biology with geography, as the names reveal. Who could be more truly "Nordic" than Eskimos (Yellow race) or Lapps (mestizos, i.e. White-Yellow mongrels)? The alleged 'complexity' of race exists in the minds of the blightwing. Real science recognizes truth, whether we like it or not.


This fellow has blue eyes, white skin and light hair. He's an Aryan, yes? No. He's a jew. I present this picture as an illustration of why the blightwing is a batch of losers. I'd bet a cracker a cracker that he'd be allowed to join the National Alliance or any other "White" group. Note the look of his eyes and the fat lips. I am sure that if you had lunch with him, all would be revealed. The problem is that each seems to have their own definitions of who is and who isn't. If I like the fellow, he cannot be a jew. That's what many believe. It's just silliness and subjectivity injected into the reasoning process.

Garbage in – garbage out.

The blightwing had better start learning how to identify those whom they call enenies.