14 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
The Barnes Review of the March-April 2003 issue confirms what I have said about the traitor, Ian Smith, ever since 1976. Jaap Marais' excellent article refers. White Unity and White Nationhood were almost in our hands, but Smith let the side down, as the Brits say. As I understand, the rascal was kicked out of Zimbabwe by his 'grateful' Black buddy, Robert Mugabe. It looks good on him. I was kicked out of Rhodesia in March, 1976, along with a few other pro-White comrades. Excuse us for living!

The sad thing which I always heard from Whites of Anglo or Afrikaaner stock was the silly statement: "The U.S.A. is the anti-Communist bastion!" When I attempted to tell them that the Cold War was a hoax, and that was why I had come to Central Africa, 'for reasons of health', following my discovery of The Cold War Hoax, they just could not understand. I told them that history shows the USSR was founded, funded, fed and protected by the USA, from 1917 to the present. That relationship has not changed to date, for the Khazar kosher criminals still run Russia. Therefore, I tried to tell them, the USA is THE Communist bastion and White Southern Africa is the ANTI-Communist bastion. No success! It was like talking to concrete.

There were also the capitalist-christian types who rejected White Nationalism as National Socialism, which in their tiny minds was the same as Communism. Everyone loved the jews in White Southern Africa. Such a deal! Then, all of a sudden, in 1974, the jews announced that they weren't White! The dumb Goyim still didn't catch on. Whites are their own worst enemies, from what I have seen and am still seeing. Now they want to go fight for the glory of Israel, and to hell with the USA. What sort of 'patriotism' is this? I call it insanity, pure and simple. Well, it has been said that "whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad." This will be the only foreseeable outcome of the White man's folly.

There is a mystery regarding The Zud's communications with the U.S. Immigration authorities. As I recall, Ernst was very careful when it came to official matters, just as we all should be. I do not believe that the U.S. bureaucracy would omit sending him notices to appear for immigration hearings. They are civil servants and what they do must be in writing, to protect their careers. Only "Nazis" can do things on "verbal orders", according to the lying jews. I therefore assume that the INS did send Ernst the notices referred to, but, it appears that they did not reach Ernst, who certainly would have responded to them if they had. But 'somehow' these notices 'got lost'. Were they lost in the mail? I don't see postal employees stealing those items from the mail, out of his other mail. But "Ingrid" was in charge of his mail, for she apparently picked it up at the post office or mailbox, and would do the 'sorting' for Ernst, while he sat like a pasha in his outdoor Jacuzzi tub. I think it possible that "Ingrid" alias Angrid alias Sarah Brandt also delivered the mail for Ernst, and that would include the certified response to the INS office. If I am correct in evaluating "Ingrid's" jewish background, I would suspect that she was able to dump certain incoming and outgoing mail which concerned Ernst's status. She had opportunity, according to Ernst's "Power" newsletter, and she had motive: the inheritance of Ernst's property. If she is as jewish as I suspect, then she had a double motive for getting rid of Ernst. Such a deal!

As a former soldier and civil servant, I would doubt that 5 armed INS agents could be sent to collect Ernst on "verbal orders", for they would be subordinate to written orders, which would allocate their duties in advance. There would need to be specific written instructions for them to drive all the way to the Zudnest, at federal expense, and take The Zud into custody. Otherwise, they could all go on a pleasure trip at government expense, and none would be the wiser! And they would receive their salaries, too. That's not the way any government works, according to my experience. There is accountability and records. I remember a mischievous boss of mine who told me to demand payment of government search fees from the government police. I said that I would require such orders in writing, so I could show the police I wasn't crazy. He backed down, for I was indeed correct. Had I tried to enforce his verbal rule, he would have denied that he had told me any such thing, and I could not prove otherwise. That's how the game is played in bureaucracies.

