28 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
20 APRIL 03. Happy Birthday! Wouldn't it be efficient if all Nazis were to have their birthday celebrations on April 20th? That way, all the separate celebrations could become one big celebration, a firestorm festival, so to speak. With that done, good Nazis could devote their efforts the rest of the year toward the building of National Socialism. There are precedents for such a tradition. As I understand, the king or queen of England has an official birthday, instead of the actual one, so that the country can celebrate on the same day, every year. The U.S. has done similar changes with presidential birthdates and places holidays for the convenience of the celebrants, rather than on their historical occurrence. To paraphrase the jew-book, the holidays were made for man. Man was not made for the holidays.

"THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE!" The pre-internet people would learn the truth about ZOG lies, only after ingesting the lies of the jewsmedia contemporary with the alleged events. The Pearl Harbor Hoax was such an example, in which the truth finally crept out after 50-60 years. Now that we know what really happened, let's impeach FDR!

With the Internet, the truth can reach us instantly, while it is still relevant to ongoing events. This is like a worker who gets his hands on the right tool for the right job, at the right time. The jewsmedia monopoly is broken! No longer are we provided only a tweezers when we need a pipewrench! So far, what have been the results of this unheard of breakthrough? Nada! as they say here in Northern Mexico.

The Internet has made truth available to millions, on time, not years after the fact, so we can now test the truth of the old adage, "the truth shall make you free." My jaded opinion is that truth and lies are equally accepted as entertainment, and that the recipients are not citizens so much as consumers, who will sit, belch and do nothing.

Most people really don't care about truth, freedom and justice in their daily lives, for their top priorities are creature comforts. As long as they obtain their petty, immediate wants, they could care less who rules them and why. Why am I always reminded of steers being fattened for the slaughterhouse? The jews rightly call us "Goyim": cattle in human form.

Of course, there are 'radicals' and 'revolutionaries' out in Net-Nerdland, who want their revolution tailor-made to suit them, without any nasty 'extras', like a dearth of creature comforts and entertainments. Above all, they want their revolution to be safe, guaranteed and tax-deductible! Such a deal, there never was. I wonder what Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine would say to that. As I understand, 18th century English was replete with pungent expletives. We should remember that 18th century gentlemen wore not only powdered wigs and frilly shirts; they also wore swords. There was a tradition that a man was not only as good as his word, but he would live or die by his words, as people expected him to do. The worst thing one man could do to another was to demean his character before his peers and his community, for character and reputation were worth more than life, and a man would kill or be killed in defence of his reputation. How different people were in those days, in terms of morals and values. Of course, there were liars and rascals, but they did not place their stamp, as yet, upon the entire society. Present-day Judeo-American discourse resembles a meeting of The Liars' Club, rather than a serious forum. Insults are freely given and accepted, for character is considered worthless: of no monetary value. Honesty is derided, for all men are considered corrupt, to one degree or another, and often, we are not disappointed when we discover them to be. People may laugh now, but the values of good character are essential to the survival of our community and ourselves as individuals. How's that for laughs? If we cannot cultivate good character in ourselves and in our children, how can we expect our society to do this for us? Good character is defined as behavior which contributes to the well-being of our community. No one has a 'god-given' right to destroy his community for immediate personal gain, for example. Our motto is simple: All for one and one for all!

It took some time, but I finally read the Lane-o-gram in which he announces his ascension to the throne of The Prophet of Wotan-Isis-Mormonism. Thus we see not only a cult of personality, but a cult of conglomeration in one package. Such a priesthood would have many points on which to argue.

My idea of a religion is the old adage: Keep it simple, stupid! (KISS). I guess we could refer to it as a 'religion of love', for it begins with KISS. I would like to avoid as much complication, contradiction and internecine controversy as possible in a religion, and I would also like to see the religion applicable in our daily lives, without our being required to consult sacred texts and priests at every juncture. That would require just 3 basic precepts: (1) Who is White and who is not? (2) Is this good for the White Race? (3) All for one and one for all! As long as our chosen god, gods and goddesses support these precepts, they are welcome to come on board the vessel of our White community. Those deities in conflict with the 3 precepts would have to walk the plank, for the survival of the community comes first! That is how I would see a reasonable, practical White Man's religion. We could call it a survival religion for the salvation of our people on earth.

