05 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
I appreciate your sending of Hans Schmidt's excellent article on Jesse Owens. I wrote something along the same lines for Samisdat, after I wrote to Jesse Owens when he was in a Florida hospital. He did not reply to me directly, but was interviewed in The Tampa Tribune. I don't have my article, which may have been 'holocausted' when the Zionist stooge set fire to Samisdat after I had left. I enclose a copy of my letter of resignation to Ernst, which results after a B.C. supporter telephoned me to tell me that Ernst and his kosher dominatrix told her "I would be leaving Toronto soon", so wouldn't I like to come out to B.C. and labor on her Christian farm? I said that my leaving Toronto was news to me, for I had no intentions of doing so, until she called. Ernst had been doing everything he could think of to get rid of me, so he could open his jewish phase with David Cole. He didn't need an old Nazi to interfere with his jew-fag associates such as Michel Kuhnen and Ewald Althans. Ernst had no principles above his own ego, so he was very uncomfortable around people who did have principles, especially pro-Aryans. A man without principles must be very smart, indeed. Ernst had none and he was not as smart as he thought he was. "Greed makes blind," as some say. One elderly couple told me how shocked and disappointed they felt when they visited The Zuds. According to these ex-Zudniks, they had virtually willed everything they had to The Zuds, only to see them living like pashas on their donations. Many good people have been burned by these paytriots for profit. Too bad Ernst was not the only such "patriot".

My letters appear on the FAEM Internet site. I cannot address my letter to our White Nation, since too few of my correspondents admit to belonging to such an entity. Government exists in the mind of the governs, so most Whites still show loyalty to the ZOG and not to their racial nation. I recall your excellent advice to the South African government in regard to the creation and defence of a White South Africa. I remember telling you that your advice was great, but that the racetraitors of the South African government would not put your ideas into practice.

A friend has observed what I observe here, although he is on the east coast of "Usrael". He is in a big, decaying city, and I am in a small, decaying town. As he says, most Whites want to be jews or niggers, and they let the mestizos and Asians have their daughters and their sons. Most Ostensible Whites (many of whom are mestizos) actively work to disappear, to dissolve into the darkening mud-masses. As the French writer, Renan, observed, "A Nation is seen as such by its members and is seen as such by others." Until Whites see themselves as a nation, the fact that others treat them as a nation to be exploited and extinguished does not satisfy Renan's definition of nationhood. The blightwing resists my suggestions that we approach the solution to our problems from a national perspective. Not one paytriot for profit declares ORION!

What I said, as you observe, only immediate steps. We cannot expect more than we can do in a given moment. Politics is the art of the possible. No leader can lead his followers further than they wish to follow. The present territory called "The U.S.A." cannot be populated with the existing number of Whites, nor can it be defended. One must learn to walk before he can run, so my ideas are merely initial steps toward the goal of complete separation. The main reason that semi-separation does not work is the TOTAL FAULT OF WHITES, who insist on using muds for "cheap labor", and Christians who want to practice Marxism. This is why South Africa went Black, and why the U.S.A. is going dark brown. Earnest Sevier Cox warns that the "cheap labor" concept would destroy White civilization: "To maintain a White civilization it is necessary to maintain a White working class. To maintain a White working class, it is necessary to pay the White worker sufficient for him to maintain himself and his family. Cox correctly predicted that it would be impossible for a White managerial class to rule over a huge Black pyramid, even without the betrayal of White interests by Oppenheimer, de Klerk et al.

There are 3 types of leaders: the leader who coerces; the leader who inspires, and the leader who teaches, so his followers can say, "See, we did it ourselves!" I am at least trying to be the third type of leader, for I am one man with only one typewriter, and very little time to use it. Fortunately, my efforts are amplified by comrades who broadcast my words over the Internet, and others who adopt them as their own. My message is "We", not "Me", and I prefer that people heed what I say, rather than pay me to say it.

Many thanks for your letter, and thank you for your comments on my comments regarding your comments. I guess this is how one describes a conversation carried on by mail. My comments on the interesting comments of The Libertarian Socialist (sic) writer's comments on the latest book by David Irving are quizzical. My personal experience in East Germany caused me to doubt 'accidental' discoveries, especially in KGB archives. Perhaps David Irving flatters himself in thinking he would not be a target for Soviet disinformation, just as he erroneously believed that he would get a fair hearing in a Britzog court of Jewstice, due to his fine British accent. Despite all his historical research, he appears to be ignorant of the real winners of World War II. (Hint: it was not the Brits!)