Now that I have an enforced vacation, I'm catching up on my correspondence, at long last. Many thanks, also, for your offer of job-search assistance on the east coast. At this stage of the game, I do not think I should attempt to enter the workforce at the bottom of the corporate ladder, and I am unlikely to be offered any job in middle-management at my age. Age and race work against me in these Joo-nited States, and I do not need the hassle of jobs which require one's soul, for starters. In my fifties, all I qualified for were menial jobs in "Usrael", and so, too, as I am in my sixties. In this regard, age does work in my favor, for I 'qualify' for geezer assistance programs which kick in after age 55. What I really don't need, right now, is to begin moving around from job to job and from area to area. That would effectively torpedo my correspondence input. I sense that our peacetime existence is apt to be short, so I shall attempt to make the most of the time and zogbucks available, to get the word out. I'll let you know of any change in my status, such as falling below subsistence level. I have several applications submitted for similar menial work in town, and I have a network of locals who can vouch for my bona fides in all respects. It's who you know, after all. I am available, at a moment's notice, however, to accept the post as President of the Shadow Government of the United States, provided it pays reasonable wages, and I am prepared to board Greyhound #1, as soon as I receive bus fare. Ha!

The atomistic, alienated Jeffersonian populace you describe so well is indeed the outcome of Jefferson's fondest dreams, based on the anarchy of the madman Rousseau. Jefferson's "ideal" race for America was to be mestizo, and that, too, has come to pass. I could not consign him to a better hell than to reincarnate him as a White boy in the present, so he could suffer the consequences of his folly. Thomas Jefferson: the coach & four anarchist!

The fate of Saddam may remain a mystery, like that of Hitler, although Saddam is only "Hitler" in the eyes of ZOG propagandists. Who will receive the "Hitler" title next? Stay tuned! The Iraqi Air Force went to Iran, back during the first Gulf Massacre. In high-tech combat, the last thing one needs are obsolete weapons systems. But 'obsolete' strategies, such as guerrilla warfare, never seem to be unsuccessful, especially when combined with the element of surprise and a pool of competent and determined fighters. When an enemy is within brickthrowing range, bricks become lethal weapons. This is what can wear down ZOG's occupation mercs. I do not foresee 'Pipelinestan' succeeding, so long as the native people still inhabit Afghanistan. ZOG forces have been occupied guarding a much shorter oil pipeline in Colombia, for decades. In one of his columns, I think Eric Margolis described how the oil companies fund terrorism, by paying bribes to bandidos to keep their pipelines in operation and their oil refineries 'fireproof'. That sounds quite plausible, from what I know about bandidos and business practices. If ZOG were serious about fighting terrorism, it would seize all oil cartel assets, including the Arab oil states. But, not all terrorists are 'equal', right Ariel?

Maguire's findings support my theory that the U.S. intends to widen the Middle East war, by calling up all reserves. My guess would be that Iran is next, as Bushy advertised. China has apparently reined in North Korea, for the gooks will be the winners as the U.S. exhausts its resources and manpower in its kosher crusade against Islamic oil countries. Why distract Bushy & Co. from their kamikaze course into the sands of Arabia? Bush is following exactly the Chinese war plans publicized two years ago on the Internet, as quoted by my Canadian source: (1) Get the U.S. involved in farflung wars to stretch U.S. logistics; (2) Get U.S. forces spread thin, over vast areas; (3) Exhaust and demoralize USZOG-mercs by guerrilla warfare; (4) When the time is ripe, wave a nuclear-tipped missile under Uncle Sam's big nose, and make the U.S. an offer it can't refuse, like Taiwan and open U.S. borders to Chinese immigration. If this warplan is correct, then Bushy is behaving like a Chinese agent. It does look as if the hebes have signed over North America to China, after the U.S. patsies secure Arab territory for Israel. That looks like the Big Picture to me. "They Live." We sleep.

I appreciate your rage at the alien environment. I experienced a similar episode in San Francisco, as the build up of pressure from the judeo-American ratrace. All it took was one incident to inform me of the rage that was mounting, unbeknownst to me, until that time. I knew then that I had to leave the U.S.A., before I harmed myself or others. How good it was to escape! But I escaped into self-realization, and became the person I really was, rather than existing as an alienated consumerist debt-slave. I recall a teaching assistant who told me as an undergrad at Berkeley that I would likely get whatever I wanted. He was right. I wonder how he could tell. Our history professor was the jew, Rappaport, who warned us that "anyone who wrote that FDR had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor would flunk (his) course." I stayed away from World War II and got an "A" by researching the Progressive Party. Ha!

