30 March 2003 — Eric Thomson
I congratulate you on your excellent English and your cogent exposition of your topic, White Racism. I would not suggest any changes in your text, and I saw no errors in grammar or spelling on my first reading. My capitalization of the three races, White, Black and Yellow, is due to the fact that I believe they are proper nouns, and their importance in human affairs justifies it. I do not capitalize the word, jew, for it describes no race, nor ethnic group, nor religion. I do capitalize Khazar, Falashim, Sephardim, &c., for they are proper and specific nouns. If I were to capitalize "jew", I would also have to capitalize "criminal" for the sake of consistency. I leave this matter up to you.

I am glad you have pointed out the difference between "White supremacist" and "White separatist" or "White nationalist". In this regard, you may mention that the Ku Klux Klan of World War II provided some of the best troops who fought fanatically against the Nazis, because the K-K-Kooks, as I call them, needed niggers, and the Nazis believed in doing their own hard work. The KKK are traditionally White supremacists, who sought to dominate Blacks, but not to separate from them.

For an academic person, your thesis makes very good reading, which is both informative and enjoyable. As you probably know, I have read many pro- and anti-racist articles, and I find your approach even-handed and objective.

Nathan Rutstein's vaporings remind me of "The Book" written by Alan Watts, after too much LSD, in which he posited that "we are all one", based on a specious thesis similar to that of Rutstein. As you may recall, he explained that one exhaled "cells" which another inhaled, thus mingling essentials. What he describes could be deemed "cannibalism", especially by members of certain Semitic cults. As I understand it, we exhale air, carbon dioxide and water. The latter two substances are excreted by cells, but they are not cells themselves. If we were exhaling our cells, we would be ill, indeed. We can also exhale infectious viruses and bacteria, which are independent organisms. Our bodies do shed hair and skin cells, which would be filtered out by our breathing apparatus. The fact that all species of plant and animal, including human, live on this planet and do interchange some of their substance does not thereby mean that all species are the same. If this were true, then we would all look alike, and we would become a new life form composed of animal, vegetable and mineral.

I may have mentioned that my father's eyes were "hazel", which I thought meant light-brown or yellow-brown. As you point out, that would be brown. Thanks for correcting my English! Both my grandmothers had blue eyes, as did my mother, and my uncles. My grandfathers were grey- and blue-eyed, respectively, and my great grandfathers, one of whom was blond. As I understand from my mom, who visited the Hebrides, including the Orkney Islands, most of the inhabitants have fair skin, blue eyes and brown hair, as befit our kinfolk, for that is where both sides of my family originate. Eye color is not the conclusive factor in determining race, however.

The jews and the blightwing have one thing in common: neither can get ZOG right. ZOG – Zionist Occupation Government. If we have an "occupied" government, it would be very busy, or someone would be occupying the Zionists' government. Some pseudo-intellectuals use "occupational", which connotes a government which provides work for Zionists.

I am gratified that you have accurately described me in your 3 points. Many thanks! That is better than most blightwingers have achieved, even after meeting me. It is refreshing to find someone who has arrived at a correct impression, despite the great distance which separates us. Incidentally, "Thompson" is Irish. "Thomson" is Scottish-Norwegian. I don't look back on any "heydays" of activism, but I have been around the White racist scene for some 4 decades. I would truly love to be a real activist, but, politics is the art of the possible, and I must work with the limited means available to me. As I said to one correspondent: I would prefer that people heed what I have to say, rather than pay me to say it. I may be multi-faceted, but I hope I do not appear contradictory. I do get tired of people claiming they know more about the Zud, after one pleasant meeting, than I do afer working with him 15 years! Amazing.

I recommend that you publish your thesis on the Internet. When you have finished it, I'd enjoy reading the remainder. If you want me to return the part you have sent, please let me know. I would like to keep a copy for my archives, for you are setting a precedent for racial scholarship. Again, many thanks and congratulations!

