15 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
Further to your phone call on March 10th, I find it most incredible that Ernst could write letters and send them from an immigration detention center. Who is providing him with postage stamps, and who is putting the letters into the mail? Does Ernst buy the stamps from a friendly guard, who also puts his letters in the mail? Is Ernst therefore allowed to have money on his person? I was in Canadian Immigration Detention, and I was not allowed to have any money on me. As for writing paper, pencils, envelopes and postage stamps, one could just whistle Dixie or God Save the Queen for those. Suppose that a fairy godmutha (Black, of course) would provide me with all those items; just who would take my letters out to the mailbox? As you know, all such messages would be read by detention center authorities, and they would not permit the sending of content they disliked. My advice to the Zudlings is to get real, and put brain into gear before writing Frau Zud a check!

As you say, all those who think Frau Zud is pro-German should read "Demon Doctor". In my opinion, The Zud has gone 'thud', and no amount of donations nor inquiries will alter the ZOG's preplanned procedures in his case.

I was thinking about our conversation on diabetes types. In the article which I remember on racial differences in medicine, Eskimos usually test positive for diabetes, but they do not suffer from the disease! The disease is most frequent amongst Blacks, mestizos, and mixed-bloods, in the U.S.A., if one can trust jewspaper reports. Would they suffer from other than Type I? Is AIDS a good cure for Type II diabetes, since one loses weight. I heard that one could cure syphilis with malaria fever. Such a deal!

Mrs. Hanson's gullibility is an exaggerated description of what ails Aryans. This factor would have been addressed by David McCalden, had he not succumbed to The Hero's Disease (AIDS. RF), as his sequel to "Exiles from History". Too bad! He would have done a good job of Gentile Gullibility. I tell people to "beware of those who cry as they lie", specifically, the talmudic tales designed as tear-jerkers and shekel-grubbers for the hebes. Hanson falls for it, obviously. The Zuds tapped into a geriatric goldmine, and Frau Zud will take over the racket. Such a deal! The Zud's plight may be more marketable than "Ingrid's". If her family is from Odessa, as I understand, her maiden name would be a real giveaway. Odessa is like Tel Aviv in regard to kosher content. "Ayn Rand" was born there, as Rosenbaum. She took her pen name from her Remington Rand typewriter. Her life was very similar to that of "Ann Burton's" who stole a younger man (Ernst) from his young wife, while she was married to an older man. "Nathaniel Brandon" alias Nathan Blumenthal, was Rosenbaum's boyfriend and wrote a very revealing autobiography on his years with her group in the San Fernando Valley. The group was called "Objectivists" and present Fed chairman Greenspan was a member, all jews together!

You are wise to disregard the prattle of arrogant ignoramuses who greatly outnumber those who appreciate our information. Other correspondents WANT to believe that Putin and Frau Zud are NOT Khazars (kikes). I tell them to look up "Khazar" in the Jewish Encyclopedia. The blightwing swallows lies and doubts the truth. They are blighted, indeed!

As one of The Learned Elders of Orion (LEO? RF), I think your statement that the sky would turn brown if all the shit were revealed is spot on. One item which indicates The Zud's extreme lack of character was related to me by X, whom I think you may have met. You may recall that Ernst took it upon himself to print up all sorts of "Free Rudolf Hess" flyers and stickers. At the time, I thought it was a noble undertaking, to draw attention to this Aryan hero's cruel and unusual imprisonment at the hands of the Allies, who'd had Hess in their custody since 1941! Obviously, there was no way he would have been able to gas jews, unless the Allies gave him weekend passes to visit Europe from his lockup in Britain. Toward the end of the Cold War, and the wind up of the Soviet Jewnion, it may have been Gorbachev who suggested to Bundeszog that he would have Hess released into West German custody during the Soviets' turn at guarding Hess in Spandau Prison, Berlin. The Bundeszoglings quickly informed the Brit-zoglings and US-zoglings to this effect, and Hess was murdered. The Allied lie that he had strangled himself with an electrical cord is arrogant nonsense. Hess' son, Wolf Rüdiger Hess, published a book about it entitled, "The Murder of my Father", if I recall it correctly. (Who Murdered My Father, ISBN 99234-4-3, 1989, according to my autographed copy. RF) Ernst did not let me do any work on it, although he complimented me on my German, so the translation was given to a female student of library "science", who knew NOTHING about World War II, Hess or much else. She was fluent in German, however, but we narrowly missed some bloopers, for she knew nothing about prisons, guards (whom she called "orderlies"), military ranks, &c. I was never allowed to read the complete translation, but the book had gruesome color photos of Hess' battered remains. Wolf Rüdiger Hess came to 206 (Carlton St., Toronto. RF) to assist with the book's promotion, and Ernst shunned him, calling him "a psychic vampire" (as programmed by his jew dominatrix, Ann Burton). A woman visitor found the son of the great Aryan hero in the squalid Samisdat kitchen, attempting to fry himself an egg. As she told me, it was a pitiable sight, so she made breakfast for him. I don't know what became of Wolf Rüdiger Hess, nor the book, but I believe that Ernst pulled a "Lindsey" on him and provided no assistance. (This refers to Ernst breaking a death-bed promise to this man, Dr. Lindsey. The Zud also never bothered to attend the funeral of another  man who assisted him for nearly 3 years, with labor and money, even though the funeral parlor was only 1½ miles away! RF) As I understand, Hess was allowed to wander the mud-marauder-infested streets of Toronto, without guide or escort.

My assessment is that Ernst wanted to cloak himself as a German NS patriot, by appearing to support Hess, and when The Moment of Truth arrived, in the person of Hess' son, Ernst revealed his true colors as a self-promoter. Even now, as I type this, I can feel the gorge of revulsion rise in my throat.