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20 July 2001
A picture is worth 1000 words. That was the note attached to a news clipping Eric sent to me. It pictured a prehensile lipped simian Sgt. Major Perry Washington checking the fit of the Army's new black beret on Brig. General Jerome ah-is-no-ape Johnson. All the Arabs have to do to defeat the U.S. Army is to cause a rout by tossing bananas all over the place. The problem is that not many Arabs know what 'banana' means.
At a concert given by sodomite fag Elton I-love-buttered-rectums John, thousands of people were exposed to measles and other communicable diseases, according to the state Department of Health in Tacoma. That's what diversity and equality is all about – diverse diseases shared equally. When I was a boy, people with such diseases were quarantined so as not to infect the community. Today, to prevent anyone from spreading his illness is a civil rights violation. Is there something wrong here?
Hate-motivated murders reach an all-time high according to the FBI. Diversity sure helps people get along, eh? Fags are also getting dusted off at an increasing pace. I hope no one considers this bad news. It a good way to slow down the spread of AIDS. Anyway, I guess all of the other murders can still be attributed to love and friendship..
As congestion and incompetence grows relative to the internet, expect more and more e-mail foul ups. Don't get paranoid. Since ZOG is taking on non-white nitwits at a rapid clip, Big Brother is slowly starting to become a fumbling frump. The recent flap about the McVeigh/FBI screw-up and the missing computers and such, is only the beginning of the mud mentality finally coming into its own. Soon, you'll think you are living in Columbia.
FBI warns of immigrant "Russians" (read kikes) who have thus far stolen over 1,000,000 credit card numbers from e-commerce sites. I suppose when they reach the 6,000,000 point, memorials will be built and reparations demanded. Yep, old Bob recently was nailed for about $70 (smart, since most probably wouldn't notice anyway) but Chase was right on top of it and my $200 credit line stayed in tact.
Lactose intolerance? Better check your family tree friend. Doze iz der nig genes at work. Rickets, long forgotten in our past white America, is now making a comeback and you'll never guess what branch ob de hoomun tree dat be.
Yakima Herald – Alex Santillanes, National Coalition of Barios Unidas, lectured a batch of old white duffers on why they are responsible for spic gang shootings. As the old farts sheepishly accepted the shit thrown in their faces, Alex mentioned how soon they'd be gone and Aztlan returned to the proper owners. What happened to the redskins, claims? Do dis mean war, baby? Mestizos band together which gives them CLOUT!!! Honkies like to hide and do their occasional "lone wolf" thing by pissing on some jew's lawn. And you wonder why we are losing? I don't. I do admit that ZOG is on THEIR side which makes the battle a little one-sided but since when do whites need a level playing field in order to win?
Marxism is very nearly out of control in this country. Everyone wants it! The something-for-nothing crowd is now perhaps 75 percent of the population, and growing. A female bureaucrat now wants to penalize consumers for electricity use similar to the old N.Y.S. income tax. As use goes up, the cost will be proportional to the square. Double the use – quadruple the cost. What happened to the "good life" where 'progress' was measued by the confort we chose to bathe ourselves in? We are nopw told to "conserve" which means share the wealth with the social dregs and parasites.
Jew Bill Gates has hired a Congoid female as 'diversity chief'. I'd love to meet this son-of-a-bitch in a dark alley sometime.
Headline – Si usted no habla español, puede quedarse rezagado. (If you don't speak Spanish, you might be left behind.) That, my friends, is the intent of the mestizo invasion. They claim much if the U.S. is theirs and they fully intend to have it, just as the jews think the whole world belongs to them. A young fellow today has a future full of fireworks. Don't do drugs, alcohol, or your friend's girl. You'll need every ounce of brains you have. 
Japan is now Americanized (read judaized) to the extent that corruption is popping up everywhere.
The World Wildlife Fund has announced that bottled water is no better than tap water. In fact, it might be worse since plasticizes leech out the plastic bottle into the water. At Tufts University, failed results on hundreds of biological experiments were traced to contamination of the cultures due to the use of plastic petri dishes. Drink up.
American education = you cannot pack 10 pounds of knowledge into a 5 pound bag.
AIDS infection is now enjoying another rapid rise. Don't miss out on this 'hero's disease'. Screw everything within sight and hearing. Don't be left behind. If you can also grab incurable venereal warts, then consider it a bonus.

