27 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
Thank you for asking W. to send me a copy of IMPACT. I don't know how she keeps her correspondence filed, but, obviously, my letters get 'lost' now and then, especially the one in which I gave her chapter and verse on the Strakosch background in The London Observer of 11-11-1977, if I recall the exact date correctly. The blightwing has very strange tunnel-vision. Nobody seems to have picked up on the newspaper report that Putin is a jew, for example. I'm sorry I did not grab a copy of the newspaper at the time, but one would think an item that important would filter through the blightwing. My guess is they DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Why believe me, anyway? They should look it up for themselves, to confirm that I am not making it up. Believe me, I would like to believe that Putin is not a Khazar, but I am a White man. We White people believe truth, whether we like it or not.

I am reminded of a statement that the British sent their religious nuts to America and their criminals to Australia, the ones who got caught, that is! The more I see of American Christ-insanity and jew-loving, lemming behavior, the more I tend to believe that statement. H.L. Mencken said that one could throw a rotten egg out of any train window in the U.S.A., and chances are, it would hit a fundamentalist. What a bunch of Bible-banging rubes and rascals!

Thanks for that newsletter photo of the huge Soviet motorpool of brand-new U.S. trucks, which were likely shipped into the USSR by the Allied-operated Persian Railway. A crazy Khazar named Kirienko claimed that the USSR supplied the U.S.A. and its western allies with such war materiel, rather than vice versa. Sure, all those Ford trucks were really "Fordski" trucks, and all the U.S. workers did was to remove the last 3 letters from their logos!

The Ostensible Whites of the U.S.A. do appear to be (1) apathetic or (2) demented. That's why they do not address America's real problems, such as its growing takeover by China. The Christian doomsday drunkenness still has "end-times" critters hungover. Now, the world is supposed to be wiped out by Planet X, the tenth planet in our solar system, which is supposed to wallop Earth around May/June 2003, so let's all pray and do nothing to halt the mud-invaders and jew traitors. I am confident that the world is not coming to an end, for the Devil demands that we continue to pay our debts to the jew-banksters. He cannot make the Goyim miserable if the world comes to an end. Ha!

The situation of America's masses of asses looks hopeless, but not serious. "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." Those who choose to live like cattle will assuredly die like cattle, too dumb to know the reason why. As I tell the arrogant ignoramuses: on the road to the salvation of the White Race, there can be no detour around our crucifixion of the German people!

One simple fact which "Zudniks" should be aware of is that Ernst was rewarded and is now punished for my words and my views, which he never believed in the first place. What I wrote, he signed, without principle nor conviction, which was amply demonstrated once he got his hands on the donors' shekels. How efficiently "Ingrid" jew-jitsued him out of his ill-gotten gains! I'm sure there must be evil laughter echoing in the synagogues from that little caper. How easily Ernst was gulled by her, blinded by his own greed and lust. One distinction which I can make in my own case is that I choose my friends because of their politics. I do not choose my politics because of my friends, and that includes female friends. I have my priorities firmly in place, even when I must change my places of residence.

The jewsmedia quote critics of U.S. policy in Iraq, all of whom talk about "oil", but no one mentions "Israel". Why would we attack Iraq for oil, anyway? Iraq was perfectly willing to sell us all the oil we wanted, at reasonable prices. Instead, we embargoed Iraqi oil, then bombed the daylights out of Iraq. Obviously, the U.S.A. is there for Israel, just as it will attack Syria next. All the phony pretexts are already in place, such as Syrian "weapons of mass-destruction", "harboring terrorists", &c. If Syria admits they have such things, the U.S. will attack, and if it denies having them, the U.S. will attack. Such a deal!

The joys of leisure! For one of the first times I can recall, I am able to devote my brain to some thinking, in a fully wakened state, with no place I must rush off to. This is the good life!

I forgot to mention during our conversation that the unemployment offices are so busy, the phone lines are tied up. They are now rationing calls based on the last digit of one's Social Security number.

The jewspaper reports that people are now being fired and/or censored for expressing their opinions about the war, here in "Usrael". I can see that I was by no means the only victim of my belief in the First Amendment. We do not live in a democracy, but we sure do live in a hypocrisy! Open your mouth and goodbye job! This is a free country, so shut up! At least that's what I've been told by 'patriots'. We must protect freedom, by not using it. The absurdity strikes me as humorous, but the sheeple see neither humor nor absurdity in such Orwellian prattle.

With a good night's sleep and some free time, I. return to my puzzle, which I call T.E. Lawrence's Riddle or The Gordian Knot. Lawrence solved his riddle, and Alexander, I believe, solved The Gordian Knot by slashing it asunder with his sword. Dr. Goebbels said that "we must leap over our own shadow", by way of solving problems which, at first, appear insurmountable. Or as the honkeys say, "Brain, do yo' stuff!"

