11 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
My studies were and are in international relations. As a White Nationalist I see no reason why I must kow-tow to please my enemies, nor the Ostensible Whites who sympathize with them. I see no reason to use 'diplomacy' to tell fellow passengers that The Titanic is sinking. The Ostensible Whites whom I tried to warn in Rhodesia did not like to think of themselves as "racialists". Silly fools! I suppose they tried to convince the Blacks that they were not White, either. I see no reason to use diplomatic language in a state of emergency. Those who heed me will understand that we are indeed in a state of emergency. Those for whom my words are 'too strong' will succumb to the peril, as did the White Rhodesians I tried to warn. The people who listen to me number in the thousands per month on the FAEM website. Obviously, many readers like what I have to say and the way I say it, so I think I can afford to offend a few others, like yourself, with my "crazy language". Or, perhaps I have an audience of thousands who enjoy being offended!

You are the only one I have ever encountered who finds fault with the term, ZOG. In The American Heritage Magazine on U.S. patriotic movements, the writer stated that "ZOG encapsulates the entire programmes of Father Coughlin, the Silver Shirts, The German-American Bund and populists". I learned quite a few useful propaganda techniques from Dr. Goebbels, one of them being to express a political program in one sentence, and, better yet, in one word. ZOG conforms to the Goebbels criterion of excellence. The jews back me up on that, for ZOG is banned as "Nazi propaganda". In Soviet Canuckistan, the authorities seized the vanity licence plate of a jew automobile owner whose name was Herzog. His plate read: THE ZOG, so he was forbidden to display it. The plate was confiscated by CANZOG. The blightwing is just that, and most everyone agrees. The Zud is not the term of a loser, but of an insider who worked with him for 16 years on behalf of the White Nationalist Cause which he betrayed. Hitler's staff members referred to him as The Chief. Whitehouse staff members refer to The Vice President of the United States of America as "the Veep". You display a whole lot of ignorance on such matters, which appears to be exceeded only by your peculiar animosity. I do not know what ails you, but I definitely know what ails my Folk, and I address those problems cogently.

Pierce was certainly no White Nationalist. He abhorred the word, "White". What else would you call him, but a Piercite? He was basically a party of one, who welcomed anyone who would subscribe to his publications. Remember Martinez? He was an NA member in good standing, a mestizo who betrayed The Order. You need to do some research before you deride my statements.

Adolf Hitler said that ten cripples do not make a gladiator. The people I criticise are cripples who pretend to be gladiators and thereby swindle their donors and supporters. I do not invent their shortcomings. They do so themselves. You will find' in 40 years of my research and reports that I do not criticise people lightly. You will also see that I have been correct in my analyses of people and their programmes, just as I was when I warned Whites that Ian Smith was a traitor who would hand over to Black Misrule. You are the one who appears to support losers, not I.

I may agree with 50% of something and I may disagree with 50% of the same thing. Let's make the odds even better: would you drink a cup of coffee that was 99% coffee and 'just' l% cyanide? If a man says he is pro-White, but he is a non-White, would you accept him as White? I find your humor amusing, for your arguments are jokes.

You are correct: every Ostensible White man and Woman will be given DNA tests. This would be easier than giving couples Wasserman tests for syphilis, which was required in the U.S.A. before they could obtain their marriage licences. Is this a problem for you? If most of Europe is mestizo, then it will be up to them to Aryanize their social values in order to build a viable White society. I would suggest behavior as the chief criterion for a eugenics program in a non-White society. Chaka, founder of The Zulu Nation, did it in a short time. Whites still exist, however, so I believe we can dispense with the rest by forming a separate White nationstate. That is why I proclaim the slogan ORION! (Our Race is Our Nation!) If you are not White, and have no interest in living in a White national community, then we have nothing more to discuss. I suggest you learn more about reality and put your mind into gear before putting your fingers on the typewriter keyboard.