The United Methodist Church in Seattle, says that "Jesus would share...." meaning soak those who have it and waste it on those who need it. In attendance at the 'brotherly love' conference were a gaggle of jews, a handful of wogs, a horde of nigs and a couple of daffy honkies. Guess who's going to supply the boodle which will be shared? 
I am deluged with mail! It will be a while before I get caught up. Don't expect me to save your email address. I read 'em and dump 'em. (Remember the old 4F ditty? Find 'em, feel 'em, f--- 'em and forget 'em. That's naughty.) I try to respond to everyone but don't expect me to initiate any discourse.

Note that Hal Turner is my kind of guy. Not only can he dish it out, he can take it. We'll 'sock it to him' a couple of more times and then go back to business as usual. No matter where the truth lies, there should be more Hals on this planet to pump blood into the F.A. If you don't use it, you'll lose it.

Maguire sent me this quote from Hal –  "I can trace my lineage back to the late 1500's ... no blacks, no jews, no mixed-race mongrels in my heritage for at least 400 years." Wow! You have to give this fellow lots of credit. Giving him the benefit of considering a generation to be 25 years, this is 16 generations. That means he checked out 65,536 of his predecessors. If one per day were verified, it would have taken Hal 180 years to complete. Now that's a lot of effort for anyone to expend just to find out who your great, great, great, ... orifice-stuffer was in bed with. The biggie is "How was he SURE that one of these 65,536 wasn't Little Black Sambo? That means we'd have to check out this suspicious banana by examining his family bush. Of course, if somewhere along the line the postman, or Bill Clinton, contributed a little adulteration, then all bets are off, wouldn't you say?

The dark line in the cellar is that tracing lineage is very difficult beyond a couple of generations and this gives only AN INDICATION of where the truth lies. Our reason for all of this race business is based upon the fact that a great deal of inherited make-up does have an effect upon BEHAVIOR and few people object to blacks because they are ape-like in countenance, but because they DO NOT LIKE THEIR BEHAVIOR. This is the distillation of the whole show and it will all be sorted out when the big thud announces its arrival. You'll find that the seat-of-your-pants will be more informative, in this regard, than 6 college diplomas.

Now, if Hal would present Eric or Maguire on his program, instead of those simple souls who masturbate their flintlocks, that would be one hellova show – and probably his last one.

Hey man! Get yer brain fizzed properly. Read this –   http://www.gravitywarpdrive.com/Rethinking_Relativity.htm
It's about the wacky jew ghoul Einstein and his off-the-planet delusions. I was particularly interested in the bit, "... one must abandon elementary logic ..." in order to 'understand' deceased Al's cerebral malfunctions. Wouldn't you think that this is illogical? Since it has "been proved" that universe is composed of units of "vibrating vacuum", it makes sense to me. Dawh!
Dear Robert,
There may be (or, once was)  three species of HUMANKIND, however, there are just two races of people ie., White People
– and, all the rest.  This is too obvious, especially, in the dysfunctional kind of government we know as Democracy. M.M..
(submitted) No problem accessing FAEM from here. The guy who wrote you with the proxy information was right on target, but there's also an easy to use web based proxy that can be used to access most any "blocked" site. Go to


then enter the URL for the site one wishes to visit (be patient – it can be slow to load sometimes). Most blocking software can
be circumvented by using the safeweb site. One other web based proxy that can be utilised is IDzap – not quite as convenient as safeweb (and it requires registration), but it can be useful, nevertheless.

http://www.idzap.com      free registration at       http://fre.idzap.com:90/register.php

