12 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
As you observe, the military life is not much of an adventure for active Whites. One vet described his military career as "90% tedium interrupted by 10% moments of sheer terror." When we consider the careers glamorized by Hebrewood, the mundane, squalid reality is laughable. Real cowboys hang around with cattle, not pretty women. Detectives deal with lots of dead bodies, squalor, violence and dysfunctional people. Private detectives sit in cars a lot, to see which spouse is cheating on which. News reporters write to please their editors, or else. News announcers read their cue cards, and many don't have a clue what they are talking about, as I've often heard on TV or radio. In addition to that, they don't care. They just fill their slots and get their paychecks. More squalor and corruption in their careers as prostitutes of the pen. I have known several reporters who have The Big Story which they dare not reveal, for fear of losing their jobs and their lives. "Three Days of the Condor" would be a good example. I didn't know how big my story was until it was confiscated by gun-toting thugs of FEDZOGUSA. If I'd been a professional journalist, like Frederick Seelig of the old Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, they might have confiscated me along with my story. "Taxi Driver" pretty well depicted that career, and it took the Hebrewood addition of violence for a 'worthy cause' to flavor up the dismal fare of scruffiness and squalor in that trade. As we know, movie soldiers, police, doctors, lawyers and nurses have little resemblance to the real ones, except for props and sets. Above all, these jobs lack plots, scripts and retakes. They also lack editing, so a soldier on sentry duty must remain on watch for his two hour stint, &c. for two full hours, or more as required. I wonder how people addicted to flash-editing and channel-surfing adapt to remaining in place with one scene to observe for two or more hours straight. It must be a holocaust for them. Most people I meet can't even follow a subject of conversation for more than two sentences, and their replies are often disconnected and irrelevant, as if they did not understand what was being said. It's like the zonked-out niggerball zombies you describe.

I wonder what our lives would have been like if we had indulged our youthful desires to go where we wanted, when we wanted to. I admit that my desire to go to South America at age 8 required some delay, for practical reasons, but it was really painfully frustrating for me to view the ships steaming in and out of San Francisco Bay from my vantage point in the hills of Berkeley, as I gazed upon them greedily through a friend's telescope. Unfortunately, I had two more years 'til my graduation, but I studied everything available on Latin America, and took every opportunity toward that goal. In a few more years I had realized my ambition, and as I stood on the banks of The Amazon I recognized it as being the perfect replica of what I had long imagined it to be. In that instant, my years of preparation seemed like a reasonable price for admission. Although I never got paid for my travels as a sailor, I did travel more sea miles than by air. Aside from my enjoyment of the sea, going by ship is the quickest way of meeting people, and getting leads on jobs at one's destination. Not so when one travels by air, in my experience.

You mention our being shackled to technology. In the U.S. Army I was given the choice of working with coding machines (shades of Enigma!) OR learning German. Naturally, I chose German, which was of great value to me in civilian life. When one is shackled to technology, the effort to learn about it is about as great as the effort to learn a foreign language, but the language does not become obsolete!

It is indeed unfortunate that you cannot "see the U.S.A." from coast to coast. You might discover the sort of place you would prefer, but you might also become disillusioned by visiting small, decaying towns which depended on logging, farming or mining. Apparently, muds of all sorts are being planted in such out of the way places, especially the ubiquitous Chinese and Mexicans. Several of my correspondents who live in such places have informed me of the deadly darkening of their town's demography, even when the major industry has departed. ZOG seeks to deny Whitey all possible escapes, and the local Whites are the very ones who welcome their mud-invaders! Why does "diversity" mean mainly brown and black, while Whites, with their diverse hair colors and origins are not? "Diversity" means no more blonds, or redheads, unless they come from bottles.

I think I can say that I realized most all of my childhood ambitions, although it took me a few years. Hence, I have no frustrated desires and unfulfilled ambitions. This does not mean that I seek to do nothing more, based on my experience, but it has given me the serenity of patience. I can now enjoy the doldrums without fretting, since I appear to have "left the straight life behind" in 1961. I have been privileged, indeed.

