11 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
I am aware of the growing shadow which encroaches upon our freedom of enquiry, expression and association in the countries of the former British Empire, for I assisted at various Thought-Crime trials in Soviet Canuckistan alias Canada, in the 1980s. I am both a thought-criminal and a word criminal who remains at large because my writings have been legal, so far, in the U.S.A., of which several of my ancestors were signers of The Declaration of Independence. Charles Thomson was not only the secretary at the signing, but also devised the satanic "Great Seal of the United States of America", which appears on the back of the U.S. $1 bill. I hope you can read my essays on WWW.FAEM. COM. FAEM stands for First Amendment Exercise Machine. I am not on the Internet, for lack of time and funds, but my colleagues of FAEM carry all my essays, novels, and Odinist short stories such as The Awakening and Return to Spring Island. You are free to download anything you find on FAEM, to use as you see fit. There is no need to ask permission, and no payment required. I consider my reportage and commentary a privilege and a duty, and I repeat my statement that I prefer that people heed what I say, rather than pay me to say it.

Thank you for your thoughts on racial categories. I know that "White" is sloppy, since Franklin Roosevelt defined all mestizos as "White", and "Caucasian" is any long-nosed, round-eyed critter. My objective is to clarify and restrict the definition of "White" to exclude those with Yellow and/or Black genes. With DNA, this seems pretty straightforward. All that is lacking is the will of Our Folk to survive, so far. Whites are THE minority in North America, for the majority are part asiatic, that is, Anglo-Franco- and Hispano-mestizos, all of whom are deemed "White" by our Zionist (jew-supremacist] regime in The District of Corruption, alias Washington, D.C.

I appreciate your letting me have the article on AIDS. I have a copy of the British Parliamentary report on AIDS, and I can send it to you if you wish. It is also on the FAEM web site. As I understand, the report has been suppressed by the Britzog regime in London. I have also corresponded with one of the 3 American doctors who believe that AIDS was a man-mutated virus which was purposely inoculated into the homosexual population, and also the Black African population in the late 1970s. According to Dr. Douglass, the AIDS virus appears to be the same as the ovine visna virus, which was previously deadly, only to sheep. As the British AIDS report states, the sheep virus was spread by coughing when sheep were in folds during winters. The Canadian book, "Deadly Allies" published by Stoddard of Toronto, mentions that Britain and the U.S. were attempting to mutate deadly animal viruses, during World War II, in order to make them deadly to humans. The most likely source of the AIDS virus is Fort Detrick, Maryland, where anthrax toxin and brucellosis toxins were weaponized. Inhaling the toxins infects the victim, and the infection can be transferred to a healthy person via mosquito bite. Veterans of the first Gulf Massacre in Iraq suffer from "The Gulf War Syndrome", which governments deny as being a serious disease, but it bears all the symptoms of brucellosis. See: "The Brucellosis Triangle" by Messrs. Donald and William Scott, Chelmsford Publishers, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

As one cynic correctly observed, "AIDS is the only deadly disease with civil rights!"

Everything we are suffering now has been minutely described in Protocol #10 of The Learned Elders of Zion. What an accurate "forgery" that little book has been! The spread of AIDS is not a conspiracy, it is the stated policy of this government. Federal U.S. laws forbid the identification of the HIV carriers; forbid shunning the carriers; forbid firing them or refusing to hire them. This obviously puts the healthy population at risk, which is unheard of in medical history. The Zionist Occupation Government of the U.S.A. (FEDZOGUSA) has decreed that people infected with the latest Chinese flu can be quarantined, but not people infected with HIV-AIDS. One of every 50 Black males in the U.S.A. is HIV+, according to the major media.

As you observe, it looks as if ZOG-mercs are being spread too thin. Colombia would be another Vietnam, all by itself, and the Colombians are already in the U.S.A.

As I see it, ZOG's kosher capitalists have put profit above all else, so warfare is becoming privatized. A missile manufacturer in China, for instance, would sell its wares to any foreign bandits, for a price. The weapons manufacturers of the former Soviet Union will sell anything to anybody, and U.S. military personnel are notorious for selling stolen equipment for drugs and/or money. Israel sold U.S. aircraft parts to Iran, when Iran was on the U.S official list of "bad guys" during the Iran-Iraq war, when Iraq was the official U.S. "good guy". Presto change-o! Just as in "1984".

