09 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
My correspondence was interrupted by my mestizo co-workers, and further delayed by my translation of the speech by Kurreck. I asked my German correspondent why The Zud, Hans Schmidt et al. were not able to do this translation, especially The Zud, with his abundant spare time (prior to his abduction by the ZOG). I, who have so little time, and what I discovered was a lousy German dictionary, wrestled with the translation, always being interrupted by my job schedule, but the result was well worth it. The speech is quite current (July 2002) and describes the dire state of present-day Zionist Occupied Germany, which is like a return to Weimar times, with the addition of huge numbers of foreigners, all non-Whites. Manfred Roeder, whom I know personally, inveighed against the White Power slogan, back in 1977. He declared that Germany had no nigger problem. I said to George Dietz that Roeder obviously does not travel by train, for he would see lots of niggers and wogs around the railway stations. Soon, Roeder was aware that Germany did have a non-White problem, and he got himself imprisoned for inciting others to firebomb refugee quarters. Roeder is a big ego, with little character. He told me proudly (!) that he was kicked out of NAPOLA in the Third Reich because of "lack of character". Well, Roeder convicted himself because he wrote everything down in his diary! He is now kissing up to the Khazars of Russia, as if they were the former Tsars, but I think he would now admit that Germany needs White Power.

Your adventures of being jobless in Southern California sounded tempting, but things have changed, greatly for the worst, with the Mexicanization of the state. The 1960s hippies could live off the surplus food they got from supermarket dumpsters, but what I see here, which is a mini-version of spic California, indicates that I would have to fight for edible food with gangs of mestizo bandidos. It is nice to live in a rich country with no stringent surveillance, but as we become poorer, more populous and tyrannical, those days are pretty much over.

Re the Hole of Ellensburg: (the silly 15 mile deep hole with magical properties so babbled about on the Internet and the Art Bell show – ed.) I wonder how so many explorers, Indians, hunters, trappers, gold prospectors, loggers and settlers could miss such a thing, except for Mel Waters. This is not the Sahara, and Central Washington has always had people running around all over, so I'd think someone would have mentioned the existence of the Hole, long before Mel allegedly found it. Well, I shall continue to make inquiries. As you say, "satellite photos" can be easily faked, and with digital technology, one can, for example, computerize a photo of Abraham Lincoln and animate him, so he could play alongside John Wayne. All pixels are created equal! This reduces photos, sound and movie evidence to zero in a court of law, for any video tape could he a total fake. Some additional proof would be needed that the person was doing a certain thing, at a certain place, at a certain time. Otherwise, he could be a thousand miles away from the alleged crime scene, and his actions could be a programmed frame up.

I may have mentioned about Samisdat's planned overflight of the South Pole in a "stretched" 747. Shortly after our massive advertising campaign via direct mail, the U.N. banned all such overflights, because a civilian airliner had crashed into a mountain in Antarctica, shortly after the Samisdat advertising campaign!

Thanks for that letter from the editor of The Barnes Review. Carto always seems to surround himself with kooks and snakes of the sort who bit him at the Institute for Historical Review in California. I'm surprised they published most of my article on Poland & the Lies of the Allies. They almost spelled my name right, too! Such a deal! Of course, I receive no zogbucks for my articles, but at least they published one of them. I write to Carto, but he never replies. Maybe someone is intercepting his mail, as occurred at the IHR. The wog, Mark Weber, is envious of people who not only do research, but who can write.
The Zud told me that he would use revisionism to build a pro-Aryan, anti-ZOG movement. The disproof of the Holohoax was a means to an end, not the end itself, he said. It turned out that he lied, but it is poetic justice that he is now being persecuted for things I wrote, like "The West, War & Islam" and "The Hitler We Loved & Why". I warned him what could happen to him, and it did. We cannot live like bourgeoisie when we are at war with the ZOG. The Zud thought he could play at war and enjoy the largesse of gullible supporters. How wrong he was. I am sure that the Bundeszog is preparing a nasty welcome for him, and I see no chance that he will be able to stay in Canada, where he is deemed "a danger" by the Canadian equivalent of the CIA. As I may have mentioned, I have been deported from 5 countries, beginning with the Jew Ass Oy Veh, back in 1969, but The Zud listened to his jewish dominatrix, who pooh-poohed my warning. The Zud betrayed the cause he espoused, so he is being punished, by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, but punished as he should be. Heil Hitler!

