17 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
Out here, the jewspaper editors deem some important news "un-newsworthy", and many items you send me do not appear in any of the local papers, including USA TODAY, which is supposedly "national", although we were never a nation, and certainly not a democracy. I wonder why we want to export democracy to enemy lands. We must think it's like poison gas, because we don't want democracy here!

One would think that I could begin my second childhood with a bit more time. The geezers where I live seem to have nothing but leisure time, whereas I must run around like a teenager, from my coolie jobs around town, seven days a week. I must pay for my own rent, but somebody else pays for theirs. Most of them are part-Injun, so they live off the White Man's tribute, based on their percentage of Amerasian blood, down to one thirty-second degree! If I were 3/4 Injun, with tribal affiliation, I could practically live without working at all.

Thanks for the "Mongrolia" concept. That's as good as "Usrael"! I'll get that on the net. As you know, one of my blightwing correspondents, Crazy Claude, as I call him, objects to the use of nifty nicknames which express a whole concept in one word. Obviously, he does not like Mongrolia, Usrael or Hebrewood. I told him what I thought of his silly arguments. (Letter enclosed). Yes, I foresee a great rope shortage when ZOG's chickens finally come home to roost.

Your description of the capital building with the "head room" full of bronze heads gave me food for thought. On talmudvision we see talking heads. At least the bronze heads don't talk! So they stuck a statue of an Injun on the dome! Injuns are protesting all over the country about their use as mascots. You might write a letter to that effect in the jewspaper. "Tonto must go!" The statue of an Injun shows disrespect for "Native Americans". Ha! The high school and college sports teams calling themselves "Indians", "Braves", &c. are criticized by Injuns, and their names are being changed. I recommend "Honkies". No one would protest that! "Whiteskins" and "Palefaces" would do as well. Imagine a nigger football team: the Whiteskins! It's funny that the more Injuns there are, the less "Indian" appears in connection with sports. Next, they'll need to change the resurrected "Indian" motorcycles to something else. "Squaw" is also a no-no, so lots of landmarks must go and "squawfish" must be changed. This is right out of Orwell. Those who use the previous names will be guilty of thoughtcrime, under our hate laws. After all, what is hate, but a thought?

The ZOG may not be dead yet, but it is certainly putrid. David McCalden, the anarchist revisionist writer, caught AIDS from his hispano-mestiza wife, who previously had "gay" boyfriends. The disease killed him first, but David thought the ZOG would use the AIDS epidemic to round up political dissidents and put them in concentration camps. I told David that would not happen, because the ZOG is the political equivalent of AIDS. Therefore, all disease-carriers must have civil rights to infect the healthy! David died without "going to camp", just as I predicted, and the ZOG is still protecting the AIDS Plague and its carriers. The wondrous thing is that "one out of a hundred Whites is immune to AIDS", according to the jew boss of The Center for Disease Control, Dr. Landau. Jews are excluded from immunity because they are not White, but mongrels with Yellow and Black genes.

Re: "Kurt Saxon" alias Don Sisco, who seems to collaborate with the ZOG. His essay on "The Cult of Conspiracy" is the usual ZOG-pap of half-truths mixed with lies and bogus arguments. To say that the jews, Tri-lateralists et al. are tantamount to fantasies and have nothing to do with our current problems is like denying the existence of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve and/or claiming that they are both benign, if not irrelevant.

He lies that Stalin was not a jew and that he de-kosherized Communism. Khazars still run the former Red Russian Empire.

He lies that standard, conventional weapons are not effective against ZOG-mercs. If that is so, why is FEDZOGUSA still bogged down in Afghanistan? A standard WWI or WWII rifle can penetrate any body armor known to zoglings, with standard military rounds. Brainpower and determination can put such 'conventional' weaponry to use, as those 'primitive' Afghans have shown us.