Corporate America is the U.S. government, on behalf of oil and Israel, and business is after profits, not patriotism, for business follows the dollar, and cares nothing about the demography where it does business; without loyalty to any place or people, and certainly without loyalty to any principles resembling honesty! So much for "the best government money can buy!" The U.S.A. will go the way of Enron one day, and perhaps sooner than any of us expect. After all, it is run by similar people, with the same degree of honesty! Maybe Arthur Anderson can tell us how 'good' things really are, but all the 'consumer confidence' in the world will not help us if we're broke and jobless. Fantasy ends where hunger begins.

For now, I advise people to save their 'freedom blankets' (newspapers), which they will need to keep warm during the 'freedom depression' that is oncoming. Then we can all enjoy freedom from food and housing, for, as Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

If the Whites will not fight their enemies on full bellies, will they fight on empty ones? Undoubtedly, we shall see.

I got a chuckle at your mention of Bush talking about "the moment of truth". To answer Pontius Pilate's question, I think we can say what truth is NOT: whatever Bush says!

NEWS FLASH! The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has warned readers not to over-dose on electronic media coverage of the war. Noticeable symptoms are: speaking Arab names in one's sleep, with a British accent.

Canadian-jewish columnist Eric Margolis must be reading my stuff. The enclosed column on U.S.-Israeli objectives in Iraq refers. The Anglo-American petro-banksters want control of oil, so as to control Europe, Japan and China. Israel wants Arab territory and Iraq's water, on behalf of "Greater Israel". I believe that the ZOG intends to bite off much more than it can chew. This reminds me of the defunct Soviet Union's misadventures in Afghanistan, a classic case of over-reach. The ZOG's days are numbered, and so are its minions.

I do not see how all the oil in the world will create one job for one American in the U.S.A., but I do see our economy has been wrecked, as it was before 9-11. The next thing I see coming down on us is major inflation, as well as unemployment. Yakima is becoming a ghost town, teeming with Mexican welfare recipients, gang-bangers and jailbirds. The factories and stores are vanishing, so it looks as if everyone will be selling tacos to one another, as well as drugs. One 'benefit' I have received from this trend is all the free stationery I obtain from defunct businesses. Over the years I have obtained business forms and letterheads from the entire retail sector, including banks and accountants' firms.

I do not like 'blood sports' either, and I have never cared to see a bullfight, &c., even when I lived in Spain and Mexico. I hate to see animals suffer, and I am glad horses are no longer common in war, although we had returned to using horses and mules in Rhodesia, partly as protection against bouncing betties. Horses were also quiet, compared to a Landrover, and they could live off the land. They also permitted patrols to cover more ground, than on foot.

I agree with Kipling's observations on the alien cultures of the East. T.E. Lawrence admitted to his failure to become an Arab, and his unsuccessful attempt to resume his being as an Englishman. I never had that dilemma, for I was always me, whatever language I spoke, and whatever culture I lived in. I am eclectic, for I choose from every culture the things which suit me, and which serve my purposes. Here, I speak about as much Spanish as I do English. I see language as a tool. One does not use pliers when one needs a hammer, &c. I do wear a pith helmet when conditions call for it, but I do not wear a fez, unless my job would require one. No one pays attention, for the majority see all gringos as "crazy" and outlandish. A White man stands out, whatever he may wear.

Alexander sacrificed his race for power, and Portugal sacrificed race for land. After 500 years, they lost both. Apparently, Alexander was warned not to party with the jews of Babylon, but he did, anyway, and if I recall correctly, he was poisoned and died quite young. The notorious Borgias of Italy were also poisoners and jews, according to a current Rothschild heir, who married a Borgia. I wonder who will outlive whom.

I think the Internet is becoming a good antidote to the poison spread by the jewsmedia. Imagine if all the information on the Internet had been available at Pearl Harbor! Instead, we had total jewsmedia control and ZOG-imposed secrecy, so we only managed to learn the truth decades after the terrible fact. I also suspect that net-users are young and possible leaders and decision-makers. I doubt that a major portion of net-users would support a renewal of the military draft. If it is true that government exists in the minds of the governed, then the news and views on the Internet are raising big doubts in many good minds. The knee-jerk jerks and wiggers will continue to watch niggerball and swallow ZOG's kosher crap, until they get their letters which state: "Greetings!" I'm sure that such a sudden confrontation with reality will produce a catharsis of major dimensions, as well as dementia. Few of these sheeple will heed our warnings before it is too late, since they prefer to enjoy the last party on USS Titanic. Stay tuned!