I don't see that the ZOG is out to get cheap oil. As I see their scheme it is to gain control over oil, so as to control this country and all others, especially Europe, China and Japan. The ZOG's control of U.S. oil enables it to raise or lower prices, for whatever bogus reasons. Out here, the oil comes from Alaska. It is refined in Washington State, which has its own abundant sources of oil and natural gas, which are being kept out of production, according to several oilfield workers I have met locally. When the Iraq War seemed unlikely, the price of gasoline rose because of "war worries". But when the war began, gasoline prices dropped, because the war was on. Did the reality or possibility of war with Iraq have any relevance to the supply of oil? Not at all, but anything serves to excuse the oil cartel's price manipulations at the public's expense.

No amount of oil will create a single job for a single American living in the U.S.A. Iran suffered the results of easy money from oil revenues during the reign of the U.S. puppet Shah. Oil did not create jobs for Iranians in the form of industrial self-sufficiency, so the majority of the Iranians suffered from unemployment and inflation. Sounds like present-day Americans! In certain oil-rich countries, oil revenues are shared with the people, as in Libya and, I believe, Abu Dabi. Saddam of Iraq reportedly reinvested their oil revenues into public works, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, to the extent that the people did not mind him building monumental palaces, which the people would inherit after his death, unlike the autocratic Kuwaiti rulers, with their Swiss bank accounts.

Under ZOG, I see no benefit whatsoever which may accrue to the U.S. people if our rulers succeed in their mad ambitions to rule the world with oil and usury. As you observe, the signs of decay and disintegration are becoming more apparent in this land of ZOG.

One correspondent accuses me of relying upon the collapse of ZOG as the cure for all our ills, and he scoffs that ZOG will ever collapse of its own weight of greed and stupidity. He compares my observations and expectations to those of the blightwingers who have been predicting the fall of ZOG for decades. I don't believe I can be included in this mob of wishful-thinkers, for I opined in 1976 that the ZOG's tyranny would intensify. Now, I do not see how this is possible, not that our ZOG won't try, but tyranny cannot reverse the country's decay and demographic disintegration, especially when all the ZOG's forces are committed to its farflung imperial adventures. As I wrote him, I could see similarities between Tsarist Russia of 1917 and ZOGist America of the present. When the Khazars alias Bolsheviks, made their grab for power, all the Tsar's horses and men were at the fronts. The value of the zogbuck is not being maintained, so we are experiencing unemployment plus inflation. No amount of oil can save the zogbuck, either, for it represents very little work done in the U.S.A., similar to the currency of Iran under the Shah. It also strikes me as dubious that China would tolerate the Anglo-American petro-banksters' control of its oil source in the Central Asian Basin, any more than the U.S.A. would tolerate Chinese control of its Mexican oil sources. China can bide its time, while ZOG self-destructs. China is diligently and patiently taking over the North American continent, as well as the world's industrial production, while ZOG exhausts itself in its unholy crusade against Islam, on behalf of Israel.

The ZOG's collapse will require Whites to exert themselves to survive and to divest themselves of the jews and their interests, for the muds equate us with jews, and we do nothing to show them that we are not one and the same. The Judeo-Christians who proclaim their support for Israel, might as well include their support for Satan, and be consistent.

I am also surprised that Iraqi resistance has been so determined and resilient, under the "shock and awe" of massive bombardments. I would certainly not call them "cowards", when they attempt to fight the ZOG's superior weaponry with inferior arms which merely make them targets. I have never experienced artillery bombardment, nor aerial bombs, day after day, nor do I ever wish to. In Cali, Colombia, my residence was dynamited twice in a six month period, and I escaped death from a landmine, only by missing the bus which ran over it, with no survivors. Had I been exposed to such things multiple times per day, I think I would become a bit twitchy, semi-concussed and hard of hearing from all the near-misses. I would also wonder which one had my name on it, even though I could not worry about something over which I had no control. We should remember the words of my jovial landmine and boobytrap instructor: "There's good news and bad news about explosives. The bad news is: explosives don't miss. Everyone gets a share. The good news is they're non-habit-forming." Afterwards we warned patrols about certain routes on the radio with the cryptic words that such and such a route was apt to be "non-habit-forming." Everyone understood what that meant. I wonder what the enemy interceptors must have thought about our habits and addictions.

