29 April 2003 — Eric Thomson
Your heroic efforts on behalf of AZA have borne fruit at last, from New Zealand! My colleagues of Spectrum Press were able to distribute the enclosed flier at a peace rally, and I am informed that they were well-received by all recipients. You see what I meant about seizing an idea and running with it. AZA will be able to take off without any H.Q., dues and membership cards. Its 'leader' is simply the idea, as expressed in its name. We shall see how this 'organization' of function, rather than form develops. The major obstacle confronting AZA is the blightwing egomania and profit-motive. I think a valid idea can do the proverbial end-run around the blighters, for it is an idea whose time has come. Once they forget that I thought of it, they may think AZA is respectable. Their next problem is making money off it. That could get them into trouble, but I don't care what happens to 'paytriots' for profit, as you know. They have wasted the White man's time long enough.

My Internet colleague has an archive of hard-to-get books, some of which he perused to discover evidence of the discoverers and/or inventors of gunpowder. An old textbook states that "It is thought that the Chinese invented gunpowder." A newer textbook says: "The Chinese invented gunpowder." An old encyclopedia states that "gunpowder was brought into China by Arab traders." An old Freemasonic text claims that "the Druids discovered gunpowder in 300 B.C." The Druids were of Keltic stock, just as the Tokhari, who resemble modern day Irish. We cannot say for sure which people discovered gunpowder first, but the Chinese preserved it, unchanged, for centuries after they acquired it, or less likely, discovered it.

The White man invents and forgets. You may recall Greek Fire. This was an incendiary fluid which could be hurled or sprayed on enemy ships. On contact with air, the fluid would catch fire and burn the enemy vessels. Chemists still speculate what the ingredients were, and in what proportion. Ancient Greeks reputedly used it effectively against enemy fleets, but the secret of making Greek Fire was lost and forgotten, so it was a better-kept secret than gunpowder.

The present tends to resemble the past, for genes remain pretty constant, and inventive people today were likely inventive people in the past. Why a people would suddenly cease to be inventive is moot and most unlikely, for that would require a dysgenic selection to kill off people with inventive genius, much as the Khazars killed "the smooth-handed Goyim" of Russia. Did the Chinese and Blacks kill off their inventors? Did Whites suddenly become inventors after seeing Chinese rockets and firecrackers? I don't see why.

Writers have observed that many inventions have military applications, and military powers like to keep such things secret, whenever possible, as in the case of Greek Fire. In recent times military secrecy has been observed to backfire. The notorious mitrailleuse was a glaring example, for the French touted its prowess as a weapon of mass-destruction against infantry, and any other target which rumor fancied. In fact, it was just a primitive machinegun, similar to the four-barrel Gardiner machinegun, which was shown in action in the film "Khartoum". It required two men to operate: one to operate the lever to load and fire, while the second man operated the elevation and traverse wheels. The Gatling gun was superior to both, since one man could aim and fire it, and it was quite easy to reload. The mitrailleuse was like a cannon from the sideview, but the muzzle had over a dozen barrels bored through the otherwise solid 'cannon' barrel. These barrels were fed by a large preloaded magazine, which could be dropped into place, with a hammer mechanism mechanically operated to fire each barrel in sequence. It was no big deal, but the combination of secrecy and exaggerated rumor worked against the French. The Germans believed that the mitrailleuse was as terrible as rumor claimed and the French troops knew very little about its capabilities and operation. During the Franco-Prussian War, the Germans were keen to destroy any mitrailleuse they even suspected to be in the front lines. Standing orders were to direct all artillery fire on any position suspected of harboring a mitrailleuse! The French troops did not want to be anywhere near this 'secret weapon', either, for it was an immediate invitation to cause all hell to break loose.

The U.S. introduced a 'secret weapon' with similar results in World War II. This was a battle searchlight system mounted in a tank turret. An arclight was beamed through a slit in the turret armor. The idea was to be able to illuminate targets at night, without having an enemy sniper kill the light. Secrecy combined with exaggerated rumors worked to defeat this device, as I understand, for it was not a 'death-ray', but it did draw lethal enemy fire. I merely offer these as examples of how White men's inventions can appear and disappear down through the ages.

Many thanks for your latest mailing of the AZA fliers and the excellent and informative booklet on The Zionist War Party! I congratulate you on your activism. As you say, we could expect a lot more from U.S. "radicals" and the Moslems, whose ferocity is mainly wasted on symbolic activities, such as beating one's breast until it bleeds, then beating it some more and/or scourging one's back until it is also bloody, then scourging it some more, &c. As for "Moslem Unity", that has never existed, any more than "Christian Unity". I have even attempted to appeal to the Arabs' sense of reason, but they behave as if they had their heads stuck up camels' exhaust systems. It is well said that "every Arab has 52 opposing opinions on any subject."

The peaceniks' lack of protest against Zionism is "the dog that didn't bark in the night", as Sherlock Holmes observed. Every peacenik gathering I have seen locally has at least one kike overseer, straight out of that revealing film, "They Live". His job is to see that the message is Christian-Marxist and anti-White, but never, ever anti-Zionist. No malefactors are mentioned, not even Bush, our mestizo presidente. Locally, there are no 'bad guys', only war. That would indicate that war is beyond human control, since no human agencies nor persons are involved, according to these kosher peaceniks. I would guess that Al Capone would not object to an "anti-crime" demonstration, as long as no criminals are deemed responsible for "crime", and certainly not Big Al! The sheeny crime boss, Meyer Lansky, would not object to an "anticrime" protest, either, as long as his name and those of his associates were omitted. He would probably say: "I don't call it crime. I call it business." In short, we cannot stop war unless we stop warmongers and we cannot stop crime unless we stop criminals. Dream on, kosher peaceniks!