Recently, "conspiracy" has taken on the ZOG connotation of "invalid", as in "spook theories" or "fantasy-theories". In most respects, the problems and the problem-makers are right out in the open, as are jews in the U.S. government. The use of the term, "conspiracy", to describe their overt machinations is indeed incorrect. The proper term is "policy"! The Zionist Occupation Government is no conspiracy. It is open, oppressive and blatant in its arrogance.

Incidentally, the practice of killing "smooth-handed Goyim" was begun long before Stalin. The Communists did destroy Russian brainpower, and thereby proved that Russia's creative genius was Gentile, not jewish.

Let us consider the RENSE download re "The Aztlan Conspiracy (sic) to overthrow the U.S. Southwest by force". I have one big question: why is force necessary or desirable? The dumb, infertile gringos are giving the territory away and paying the hispano-mestizos to take it. Why would there be need for armed conquest, when the peaceful invasion and occupation are so successful? This conquest of North America is proceeding massively, and virtually unimpeded. Only fools would march in with foreign uniforms. Why do that, when they can march or, drive in, with their pregnant females, whose offspring are entitled to wear U.S. uniforms, at gringos' expense? This is truly blightwing-thinking. Such specimens would recognize a Red, only if he wore commissar duds, replete with hammer & sickle emblems, and carried a 'Bolshevik baseball' with a burning fuse in one hand. Bolshies in business suits escape them completely. If a bunch of frito-bandidos paraded down Main Street, pushing their baby carriages, with banners stating "This is an invasion!" would these blighters believe them? Or would they use 'Bushy logic', as with North Korea, and dismiss them as 'liars'?

In regard to "conspiracy", my dictionary includes "secrecy". A gang of criminals who plot to do some small-scale crime, like bank robbery, do not advertise their aims nor their identities. But really big criminal groups openly proclaim their aims and their identities, so they are not conspiracies at all. As Sisco admits, Stalin did to Russia what ZOGs are doing to their respective countries and those they govern, on behalf of World ZOG, alias, The New World Order, which is openly proclaimed by U.S. presidents.

Sisco apparently sits fat and happy, perhaps from his sales of "The Anarchist's Cookbook". He therefore advises us to obey ZOG and watch niggerball, but, please, can't we write our congressmen? He is entirely correct in describing blightwing conspiracy-collectors as consumers, rather than activists, who hand their hard-earned zogbucks to paytriotic publishers for profit. Their alternative would be to fund the holy-hokum hucksters of televangelism. That's about as far as most 'concerned' people will go these days, but hunger and immediate danger can change some of their attitudes and behavior. That's certain!

The writer of "The Aztlan Conspiracy" omits La Mecha and La Raza Unida, which are open manifestations of the policies proclaimed by La Voz de Aztlan. La Mecha exists on many college and high school campuses. In Spanish, the word "mecha" means fuse, as in dynamite. The letters stand for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (Mexican Student Movement of Aztlan). La Raza Unida (The United Race) is a political party which had a large convention in Chicago some 15 years ago. Al Gore and George Bush, Jr. both spoke to their members during their election campaigns for U.S. president. Sure, they're Nazis, but they're Mexicans, so that's "kosher".

As I see the present political situation, most people believe they should support jews and Israel unto death. They believe that our borders should be open to all comers, except "terrorists". They believe in paying parasites and alien parasites to feed and breed. They believe in supporting an economic system which exports our jobs and holds us in interest-slavery. With such people there is no need for any conspiracies, as Sisco points out, as in "Camp of the Saints."

I hope you are surviving your penurious journey of discovery. The prospect of being jobless makes me very uncomfortable. Been there. Done that, almost to the point of living on the streets. I have travelled on freight trains and eaten from dumpsters, but I didn't have to. It was like a camping trip. If one has a house, he doesn't HAVE TO sleep in a tent, but some people think it's fun to 'rough it', because they don't have to do it. As you have noted, the prospect of hunger, like hanging, sharpens one's wits and concentrates one's mind wondrously. I smiled at your description of your discussion of The Problem which is unidentifiable and insoluble, but only for Whitey. When he goes, so does the Black Plague. Yellows and mestizos have no use for them, and no restraints in dealing with them. As you say, to live like a bourgeois is like living in a straitjacket. Been there, but never done that.