One fellow sent an article from the N.Y.T. stating that there are 3 main "racial" divisions of "humankind" – black, yellow and white, which the faith-based scientists consider. The article had to do with genome mapping and diseases. The problem these scientific dicks have will be telling the truth and being politically correct at the same time. When was the last time you balanced a bowling ball on a balsa toothpick? Good luck. Of course, there was the "mod" crap that hoomans 'originated' in Africa and then went on to "evolve" into 3 distinct groups. How all of this miraculously happened was not stated. I like the term "evolved". It blankets ignorance in the same fashion as "God's will". The gods on Mount Olympus must be laughing their asses off. 
If race does not exist, then what's the basic for race laws? If race does not exist, then what is the Genocide Convention about? Wouldn't the proof that race does not exist serve to nullify everything in this regard?
One can never make substantial amounts of money in any country if he indeed is a true dissident relative to the government, yet many "blightwingers" are very, very well off. Serving a useful purpose for ZOG often has its rewards.
In America, the stupid people act like niggers and the smart people act like jews. Remember the Cornwallis' prediction that the coming religion of Americans would be Judaism but they wouldn't recognize it.
During a fire in Yakima, a typically diverse unit – 2 females; 1 white male and a mulatto foreman – died in the performance of their duties. Immediately the public put on ribbons, collected donations and went into protracted sessions of hugger-muggery complete with emotional breakdowns following fits of self-pity. Decades ago, fire fighting was considered a risky business and tragedies of this type were taken in stride. That's when men existed.
If whites were organized, they wouldn't need to fight and people cannot fight unless they are organized.
Hal's now trumpeting this New Jersey scribble sheet story on Vladimir Zhirinovsky as being STOP THE PRESS news:


    Supposedly this revelation about Vladimir Zhirinovksy's half-Jewish ancestry is earth-shaking news.  It's not.  He himself has been saying for years that "my mother was a Russian and my father was a lawyer."  This is only epochal news to idiots or other half-Jewish mischling like Hal Turner.

    Anyway, neither Turner or the Star-Ledger fishwrapper are yet reporting the true nature of Zhirinovsky's 'Russian Nationalist' Party.  The short story is that Zhirinovsky's party is nothing but a front for mid-level mafiosi in Russia.  The way this scam works is simple.  "Get yourself elected to the Duma and get a Duma Deputy's parliamentary immunity.  Then conduct business as usual in the hometown but with a Deputy's office perqs".   Zhirinovsky's outfit early on got and stayed above the 5% vote threshold for being a recognized Russian political party.   This has translated into big dollars for Zhirinovsky by the way of selling Duma candidacies.  Maguire

Nuevos Diseños – Resistente – Pañuelos de Hoja Doble – Pañuelos faciales desechables sin loción
I had to sort this out before I could even buy a box of Puffs. The spic invasion has hit the northeast, but it's not yet as bad as in the "Great White Hopeland" of the northwest. There are some things to give serious thought to.

When Italians entered the country in large groups, did they do the bilingual thing and demand special privileges? Did companies start changing the package labels to accommodate those who couldn't read English? What happened is common knowledge. The Italians learned English and abided by the laws they found present. They became Americans. The Americans did not become Italians. The same holds for Polish and all other groups. This was the way America did things and it was no different from any other country. But times have changed. ZOG, along with its buggering partners, has NO INTENTION of allowing America to remain a white dominated country nor in having white traditions held in place – ANYWHERE on the planet!! Jesus is now a nigger when He isn't a jew. If you think that the Germanic Santa Claus will retain his blue eyes and pale skin much longer, you'll find no difficulty in believing that I slept with a hot number, with three breasts, which just hopped out of a green rhinestone-studded UFO. Since the jews now control Disney Studios, whiteness is disappearing so fast that Snow White will soon resemble Whoopy Goldberg and the seven dwarfs, the Frito Bandidos, with Juan Valdez as Prince Charming. Juan will have AIDS since no hero can leave without it.

ZOG, of course, wants no resistance and that's why it pushes its Marxist propaganda program of 'tolerance', and 'non-violence'. ZOG wants capitulation and demonizes all those who object, with the tar brush of being politically incorrect. The great unwashed herd, and by that I mean about 85 percent of the white population, always "goes with the flow". Let them have their drugs; let them screw themselves into a stupor; make sure their cereal bowl is full; and you can lead them anywhere and pour out every indignity imaginable upon their dense heads. They lick it up as the "American Dream". Diluted mestizo Bushwhacker, no friend of white people, and his handlers, know full well the truth of this for the dodos will cheer him on as soon as they receive the pittance called the "great tax rebate". While they smile over this M&M which has landed on their plate, they'll fail to notice the pile of manure which accompanies it – more bean-gas filled muds.