AZA can become the umbrella concept for the Left and the Right, for Zionism is the common enemy of all mankind, and of every race on the planet. Never before have we had such an opportunity for unity and relevance! We should be grateful to the jews for at last clarifying the issue as being them versus all of us. The sheenies deserve a hearty Mazel Tov, Oink! Oink!

My old professor used to say that "there are no big secrets". As the years go by, I keep seeing how correct he was. The Cold War Hoax, for instance, was out in the open, for the U.S.A. founded, funded and fed the U.S.S.R. from 1917 onwards. This was a "war" only in the Orwellian sense of it being a war by the governments against their respective governed. This war continues with the Goyim being required to 'sacrifice' for the well-being of their respective Zionist Occupation Governments (ZOGs), which demand their labor and their freedoms, as well as their standard of living.

I see The Big Picture as one of demographics. In North America, China is invading the north, with large colonies down the Pacific Coast, while Mexico invades the south. The fact that Mexicans, Latin Americans and so-called American Indians are mainly comprised of the asiatic or Yellow Race would indicate this continent's most likely future, regardless of the touted ideology of the moment. The last Canadian census reported Canada's second language as Mandarin, rather than the former French. The Whites are in the minority, for we should bear in mind that Franklin D. Roosevelt's kosher regime dictated that all part-Asians were "White". We live in a majority mestizo (Eurasian) population, although it is made up of Anglo-, Franco and Hispano-mestizos, with a rapidly-growing asiatic proportion, to which we must add the millions of Chinese, Filipinos and East Indians.

The Zionists (jew-supremacists) appear to have sold North America to China, and they intend to use the last U.S. resources to win them territory in The Middle East, for "Greater Israel". At a suitable moment, we can expect to see the kosher rats abandoning the wreck of the United States, and fleeing to Israel. The kikes don't care who invades North America, since they don't plan to be here when the excrement enters the air-conditioner. Heed what they do, not what they say. Meanwhile, the Chinese invasion of this continent continues, unimpeded, and the jobs flow out as the jobless flow in. Truly, we live in interesting times (as the Chinese curse says).

I heard recently on "National Public Radio" a warning that the following Chinese cities should be avoided because of the SARS virus: Beijing, Hong Kong and TORONTO! No mention was made of Jew York City, although previous reports stated some SARS cases there. The radio reported Hong Kong as virtually shutdown. The only denizens visible wear surgical masks. Public places are not at all crowded. People are avoiding restaurants and buying food to cook at home. The Jew York report said that people were avoiding Chinatown. It sounds like a 'real holocaust.'

Meanwhile, here on the western front, Yakima has a pleasant climate. There are no extremes of heat, cold or humidity, as there are on the east coast. It's a semi-desert area, like most places I've lived in. I always seem to return to Southern California, in terms of terrain and climate. That would include Spain and Central Africa, and now, Central Washington. Central Mexico is much the same, but drier and colder in the winter. Lack of humidity is great for books and papers, as well as clothing in one's closet, for mildew and mustiness are absent. Louisville was pleasant and pretty, being on the Ohio River, but humidity and mildew were rife. A very damp holocaust!

I guess the U.S. will have to find those "weapons of mass-destruction", or confront the world with egg all over its face. Maybe Saddam took them with him, and is now hiding out with Osama, Elvis et al. How big is a weapon of mass-destruction? According to the jewsmedia, the former USSR had suitcase-size atom bombs as surprise gifts for people who think they have everything. Then there is the "what-if" school in which certain items "could be" made into lethal weapons. Fertilizer "could be" made into explosives. Ordinary table salt "could be" processed to make chlorine gas, &c. A large truck "could be" used to deliver a very dirty bomb; a rocket-launcher "could be" used to launch rockets containing NBC weapons (nuclear, biological, chemical). An empty warhead "could be" used for about anything. The "possibilities are endless. Since the U.S. "must" find such evidence, it will, even if it has to import it! No wonder the U.S. does not want the U.N. weapons inspectors around! It looks like mens rea (the guilty mind) to me. I note the U.S. tendency to link Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia with "terrorism". It looks to me as if all the dominoes are lined up, so Judeo-America can push the next one whenever it wishes. Such a deal!

As you say, JudeoAmerica has big eyes and a small stomach to devour all the territory it wants, in order to control world oil supplies. ZOG's reliance on mercenary forces will not accomplish such a task. It was widely believed before Napoleon and newspapers that France could not field the immense number of soldiers it succeeded in fielding, for "they would have to be paid", like France's opponents' forces. Newspaper-borne propaganda inspired the French to fight on the cheap, because they believed in their cause. Even if FEDZOGUSA would succeed in goading their Goyim into a Zionist war, I don't think there would be sufficient forces to garrison the vast territories where oil and hostile peoples reside. It appears that Judeo-America is on a kamikaze mission of immolation on behalf of Israel. Now, that's a real holocaust!