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4 September 2002
As Arabia boycotts Zionist goods, expect the war drums to start pounding for the use of weapons of mass destruction against Arabia. I fully expect the energetic flag-wavers and hawks such as Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly to rush right down and enlist. Let's hope they don't get run over by the hordes of jews also stampeding to enlist. It's their war. You'd think they'd be the first to enlist, wouldn't you say? While the way is clear, how about handing thudheart Cheney a gun and say, "Here's your chance. Go get 'em!"
America is a white man's problem, not his responsibility. D.S.
More fan mail —

I truly love your writings. One can sense the years of knowledge and wisdom in them. What I like is your no nonsense approach. I must admit I come to your site almost daily and without yourself, Maguire and Eric the world would lost a lot of important input.

I was already a racialist but you have awakened me further. Especially on our political front. We need more people like you to give the unvarnished truth about not only the chimps and hebes around us but also about the white parasites who have been feeding off us too. I especially like your analysis about womyn. Many single 30-something guys I know would agree 100% on much of what you wrote.

Your Ally,  M.H.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I enjoy Eric's writings a great deal and find them quite edifying. However, he does seem to have certain blind spots. For instance, on more than one occasion, he has referred to disreputable, déclassé whites as invariably being non-white despite their freckle faced, fair skinned miens and russet-haired, blue-eyed visages. In support of his casual assertion he offers nothing beyond personal anecdotal observations best summed up as follows: "Every piece of white trash I ever met  bragged about his Indian ancestry".

Forgive me Robert, but this sort of tautological reasoning, pejoratively termed "proof by definition" by both logicians and mathematicians, is unworthy of anyone who would call himself noble ("Aryan") and is one step BELOW the much maligned judeo-marxist technique of first forming a premise and then finding (ie., twisting or outright fabricating) "facts" in  support thereof. What Eric has done is form a premise and then fashion a  definition of "white" to render his premise trivially true. This is on a par with defining racism as something only white people can commit.

Both Adolf Hitler and Commander Rockwell were far more forthright than this. They both admitted the existence of subpar white men and never made any attempt to define them away as miscegenated mongrels. Rather, they faced the problem squarely and considered solutions, the kernel of any of which invariably amounted to "pruning the Aryan tree".

Robert, clearly the fastest way to degenerate a race is to mix it with inferior races. This is the fastest, but by no means the only way. A committed regimen of purely intra-racial dysgenic breeding will take you to the same destination, albeit via the scenic route. And the degenerate riff raff produced will certainly be "whiter" than Eleanor Roosevelt's swarthy everyman. But that's about the extent of any advantages to be gleaned from such a program.

With all due respect, not all of the genetic infirmities of historical or  present day white man is due to racial adulteration of blood line. Let us face this fact squarely and act accordingly. By all means separate out the mischlings but accompany them with copious numbers of Nordic whiggers.

Best regards,  G.K.

Thanks to an alert reader, we now have the scoop on Y genius —  http://christianparty.net/jewsiq.htm

Make sure you visit the main site http://christianparty.net and read all of the material from 'sodomy' to 'health care'. There's so much there that I don't expect you will be back to reading FAEM for 3 or more days. :o)

The problem with the above site is its "yo yo" component. You have to fart around 'bouncy bally' in order to find a link. Graphics are for those who have a hard time reading – games with a mouse. Imagine going to a library and each book had all sorts of strings to pull, noises emitted at every page turn, and sophomoric posters leaping out from the binding. I wish these jerks would leave the graphics to the porno and kiddy game set, and offer bare bones text to those who wish to learn something. But alas, in today's planet of the apes, gadgets, doodles and flaming hammers appear necessary in order to create a "professional look", whatever that might mean. As for myself, if I have to wait 69 minutes for some idiotic pile of graphics to download, I pull the plug – pronto! I am reminded of the 1950s when hot rods were in fashion. Many couldn't build an engine strong enough to pull taffy. To those we shouted, "If it won't go, chrome it!" That applies to web sites. If you have nothing important to say – fill it with graphics. For $350 you'd be surprised at what you could display.