So what are the kikes up to? As I see it, they are handing this continent to the Chinese, exactly as Ms. Caplan has done via Immigration Canada. I think they plan to betray the U.S.A. and skadaddle to Eretz Israel, after their U.S. and British patsies have carved sufficient Arab land up and served it to them. Their White dupes will be left to the tender mercies of the muds, if all goes according to ZOG. It's the old kosher recipe: infiltrate, dominate and destroy the hated Whites, according to the rule: "The best of the Goyim must be killed." I envisage a scene similar to the overrunning of Khartoum by the hordes of the Mahdi, here in the Jew Ass Oy Veh, with the sheenies noticeably missing out on the just deserts.

Some blightwingers worry that the jews want to "take over America". They have already done so, a long time ago, but the blightwing is usually characterized by its worries over what has already happened. In view of the alien hordes the ZOG has been admitting into the land of "Usrael", it appears that their plans are to leave when their position becomes dangerous, rather than immigrate to this country, which they already populate and control. That would be like boarding a scuttled ship, after opening its seacocks. As I understand, they have bled South Africa dry and are now setting up shop in Austrailia to continue their bloodsucking of the Gullible Goyim. Unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball, so I must rely on perceived trends and projections based on my best (I hope) information. There are no big secrets, so what we see is what we are most likely to get. As Whitey drowns in a flood of mud, Izzy will pull his disappearing act, so well portrayed in "They Live".

I got a chuckle from reading your translation of NCO as "No Chance Outside" (the military) which certainly has been confirmed by my own experience. Once these social misfits are left on their own, they usually open their mouths and drown in booze, if there is nobody in authority to order them to stop. I have also noted that most of them appear frustrated. One NCO joined the U.S. Army because he couldn't find any other job. This made him resentful and also made him feel inferior. Perhaps the dim realization that he would wind up as a retired sergeant, with no further career possibilities, added to his anger. On leave, the fellow was a walking bomb who could be set off by any perceived oversight or insult. Back on base, he would put on his sergeant personality, along with his uniform, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

As you point out, self-discipline is as important as one's outdoor adventures. External discipline is demeaning, deadening and dangerous to the individual. I am not a pacifist. I just realized that I was in the wrong army. Henry David Thoreau described the soldiers he saw as men who were learning to be less than human, and appeared to be succeeding at it.

This was the same thing I saw in the bourgeois lifestyle: a deadly conformity which denied the individual's fulfilment. In my conversations with shopkeepers, I was told that all young men should marry and have children, because that would increase their consumption and was good for their business. My object was to limit my consumption on behalf of my freedom, so I said nothing. An insurance salesman mapped out my miserable bourgeois existence for me: that I'd live on the instalment plan, in a little house, which I would never own, and a little wife who would reward my tedious toil with "a little bit of loving", now and then, along with 1.5 children who would keep me on the verge of bankruptcy. I appreciated his lesson, but did not buy his insurance policy. I wish I had stolen the employees' manual from the insurance company I worked for in San Francisco. It was a gem: employees were expected to live just beyond their means in terms of housing and car ownership. To advance, the male employee had to be married. In those days, experienced females and single males were not promoted, although they could do the job better than any of us new employees. Of course, when one was married, he had to have the 'right' number of children, and attend the 'right' sort of church. If he had 'too many'' children, like 4, and if he attended some holy-roller church, he could kiss his promotions goodbye. In the U.S. Forest Service, there were similar rules. No marriage, no promotion. That's where I met my first married queers who had children and wives. If one refused to join the International Order of Foresters, one would not be promoted, either. As salaries went up, so did expenses and obligations. All I wanted was my freedom, even if it meant "leaving the straight life behind". How glad I am that I did! Imagine living as a full-time actor, always for the sake of appearances. No wonder my insurance company colleagues looked so unhealthy and out of sorts! I have been accused of constant cheerfulness by people with whom I do business. I hadn't thought about it, so I gave my reasons: I was not hungry, not in pain, and there were no landmines or snipers around, and no bombardments, YET! Talk about the good life! My questioners nodded in agreement, with bemused expressions on their faces. Well. they asked for it!