Franco used former Nazis as window-dressing. During his 34 (?) years of rule, he carefully 'layered' his government with Reds and Nationalists. The Nationalists, like Admiral Blanco, were in front, but the Reds stood behind them, as their successors. Franco took the young heir to the Spanish throne under his wing and saw to it that he would be raised as a leftist. Now Spain is similar to the 1936 Republic, but there is no more opposition, for the Nationalists are thoroughly diluted, the armed forces 'liberalized' and the population is now infested with non-Spaniards, similar to all Western European countries from Spain to Scandinavia.

As I understand, had The Zud remained in Soviet Canuckistan, without marrying his latest version of a jewish mama figure, his property might have fallen into his sons' hands. True, he was under lots of legal harassment which was designed at driving him out of Canada, so the offer of marriage and U.S. residency may have looked too good to be true. For The Zud, it was, and I think the current Zud-wife has first dibs on his property. Why should the ADL hurry? They have lots of time to set their traps and enjoy their revenge, at a tidy profit, if my assessment of The Zuddess is correct. They will also inherit his libraries of rare books.

In regard to my coolie job, I am a supervisor. That means I must ALWAYS show up, when others cannot. I can recommend that someone be fired, hired or promoted, but I have no final say on
such things. In other words, I have 100% responsibility and zero authority. The essential problem is that one cannot find better employees than those we have at present: stupid, incompetent, selfish, careless, sloppy and arrogantly assured that they can stay, because there are none better. Unfortunately, they are right, until the Chinese take over, of course.

Now that I have translated the Kurreck speech, you may find out what Celine liked about NS. It is community values above personal material gain, at the expense of the community. That speech tells us what an anti-social society we live in: a true Jeffersonian hades.

Skipping back to my job, how did I become a supervisor? The previous supervisors quit. One literally ran screaming from the premises. The other was more a saboteur who was unable to organize a beer-bust in a brewery. His wacky scheduling was driving us all nuts, so I said to the boss, "It looks as if you require someone with colonial civil service experience." Much to his relief, I worked out practical schedules, organized the work place and caught up with all the messed-up, incomplete paperwork which must pass state inspections at all times. All inventory is properly recorded and up to date. The locations and purposes of all requisite materials are known to all who must use them. My co-workers are trained, by me, to know their jobs, even if they are remiss in doing them. More I cannot do without a firing squad. I told my boss that he is paying me to solve problems, not to bring him problems, and he is quite pleased with the results I have achieved through my modest efforts. All up-dates to procedural rules are current and comprehended by my coworkers, unless they forget, but I do remind them. I approach administration as a team member, toward the optimizing of productivity, which is best achieved with a spirit of co-operation and mutual-support. I ask no one to do a job I am unwilling to do myself. This is what my father taught me from his experience in Arabia. It paid dividends for me in Africa and I see no reason to change my approach. During my stint with The Zud, supporters told me that we seemed to get a lot more done when The Zud was gone. The Zud not only looked like "the boss" in the Dilbert comic strip; he was just as bad in terms of mismanagement, interference and priority-shuffling. He made sure that most of our work was not only difficult, but wasted. Disruptive micro-mismanagement was the Zud's hallmark.

Your description of Pariah Man reminds me of Thorstein Veblen who saw through bourgeois b.s. and pretensions, about which he wrote. He was able to play the bourgeois games well, but he chose not to do so, and gave up his professorship for life in the woods as a hermit, although female fans pursued him out in the boondocks, so he was no slouch in the stud department, either.