Have you every noticed kids at the old swimming hole? (Here I am dating myself since 'swimming' today involves little more than a community gathering in an outdoor septic tank referred to as a 'swimming pool'.) All wonder about the water temperature and other things. Who is going to be first? As they gawk at each other in sheepish anticipation, one fellow steps forward and dives in. Then the lemmings follow. It has always been this way and it always shall be this way. The fellow who was the first to dive is what we know as a leader – HE LEADS! He doesn't point, like some office manager, and then tells others to jump in. The leader would dive in even if alone! The lemming makes sure he is NEVER alone.

ZOGlings know this and some might think that they are shooting themselves in the foot by pushing the drastic policies we are now experiencing. ZOGlings HAVE NO INTENTION OF LIVING IN THE CONDITIONS they are now creating just as the jews of 1919 Russia had no intention of living in the chaos they created. They fully expect to be secure in their walled villages as did the kings of old in their castles. In their minds, they are SUPERIOR to what they believe us to be – serfs. The old farts, with their pensions and S.S. checks, are now doing exactly this from California to Florida. THEY DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE YOUTH OF TODAY – THEY CARE ONLY ABOUT THEIR OWN SECURITY WHERE THEY CAN ENJOY THEIR GAINS. The Communists did EXACTLY THIS when they seized power in Russia, 1919 and EVEN TODAY, jews STILL enjoy special privileges in Russia.

Our middle-aged rummies can be counted upon to charge about in their unstable SUVs and vans, sucking beer, watching niggerball and wondering how long it will be before they can screw their neighbor's wife. Most DO NOT CARE what happens to the country as long as the 'kicks' are plentiful and their credit cards hold out. They will object only when THEIR balls are squeezed. To hell with the other fellow, they say. Irresponsibility is now known as 'individualism'.

The youth, those who are being shafted the most; those who HAVE THE MOST TO LOSE; are caught up in a hedonist life-style which will exact a terrible price in the future for their inattention to the present. Thus, my comrades, we are few in number and we should not expect otherwise nor get pissed off because our acquaintances do not see things as we do. They are the followers who will someday say "We have always been with you." We, as our inner nature dictates, MUST show the way. We must be those who dive into those unknown waters. We must take the flak. We must represent people WORTH following for who but a cretin would follow, or even listen to, a pot head, sex addict, hypocrite, criminal, liar, thief, or any other type of scoundrel? Ask yourself, "Would I follow myself?"

It is within everyone's power to improve himself. It is within everyone's power to crawl up out of the slime and take a bath –  and remain clean. The measure of any man is the effort he expends to stand up and remain that way. One can be alone but not lonely. Because you were treated like a piece of shit, as a youth, is no reason for you to paint yourself brown. Why be what people said, or inferred, you were? You are not a black man. Why act like one?

The future only offers white people a chance to fight. If you don't fight, you have already lost. If you act like a door mat, it's easy to guess how you will be treated. I remain convinced that Americans are not Rhodesians or South Africans, who simply gave their country away – much to their regret. I feel no sorrow for them and pity them not. They asked for 'equality' and now they are tasting it big time.

Eric and I have often dined and sampled dark beer, when the occasion arose. His opinions often were not similar to mine concerning the same topic. He listened to my explanations, and I, to his. Thus, a modification occurred on both sides. We learned from each other. Neither engaged in some dick-headed debate as a means to "prove" either had a handle on the truth. At first, I did not agree with his 3-race/mongrel ideas but the more I researched, the more evident became that idea. From his writings, I often notice a seasoning of some portion of a view I held. In this, we were both flexible as all future white leaders must be. (Count me out as I doubt the gods will favor me with a youthful long life. As I told Debbie, "If I were 25 years younger, your smile would last longer.") There is no place for the "I am the cause" or "Send me money" bigots in this struggle which will unfold in ways completely new to the history of the world. The Third Reich, no matter how much admired, can never be restored. The Old South, as glorious as it was, cannot ever be restored. Those who attempt such restorations will fall defeated by the sands of time. The only place Hitler is of value in our lives is because he has 'been there'. We have learned immensely from his brilliance and his foolishness. Those are lessons which we must utilize as we enter the New Dark Age, warmed only by the dwindling light of the technical genius of the ONLY people capable of performing such tasks – white people. If you think you can teach that expertise to a herd of non-whites, you'll be introduced to realty in short order. You cannot teach penguins how to fly.
Dear M.,

Thanks for writing.  To us here's the best indicators of 'being on the  level'.  First, we advocate a certain worldview of self-proclaimed enemies of the white race.  That is, we call our enemies enemies and urge other whites to recognize their enemies as being enemies.

