07 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
I do appreciate your efforts on the flyer, and I am disgusted at the lack of co-operation you receive from the blightwing, but that's why I call it the blightwing, as you know.

I agree with your analysis that the decline of White Civilization begins in the minds of its people. Pendell points out in "Sex vs. Civilization", that the Problem-Solvers who create civilizations enhance the survival of the Problem-Makers, which is also assisted by the advent of "sentimental religions" and abundance. America is proof that abundance produces fatheads, whereas, scarcity improves a race, by eliminating Problem-Makers.

The writers who claim that our Civilization is decaying for lack of religion, specifically, Christianity, are confusing correlation with causation. That's a useful concept I got from studying statistical probabilities. A humorous example of this relationship was the discovery that, for every church built, there were five bars! Is religion driving people to drink, or is alcoholism driving people to church attendance? The causal factor was population increase. To say that the decline of Christianity causes the decline of civilization is a similar error. The tenets of Christianity are obviously corrosive of civilization, just like its secular version, Marxism. This is like saying that a man is drunk because his whisky bottle is empty, i.e. the empty bottle is the cause of his drunkenness, whereas, he is drunk because he CONSUMED the alcohol in the bottle. Christianity affects civilization as alcohol affects a sober person, as history has shown.

I do not see the collapse of the ZOG as any panacea for what ails Whites, but it is certain that the ZOG will collapse, sooner than many of us expect. If I were Bush, I would recall the ZOG-mercs from the sands of The Middle East, and have them start defending the borders of the U.S.A. What he is doing is irresponsible and disastrous to the interests of the American people. It is likely that there will be civil war here, before there is any conclusion to Bushy's foreign adventures. The North American economy, including that of Mexico and Canada, is sick, because its manufacturing sector has been largely exported to China. The U.S. dollar is just a jew I.O.U., and its value is backed by bombs, rather than useful exports. One prime indicator here is the rise in prices and the fall in purchasing. Normally, when purchases fall, so do prices, unless retailers expect a drastic devaluation of the currency, i.e. super-inflation.

I believe that we have seen the high water mark of the so-called New World Order, the U.S. Imperium. The deluge cometh, and it is already lapping around our ankles, and around the necks of the debtors who are now unemployed.

Your thoughts echo mine exactly. When I coined the term, ZOG, I included the jews and their Gentile minions, without whom, the jews would be powerless and ineffective. The danger for Ostensible Whites who are not jew-supremacists is that muds identify us as members of the Zionist (jew-supremacist) power structure. Even if it isn't so, that will be their excuse for disposing of us, so they can have our miserable jobs, if they still exist. A White survivor of the spic-dominated meat-packing industry told me exactly that. He ekes out a living on a full disability pension because he was maimed by mestizo bandidos at work. Other White co-workers were murdered by spics to create more jobs for spics. Every liberal mutton-head should serve time in such a job as yours. I hope that their dose of reality does not kill them, but only cures them of their silly ideas. Been there. Done that. Funny how 'diversity' produces conformity and how 'equal rights' become special rights, i.e. privileges. Whitey has fallen for the old salami tactic, like the Arab whose tent becomes occupied by his camel, bit by bit.

In my opinion, Bush may be too stupid to realize that he is a Zionist tool, and therefore expendable, just as Saddam was the tool of the U.S., and now serves to excuse the Zionist conquest of Iraq, with more Arab states to follow, as those two blue lines on the Israeli flag represent: Eretz Israel, all territory between the Tigris-Euphrates rivers, down to the Nile. The jews have no scruples in sacrificing the U.S.A. on behalf of their "Greater Israel", and Gentile Zionists are also willing to destroy this country for that purpose, to please Yahweh and his diabolical darlings.

A single mother who suspects that Something Big and Ugly is coming down upon us actually listened to my description of the 1930s Depression and the current one. I said that this one will be much worse. She asked how that could be. I explained by saying that the Great Depression of the thirties was due to a lack of money. This deflation was caused by the privately-owned Federal Reserve, which was created by an act of Congress to prevent serious fluctuations in the money supply. Once it was decided upon to end the Depression, all that was necessary was to print money and put it into circulation. That allowed the economy to start up, like putting gasoline into the empty tank of a stalled car. In today's semi-crippled economy, there are few factories to start up, because those factories are now in China. The primary sector of the economy (agriculture, mining and logging) employ very few, and those who are employed are legal and illegal aliens. The secondary, or manufacturing sector is largely gone, and the tertiary or service sector is largely minimum wage jobs, largely filled by aliens. Thus, putting more money into circulation will only create inflation. It will not put people back to work, because our Zionist rulers have been exporting so many jobs and importing so many foreign jobless. This is not just a depression we are entering. It is a disaster.

Another factor which was absent in the thirties is our huge dependent population which was created by our welfare system. A stockbroker told me that 25% of the U.S. population is not productive and cannot be made so. She said that was scary, but was there no 'warm, fuzzy' solution possible? I said there was, and by illustration I mentioned the Spartan commander who was informed that the oncoming Persian army was so huge that its archers could darken the sky with their arrows. The Spartan commander responded, "That means we can fight in the shade!" That did not seem to cheer her up, for some reason. I told her that our survival dictates that we must free ourselves from bankster rule, and recover our sovereignty, which Congress signed away with The Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Then, we must oust all dual-citizens from government, as I outlined in my letter of 15 March 03. As she listened to me, she appeared even more scared, and when I mentioned that I shared these thoughts with thousands of monthly readers on the Internet, she was thunder-struck. I left her before I caused her any more mental indigestion.