In the true state of nature, as discovered by anthropologists who have searched the whole planet for The Noble Savage, man lives in communities, and not as individually isolated anarchists. The Jew World Ordure has succeeded in approaching its goal of atomizing our societies into groups of isolated individuals, so as to achieve the ultimate in divide and rule regimes. The jew, Riesman, called it "The Lonely Crowd", and the mechanism for the destruction of our communities was described in "The Organization Man". In the latter book, it was illustrated how communities were being destroyed by shifting people's loyalties from their towns to their employers, then moving them around the country as a matter of company policy.

We have seen these community-destroying processes accelerate with 'globalization', which is the functional internalization and externalization of old-fashioned divide & rule imperialism, exactly as the rulers of Britain and the founders of the U.S.A. intended! The ghosts of Jefferson, de Sade, Locke, Adam Smith and Lord Palmerston must be applauding as they see current events unfold. But anarchy is only for Goyim. Organization is for our jew-Zionist masters! The above-named characters have shown themselves to be 'useful idiots', as proven by this outcome.

How often must it be said that the individual cannot survive without his community? I see the truth of this symbiotic relationship every day, especially when a mud tells me, "No job for you Whitey." The next step in this process of dispossession will be, "No place for you, Whitey. Clear out so the Valdez family can occupy your room." I am not exaggerating, for I have seen this happening-here, not just in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. I know U.S. citizens who are receiving fewer medical benefits than illegal aliens. If I were a college student, I would have to pay out of state tuition to attend a college out of my state, but not if I am an illegal alien (un-P.C. for "undocumented immigrant"). Here in Judeo-America, the citizen has duties and obligations, while the alien has rights and representation without taxation. Is this good for Whites? No. It isn't good for any U.S. citizen, either. But don't worry! All the illegal aliens will become legal in the next amnesty. Such a deal!

The American Airlines scandal, in which the workers took the pay cuts and lay-offs, while the fatcat CEOs grabbed additional bonuses and benefits, is what Judeo-America has always stood for. H.L. Mencken described it thusly: "Every American lives for the day he can steal something!" In National Socialist Germany, such a conspiracy of thieves would not be tolerated, because the Germans did not, themselves, aspire to become successful thieves. "Miami Vice" really depicted The American Dream: to live like a druglord! Honest work was for suckers, like the scuzzy cop 'heroes'. The druglord was macho, smart and enjoyed a magnificently materialist lifestyle, with all the status symbols admired by Americans: guns, girls, muscle cars, yachts, palaces and private armies. What young man would not prefer such a life to that of flipping burgers at minimum-wage? Would such a society be good for a White community? Of course not. That's exactly why Judeo-Americans promote such values. When I arrived in Yakima, people would tell me that their ambition was to sell their delapidated houses to rich druglords and skip town with their loot. Regular pillars of the community these common townsfolk were not, and most of them were not White, either, except for their Anglo names. Our Race certainly needs a survival-directed religion on behalf of our communities and Our White Nation.

I was finally able to devote some reading time to your great WHITE REVOLUTION book. I was impressed by your research in so many fields. It is interesting that the American colonies of English origin had banned slavery, until jew influence legalized it. That accounts for the hispanic names for the jews involved in the slave trade. Lopez comes to mind. I was amused and informed by your Redskin articles, which I photocopied and passed on to those most able to appreciate them. "Red niggers" is certainly appropriate to describe them. Your research on the Hyksos invaders of Egypt would indicate that the hebes made up their 'enslavement' stories, just as they are likely to invent to describe their stay in America. Ha! I wonder if some final abuse on their part will be "the straw that broke the camel's back" for the peoples of America, as it was in Egypt. I doubt it, for the people I see for the most part have been thoroughly jew-dazed and corrupted. It would be similar to a bunch of dope addicts rebelling against their pushers. Most unlikely! I am impressed by the number of ostensible gentiles who see everything from a jew viewpoint, and who identify their interests as those of Israel! One fellow told me his grandmother was a jewess and a "Holocaust Survivor". I said that I am neither a German nor a jew, so I have a right to question both accounts of the story. For most sheeple, if FEDZOGUSA supports the Holohoax Fable, then it "must be true". Baa, baa!

