13 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
Here in Yakima, it appears that another business has folded in the nearby Tower Office Building. Our dumpsters are all full up again, a day after they were emptied. Dumpster-diving has provided me with lots of useful stationery and most of my furnishings in my batcave residence. This is a sample. I do not accept paper which is printed on both sides, however. Why pay for things you need if you can get them for a bit of effort? One day I found a good-looking electronic typewriter, which I rescued and attempted to operate. It had a carbon ribbon and the key-spacing was not to my liking, for they were too crammed together, like most computer keyboards. It took a rocket scientist (which I'm not) to set the margins, and it was just too quirky for my taste, so I traded it for half a dozen new (yes!) typewriter ribbons at my local typewriter shop. There is still one in town, so I really lucked out.

In regard to luck, I couldn't be more fortunate. The first place I rented in Yakima was a block away from the job I finally found. I moved into a cheaper place, which was a block away from the second job I found. You might describe my set up as "a machine for living", for I save lots of time and money at what I do, not that I make so much. A car is light-years away from my means, so my good luck has been essential to my survival. I have noticed that things seem to fall right into place, even though I don't bank on them. Sometimes, I don't appreciate the benefits I receive from often traumatic changes, until later; usually sooner than later! Leaving Rhodesia was one good example, for I left not a moment too soon. I am sure I used up a lot of my luck by living in Colombia. A friend of mine was in the Waffen SS (not Hans Schmidt), on the Eastern Front, then he was sent to fill in a breach in the Western Front, after the failure of the Ardennes Offensive. After the war, he served in The French Foreign Legion and saw action in Indochina and Algeria. After so many wounds and narrow escapes, he never grumbled when civilian business deals went sour. "Why should I complain?" he said. "I used up all my good luck in the wars." He exclaimed incredulously: "You really care about whom you fight for!" For him, soldiering was the only thing he knew. The Rhodesian government found that my military services do not come cheap, although I have been accused of being a "mercenary" by the committee of fiction writers who have nothing better to do than make up horror stories about yours truly. I must admit that it makes for interesting reading. I don't even recognize myself. It also seems that the same crowd is trying to make Robert into something he isn't.

Your description of ZOG-bites, i.e. the graduated income tax, vividly demonstrates the folly of Marxism, for that is who propounded the graduated income tax, in order to 'level' social status and income. Guess who long supported this Marxist program? None other than the Rockefellers, who hide their zogbucks in their tax-exempt trust funds. That's why I advocate a flat 10% tax FOR ALL LEGAL PERSONS, which would include trust funds. Oy veh! As you state from experience, the graduated income tax destroys the incentive to work, and inflation puts the worker into higher tax brackets, so his real, take-home wage is even less than it would be if he earned a lower salary without current inflation. One writer pointed out the obvious: since all our money is based on debt and bears interest, the payment of the "national debt" would effectively eliminate all money in circulation, but that would only pay off the principal, not the interest! Such a deal! No sovereign people should borrow their means of exchange from alien banksters. If they do, they are no longer sovereign, but become slaves to the usurers. We could say that the usurers have usurped the U.S.A., most recently in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

I note that my pay slips show hefty deductions for "Medicare", regardless of my low wages. This is another Soviet-style forced-savings scheme, which is most unlikely to be reimbursed to the tax-payers. I won't hold my breath in anticipation of the ZOG's trustworthiness, even though it is "the best government money can buy!"

Thanks for the information on Julius Evola, who is lauded by certain Italian intellectuals for reasons best known to themselves. I appreciate your analysis, for I lack the time and the interest for reading more theoretical verbiage. What I like about National Socialism was its combination of idealism with the practical. Men and women were encouraged to do their best, but it was not demanded of them that they be gods with no bodily needs. Marxism, on the other hand, demanded that people behave as gods, on behalf of brute materialism, which would allegedly be enjoyed by "future generations", if only superhuman sacrifices were made today. We know the results. National Socialism championed self-realization, on behalf of the Folk.

Marxism propounded self-abnegation on behalf of "the future". My favorite Hungarian jew, Arthur Koestler, best describes this characteristic in his contribution to "The God that Failed" and "Darkness at Noon". I find Koestler and Orwell, who were friends, very mood inspiring if you like Victory Gin, along with Victory Cigarettes. Ha! Nowadays in "Usrael", we call such things "Freedom" this or that. I encourage people to take home their "Freedom Blankets" (newspapers) to keep warm during the "Freedom Depression" we are entering.

