24 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
I don't know what will become of Marc Lemire, once The Zud is permanently out of commission. I hope he will adjust to the new situation and do more to serve the cause of Truth, Freedom & Justice as an AZA activist. But, knowing the blightwing, that may be too much for us to expect. At least two of us, you and I, are able to take others' ideas and run with them. We are aware that we are men, not gods, unlike the typical blighter, who believes that what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing, and what he can't conceive is not worth using.

As you may know, none of my ideas are original. They are not inventions, but as in the case of silk, they are discoveries and developments. I credit the peoples of all races with making discoveries and in some cases, with developing improved versions of their discoveries. Silk is a good example: it was discovered that the silkworm cocoons could be spun into thread and woven to make fine cloth, and in battle, it was discovered by the original wearers that this particular cloth was a good cleaner of wounds. The Whites were quick to discover the value of silk, as I wrote, but I did not wish to suggest that they were the original discoverers. Bamboo pillar construction with curtain walls is also common in Peru. The White man had no bamboo, so he invented steel to support his curtain wall skyscrapers.

My Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary lists as archaic the equation of discovery with invention. The chief characteristic of invention is imagination which uses discovery and observation via experiments to create that which was imagined. Whoever it was that dreamed up the wheel and the sail would be inventors, not discoverers. Naturally, such useful things were readily adopted and developed by Whites and Yellows, but not by Blacks, who still could not incorporate the wheel into their tribal cultures, as I saw in 20th century Rhodesia. The Yellow race in the Western Hemisphere also lacked the wheel, as well as draft animals, which gives rise to esoteric theories of White Gods and space vehicles in regard to the construction of the massive walls of Inca fortresses in the Andes. Obviously, these great structures were built, and the huge stones were moved from quarries to their present sites, but how, and by whom? In the case of the Egyptian pyramids, however, no magic was necessary; just lots of hard work on the part of men, with the assistance of rollers, levers, ramps and ropes.

The greatest discovery of the Yellow man has been his discovery of the White man and his inventions. The Yellow man is capable of developing these inventions and improving them, if he does not forget their purpose, as in the case of Japanese bullet trains, whose efficiency in getting from A to B was greatly diminished for lack of proper street addresses in Japanese cities. I encountered a similar inefficiency in colonial Africa, which may also reflect upon European inefficiency. For example, I had to go to a certain address in Salisbury, Rhodesia, and I was told it was "Causeway". I had to ask directions from people on the streets several times before I arrived, simply because I had been given no street name and number. This Japstyle system is workable for people who are locals, but not for out-of-towners, so it does interfere with business and trade. Generally, it has been my European experience that they know the value of proper street addresses, and the first country I encountered their absence was notably in Japan, which is in most other respects well advanced in Western technology, as well as in development and improvement thereof. I have, however, noted that the Japanese get carried away by the addition of details on many items, in their propensity for intricate complexity, rather than simplicity and function. I have used a Japanese photocopier, for example, that had several options and the mechanisms for performing them which were not essential to the main function: photocopying. The machine was unreliable in the performance of its principal function, for it was being tested on the customers, rather than by the manufacturer. The machine was fine, as long as a repairman was present or within easy calling range. Velly pletty, but no workee, as the Chinese might say. Japocycles are well-made, but have built-in sabotage components which are designed to fail after so many hours or miles, or merely at random. These components serve no other purpose, according to motorcycle riders and mechanics. I have seen similar devices on Danish-made printing presses, so the sabotage factor is apparently a worldwide racket that has been 'discovered' and 'developed' after its invention, obviously by people who would not like to be identified. Ha! I call that 'reverse engineering', on behalf of dishonest profits. No race is exempt from this.

The main monster looming on the economic front is unemployment, accompanied by inflation. The ZOG exacerbates these problems by increasing job-exports, jobless imports and increased government spending on war and welfare. We are even importing Bantu from Africa, who can show us how to live without such luxuries as bathrooms and doors. Obviously, there must be lots of jobs (in teaching?) for such stone-agers. ZOG in its 'wisdom' gave them self-rule, and they must come over here so we can feed them, so they can breed more of their kind. I guess we might as well adopt West Nile Virus, smallpox and other plagues, for they 'need' to survive and multiply as their biped equivalents.