You probably have felt that you were guided by fate to go to a certain place at a certain time. Today, I had just that feeling. I was returning from a job interview and stopped in at my favorite secondhand bookstore, since I was passing by, anyway. I came in and looked at a stack of books on the counter. Right on top was The Introduction to Freemasonry I, Entered Apprentice by Carl H. Claudy, including an application form. You were the one I thought best able to make use of this item, which confirms many points you have mentioned and comes straight from the devil's mouth, so to speak. Just let me know if you want it, for I do not wish to load you down with excess publications. These books are supposed to be handed back to the Lodge of Satan, and are never supposed to enter the public (profane) domain. To the simple, honest Goy, the contents are not overtly menacing, but to those familiar with 'occult' doctrines, the outlines are certainly there, even on this low level. As you know, the symbol of square and compass are representative of a partially-drawn hexagram or Star of David. By simply drawing two horizontal lines, the hexagram becomes complete. The symbolic "Maple Leaf" emblem for Canada is a truncated Star of David with the bottom point missing. Canada is rife with Freemasons and Jesuits. During my work in Toronto, I visited the Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall, which is a Victorian edifice, with a skylight in the center bearing the red initials V R, for Victoria Regina, enclosed in a red or blue (I forget) Star of David!

One amusing and impressive incident in regard to Freemasonry occurred when I was working with The Zud in Toronto. He had ordered 250,000 sheets of metric size paper (DINA 4 or A-4). Somehow the order was garbled or just sabotaged, for the dimensions were wrong. Telephone calls to the paper supplier failed to remedy the error, so I perused a file of Freemasonic correspondence which The Zud had acquired from an estate sale. The tone and character of the letters dripped with slimey insincerity and obsequiousness; "Most Esteemed Sir; &c. "Your humble & obedient servant", &c. It reminded me of an undertaker's handshake. What I also saw was the use of dots in the signatures which were placed in the general form of a triangle: one dot above the name, and two below, as . * . The device was most obvious when the name had no i to dot! Well, I figured the head honchos of the paper firm were Freemasons, since they had Anglo and Scottish names, and I wrote them a slime-o-gram in which I most humbly & respectfully drew their esteemed attention to this matter. Two days later, an air horn blared in the Samisdat alley. The firm's truck was there to receive the paper shipment. We loaded it in. In another day, the truck returned with the entire shipment, which had been cut to the correct dimensions and rewrapped in packets of 500 sheets. Free of charge! I don't recall if I wrote them a slimey thank you note or not.

In the essay entitled, "The West, War & Islam", I attempted to warn the Arabs about the role of Freemasons, banksters and jews. The Zud signed the essay-open letter, which was sent to a list of influential Arabs in The Middle East. This essay was Part One of The Zud's first Toronto thoughtcrime trial. The Freemasonic representatives who testified for the Crown were policemen, and I was reliably informed that no cop could rise above the rank of sergeant in any force in Ontario Province unless he becomes a Freemason. I happen to know one cop who refused to join the Freemasons, and he remains the oldest and best sergeant on the Hamilton-Wentworth police force.