Khazar Russia may well be sending advisors to Iraq, along with China, but that would be nothing new. The only thing I heard on jews radio was that Russian weapons and night-vision goggles had been sent to Iraq, possibly via Syria. Putin denied all knowledge of such shipments, as to be expected. Why let the truth ruin business? The Israeli kikes were shipping U.S.-made military aircraft parts, which they received free of charge from the U.S. tax-payers, to Iran, during the Iran-Iraq war, in which the U.S. supported Iraq. With friends like jews, one never needs an enemy. As for Putin being a jew, I recall him revealing his family background a few years ago to the press. Putin is the twin of the poison dwarf NKVD kike, Yezhov, and the NKVD-KGB has always been kosher throughout. Peter Worthington was a 'guest' at Lubyanka Prison, the KGB H.Q. in Moscow, and he reported that everyone spoke Yiddish amongst themselves, even the Moscow traffic cops who escorted him inside. In Russia, jew = Khazar = jew. It is a nationality, not a religion. Atheists are deemed 'jews' in Israel, if they are Khazar. The founders of Zionist Occupied Palestine are Khazars (Ashkenazim), and darker jews are deemed second class Israelis, according to Dr. Israel Shahak and jews whom I've met outside Israel. They came, they saw and they fled Khazar rule, to live among the nice Goyim.

You and I both see the mindless, Pavlovian knee-jerk response of the 'citizens' to ZOG propaganda. That part of "1984" was not fiction! How well it described the reactions of the dumb proles. We must take care that we do not become targets of their "two-minutes' hate". Sheeple are truly subhuman.

Poland had the misfortune to be ruled by traitors, such as Beck, a half-jew, and Ridz-Smigly (sp?), the warmonger against Germany. These unworthies fled soon after the German invasion began, and British and French support failed to materialize. The Poles were patsies because of their fear of Russia and their hatred of Germany. They paid the price for their folly, but I doubt they learned anything. The newsreels I've seen clearly showed Polish forces IN FRONT of their defences. That would indicate that the Germans caught them on the hop, as they were advancing toward "Berlinski", as shown on a Polish map of the period. Prussians and Poles had much in common, except for their languages and religions. Polish hatred of jews seemed unable to protect them from jewish machinations. (This was the basis for all of the 'dumb' Pole jokes told by the jews.) How ironic. A Polish woman told me how they could spot jews: "They have always an expression on their faces as if they were smelling rotten cheese." Very apt. Remember Charlie Chaplin's 'smile'? I recall that his real name was Israel Thornstein. Small world, eh?

I see no appropriate avenues for action, as yet. White passivity, apathy and sheeplehood seem to preclude them from acting in their own interests. Most likely, the final act for the ZOG will be initiated by non-Whites. Will FEDZOGUSA call for Chinese troops to put down Black and/or mestizo rebellion? Why not? That would be a good pretext for handover to China, which I can foresee anyway. I think it is an error to assume that "all things would remain equal", when political instability occurs in North America, since the continent is already up for grabs. Those who know, can use their knowledge to enhance their survival potentials. Those who don't want to know may find themselves fleeing into the night from the glinting blades of the machetes, without a clue, except for pure, animal fear, as you say. Rhodesian Whites behaved much the same way, except for the crazy farmers who were too stupid to live.

In the "Time Machine", the jew-like Morlocks had the sense not to kill off their Eloi, all at once, but the real kikes have no such sense in their crazy hatred of Whites and all they represent. Like deer caught in the headlights of the oncoming truck, the Whites gape in front of the jew-tube, paralyzed and thoughtless.

Downbreeding is simple, for Elmer Pendell describes the mechanism quite well in "Sex vs. Civilization". What we have is a subsidized accumulation of "problem-makers". Since "problem-solvers" are not subsidized to breed, their numbers diminish, along with the intelligence of society. Penalizing the fit to feed the unfit is the hallmark of Marxism-Christianity, and the outcome is the end of civilization.

In regard to ZOG calibers: I have read and heard mainly complaints about the stopping power of the .223 and the 9 mm. in regard to determined attackers. Shades of the Moro War! I guess FEDZOG mercs must relearn the lesson of that struggle, and think ".45!" As I read, the Denver police use .357 magnum revolvers with dum dum bullets. The ultimate foot-pound experience! My army contacts in Rhodesia said the .223 was too easily deflected by wind and elephant grass, so the 7.62 mm. NATO cartridge was preferred.

BTW. The EIR (Executive Intelligence Review) downloads are indeed kosher from the LaRouchies, who have amazingly good information sources on Israel possibly due to the LaRouchies being mostly jews. I understand that Lyndon's family name was Marcus. Many thanks!