Changing work hours sure give me jetlag in place and fuddles my thinking, so I now come to address some of the attributes of the warrior-hunter lifestyle you mention. It is definitely appropriate in our present situation, for we must always be alert to danger and opportunities. As in the jungle, our senses must be keen and our minds quick to judge and act according to our perceptions. I am sometimes surprised at my ability to identify money on the ground or pavement, and I pick up pennies, when available. They do add up, especially at the post office and photocopy place. We live in a jungle of jigaboos and technology, surrounded by concrete, asphalt and metal, but it is no less a jungle, and a noisy one at that. I have never liked driving with all windows up, for example, because I feel encapsuled from the stimuli which I require to feel in control and safe. If I were deaf, I would not want to drive, and it would be dangerous to walk, for one would not hear the sounds of approaching vehicles, sirens, &c. If cellphones should not be used while driving, then audio head sets should not be used while walking. I believe the Darwin Award should go to a fellow who liked to jog on train tracks, with his favorite muzak piped into his head. I believe his wife saw him killed, for he was oblivious to the locomotive that was approaching from behind, with its horn blaring and the brakes screeching. As the philosophers of the Logical Positivist School proclaim: "To be is to be perceived!" In other words, what I don't see, hear, feel, smell or taste does not exist. A certain Bishop Berkeley appears to have thought that one up before the Vienna jews did, but the nonsense is clear. One might also say that a poison which is tasteless, odorless, colorless, &c. does not exist, either, when one has ingested it. Berkeley figured that God was watching all the things we didn't see, so he could 'explain' the sudden appearance of the train, which was not scripted in the jogger's mental theater. The warrior-hunter would not succumb to such things.

By all means, we should cultivate our fitness. I mentioned in "Your Rights in a Police State" which appeared in the November 1976 issue of White Power Report, and is also now on FAEM, that 'mobility' is a lifestyle, not a fast car. I saw an old movie about a gang of professional robbers whose credo was "Be able to walk away from everything in 30 seconds." Naturally, this would mean abandoning home, family, friends, acquaintances, chattels, traps, encumbrances, bank accounts, &c. As one cop told me, "Many a man has died unnecessarily, because he tried to put on his trousers before fleeing a place where he shouldn't have been."

Obviously, those who cannot take off running are unfit to practice this credo, so it pays us to be as fit as possible. In regard to fast transportation, I recall Hunter S. Thompson's book on The Hell's Angel motorcycle club whose Oakland, CA, H.Q. was a bar called El Adobe. The cops decided to arrest the lot, but they did not want to besiege the semi-fortified bar, where weapons and ammo were stored. Instead, they let it be known that they would raid the bar, to give the Angels some getaway time. Sure enough, the Angels indulged their fantasy of riding off into the sunset. They all got on their bikes and were apprehended at roadblocks which the police had set up in advance. On their bikes, they were no match for the cops, but hunkered down in their bar-bunker, they could have caused the police lots of embarrassment. The Oakland police were far more intelligent than Janet Reno's thugs who holocausted the Waco Wackos of Koresh. It was known that Koresh would go alone to buy groceries and run errands into Waco, but ZOG preferred to play soldier, rather than have the local sheriff's deputy nab him with his armload of groceries. Apparently, he had outstanding warrants, or was about to, some of which were, apparently, within federal jurisdiction, so the Marshalls and/or FBI could have made the arrest, if they distrusted local authorities. But no, Rambo Reno wanted to use commando tactics. The rest is holocaust history.

In the security business, for example, the idea is "loss-prevention". The best security plan is strategic, rather than tactical. The latter is needed only when the strategic plan has failed, so that one must shoot one's way out and rely upon an armored vehicle, &c. A brown paper bag is more 'secure' than an armored briefcase chained to one's wrist, unless one is White, of course. In either case, one will be the target. I believe that disillusionment and fantasy-evaporation contribute greatly to one's health, so I caution White weapon-worshippers to consider the impossibility of guerrilla warfare in a majority non-White society. This style of warfare requires the warrior to blend back into the crowd. What if he crowd no longer resembles the warrior? Time to wake up and put brain into gear, Whitey!

Re Mud Marxism: a correspondent sent me a book by a Jap Marxist entitled "Settlers, The Mythology of the White Proletariat", which claims that North America never had a White workingclass. Too bad my parents who did hard physical labor never knew how privileged they were!