As I see things in the present, there is no need for heroic self-sacrifice: on behalf of whom? We neither can nor should attempt to save people from themselves, but, as you say, we must wait until the rot becomes obvious to those who see no danger in the demographic darkening of America. Perhaps their response will be too little and too late. It happened in Rhodesia and South Africa, as we know, so it can happen anywhere there is a White Remnant. I am not a historical determinist who believes that good will come from bad, and that the worse things become, the better reason Whitey will have to wake up. As I say, if we do not want to fight on full bellies, will we fight on empty ones? I doubt it. Not fighting guarantees defeat, so fighting is our only chance of victory; not a guarantee, but a chance. How many things in life are guaranteed, anyway, aside from death? I see no need for us to be discouraged, and I do not think I am a starry-eyed optimist. "Life is struggle, and those who do not struggle are unfit to live," as The Leader said. I think we shall see major changes in our lifetimes, for I can only see an acceleration of our worsening situation. The Blacks can see it. They are the canaries in our mineshaft. Ha!

As you say, Whitey may eventually fight for space, for that is our paragon of freedom: freedom from the constant jabbering and jostling of crowds. Crowding puts us on edge. In Egypt, I was oppressed by the street urchins who kept plucking at my sleeves, just as in Morocco. Now I know why people carry fly-whisks in those countries! In Japan, the crowding was polite, but still oppressive, although it was better than Hong Kong and Singapore. India featured crowding and squalor, so that was pretty bad, although one was free of the constant plucking at one's clothing that I experienced in Arab countries.

As you say, the Blacks are taking over the big cities of the east coast, but in the west, it is mainly semi-asiatics including Anglo-, Hispano-mestizos, so-called Indians and lots of recent arrivals from Asia. Whitey doesn't know what to do: run or race-mix. Run to where? I wonder. I hear that there are thousands of squatters on federal lands, similar to the Weavers of Ruby Ridge. They eke out bare existence from poaching, drug-selling and foodstamps (now debit cards). The ZOG would have its hands full if it wanted to evict them, but what percentage of them are White, or will remain so, is very doubtful. Meth and marijuana are their cash crops.

I know it's hard to be enthusiastic about working on the USS TITANIC. In my case, the knowledge that none of this will last, and that others don't know that, encourages me to do the best job possible, much as I would light a cigarette for a prisoner facing a firing squad. I therefore cherish these oases of peace, which I know are about to dry up. The trivial desperation of people whose worlds are tiny and self-centered cause me to feel pity, rather than disdain for these dumb animals. One woman asked me why I'm so cheerful, and I never thought that I was, until she pointed it out to me. I replied that I was not hungry and not in pain, and there were no snipers, landmines or bombardments, yet. Well, she asked for it! I never lose sight of the basics, for that's where I live.

Thanks for the news on shortwave. When I last monitored Radio Peking, a Bible-banging station jammed their broadcasts, and I assumed it was a FEDZOGUSA front, for the transmitter was so powerful. In those days, China radio had nothing good to say about the Soviet Union, who were even worse than the "paper tiger imperialists of U.S. capitalism". Wow! As I recall, the Soviets were "the running dog lackeys of the capitalist imperialists." Ouch! Obviously, "the truth is out there", for I suspect very little of it is being broadcast here, by the jewsmedia. Please keep me up to date if you hear anything of importance. As I see it, China is "the laughing third party" to ZOG's crusade against Islamic countries. Funny how exactly U.S. behavior coincides with China's purported war plan against the U.S.A., as appeared some time ago on the Internet. The plan was to suck the U.S. into conflicts at the ends of U.S. logistic capabilities; spread ZOG-forces thin, and exhaust them. Then wave a few nukes under ZOG noses and ask to talk about Taiwan and opening U.S. borders to more Chinese immigrants. It would be an offer USZOG could not refuse. Since U.S. borders are already open, it looks like a done deal: the U.S. immolates itself on behalf of Israel, territorially; China gets North America and the hebes go to "Greater Israel".

I won't be surprised if your boss starts hiring Mexicans. Such a deal!