Yes, you guess correctly that I am besieged by work and correspondence. I am much more efficient at answering letters and in writing articles now than when I worked at Zud H.Q., simply because I have no interruptions and disruptions from The Zud, as I did when I worked full-time at Samisdat. At least
my current interruptions of 5 to 8 hours daily, seven days a week, are regular, for the most part, so I can plan my activities around them. I still resent the fact that I must stop my correspondence for 5 or 8 of my precious waking hours every day. It is like the curse of Tantalus, in which I am dragged away from my typewriter by work and the need to sleep, just as I get down to some enjoyable correspondence.

Those bourgeois fools who parade their wealth and their blonde wives are on par with the fools or crooks who display lots of cash or big diamonds. As I may have mentioned: if the wad of cash is real, and not a "Kansas City roll" of $100 wrapped around $ls, and if the big diamond is real, and not an "Arkansas diamond", then the displayer is a fool. I do not do business with crooks or fools, but if I have to choose one or the other, I'd prefer dealing with a crook, for at least he will look out for his own interests. A fool will hurt me, as well as himself. Been there. Done that. I can just imagine the predatory stares from the simians that these bourgeois fools attract. Boy, are they ever asking for trouble!

As you say, the earth is cracking beneath us, and the sky may be falling as well. I listen to the BBC world news service on my radio, and there was mention of central banks selling gold in defence of the dollar. No panic-buying, as yet, if we can believe what emanates from The Ministry of Truth, but in international terms, gold is a useless commodity. I think that barter will be the major form of trade when the jews' funny-money flops. Just remember that if one person or country had all the gold in the world, it would be worthless, and if we were able to pay off the entire U.S. 'national' debt, there would be no money in circulation, for every Federal Reserve Note is the principal plus interest. If we turned all our money over to the Fed, we would have paid off the principal, but not the interest. Such a deal!

Obviously, the jews want to restore the military draft, but as you say, this population is more like that of the anti-war Vietnam generation than that of 1941. The Vietnam War was noted for the fraggings of officers, mutinies in the Air Force and riots on at least one aircraft carrier. I wonder if the kikes remember why Nixon abolished the draft, but I'm sure they will find out, all over again. If the hebes want civil war here, that is the best way to get it, but it will come anyway, draft or no draft; depression or no depression. It's simple biopolitics, in which the hebes and the White fatcats are likely to be devoured in a cannibal feast of diversity. As for inducting university grads into ZOG-forces, can you imagine the leftward bias of such draftees? Methinks the ZOG miscalculates the likely results. That's why armies are traditionally made up of young and dumb recruits who haven't learned to detect B.S. In the U.S. Army, the college grads caused the most trouble. I know from personal experience.

In regard to the Episcopal Church, which I was forced to attend as a kid, the building may be beautiful, but the doctrine is pernicious, and largely responsible for the subhumans on the prowl outside. Otherwise, enjoy the architecture, while it lasts.

In regard to Hunter S. Thompson, whose, scandalous writing I enjoy, he finally admitted that he did not consume the variety and volume of drugs he listed in "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas". I think it was irresponsible even to suggest that someone could go through all that harmful junk and remain alive and somewhat sane. Shades of Timothy Leary who seduced many young people into the drug scene, where they suffered degradation and death. Leary was the Pied Piper of LSD, and he outlived many of his younger dupes. Thompson enjoys the luxury of his eccentric individualism, only because he has money, minus that, he'd be toast. I understand he attended a boarding school for bad rich kids, along with Burroughs, the pervert pal of Ginsburg. Thompson and Burroughs became writers, of sorts, in keeping with their personalities, as we know. As you say, he serves the hebes by not mentioning them. Everyone can attack the fatcat Republicans, as long as they are Gentiles and not jews. I don't see Gore attacking Iraq. That's probably why the hebes shoe-horned Bush into the presidency. "The right tool (or fool) for the right job," as they say.

In regard to our correspondence, you provide me with inspiration, direction and information, so you are doing me a real favor. Yes, I hear that FAEM's monthly hits are now up to 300,000, a quarter increase since the war started (officially). I don't know what that means, in terms of activism: zero, as far as I know. Maybe someone, somewhere, sometime will heed my words in a competent, relevant and effective manner, but I won't hold my breath.