Second, we advocate a policy of strict legality.  All ZOG informers and agents provocateurs sooner or later, and generally sooner, will try to move  individuals or groups into an entrapment situation.  This sets the stage for another round of arrests, trials, propaganda and further anti-white legislation and state action.

For example, a BATF informer will suggest purchasing illegal automatic weapons or building illegal bombs.  An FBI informer (which the 50ish derelict with Alex Curtis may have been) will suggest some totally ineffective stupid stunt that nevertheless can be inflated into a federal civil rights case.

Sometimes ZOG Agents will form up an organization from the beginning to attract sympathetic people only to destroy them later in a sting. (Canada's Heritage Front, for example, RF)

The above are examples of the phony combat cells Eric warned about in the 1970s.  It's an old political police counter-intelligence trick used whenever social temperature starts rising.

We don't do, or advocate such illegalities.

Third, we don't ask for money.  ZOG Agents themselves usually don't either,  but a lot of phony mercenaries around us do.

How old is Eric?  Write a letter to his post office box and ask if you need to know.  Or use your white brains and estimate his age from the clues in  his folder! :-)

Otherwise my best advice is to get to know those you want to associate with and weed out the unstable (drug and alcohol usage, record of chronic  unemployment, emotional problems, endlessly changing harem of girlfriends,  other sexual dysfunctionality).  Test people out and don't be in a rush to trust.

If you agree with us, then understand something.  WE ARE THE REAL POLITICAL  DISSIDENTS OF THIS ERA.  It's easily proved because it's our people who are being put in jail.  When was the last time an 'Anti-Racist Alliance' mud  rioter got more than a $100 ticket for littering or 5 days in the county  pokey?  It's our people who go inside for years and years.

Since we are the real political dissidents and enemies of the regime, we need to recognize this fact and act accordingly.  THEY can often get away  with murder.  We on the other hand will be arrested for spitting on the sidewalk.  It's not fair, it's not right, I know.  And don't cry to me about  it, either.  That's just the nature of the political struggle.  Get used to it.

Best Regards, "Maguire"

That's enough of the voting. This sort of thing is only an amusement anyway. 68% voted that the picture was of the jew variety; 24% thought it was mestizo and 8% mulatto. I discounted the "none of the above" as those who voted such went into the Dinaric, Mediterranean, Alpine, Slavic, etc. swamp from which no delicate brain returns unscathed. There are 3 sets of identifiable species characteristics (call them races if you like) and if one has the complete set, then he belongs to either the black, yellow or white race. All others are mongrels to one degree or the other. To "fine tune" this business by subdivision piled upon subdivision, is not desirable and remains an exercise for those who contribute little to the society upon which they feed – the academics. All colors can be described by the proportion of the 3 primaries of which they are composed. To dicker and bicker over whether a certain hue is bluish purple or a purplish blue, is time wasting and of little value since it can be defined by 3 numbers alone. I, on the personal side, have at least one non-white characteristic. This makes me a mongrel in the strict sense but since this adulteration is far below 1 percent, no one being of sound mind would classify me as being other than white. One of the major handicaps people have is their ability to lie to themselves when it becomes personal. That's not real world living.
I have received mail from people who claim that FAEM is apparently not accessible to them. It's possible some individual ISP's have quietly started blocking 'hate sites' at the behest of the ADL/SPLC/Simon Weasel gang. Also, some may have Surfwatch or similar software installed.

Submitted by a reader in response to the above –
In such a situation, a person can often use a proxy server to get to so-called "hate" sites.  Cyberarmy has a  list of anonymous proxies updated  almost daily (http://www.cyberarmy.com/lists).  Proxies are easy and simple  to use, there are probably even tutorials on using them on cyberarmy.   Enlisting software such as multiproxy (http://www.multiproxy.org) (Windows only) can also be a big help since it allows the user to rotate proxies during fixed intervals.

A group called "Cult of the Dead Cow" (http://www.cultdeadcow.com) is  releasing software called "Peek-a-booty" designed to bypass corporate censorship as well.  With their history of releasing quality software like this in the past, it will likely be worth checking out.