I enjoyed the Quigley assessment of "the blightwing", whose views about the machinations of the FDR regime are entirely correct, as proved by subsequently-released archives, and world events. About all Quigley can come up with is that he agrees with FDR's aims. This reveals jew-logic, that is, illogic on his part. When he states the truth to ridicule it, as jews often do, so gullible Goyim believe the truth to be false, he shows that his kosher cohorts taught him well. Who would believe, after all, in "that old sun-rises-in-the-east conspiracy theory"? Ha! You can take my word for it: there is no historical inevitability, unless we go along with it. The 'inevitable imperium' which you describe also posits the extinction of the White Race. The the translation of the Kurreck Speech refers.

I thought I mentioned that silk undergarments were worn by warriors for protection against wounds, as from arrows, which would push the silk into the wound, and thus allow for better cleaning of the wound and easier extraction of the arrow. I did not intend to give the impression that silk was a mere status symbol, any more than fine chain mail.

My suggestion in regard to Colin Powell is that you check your definitions. I do not take the application of the term, "jew", irresponsibly. I may dislike someone or not, but that is not why I would call him a jew. Let's go with jewish definitions: "jew" is a biological term. Jews can be of any religion or none. Colin Powell can be an Episcopalian, like Barry Goldwater, but that does not change their identity as jews. The best quote on this subject comes from Cardinal Lustiger, who was quoted in the press as saying: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew." New York is one of the most clearly segregated cities in North America. A semi-Black Episcopalian does not go to a primarily jewish school in Brooklyn. If anything, he would go to a predominantly Black school in that borough. "Son of Sam" Berkowitz was captured by the NYPD when a cop wondered what a "jewish boy" would be doing, parking his car in an Italian neighborhood at 3:00 a.m., after checking the licence registration. Jews are exclusive when they are among their own. When they infiltrate us, they want us to be inclusive of them. The registration did not classify Berkowitz as "jewish", but the cops sure did, even if they were Irish! I have checked my sources re Colin Powell, so I suggest that doubters do some checking before they express their doubts of a statement, simply because I made it.

As for silk being a Mongol "discovery", I seem to recall that silk was about all the fabric they had, unless they imported wool from the Tokharians and cotton from elsewhere. If silk is all one has for undergarments, he might "discover" that it helps clean wounds. It did not take Whitey very long to catch on to that fact, although Whitey had to import his silk. You might check your sources to find out what fibers were available to the Yellow Race in their native lands. As I recall, many animal hairs could be woven into cloth, like wool and mohair, along with vegetable fibers such as cotton and flax. That leaves only silk, which is produced by silkworms. The Mongols make their yurts out of felt, as I understand, but I am not sure what animal produces the fur to make it with, sheep?

Thanks for passing on my writings to others. I hope they find them informative and that they will actually heed them to the extent of altering their behavior in pro-Aryan directions. Major changes are in store for us, much sooner than most of us expect, and it will behoove us to be aware of them, and prepared to address them in terms of our survival. So far, I see no evidence that we have even begun a relevant response to the crises which loom before us. We remain, for the most part, like passive passengers on the RMS TITANIC.

I repeat my solutions to our problems in the slogans: DOWZ! & ORION!

