08 May 2003 – Eric Thomson
The reason for my mailings of bulky envelopes to you is (1) because I can afford it when I am working and (2) because I am working 7 days a week, items must accumulate in their respective pigeonholes until I am free to go to the post office. If I were a well-financed revisionist, I would be able to answer correspondence the same day I received it, and I might even have time and funds to participate actively on the Internet. Right now, I am between jobs, since my employer went bankrupt. "There is no Depression." If we keep repeating this mantra, we may begin to believe it, but the economic crisis will still be here. As we are consumed by Zionism and Marxism, our wages go down, our taxes go up and our jobs go to China and India. It appears that judeo-capitalism has chosen China for manufacturing and India for services provided via Internet. The U.S.A. is ripe for a race war, which may erupt at any time, as the bread and circuses run out. Those least informed of this likelihood are Whites, who have the most to lose. My Rhodesian experience repeats.

The Barnes Review carried an excellent historical article by Jaap Marais entitled "The Great Betrayal", which confirms my findings that Ian Smith was a pro-Zionist sellout, and that Vorster was an outright traitor. I do not see The Barnes Review listed as one of your sources, so I shall send you a photocopy of the article, which you may pass on, if you already have a copy.

FAEM stands for First Amendment Exercise Machine and we are the bane of 'paytriots' for profit because we ask no money from our readers, nor do we sell T-shirts or Wigger Rock music. We do not sell memberships nor subscriptions for reasons of principle, including the security of our readers. This policy is not a virtue, but a necessity, in view of the so-called Patriot Acts I & II, and the jews' penchant for using the jewstice system to seize assets on the basis of 'guilt by association', as occurred in the case of Tom Metzger, and may also occur with the remains of the so-called National Alliance, which owns property in West Virginia. Of course, Butler's Aryan Nations (sic) and the Hammerskins suffered similar sanctions based on acts committed by alleged members, supporters and/or subscribers. The ZOG's definition of "terrorist" is virtually all-inclusive, so our informational activities may be terminated without notice, by ZOG! We do live in exciting times.

For your information, various opportunists have jumped into the Zündel fund-raising racket. It is a racket, because Ernst cannot benefit from the funds collected, even if that were desirable. Any money sent to The Zud-Fund will wind up in "Ingrid", alias Sarah, alias Angrid, alias Ina's clutches, and mark my words: she is a jew. There is only one person who had motive and opportunity to 'lose' Ernst Zündel's correspondence with the U.S. Immigration authorities, and she is the one. As you know, I have been a civil servant and a soldier or 'armed bureaucrat', so I know that government employees do not exercise their authority without written orders, without which there can be no chain of command, nor accountability. I therefore assume that the INS did send Ernst written notifications to appear for immigration hearings, but "Ingrid" was handling Ernst's mail, as he wrote in one of his Power newsletters, incoming and outgoing. I gather from a letter I received, that "Ingrid" got rid of his attorneys, and that they did not "drop Ernst's case" as "Ingrid" alleges. You may wish to contact Kirk Lyons in this regard, if you are interested in pursuing the matter. I predict that Ernst will not survive his incarceration in the ZOG-gulag, either in Soviet Canuckistan or in Zionist Occupied Germany. That way, "Ingrid" and her ADL buddies will keep all his ill-gotten gains, some of which were based on my views and writings, such as "The West, War & Islam" and "The Hitler We Loved & Why". Ernst is no "Nazi" and certainly no "racist", nor a 'leader' of a political movement on behalf of Truth, Freedom & Justice. Unlike his current 'supporters', I worked closely with Ernst for over 16 years, until he decided to 'take the money and run'. Blinded by greed and lust, he did not realize that the jews have a reach which extends beyond the Canadian border.

I'm glad we both understand the role of "Christ-insanity" in defeating Our Race. I am glad to learn that National Alliance has adopted ORION! None of my slogans are copyrighted, for they are my gifts to Our Race, to be used as weapons in our battle for the minds of our people. The same goes for ZOG. What better describes our enemy, who rules us by controlling (occupying) our governments? Why does the blightwing resist this simple and expressive term? If we have no Feindbild nor Selbstbild, how can we ever expect to win? I do not understand the blightwing lack of understanding about the obvious. Once again, they can forget I first thought of the ZOG-concept. Actually, it was Roy McMurtry, Attorney General of Ontario, who said, "I am a Christian Zionist!" In other words, not all jew-supremacists (Zionists) are Jews. These jew-stooges (Zionists) are our foremost enemies, for they make the enemy much more effective, and they serve to conceal our real rulers. Since we did not elect our politicians because they were Zionists, it appears that the Zionist politicians who put Israel always first, have taken their offices under false pretenses, on behalf of alien interests. This means that they are not officeholders freely chosen by the voters, but they are Zionist agents and occupiers of our government. Thus do we have a Zionist Occupation Government. I hope Pierce's successors can understand my logic! I do not seek to dominate, but to contribute. I need no acknowledgement for my efforts, nor do I compete with the National Alliance for business or donations.

I strongly suspect that those who include mestizos as "White" and who reject the ZOG concept have a jew or nigger in their bedrooms, if not in the woodpile. One segment of the blightwing absolutely refused to see the Jew-Khazar connection. One blighter even asked in "Instauration", "Who looks more Semitic, King Faisal or Yuri Andropov (Lieberman)?" I wrote to the clown and told him to look up "Ashkenazim" in The Jewish Encyclopedia. How disgusting!

Christ-insanity has the same poisonous effect on Our Race as Marxism. Any people who put either form of insanity into practice are doomed to extinction. Nature is Nazi, and She is on our side! This is why our victory will only be a matter of time, if anything resembling human wants to survive on this planet. This is why I never lose hope, no matter how numerous, nor how insane our enemies. I see it as a matter of fact, rather than baseless hope. The Truth may not make us free, but it certainly makes us strong!