Yes. Some people are observant. I have received news of sightings of the "Jesus fish" with a golden "six-pointer" inside. One fellow spotted a "nun" sporting a medallion which was a blend of the christian cross and the star of Davidovich. I think I posted a photo of a "christian" church,  a yes-Jesus-loves-you type, with a huge stone Solomon's Seal at the apex. Old American christianity is, for the greater part, now Talmudized, which accounts for this country's great support for that non-viable "racist" state of Israel. Most white Americans behave as jews anyway so why shouldn't their religion also be of the pawn shop mentality?
I see that some are engaged in "there is no such thing as race" debating lunacy. Since piss and spring water are 95 percent the same, you are free to drink what you choose. I wish people would get off this analytical garbage wagon and use their common sense. Can't anyone take a crap without first being convinced that it's good for them to do so? 
Do you really think there are ONLY 3,000,000 illegal salsas in this country? Do you think someone counted them as they slipped past the border? I'll bet my girlfriend's left mam that the figure could possibly be twice that. Anyway, when Bushyhead and the boys in the back room grant free passage, it will be another slide down the slippery slope to slopville. These gringo haters are BREAKING U.S. LAW!! Granting citizenship to black bean bandidos is just another way of telling them that it's OK to break our laws. What effect do you think it will have on other muds salivating for the chance to fleece the gullible goyim? That's right Roger, the dike is leaking more and more each day and as it stands, we now do not have enough corks to plug the holes. I can well imagine that many citizens will also engage in transgressions and policing the society will become a joke. Many will welcome this new found state of anarchy, that is, until their ox is gored. Once there was a TV program called "You asked for it." Yep.
One facet of effective censorship is that it is not total. One prints 50,000 books explaining one side and 100 explaining the other. Thus, the censors can claim, "See. There is no censorship for we have printed both sides of the issue."

Another up-your-ass technique is to present a debate where one champions the "fact" that 2 + 2 = 6 while the other argues vehemently that 2 + 2 = 5. This is then presented as "the whole story". As system whore Bill "I'd sue him" O'Reilly recently stated relative to the addition of cable TV channels, "Now you can hear both sides of the story." The is also the tale of the perpetual con-game of Republican vs. Democrat. Has it ever dawned on anyone that the SAME POLICIES are put into effect no matter who is using the White House toilet?

* * * * * Go back and read the above 4 more times!!

ALL TV, ALL Hollywood and nearly all printed matter is controlled by jews through ownership or infrequently, board seats. It is of the jews, by the jews and for the jews. You receive whatever "news" THEY want you to see which is flavored by the preceding 2 rules. Always keep them in mind.

There is another observation which revolves about the rapidly changing political situation in this country. As the shit gets deeper, FULLY EXPECT more and more jews to 'discover' that they support our position. Jews ALWAYS PLAN to be on both sides of any issue and with the demographic changes which are swamping us, more than usual will then become "one of us". Hitler fell into the "good jew, bad jew" trap and Germany suffered no less than if it really had dusted them all off to the last man. Yes, some jews will be sincere but it is far safer to assume that none are until PROVED otherwise just as it is safer to assume that questionable people are jews until proved innocent. Some jews DO provide much truth just as a liar does not lie all of the time – otherwise he wouldn't get away with his lies.

The future holds this: as the internet gains more popularity in regard to messages such as this, expect a lowering of the boom. Here, I am not talking about the regurgitated "news" of cnn.com and so on. Those are merely repeats of the printed material.

Reread the first 2 rules – the first 2 paragraphs. Memorize them and keep them handy as you think about that which you read.

Know the truth. Don't bitch about it for while you are bitching, you cannot effectively do anything. Know that EVERY TV show will have nigger "geniuses" who will bail out the simple-minded honky. Know that TV will present whitey as the CAUSE of everything from yeast infection to ozone holes. Know that TV will show some plastic surgeon's advertisement swooning over nigger 'beauty' and 'intelligence' and 'understanding'. Know that they are at WAR with the white male and if enough white females who recognize the value of white children start making too much noise, they will then war upon them. As it is, white females are being used for purposes of debasement and, needless to say, willing whores.

Never forget those white people who stood against you for they will have to be called to account. They will be properly treated. They will be properly tried. They will be properly shot.