Millions of people rely upon Advil while others rely upon Tylenol, for whatever pain they have. Have you ever thought about that? If we are all so equal, then how come different medications are required for the same ailment? Did the Advil people go to different schools and are the Tylenol people of a different religion? Why is it that the medical profession quietly follows racial guidelines in its practice but confesses to be a follower of the "equality" religion?  The answer doesn't require a college education to explain. It's all about biology and biology is an inherited thing.

It is known that the same dose of some drugs will almost kill a Japanese but a European White gains. Most old veterinarians, who prescribe dosage by pound weight of the dog, for example, know that the same ratio has a different effect upon Dalmatians as opposed to the German Shepherd.

Our Army company was the target of an experimental cold vaccine. The following day, three-fourths of our barracks were too sick to even leave their beds. Others managed to drag themselves to breakfast, but not many. Only myself, who circumvented the magical shots was able to function normally. The vaccine was uniform yet the results were extremely varied. If we are all so equal, then how do you account for that fact?

Why is it that mulattos can never find donors for bone marrow transplants? Ain't we all human? And equal?

Why are diseases proliferating, in each succeeding generation, faster than the mainly jew-run drug business can supply questionable "cures"? God isn't doing it. It's the lack of control over your private parts which is the result of a lazy brain. Hedonist copulation, if it doesn't land you in STD heaven, will surely visit a plague upon your children.

If there is no such thing as race, then why is sickle cell anemia confined to the heavily tanned denizens of the cannibal continent? Wherefore art thou, Tay Sachs?

Why does the same level of alcohol make a Sicilian happy and carefree while rendering nearly unconscious a German White man and driving a Sioux Indian on a murderous rampage? Upbringing? The ozone hole? Child abuse? A college degree? What?

As the Roman Empire collapsed, copulation between Whites and Blacks increased. All protuberances and orifices are equal, aren't they? Sickle cell anemia, lubricated by race mixing, was born in a new variety – Mediterranean anemia. Thus, the hedonist Whites of old Italy, along with the Greeks, burdened their offspring unnecessarily, via race mixing, with a disease inherited from their Black paramours.

Individual support for race mixing lies mainly in the focus upon fornication with little regard for future consequences and especially the welfare of that generation so unfortunate as to not belong to any race. We know full well that this is an implement of ZOG's incessant war upon White people but the voluntary individual acceptance of it cannot be explained outside the arena of an addiction to orgasm. People who support race mixing are also the same people who approve of sodomy and bestiality. The common denominator is pleasure, as befits the hedonist.

Sally W. copulated with her Collie, according to some fellows who witnessed it. John C. copulated with his father's cows. That was common knowledge. It was a different time. John spent a few years in a penitentiary for his excursions. Today, he'd be interviewed by Larry King Y and have written a book on it. If he "found God", and denounced his old ways, Pat Robertson would have him on the "666 Club". Sally and John had something in common. They were not concerned about the welfare of those animals nor, even if inter-fertile, did they care two hoots about any possible offspring. The risk of contracting some disease never entered their bizarre brains. It was all about personal pleasure. Period. And that's the epitome of selfishness. Welcome to America.

During the period 1990-2000, the mestizos have been showing up at the voting booths at an annual rate increase of 8%. That totals over 6,000,000 beaner votes as of year 2000. They are also demanding higher representation in all political offices. If you lame-brained honkies cannot extrapolate this relative to your future, then you deserve the short end – which is being prepared for your children, by the way. Yes, you carefree idiots, it's a steamroller coming your way and most Blacks recognize what it will mean to them..
Have you ever noticed how beautiful women and intelligent men love to lord it over those whom the fates were not so kind? Don't brag to me concerning gifts of which you played no part. Show me your works.
The boys are at it again.
Dr. Rushton claims Asians are 5 IQ points above the White folks. Moreover, and it's a rehash of baloney I've heard since I was a kid, that jews are 20 IQ points above Whitey thus accounting for the jews' massive presence in all professional fields. Let's see. As I recall in my high school graduation class of 248, there was Judy, Jim, Robert, Louie, David, Seymour, Art, Sarah and Paul, all of whom were known to be racial jews. Some called themselves 'methodists' and two of the boys were not circumcised. Jim was the only one who was considered above average and he ended up being an excellent surgeon. The others were a varied bunch as to life's work. Mechanic, salesman, teacher, lawyer, political hack for Barry Goldwater, jewelry store owner and so on, nothing other than run of the mill. The salesman experienced a Texas jail for fraud and the lawyer was disbarred after pilfering portions of a widow's inheritance. The really bright people were all northern European types. I must have had an unusual life for my town had no brainy jews, not one. I did, however, manage to have for a room mate at U.Chicago, one Joel Kupperman who was the TV "Quiz Kids" math wonder. I was not sure what the extent of his math genius was, but he certainly was bizarre in behavior. During the night, he'd have screaming fits and throw his bedding all over the room. He was a physical coward and disdained manual labor. Surprised? He quickly asked for a transfer out of our room when he discovered me reading a copy of Popular Mechanix. This bit of luck was replaced by another disaster in the form of a fellow who was so attached to his girl friend's private parts that he couldn't think straight. Pussy whipped males are not my kind of men.