Your grandfather's wisdom in regard to past, present and future puts life into proper perspective. Some of my correspondents dwell firmly in the past, burdened by the trauma of egregious wrongs. I see them wasting the present in reciting these atrocities in theme and variation, while the victims thereof are gone, for the most part, and the ones who live now have nothing in common with the complainers, neither historically nor racially. It's as if I were to recite the injustices and follies of the U.S. Civil War to a crowd of Mexicans et al. As I sat in a waiting room, I saw a good historical program on the Civil War, and I noted that the only person who resembled any of the participants' photos was myself. What could
these polywog Afro-asiatica care about a war between White men? A genocidal war which destroyed our nation. I'm reminded of the old joke in which The Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Apaches in the final episode. The Lone Ranger says, "Tonto, it looks like we've run out of silver bullets, and the savages are going to finish us off. Well, we did our best, old buddy." Tonto replies, "What you mean, 'we', White man?" As a gringo, try saying "fellow Americans" to a bunch of muds and they will look at you in bemusement and indignation: "We're Americans. You're just a damned gringo-honkey!" Time to wake up and face reality, Whitey! Go back to Europe!

I was mildly shocked to hear on jewsradio that Bushy, our mestizo presidente, is attending the citizenship ceremonies for two wounded U.S. Marines. This means that anyone can join the ZOG's imperial mercenary forces. It sounds more like The French Foreign Legion, than the U.S. Marine Corps. Imagine a bunch of Iraqis joining the U.S. military, in order to receive training, arms and equipment. Then, when the time is right, they go on a fragging expedition, like that Arab sergeant of the 101st Airborne. Such a deal! Maybe ZOG thinks that race and citizenship are nothing to be taken seriously, but I beg to differ.

We must remember the relevant parts of the past, and be aware of the present in our quest for ORION! What do we have to work with? The younger Whites are sorely in need of identity, and of survival instincts, as expressed in Aryan standards of behavior. Can we pander to the lowest common denominator? Yes, but we then lower ourselves to that level, which is wiggerism, and cannot produce a viable White society nor community. Yet, if we talk too far 'above' them, our message goes unheeded. I see the problem as similar to leading the horse to water. If he isn't thirsty, he won't drink. Whitey won't think until he sees the need for it. Assuredly, his enemies will inflict pain and deprivation upon Whitey until he sees the need to think. Perhaps then, we will have a receptive audience, and out of those few thinkers will come the necessary doers. I want nothing for myself, but I want everything for Our Race!

Robert sent me the Maguire download on reserve call ups. It does look as if FEDZOGUSA wants a much wider war. According to Bushy, Syria is next in his sights. It is also the next country on Israel's hitlist. Once we can 'see', U.S. policy becomes quite simple: whatever Israel wants it gets. "They Live!" Unlike the number-crunching militarists, I believe in quality over quantity, provided that quality is used intelligently and not merely wasted against superior weapons. As Maguire notes, the U.S.A. is copying its World War II mobilization plans, but it no longer has the quality of people it had in the 1940s, neither genetically, nor motivationally. As Robert also observes, the gung-ho loudmouths who want war are not going to be the ones who fight it. I can see similarities between the bankster depression of the thirties which 'freed' up lots of manpower for the military, as the present one is doing, but how well will such manpower fight? What will the majority mud masses of the Jew Ass Oy Veh think of a jews' war and a White man's fight, when the war deprives them of their 'rightful' handouts from USZOG? The Blacks are already getting restless, as their numbers and their demands overburden the taxpayers beyond their ability to fund infinite Black boondoggles.

I see no likelihood of the U.S.A. going to war against China, no matter how many Abrams tanks it can summon, and no matter how many upgraded M-60s. What about the millions of Chinese already in North America? Or, are they 'good' Chinese, and those who have so far failed to immigrate are 'bad' Chinese? As I see it, the U.S.A. is mired in the sands of Arabia, on behalf of Israel, and is picking fights with Moslems in Indonesia and the Philippines, while meddling in Colombia. I think FEDZOGUSA would have too much to handle, even if it could call up all the reserves it wanted. Remember, 1940 U.S.A. did not have the huge non-White population of today, nor did it have the huge welfare population and prison population of today. Nor was 1940 U.S.A. so heavily colonized by China, Mexico, Arabia et al. Bushy's adventure is similar to a hundred year old man trying to live up to his physical feats when he was in his twenties, albeit with a motorized wheelchair and cattleprod cane. Technology will not make up for human inferiority. As one writer stated: "Power without wisdom achieves nothing worthwhile for anyone."

I believe that Yockey said one correct thing: "The man of politics is superior to the man of money and the man of the military." That's because the man of politics comprehends military and monetary might, in addition to his knowledge of people and what is possible. Hitler judged his better-armed adversaries correctly, and was able to wrest the Ruhr back into German control merely by means of a parade! That's the difference.

As you say, the motives of the ZOG-mercs are less than honorable, and to work for the ZOG is to work actively against the White Race on behalf of the Zionists. I would go further by designating such types as traitors, if they are Ostensible Whites. If they were men and real patriots, they would not have left the U.S.A. in the first place. "Orders" will not let them off the hook. Remember Nuremberg?