As the trial began, I requested the participation of a Brit named Knight, who had done a good exposure of Freemasons, entitled "The Brotherhood". This book was very hard to get in Freemason-dominated North America. It involved the corruption scandal in The City of London, in which a lodge made up of crooks and cops were working cozy & very corrupt deals. The story rang a bell, for I had had dealings with a former City of London detective in Rhodesia who had "retired" early because of the scandal. From his viewpoint, the collusion between cops and crooks was beneficial, for the cops knew what the crooks were doing most of the time. A good detective, as well as a good spy, is known by the quality of his informants. The former cop told me of a typical case: his informant told him of a planned jewelry store burglary. The informant would be the lookout on the roof. "What do you want from the caper?" his cop handler would ask. "Just a diamond necklace." On the night of the break-in, the cops appeared and caught the thieves with their loot, except for one fellow who got away with a necklace. When the crook-informer felt that his colleagues were getting suspicious of him, he would meet his cop in the usual pub and tell him that he needed a jail term of, say, six months. He and the cop would arrange for him to be arrested as he was smashing a shop window, ostensibly for a smash & grab caper. Jail terms seemed sufficient to dispel fellow criminals' suspicions. I guess crooks aren't very bright.

Anyway, Mr. Knight turned down our offer to pay his travel expenses and pay him as expert witness on Freemasonry. A few months later, I learned that he had died suddenly at age 33. He must have caught cancer off a doorknob, like Jack Ruby! His successor, whose name I cannot recall, used more of Knight's research to publish a second book entitled, "Inside the Brotherhood'! Knight deals also with the Banco Ambrosiano (Vatican bank) scandal and the mysterious P-2 Lodge in Italy and its leader, Licio Gelli, who vanished from maximum security custody in Switzerland! The fall-guy for the Banco scandal was Gelli's buddy. Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged from Black Friars' Bridge in The City of London, as the focus of attention began to concentrate on him. The report I read stated that Calvi was already dead before he was symbolically hanged, like Rudolf Hess, Defence Sec. Forrestal, Sharon Tate et al.

If you ever get a chance to obtain the book entitled "The Empire of the City", you will find the kosher crime connection from The City of London into China, with jews all along the way. The City of London is home to The Bank of England, the Great Synagogue and The Mother Lodge of world Freemasonry. I believe that Mordecai Levy alias Karl Marx is also buried there. Such a deal!

Rhodesia was teeming with Freemasons, as I learned from personal experience, and they were always subordinate to the kikes. As I was being deported from Rhodesia, a jew and a Freemason attempted to persuade my immigration officer to send me directly to Jew York City. My escort ignored the Freemasonic ring the one was waving under his nose and said curtly, "Mr. Thomson can go wherever he wants to, as long as he is willing to pay his fare." I thanked the fellow when we were out of earshot, and said that I would like to return the favor one day. He was a Scotsman and he said, "There is no need to thank me. I was in The Palestinian Police." I knew then that he had had his fill of hebes and Freemasons, and then some! It's nice to know who your friends and enemies are. That's how I returned to "Usrael" via Toronto.

A minor matter of possible interest concerns the Freemasons' jew master: King Solomon. A Black Christian claims that he is described in The Old Testament as having "hair growing in clumps" or negroid hair, so the Queen of Sheba was bedding down with a "bro". The fellow also claims that The Ark of the Covenant resides in a guarded enclosure in Ethiopia. I recently read that a Coptic manuscript allegedly quotes Jesus as declaring that "we are all sons of God." As you say, such a Jesus would have no need for temples, priests, churches or donations. Not good for business! Oy veh!

Did you ever hear of "The Magic of Obelisks" by Peter Tomkins, who is, apparently a Freemason-Templar-Satanist. The illustrations include a photo of Crowley's degree as 33° Freemason. That degree cannot be earned. It is 'honorary'. FDR was another 33°, as was Salvador Allende of Chile, and General Pinochet, who allegedly "killed" him. Latin American politics is at least as Freemasonic as Canada and the U.S.A. A Mexican attorney assured me that one can go nowhere in Mexican politics unless one is a Freemason. I believe that!

In "1984" I think Stalin was Orwell's Big Brother and Trotsky was his 'eternal enemy' alias Goldstein. Under ZOG, Hitler-Amalek is the 'eternal enemy'. As you say, "1984" is sadly prophetic.