I am skeptical about the "Goebbels Diary" for several reasons. As I understand, the original Diary is in Israel, along with an alleged diary by Adolph Eichmann. The Khazars of the former USSR and of Israel are excellent forgers, counterfeiters and liars. When one considers the source of Mr. Irving's Goebbels material, I would recommend he take a big grain of salt. He waffled on the "Hitler Diary", which was a costly hoax for "Der Spiegel", which devoted a front cover to a photo of the "diary", with its pseudo-gothic letters embossed on the front: "F H". Pardon me for wondering why Adolf Hitler would write under a different first initial. I seem to recall that his brother's name was Fritz. I pointed this blooper out to several people who could recognize the flub, but they wanted to believe "The Hitler Diary" was genuine and their wishful-thinking tricked them, as it often does. As I recall, David Irving said that it was fake, then genuine, then fake, if I have the waffle-order correctly.

I am, of course, a Nazi, as people have been whispering behind my back for decades. All pro-White White people are "Nazis", as any jew will tell you, so I won't attempt to waffle around that point. I am also a "Holocaust Denier", and I will make no apologies for my anger at being lied to by jew-supremacists and their stooges. I am also an ex-soldier who was taught that war involves killing people, best of all by sneaking up on them, or by tricking them, so they are defenceless when you attack. That's why civilians made such good targets in World War II and thereafter. This is how the U.S.A. conducts its wars, as we see right now in Iraq. But we call the forlorn Iraqi warriors "cowards", and we, who bomb them from the air with impunity and who shell them from long distances with artillery and missiles, are "heroes", as the jew Tommy Franks will tell you.

What I dislike is this dreadful anglo-jewish hypocrisy ad nauseam, in which zoglings point a finger at someone, while pointing three back at themselves. My reasons for questioning the authenticity of yet another "diary", is my knowledge of what was known to the Allies about the treatment of jews at the hands of the Germans. I have reports from The Polish Secret Army in my collection of British Foreign Office correspondence to the effect that there were no German secrets. In addition to organized underground resistance, there were agents of the Red Cross, the Catholic Church and Germans like Kurt Gerstein who reported on the official gas chamber "Holocaust", for which he claimed 45 million kosher gassees at first. Shades of the Talmud and the "4 billion" jews slain by the Romans with their swords during the siege of Bar Koziba! Shades of the "6 million" jews who perished at the hands of their enemies, according to The American Hebrew of 1919!

Perhaps there was a gas chamberless "Holocaust" in which a million or more jews were shot by the Germans. If they had been shot as alleged, where are the orders and the bodies? Since Stalin's kosher NKVD murder squads killed millions of Goyim, including the Polish Officer Corps' 15,000 or so at Katyn, we would have to ascertain if these bodies were jews or Gentiles. I understand from a French SS man who defended Berlin against the Hordes of ZOG, the German jews living in Berlin helped dig anti-tank ditches, along with the SS. I have seen a 1944 Berlin telephone directory, with a red cover embellished with a big Swastika, which listed about a dozen jewish organizations. If you wanted to talk to the rabbi, just dial the number! I have known a number of jews who lived in Germany during the war, and they were not deported. I know of no German jews who were deported from Germany, unless they broke the law, and were sent to labor camps in Poland or into labor camps in Germany and Austria, which the Allies now say were "not" death camps, although people certainly died there, mainly at the end of the war, from typhus and malnutrition. Apparently, Mr. Irving et al. want their Holohoax, but done with machineguns instead of gas chambers. All I say is, "Prove it!" I am willing to acknowledge what White people did, which was as bad as anything other races do, but I am unwilling to believe or disbelieve anything based on my likes or dislikes of the alleged perpetrators.