Many thanks for your great artwork. What a beautiful portrait of Dr. Howe, the Druid! You know, courts still hire artists or jewspapers hire them to illustrate courtroom proceedings, defendants, attorneys, witnesses, &c. since cameras are still not allowed therein. I knew an Australian fellow in Canada who was truly talented at drawing very accurate portraits of people in such places, and, as far as I know, he never
used his talent to turn a dime. I told him that he could get people to pay for their portraits, which were detailed facial sketches this fellow could put out almost as fast as a polaroid camera. In some ways, you remind me of my Grandfather Thomson, who was multi-talented, but could not find much of an outlet for his skills and creativity. He moved with his family to New Mexico, where talent is not much appreciated by the rocks, sagebrush, rattlesnakes and Injuns. Maybe there is something to the old business adage: "Location, location, location!" being the primary keys to success, in that order. I really enjoyed your saga of the sea-saw, and I would bet that you are also a good chess player.

I also agree with your observations on race and the confusion associated with that word. Biology tells us that there are 3 types of hair which correlate with the 3 primary races. The inner part of the hair is called the medulla. In Blacks, the medulla is absent. In Whites, it is air. In Yellows it is fat. Nature does not lie. I agree that White = Aryan, but many people like Tom Metzger do not, for he believes in "White Aryans," indicating that there must also be Black or Yellow ones. Many non-Whites like the term, Aryan, which they apply to themselves, because they are not White. Then there are mongrels who prefer the term "White", since they are not Aryan! I've met many such specimens. There are also subraces, that is, members of the same race who have certain characteristics in common with their group or nation. According to my Mom, who visited the Orkneys in the area where Dad was working on offshore oil exploration, most of the denizens look like me or Dad, and like her, as well, since we all come from the Hebrides region. That makes us offshore Scots or Norwegian wetbacks, on both sides of the family. Cross-breeds of subraces are members of their primary race, but not those who crossbreed from members of the other two primary races and their respective subraces.

Since humanoids have legs and move around, it is inaccurate and misleading to classify them by region, i.e. "Caucasian". It is also incorrect to classify them linguistically, i.e. Teutonic Indo-European, &c. Snobs have found the crude labels of White, Yellow and Black to be offensive, as do mongrels who prefer to call themselves "Aryans", to confuse others. I certainly accept the term, "Aryan" to describe White people, but for the sake of consistency, what do we call the other two races? I suggest that Blacks be called "Stygians" and Yellows designated as "Cuprians", in view of their usual copper tones. As you say, there are no real "Red" men, nor are there "Brown" men, for these are mongrels, that is, mixtures of two or all 3 primary races, like the so-called American Indian. The Spaniards have good names for mongrels: mestizo: White-Yellow mix; mulatto: White-Black mix; sambo: Yellow-Black mix. Tiger Woods is a sambo, for example. Pale-skinned mongrels are not "Whites", and dark-skinned "Whites" are dubious, unless they have suntans, which eventually wash off. I would wager that Matt Hale is a mestizo; otherwise, why would he relocate, as I heard, to an Indian reservation? As you mentioned, Ben Klassen had no concept of race, since anyone could join his Church of the Creator. "Eef youse pays dee dooz, you be White!" David Lane has a similar problem, for members of The Order were not entirely White.

My research on race has come after the fact of my own observations of denizens on this planet. With the advent of DNA research, we are well on. our way to a better understanding of biological racial differences, which have so far been obscured by religious ("Christian race"), geographical, linguistic and cultural distinctions, much to the profit of our jew oppressors. A pro-Aryan movement toward the creation of an Aryan community would be nonsense if it included those who are non-Aryans. After all, Rastus is very pro-Aryan, when it comes to women. As for the majority mestizo population, we can work with them to the extent that they are anti-Zionist. Being Aryan imposes a duty. Pale faces who behave like niggers and Injuns, or jews MAY be Aryan biologically, but cannot be accepted as members of the Folk, for it is via these types that non-Aryans have imposed their tyranny over us. With Aryan blood must come Aryan values.

Please excuse the delay in my correspondence, but I have been "mucho-mestizoed" by work.