26 April 2003 – Eric Thomson
Yes, we are in a fix, and there is no moral nor psychological support from those around us. On the contrary! Unlike the Jew or Chinaman, the Aryan finds strength in solitude, like the gladiator in a crowd of cripples.

Our ace in the hole is our experience, the strength and knowledge which we have gathered from the past to guide and sustain us in the present, and advise us for the future. As the Spaniards say, "The Devil knows more because he is old, than because he is the Devil!" Robert the Wise says: "Every 50 year old was 16 once, but no 16 year old has been 50." There are some exceptions, however, for I was accused of being "born 50 years old" by my family. Ha! My motto was, "Nuts to the future. Let's get on with the past!"

We find ourselves rather like the case of a teacher who is surrounded by rowdy, heedless students who are indulging themselves in all sorts of folly. Those who survive may discover that they could profit from some advice based on knowledge. The kikes indoctrinate the young to believe that the old have nothing to teach them. The generational discontinuity in North America is as effective in isolating people as high walls would be. I used to think, as a youth, that the ancient Greek classics, for example, had nothing to teach me, since technology was more important. Not so! The human character of bravery, cowardice, virtue, vice, wisdom, stupidity, loyalty, betrayal, love, hate, &c. were dealt with instructively and artistically, upon the background of fate. None of that has changed, and the lessons for youth are just as relevant today as in 500 B.C. As my studies progressed, I discovered that I was much more interested in what a man did with a hammer, rather than how the hammer was made. Thus I changed my academic major from science to the so-called humanities and followed my natural interests and abilities into International Relations. Some said that the field was 'impractical', for I should have studied technical subjects which paid well on the outside.

My experience has been that technology becomes rapidly obsolete, so I prefer to invest my limited time in subjects which do not. That is why I chose German in preference to coding machines! I was also aware of the bigger picture, the social, political and historical context of my endeavors to earn a living. I did not want to invest my time and labor in something that was likely to be stolen, lost or destroyed, especially since I had no abundant resources of money. Let's put it this way: I would not choose to work overtime for Confederate dollars the day before Appomatox! I did not buy property in Rhodesia, only to run away from it, if I were lucky, on The Night of the Long Knives. Nor would I invest a fortune, if I had one, here in this part of Northern Mexico!

I am also aware that we take nothing with us of material wealth when we die. What I have serves me, in what I do. Otherwise, I do not acquire things. Life is a journey, so I like to be prepared to travel, when I want to or when it becomes necessary. If I were a farmer, I would own land, for that would be my means of living. If I am a nomadic part-time worker, which I am, I would not attempt to buy property which I could not afford, and which I would have to sell as soon as a local job dried up and another job appeared on the far horizon. My parents were the victims of such dysfunctional thinking, and they always lost money on their houses, since their jobs dictated when they had to sell, not when the real estate market was favorable!That is hardly what I would call a wise investment.

The Germans have an interesting concept: "Lebenskunstler" (life-artist). This means that some people make of their own lives a work of art, by chosen experience and behavior. Not only are they creative, but their art is something which they can best appreciate, at the very moment of its creation! I think that is a very wise and useful idea, for it reveals that we do have the power to direct our own lives, within the context of our environment, whether our lives are long or short.

Those Romans were much smarter than we give them credit for, as you say. Because they were smarter, it took them longer to make the same mistakes we are making on the double!

Once again, I should try to make myself clear: civilizations result from surpluses and full bellies. They do not come into existence from ideologies, just as people learn to speak their native tongues without studying the grammatical structure of their languages first. As bellies become full and people have time to enunciate ideas and to listen, ideas of right and wrong may be expounded and imparted, and shared to varying degrees as beliefs. The two main human activities are eating and fucking. These activities require no language and no ideology, although they may be placed into a social, moral, economic or religious context, to a greater or lesser extent. People do not eat or fuck because they have some prior ideology which tells them to do this. Those people who are most apt to engage in these activities do not care if there will be food tomorrow and an extra mouth to feed nine months later. They are The Problem-Makers. Other Problem-Makers view these breeding bipeds as their source of power to rule over others, and to fleece the productive Problem-Solvers, as enunciated in ideologies like Marxism and Christianity. Malthus noted from observation that those least able to afford to raise children were most likely to have them, and humanity has not changed since its inception. The only method of preserving White civilizations is to reduce the Problem-Makers and increase the Problem-Solvers. If an ideology is required to explain this, then more power to it, but eugenics must be achieved for the survival of any society on earth, even at its most primitive. In primitive societies, Nature does the job pretty well, and man helps by fighting other men for food and women, as animals do in the wild. Barbaric warfare of man versus man is eugenic, unlike civilized warfare, which culls the best and leaves the scrubs to breed.