              To tolerate everything is to stand for nothing. (Submitted.)
"Public television" – totally jew controlled – gloated over David Irving's defeat in the Deb Lipflap libel suit. I believe it was a one hour 'documentary' – Jurassic Park style. I personally like Mr. Irving but he apparently has never caught on to the fact that the jew/communists WON WWII and he might as well have tried to sue the Queen. Here again we see someone vilified and that vilification would have been NO WORSE than if David were the secretary of the Gasaju Nazi Party. Naive Dave, like ALL revisionists, try to prove that they are 'just historians' by surrounding themselves with Congoid revisionists, Muslim revisionists, Jew revisionists and aardvark revisionists. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE! Once fingered, the six-pointed purple shaft WILL be prepared and rammed, when time allows. White people simply cannot fathom what UNCONDITIONAL HATRED really amounts to. Dave is a "lone wolf" and they are nailing his tail to the barn door.

"Political correctness" gets its power from intimidation where it places all upon the defensive. The Perry Mason shows were part of the jew program to redefine American justice where the emphasis was about PROVING INNOCENCE rather than proving guilt as our Founding Fathers outlined. Someone points a finger and hollers, "You are a racist!"  That's your cue to grovel and explain that you aren't. NEVER GO ON THE DEFENSIVE. If so called, smile and say "Gee whiz. I really haven't thought that much about it." Or, if your balls are solid enough, agree with them and keep smiling, basking in the warmth that you genuinely feel good about it. I do. Moreover, I need no jew like Schlessinger or Spock to tell me how to behave or how to act and I need no Mahatma Gandhi dot-head to operate on my warts. As a white man I am fully aware that I (we) NEED NOTHING from any other race, species or horde of cross-breeds. White people give the world the radio and then non-whites tell us how we can use it. See this middle finger? Rotate! White people gave the world television. Now the jews control how we use it. See this middle finger? Rotate! White people gave the world the airplane and now it's used to transport apes here and there. Let those brilliant simians use THEIR 'inventions". See this middle finger? Rotate!

Injun reparations? You lost the f---ing war. Don't you get it yet?
Black reparations? Here's a one-way boat ticket back to your cow shit covered grass huts.
Holocaust memorials? Build those hollow wailing walls in Israel. Add a bull's eye. Those Arabs have poor aim.
Starving mestizos? Go home. Stop screwing your sisters and spend more time planting corn.
Oppressed in Chinkland? Go home and overthrow the bastards. Wanna buy a bow and arrow? With eggroll?

Mr. Maguire:
Did you know that "The Nation" just turned down a small paid ad from Vanguard News Network (VNN) that said
"Uncensored news and commentary, for Whites by Whites?" Meanwhile, they accept full page ads from Zionist organizations, then pretend to criticize those organizations. Such lovers of free speech!

Dear Jeff:
Small historical factoid.  "The Nation" was founded by a Bessarabian Zionist  Jew named Shmuel Zmurri (Samuel Zemurray).  He was a former chairman of  United Fruit Co., employer of 'Machinegun Molloy', organizer of the  mercenary coup that installed the Somoza family in the 1930s, instigator of  many Army and Marine interventions in Central America by FDR  and author of  much of the agro-worker murder of the Judeo-Marxists' precious campesinos  that "The Nation" now laments.

And now WE get tarred with the 'colonial genocide' of another Zionist Jew.  How typical, huh?


It's time to write me with your vote. Gawk at this guy  http://www.halturnershow.com/host.htm  and let me know if you think his wild life group is (1) yellow (2) black (3) white (4) mestizo mongrel (5) sambo mongrel (6) mulatto mongrel (7) jew mongrel (8) invertebrate (9) cactus (10) none of the above. (Note: votes are coming in and the trend is wild! Please vote.) What do you think his REAL name is?
                      White flight is no substitute for white fight.
                        White flight is now mainly to rural areas. The suburbs are about 30 percent non-white.
Deutchland. The Romans tried to turn what is now called Germany, into a tribute state. They lost 5 legions. The Catholics tried also to turn it into a tribute state. That started the 30 Years War. The Weimar Republic was a tribute state and that brought about Hitler's rise. Today, Germany is again a tribute state. How long can we expect this to last?
As long as we cloak ourselves in white self-hate, spics will despise gringos. If we removed that self-hate, spics would again fear gringos. 
All over the country, the Star Spangled Banner is being sung in Spanish. How long will it be before is will be sung in Chinese?
If the drug plague is not ZOG's version of chemical warfare, then what is it?

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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