I agree that Hitler was not perfect, and neither were his people. Otherwise they would not have fallen into such a state that they needed Hitler. Yes, many Weimar generals with whom Hitler had to deal, so as to avoid a civil war in Weimar Germany, turned out to be traitors and incompetents. But many Strasserites or "Brown Bolsheviks", were hirelings of the enemy, and they did not care if they destroyed Germany, as long as they could party on importedjbooze and tobacco, as Elmhurst pointed out from his experience at Röhm's faggoty frolics. Elmhurst was a homosexual, but he was loyal to Hitler. He was not the only one, however, who kept Hitler informed of the putschists of the left. Had Hitler been able to avoid war for anotherj5 or even 10 years, most of these Weimar retreads would have been weeded out. This was another reason for the Anglo-jew banksters to speed things up so that war would come, regardless of Hitler's attempts to avoid it. The Poles proved perfect patsies in this kosher war conspiracy. As Celine observed, National Socialism was a revolutionary movement, but it has also been said from historical research that successful revolutions begin as conservative movements, seeking to defend or to restore good things of the past. Successful revolutions are not utopian, for people do not usually fight for something they have no knowledge of, unless they are Americans who fight for "democracy", while never living under a democratic form of government themselves. Since revolutions are conservative in the beginning, it taxes people time to catch up with changing reality, which must be dealt with in revolutionary ways that are inconceivable to the majority.

As far as I have been able to discover, "The Final Solution" for the jews was to be their transfer to Palestine, much to the discomfort of the Brits and Arabs. If I recall correctly, Nahum Goldman even labelled Hitler as one of Israel's "founders". Would that be sufficient to make Hitler jewish? Ask the rabbi!

It appears that the Libertarian Socialists (sic) base their naive nonsense on class warfare and anarchy. The jew-Bolsheviks proclaimed "class warfare" in 1917 Russia, but it was only "the smooth-handed (bourgeois) Goyim" who were shot. Other international socialists learned that blood (nationality) was stronger than "class". Kaiser Wilhelm II said so when he addressed the Reichstag, which had unanimously passed the war credits: "I do not see Socialists, Radicals, Conservatives, &c. here today. I see Germans!" The jew, "Lenin", justly chided the morally bankrupt socialists of the Second International for their abandonment of class solidarity. Mussolini had been a pre-war socialist publisher, but saw how little class loyalty affected men's willingness to fight for nationality. He was swept up by the nationalist fervor and volunteered for action, in which he was wounded. The jews use universalism on behalf of tribalism. When they say, "Death to the bourgeoisie!" they really mean "Goyim". The writer should read what Bakunin had to say about the jews' support for "communism". A tribe which maintains direction and solidarity in the midst of anarchy will most likely win. I'm sure the hebes would agree with that statement, but they would not say so, for that would not be good for the jews!

T.E. Lawrence analyzed the Arab position versus that of the Turks in his World War I campaign, supposedly on behalf of Arab independence. The Turks were rich in manpower, and willing to expend it. They were tenacious defenders. The Arabs were weak as attackers and nil when it came to defending a position. They were few and could accept fewer casualties. Lawrence realized that the Turkish numbers were vulnerable because they depended on a very slim and very long line of communications: The Hejaz Railway, which ran down to Medina. Hence, Lawrence was able to use the Turks' strength, their numbers, against them, by cutting their supplies. He turned the Arabs' weakness into strength by having them attack the railway, where the Turks were not, much as MacArthur took the Philippines by invading where the Japs weren't present. Lawrence wrote that he would attack the Turks' metal, rather than their manpower. With ZOGmercs, the situation is the reverse. The quality of their manpower, as well as their quantity, is the ZOG's Achilles Heel. That is why occupation would make such troops vulnerable to a war of attrition, guerrilla style. FEDZOGUSA might attempt to recreate in Iraq et al. what Israel has created in Occupied Palestine: a big concentration camp for Arabs, which must be guarded indefinitely, as long as both sides reproduce and occupy the same livingspace.

If Eric Margolis' analysis of ZOG intentions is correct, then it would appear that the Zionist enemy of mankind has bitten off more than it can chew, and it will be invading the Central Asian oil basin, which China would like to exploit. I'm sure the U.S.A. would not like China invading its Mexican oilfields, for example. ZOG will learn that it cannot do whatever it likes, be it ever so destructive and murderous. Now would be the time for Islamic and Arab unity, if such were ever possible. The rule is: if we do not resist ZOG collectively, we shall suffer individually.