Religions are the outcomes of civilization. They are not the causes. The Egyptian example is illustrative: First came Egyptian civilization; then the pyramids. Egyptian civilization did not fall because they ceased building pyramids. The cessation of pyramid-building resulted from the decline of Egyptian civilization. The same distinction between correlation and causation applies to other religions and/or ideologies.

The simple reason that so many fertile people who should be having children do not, is that they can now enjoy sex without procreating, and since that's what they wanted to do anyway, they have fulfilled their wish. Most people are the result of accidents or fecklessness, in Western Civilization. Without positive and negative incentives which would encourage the fit to breed and the unfit to stop, the decline of civilization will accelerate. National Socialism has a lot to teach people, on this topic, alone. At present, no ideology without the lethal force to back it up offers hope of changing human behavior for the better. As long as the parasitic can live off the productive, this will continue, until the collapse of civilization. How can it be otherwise?

The function of a nation is to produce more of its nationals. The Judeo-American conquest of Japan left the Japanese without imperial territories into which they could expand. Since the Japanese islands are already over-populated, this put the Japanese into a fine mess. To avoid atomic destruction, they began using birth control quite effectively, and now find themselves like empireless Europe, with a large percentage of people who are aging and childless. Under ZOG, the places left vacant by the departed will likely be filled by aliens. The Haitians, on the other hand, breed regardless of space or food availability, like the Puerto Ricans who rely upon the U.S.A. as their population escape valve, along with Mexico. We are fools to let such people in, for they are definitely Problem-Makers! Give them a continent and they will fill it and recreate the poverty and squalor they left in their countries of origin. When a nation like Japan or Singapore has limited territory, it can choose to die off, as the Japanese, or it can choose to improve its population via eugenics, as has been implemented in tiny Singapore, to the outrage of Judeo-Americans. The Singapore model should be applied worldwide, for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

I am not sure what you mean by I.Q. overlapping. According to Eysenck and Jensen, the median Black I.Q. is around 15-20 points lower than that of the median White.

Rockwell sold boat tickets to niggers. The fellow with that web site sells Mars tickets to Whites. Such a deal! I favor the Flat Earth Theory, myself, for it would be easier to solve the White Man's problems by bulldozing all the muds off the edge of the Earth, rather than send ourselves to Mars. Who will contribute toward the construction of the bulldozer I shall call The Great 'White Hope'? Remember the final solution of "Soylent Green"? "If you don't disperse, we'll call the scoops. Ya hear? The scoops are coming!"

Other authors whose points of reference and definitions keep changing. Mine do not, so I have to restate my arguments, as I have been doing since our correspondence or 'uncorrespondence' began. After making much of man's "African genesis", "X" now admits to racial distinctions. Now, he waffles about I.Q. No wonder he was dubbed him "Jello-Head", which sounds like one of those grotesque characters out of Dick Tracy. "X" seems to have a reservoir of dogged energy, and I hope I can at least help him to become racially relevant. In his previous letter, he told me that Pendell was wrong. I don't see how! It will be interesting to learn how he is treated by those on the Internet. I think he is in for a shock. I wonder how long he will avoid the "racist" label. Not for long, I'll wager, as I wrote him years ago. Elitism is right next to racism, and if the elitist is a White man, then he 'must' be a racist. Mud-logic at work. He repeats that "racism has failed." Was it ever practiced for any length of time, anywhere? Not to my knowledge, unless we consider India and its Code of Manu, which ostensibly declaims against race-mixing, much like the commandment against adultery in the Jew-book. Other than that, the muds have it, for as Earnest Sevier Cox wrote in "White America", only true physical separation can prevent race-mixing. No class nor religious system can do the job. I think I got him to admit that Chinese civilization has never collapsed, so our only concern is for White Civilization, which has repeatedly collapsed. Since Blacks don't have much that resembles civilization, beyond that of the baboons, they never had far to fall in the first place. As the hebes say, "Enjoy!"