23 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
Thanks for yours of March 12th, which I received yesterday. As I tried to explain to "Jello Head", snail mail is not that bad. The delay is on my end, since I have so little time to answer letters, be they snailmail or E-mail. I am very happy to learn that you found a job, working with real things. You will learn some useful techniques for the construction of quick shelter, at least.

In regard to your observations on the movie, "The Long Riders", I have never felt ill at ease in the presence of armed men, unless I judged them to be armed enemies who were out to kill themselves a gringo. I chalk that up to American experience, in the America I knew as a child. Firearms were no big deal, and we all knew what they could do, just as we know what a car can do if someone aims one at us. In my childhood, nuts and murderers had their places, and that's why one did not encounter such violent use of firearms or automobiles in those days. My father introduced me to firearms around the age of 10, after I had a Daisy BB gun, which I was pretty good with. I never, ever pointed it at people. The thought never entered my mind, for I knew what a BB gun could do, and I would never want to put out someone's eye. My first introduction to a firearm was my father's .22 revolver. It had a long barrel and was a fine target-shooter. Later, we bought a .410-.22 over and under shotgun-rifle combination, which was singleshot. That was a fine little game and varmint-getter. I also used friends' 16-gauge shotguns and .22 semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles as a kid. My father taught me some simple rules: (1) Never point a weapon at anyone unless you intend to kill them. (2) Consider all weapons loaded, even when dis-assembled. Those simple rules served me well in military service, for I was always aware of where my weapon was pointing, as everyone should be.

Why is the ZOG testing conventional explosive weapons designed to kill masses of people, when we supposedly have the neutron bomb, which allegedly can do the same thing, without any property destruction or environmental pollution? Wouldn't the neutron bomb be ideal for the ZOG's genocide program in The Middle East? Where, oh where, has my neutron bomb gone? as the old song goes.

I don't know what this war will do to the gene pool, except eliminate lots of Ostensible Whites. Iraq is not the war; it is merely a battle, and I very much doubt that "Usrael" has the wherewithal to wage another such battle. Our economy is dead in the water, and war will not get it going. The astronomical sums thrown around by this ZOG will destroy the value of the FEDZOG I.O.U., alias the dollar, and retailers are already preparing for massive inflation. I would not be surprised to plunk down $100 for a burger and fries, either French or 'freedom'. It is obvious that FEDZOGUSA is waging war most effectively on the American people. Our other enemies need do nothing. Meanwhile, the invasion of the U.S.A. continues. One silly Yakimoron said that most people have guns, so the terrorists would not dare to invade. I said they are already here. What good are your guns if you cannot defend your water and power supplies? And what are you going to do, as a visible, tiny minority, when Mexicans take over their land claims? This is Aztlan, remember? "What's that?" she said. "Just ask Juan, over there," I replied. Juan smiled and nodded. He did not say, "!Viva la raza!" because I'm not a Mexican, just an old gringo. The gringa's eyes opened wide at that little exchange. I hope her mind opened also. An elderly Black said, "Why worry? We've had our country stolen from under us." He talks like a White man, except for his lapses into Bible-babble. "This is Babylon!" he says.

I stopped by the peacenik demonstration today and two drunks staggered out of the nearby bar, one with a piece of paper stuck on his shirtfront with Scotch tape. On it was scrawled: "DOWN WITH THE FRENCH!" He wanted-to tell everyone that "we had to attack Iraq" since it was biblical prophecy and he was a Christian. I told him that Jesus had refused Satan's offer of temporal power, so what would he say about "Christians" who fell for Satan's temptation? That took some wind out of his sails. He stammered, "Are you a Christian?" I said, "No, because I know more about Christianity than you do." I left the lot of them babbling to one another, since I had to go to my coolie job.

We are "on the eve of war", albeit undeclared, and therefore a crime against humanity, as per the Nuremberg precedents and Geneva Convention, but I have no sense of historic occasion, for I see it as part of a process of devolution, which will be overshadowed by our domestic problems. If I were Bushy, I'd get those troops back here, on the double. No doubt they will be needed, and soon, to cope with America's invaders.