In regard to Kurt Saxon, alias Don Sisco, the best cure for ZOG-denial is to behave as if the ZOG did not exist. It's like electricity-denial: you usually can't see it, hear it or smell it, but by stepping on the third rail of a subway, you will learn all you need to know about it. I have known ZOG-deniers, and they have all come very short, usually by losing their jobs, their families and-or leaving the country, as my female attorney was forced to do. Fred Leuchter was a ZOG-denier, and he lost his job, his family and suffered damage to his reputation at the hands of his jew persecutors. David Irving was a ZOG-denier, and it cost him plenty in his civil suit against the malicious jewess. The Zud was not a ZOG-denier, but he thought he could work with and against jews, at a profit. Wrong! E.Z., R.I.P.

I doubt that ZOG would pull a 9-11 in the Chinese colony known as "Seattle", where Whites are a minority. That's what makes "The Great White Hopeland of the NW" a farce. Why not set up a White colony in Hong Kong? One writer described the U.S.A. best: Mongrolia.

I always recommend diplomacy and the proper use of communication skills for getting what I want, while remaining who I am. The day may come when I must smear black shoe polish on my face to survive the streets, so I'11 keep a can of Kiwi handy. All my shoes have been black, for decades. One reason is that I only need one can of shoe polish and black can be worn with brown, white or blue suits. Black does not show wear as much as other colors. Two-tone shoes are for fools, or ricos with servants.

I applaud your approach to survival, by being fit and alert. As you observe, near-poverty and lack of material distractions contribute greatly to fitness and alertness. Being able to focus one's mind permits one to select his direction and priorities. Quiet and solitude are my chief allies in achieving focus. In regard to concentration, I recently ate in a fancy Mexican restaurant with an attorney acquaintance who marvels at my grasp of history and economics. He grimaced at the loud braying of the many mestizo brats. I said, "Welcome to the Turd World." Then I realized that I had scarcely noticed the bawling spicklettes, for I have grown used to them. Obviously, I am accustomed to 'diversity', at least in the noise and squalor departments. If there had been a 3-inch long cockroach on the table, I would have had a trip down Memory Lane: recalling my youth in Guadalajara. Memories are made of this!

I would suggest for topical reading, my article, "Here Comes the Revolution – Ready or Not!" I think that is relevant for these times. I agree that we must find like-minded people if we are to survive in the time of oncoming crises. So far, I don't know any in my locality, but events can change minds, pronto, or at least they can change behavior. As I said to one correspondent, the handover to Black Marxist Misrule in Rhodesia may not have changed the minds of silly Whites, but it sure changed their behavior in two ways: they either fled or they stopped breathing.

One of my scoffers asked me how I could prove I was right about the U.S. role, on behalf of Israel, in The Middle East. I said it was easy. If my prediction is correct, then my facts are probably true. I predict that the U.S.A. will gain nothing from Iraq, but that Israel will gain both its water and its oil. I said that the two blue lines on the Israeli flag represent the northern and southern boundaries of Eretz Israel: the Tigris-Euphrates to the north and the Nile to the south, according to Zionist sources. Stay tuned!

The ZOG-instigated P.C. mentality predominates in the alleged thinking of Ostensible Whites. As I ate lunch in my favorite gringo restaurant, the talmudvision talking heads were emitting a garbled jabber about a G.I. who had fragged an officer in the 101st Airborne. The fragger was an Arab Moslem. After I heard that, I mentioned it to this wigger, who has become a redhot imperialist since he failed to enter the military, so now he sounds like a bloodthirsty geezer. When I mentioned what I'd heard on TV, he told me I was talking "total b.s." He knows my anti-ZOG stance toward imperial adventures, so he disregards whatever I say, even if I mention what day it is. The next day, the incident was confirmed and amplified with the inclusion of the Arab soldier's name. I showed him the article from USA TODAY, and he believed it, after reading it for himself. I remember that novelty shops used to print phony frontpage newspaper articles, in which one could include his own made up story alongside legitimate news articles, complete with bold headlines. For a few dollars more, one could have his photo printed up. In the days when the printed media ruled the realm of credibility, such a frontpage was a maximum hoot, and worth the money. It would be fun to see his expression, if I could print up a little addition to a page of USA TODAY, such as, "Jews Confess World Rule". "Usrael" declares its intention of bringing "freedom" to Iraq. As Janis Joplin sang: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose..."