 I read with interest your letter to Frau Carto. Very informative! The article which was finally, and mysteriously partially-published in The Barnes Review had been sent various times to the Institute for Historical Review, and to The Barnes Review, with no reply nor acknowledgement. Suddenly, it appeared in its incomplete form, with a strange misspelling of my name at the end, as if someone were a foreigner or drunk. I enclose a letter from a top-ranking Barnes Review fellow who adheres to the anti-German propaganda of the "true-jews". I suspect that someone intercepts my letters to Willis Carto, or that he simply handles correspondence directed to him in a very devious manner. As Willis should know, all my articles appear on the FAEM internet site and he is welcome to publish whatever he likes, without asking permission, and without paying. I do not know what goes on at The Barnes Review, but it seems a bit out of control to me. Never have I been paid for any of my articles. I do it as a privilege and a duty to Our Race.

The jews insult our intelligence. Khazars converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. They never came from Arabia, nor from Palestine. They did adopt a Semitic religion, but they are not thereby "Semites". Only Arabs are Semites. This is like Chinese Christians invading Rome and calling the Romans "anti-Roman". It is the height of effrontery and impudence.

Ernst preferred to believe his jewish dominatrix, Ann Burton, rather than me. I have been deported from 5 countries, beginning with the "ever-so-free and democratic U.S.A.", where I was born. After that, there was Peru, Sweden, East Germany (DDR) and Rhodesia. The Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) of Canada (Soviet Canuckistan) tried to deport me in 1982, but they failed. It was my female attorney, Lynn McCaw, who had to flee Canada for Scotland. Mine was the longest immigration case in Canadian history, and I was a 'guest' of Her Kosher Majesty in the Don Jail for over a week during my hearings. The next, and longest immigration hearing in the history of Canada was that of German rocket scientist, Arthur Rudolf, at which I assisted.

As I said in one of my enclosed letters, Ernst thought he could make a comfortable living by pretending to build a pro-Aryan, anti-Zionist movement. The jews were not amused, so they arranged this simple trap for him, with his active help. Mark my words, "Ingrid" alias Sarah, alias Ina, alias Angrid is a jewess, who now has his name and his property. Ernst betrayed the White Man's Cause. He claimed to have written things which I wrote. "The West, War & Islam" and "The Hitler We Loved & Why" got him inheritances, but also got him into his present trouble. A traitor, like Ernst should be punished, even if it is by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. I tried to warn him, as early as 1976, but he appeared to be hypnotised by the jewess Ann Burton, and was a captive of her as well as his own wishful-thinking. It is too bad that Ernst's ego was too big for his intellect. People without principles must be very clever, and Ernst was obviously not as smart as he thought he was. I have no sympathy for traitors.

That is what I said to Arthur Rudolf: You betrayed your folk in wartime by joining the enemy. For that you should be hanged. Nevertheless, you shall be punished, by the wrong people for the wrong reason, but you shall be punished. And he was.

I know quite a bit about "Usrael" alias the U.S.A. After all, two of my ancestors signed the so-called Declaration of Independence. Charles Thomson was the secretary at the signing, and he drew up the "Great Seal of the United States" which appears on the back of the U.S. $l banknote. What I noted in Ernst's case was that U.S. authorities wilfully and illegally enforced Canadian thought-crime laws against Ernst, even though such laws are still nonexistent in the U.S.A. This would be like U.S. authorities enforcing Saudi Arabian laws against alcohol consumption! Drinking alcohol is a crime there, but is not a crime in the U.S.A., so I hope I have made my point clear. It is therefore strange why the same U.S. Immigration authorities would be so willing to let Ernst into the U.S.A. on the mere grounds of his marriage to "Ingrid". I understand that the FBI interviewed him upon arrival. The skids were provided by Ernst and Ingrid provided the grease which resulted in his speedy removal, most likely to Zionist Occupied Germany, where there are charges outstanding against him. Ernst did not look well, so he may not survive his stay in the ZOG-gulag. Helmut Rauca was a healthy man, in comparison, and he died of mysterious causes in Bundeszog custody, awaiting trial for "war crimes". I told him that he was a fool to try to protect his property with his life. I said to Rauca that it was not what he may have done, but what he had, that made him a target for victimisation. Jews prefer rich victims, not poor ones. No doubt "Ingrid" has been well-paid for her work in tricking Ernst to come to the U.S.A. I predict that she will rejoin her former husband and live off Ernst's property, which she will sell in due course. Stay tuned!

Several of our supporters in Toronto told me that I was much more "German" than Ernst. I take that as a great compliment.