That news article on foreign criminals in Japan is a real eye-opener. Funny how the world criminal types always seem to include Blacks and kikes. Do the Japs 'need' more Blacks and kikes? Stay tuned! Japan appeared to be quite crowded, the last time I was there, and Japs told me that every square inch of ground was precious. I wonder how they can afford to add pernicious foreigners to the crowd, just as I wonder how Holland can fit in more and more hostile aliens into their tiny country, every inch of which was won at great cost from the sea. I wonder how Ireland can take in the wogs and nignogs after the Irish people's sacrifices to win independence from Britain. As the IRA motto goes, "Brits out, wogs in. That's how we intend to win!" Here in "Usrael", the borders are open and the mud invaders pour in. The Chinese have done a great end-run in Soviet Canuckistan, whose census reports Mandarin as the country's second language. Bon voyage, Frenchies! I understand that Markham, Ontario, is now a Chinese colony, like Hong Kong, where English is rarely heard and signs in the shopping malls are mainly in Chinese. Visitors reported that they saw one White in the mall they went into: she was a cleaning woman. Chinese can delegate!

Meanwhile, Ostensible Whites focus on niggerball and the war against Arabs and Moslems, as if those entertainments can protect the ground they are fast losing to the invaders.

The rapid departure of the maquiladores to China has created a major and immediate crisis in the southern mudlands of Latin America, according to my Mexican informants, whose reports are confirmed from the information you have sent. This means that the Western Hemisphere is fast becoming an over-populated importer of manufactured goods from Asia, chiefly China. As we have seen in Argentina, one of Latin America's richest per capita countries, the export of its manufacturing sector has devastated their economy, with the drastic diminution of jobs and wages. If people cannot make what they need, they are in big trouble. The banksters and middlemen offer no solutions, only more problems. The real crisis for the Western Hemisphere is the proliferation of those who breed, but cannot feed. ZOG thinks it can thrive on such problems, but we shall see. The old jew formula of "hiring one half to shoot the other half" may come unglued, as their funny-money becomes worthless, thanks to their own policies. ZOGmercs, take note!

After translating the Kurreck speech, a copy of which I sent you, I am impressed at how the ZOG recreates the desperate situation of Weimar, wherever it can. The current situation of Germany is becoming worse than under Weimar, for the Germans must cope with the mud-flood, as well as unemployment, inflation and huge debts. The White man's wildcard is that the muds don't particularly care for jews, and they have no brainwashing to deter them from seeking immediate relief from these parasites. As always, the jews must flee from the 'paradise' they worked to create. Mazel tov, multi-cult. The kikes complain that "there was too much democracy" in Weimar, which allowed Hitler to be elected. Soon they will complain that there is too much diversity. Oy veh!

I recently reread my article entitled, "Oil: The Pretext for U.S. Mischief in The Middle East", which first appeared in the now-defunct Liberty Bell of January 1996. I would not change a word of it, even after the passage of time. The issues remain, along with the villains. Even now, I have no trouble agreeing with myself. The basic objective remains, that the U.S.A. will give Israel whatever it wants, no matter what the cost to the people of North America and the Middle East. ZOG looks out only for its own. "They Live!"

One writer pointed out that our periodic massacres of people are used to test new weaponry. Iraq is also important as a major source of water for Israel, whose eventual borders are supposed to be the Tigris-Euphrates to the north and the Nile to the south, as symbolized by the two blue lines on the Israeli flag. What FEDZOGUSA is perpetrating in its "Crescent of Crisis", which runs from the Balkans into Central Asia, is not like pushing over dominoes, but more like the initiation of a chain-reaction, which will eventually explode in our faces, here in "Usrael". Stay tuned!