Truth is a heady brew which must be taken in small doses, by those unaccustomed to it. I was told by my professor of International Relations that the truth would "drive most people you know, right up the wall." He was correct. So much for "the informed electorate." Most people I have observed prefer to be serfs, rather than citizens. That is why we are often told not to discuss politics or religion, for those topics may only be discussed by our jewish masters. The gulag begins in the mind, just as government exists in the minds of the governed. If we worship our enemies, we are defeated. If we adopt our enemies' religion, we are enslaved and if we breed with our enemies, we are destroyed. After that, our problems become hopeless, but not serious.

Thank you for the update on the Zud-Case. I am sure the Jews are concocting a nasty welcome for him in Zionist Occupied Germany. If I were The Prince, I would sorrow for the man, but I would have him executed for his betrayal of the cause he espoused. This was also the message of the film, "Excalibur", for a king cannot behave as an irresponsible individual, and he must always subordinate his lusts of the moment to the interests of his kingdom. This is true for all citizens in a viable, self-governing society. Individuals cannot survive at the expense of their society, if their society is to survive. If society does not survive, neither will the individual, as we have seen repeatedly when civilizations collapse.

In this regard, surplus is necessary for civilization. Even in hunting and gathering societies there must be sufficient surpluses to support priests, &c. and there must be sufficient surplus time, for the artistic pursuits. Otherwise, all time will be consumed by the constant quest for bare survival. Strangely, we see lots of this phenomenon in present day consumerist capitalist society. How many people do you know now who work for their livings and have the time to watch a sunset? I don't, for one, for I must be at my job or preparing to go to it. I don't recall seeing a sunset nor a sunrise for years, except when I worked overtime and left work as the sun was appearing on the horizon. Thus have we returned to a state of barbarism in the midst of our artifacts and consumer entertainments. One would think that all our 'conveniences' would free us for creativity, since we no longer have to make our own clothing, gather wood for fire, catch and cook our own food, &c. Even so, few people I know, except for the comfortably retired, have time even to write a letter, be it E-mail or snailmail.

Pendell is correct, as you observe, for he describes the mechanism of social degeneracy, which is the outcome of civilization itself. Problem-Solvers create civilizations. Civilizations create surpluses which permit the survival of Problem-Makers. Christianity has been a useful tool of the rich and powerful, who used it to keep the hungry masses in their 'proper' places, by promising them a big pie in the sky in the 'afterlife', provided they 'behaved' themselves in this life. As "Lenin" observed, "religion is the opiate of the masses." Since there are so many Marxist aspects within Christianity, we have seen a shift which has accelerated since the Spanish Civil War toward Marxist social gospel under the cloak of Christian doctrine. Marxism is indeed a "sentimental religion" for it proclaims "From each, according to his ability, to each according to his need." Thus has Christianity 'progressed' from being an opiate of servitude, into a stimulant of militant Marxist redistribution, from the productive to the parasitic, which includes the rich as well as the breeders who cannot feed themselves. Thus are the Problem-Makers identified. You will find in your research that the concentration of wealth and power in White civilization correlates with the advent and the imposition of Christianity upon the populace. Thus has the surplus of civilization been transferred to the Problem-Makers, to the detriment of civilization. This process is not inevitable, but reversible, as National Socialism proved, but as long as the masses cling to their "sentimentalism", their problems will not be solved. Affluence is not evil, but it does evil if it is transferred from the Problem-Solvers to the Problem-Makers, exactly as we see currently. This is like giving the enemies of civilization the weapons to destroy it, and that is also what we see happening. Our race and our civilization are committing suicide because of our selfishness, our stupidity, our cowardice and our adherence to Marxism/Christianity, whose believers have 'bought' their piece of the Big Sky Jew's phony pie in the sweet by and by.

As I have illustrated, "sentimental religions" can be tools for predators and parasites. They are always anti-social, but a productive society can 'afford' them, initially, thereby supporting the increase of Problem-Makers, whose multiplication and parasitism eventually overwhelm the Problem-Solvers and destroys civilization. In societies where scarcity is constant and abundance only fleeting, there are no sentimental religions. Those who cannot work, or can no longer work are sent over the cliff, put into death-hogans or igloos, or are fed to the crocodiles. With surplus come the evils of civilization, if we are not careful and conscientious members of our society. Sentimental religions conquer by means of fear, pity and weakness, then fasten upon us like thirsty vampires. That is why our civilization is now so anemic-looking, and is succumbing to all manner of alien influences. It's time to get your wooden stakes, White man, and start using them to defeat our enemies. But we cannot identify our enemies until we snap out of our Judeo-Christian daze. Mormons look White, but that is only temporary, because they proselytize non-Whites. I have a sense of mission and a religion, so there is no need for Big Sky Jews and no necessity for racial suicide, just because one is religious.

On another topic, Tom is consistently wrong about so many things, such as jews, that I believe he is downright irresponsible. My Gestalt of his main 'political' thrust is that he and his possibly jew sidekick, Kaltenberg, are Strasserites, i.e., leftwing pseudo-Nazis, tending toward anarchy. Jews, worldwide, are not one race, but varying mixtures of the three primary races: Black, White and Yellow. Where Tom errs is in treating jews like any other mongrels. This is as foolish as Indians treating Thugs as "any other Indian" or Italians treating Mafiosi as "fellow Italians". My opinion of Tom is that he is silly, and he is still paying for his irresponsible advocacy of violence. His former sidekick, Jim Mason, is a brilliant mattoid, whose last exhibition of madness was to praise Charles Manson as "the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler"! I suspect that Tom cannot spot a jew because he prefers not to.