I have never deemed myself unworthy of any woman, so I leave that decision up to them. Women are like cats: they adopt you; you do not adopt them. As you say, allies are where you find them. I never thought that my lack of zogbucks disqualified me from seeking worthy women, either. The quantity of money one has does not correlate with manly strength, or any other masculine characteristic. A woman can earn more by pecking at a keyboard, than a strong man does, loading the proverbial "sixteen tons".

I see ourselves as bohemians who have found our places in society. I think both of us are gregarious, for we enjoy others' company, even if it is not entirely on our own wavelengths. In fact, we live in our society the way a fish lives in the sea. We are not really independent of our society, as dysfunctional as it is; we are supported by it, even as we sink to the bottom, along with it. Only events will give us the opportunity to show what we are made of, as happened in the case of Hitler and other popular leaders of their folk. Why am I reminded of "The Poseidon Adventure"? As you say, we shall eventually discover our true purpose.

Indeed, how will the sheenies herd the Goyim they have taught to be anarcho-hedonists and self-centered materialists? Only Nazis can be expected to march off to war, prepared to give their lives for something greater than themselves. If you ever meet someone like that, let me know. As you say, there aren't as many Judeo-Christians as Hymie needs to take on the world of Islam.

Let's say ZOG tries a variation on the Pearl Harbor/9-11 theme by having Seattle nuked. If North Korea did it, "Usrael" would declare war on Iraq, for all members of "The Axis of Evil" are equal, no? FDR did it: Japan hit Pearl Harbor, so he declared war on Germany! The Axis of World War II was comprised only of Germany and Italy. Since the Anti-Comintern Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan was abrogated, that is, nullified, by the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan had to be formulated AFTER FDR's declaration of war on all 3 countries. World Wars I & II proved that the U.S. people will believe anything. As Hitler told the Reichstag, "People who believe they can be invaded by Mars can also believe they can be invaded by Germany."

I see none of the cohesion of World War II in the U.S. society of today. All so-called minorities are aware of their identities and their interests, so only Whitey is swallowing the ZOG's kosher crap. I see only White lemmings in the pro-Israel stampede, and I doubt that nuking Seattle would change that. Why would North Korea want to nuke their Seattle colony, anyway? And what would our Chinese governor Locke have to say about it? Nuking Iowa, would kill quite a few Somalis and Mexicans, but I see no change occurring from that, either. As we become more jewized, we become less useful to the jews. Oy veh! Now the Goyim are sayink, "What's in it for me, schmuck?" This is not good for the jews. As you say, the hebes do what they've been genetically programmed to do, regardless of consequences. As Al Gore said, "...it's every man for himself!" As I type this letter, lots of highly-placed people are cutting deals, to the detriment of the majority, who happen to be their own fellow-citizens, who are sacrificed in the pursuit of one man's happiness. America proves that abundance produces fatheads.

FAEM is getting lots of flak from the blightwing, which also proves that the truth hurts. The fact that FAEM contributors do not ask for money, because we live for The Cause, not off it, has upset the paytriots for profit crowd, because we have our say without demanding pay, and we are also right about what we write about, while they are willing to strangle the truth for a few shekels, and wind up wrong. They behave as if their expressions of fear and loathing will cut into our profits and deprive us of financial support, even though we never receive any, nor do we require such things. Controversy makes us even more popular with our readership, which means that more people will read what we have to say. Such a deal! To be berated by those who are unworthy of respect is really free advertising for our viewpoints, and that's just the way we like it. The Piercites appear to be feeling the pinch, and they may even have to seek honest work, in some cases, for the first time in their lives. Maybe they can go to Russia and make money by telling Khazars they are not jews. When the American suckers dry up, there may be a career in Borscht Belt entertainment. Imagine a Goy telling a Khazar audience: "Beware of jews!" Maybe someone should warn Count Dracula about vampires, too. I see it's getting light out. I must go back into my box for a good day's sleep.

Now to mail this, before it becomes totally dated and irrelevant, because great events are brewing.