In the book, Ways That Are Dark, author Townsend turns Ruston's thesis upside down with his revelations concerning Chinese genius and creativity. It also tells why we, as White people, will meet disaster if we accept the Chinese as equal citizens. Mr. Townsend has impressive credentials gained from real world experience, and not from a batch of university paper shingles. Ph.D.s bickering over silly issues, although comical, just cannot compare to Laurel and Hardy.

All of this IQ talk is little other than yapping about scores on a test. IQ tests were devised as a way to predict one's success in college. Paper tests are better than nothing, but have little merit when it comes to having battles over, much less wasting time in debates.

The real intelligence of any people is determined by what their collective produces. You can yammer about this and that, manufacture excuses by the firkin, but the bottom line is – SHOW ME! A people who can harness electricity and light up the world – on that one point alone – demonstrates such a vast superiority that it's mind boggling. Everything the world knows as technology is indelibly stamped "Created by White people". This superiority is not of physical strength or the ability to spin a basketball on the tip of a finger (a seal does it on its nose and the ball doesn't even have to spin), but one of innate intelligence and this simply cannot be taught or legislated into existance. It can be destroyed and that's what has been going on for the past jewish century. White male genes are being destroyed in unnecessary fratricidal wars and White female genes are being destroyed by the Biblically denounced practice of race mixing – the ultimate affront to Nature. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Thou shalt not adulterate your blood line. Thou shalt not contaminate your racial heritage.

Each day of our lives, all of us come into contact with varied people. It only takes a few interactions for us to determine if we are talking to a bright fellow or a clay brain with nary a reference to IQ. You, my comrade, have far more natural talent than you realize and the first step towards a better realization is to understand that your present mind set is the result of Marxist education which tries to destroy your God-given ability to deal with the real world through your senses. If your ego is so weak that you cannot admit to yourself that you were suckered, then you'll remain confined to the gulag of your mind.

A chicken, a monkey and a dog were given the same problem. Each animal was deprived of food for a day and then placed on one side of a straight 10 foot chicken wire fence and food placed on the other. The monkey surveyed the situation and promptly ran around the fence to the food. The dog first attempted to shove its nose through the wire trying to get the food. Being unsuccessful, it looked around and then circumvented the fence. The chicken tried for long minutes in vain attempts to poke its head through the wire. It never attempted to run around the fence. There can be little doubt as to the order of intelligence in these selected animals. By their output ye shall know them. Asians are smarter? Jews are smarter? Believe what warms your hidden parts.


Here's an interesting link.     http://www.arthurinamerica.com/exodusuncovered/ch01/e_ch01_pt1.asp

Pay attention to the discussion concerning carbon-14 dating and also to the "White" component in ALL history. As evidence mounts, it will eventually be known that the White race is the sine qua non of human kind and any so-called inventions and achievements attributed to others are mere adoptions and not the product of creativity. This truth will be the main target of all ZOG indoctrination in our schools for their fetish, and addiction to the fable of equality, must be established even if it means the extermination of all White people through direct massacre – "world wars" – or by insidious race-mixing. 

What will our mestizo president do next? Who knows other than those who pull his puppet strings. ZOG created the Taliban and funded it. It wasn't long before ZOG switched sides and made the Taliban an enemy. Bin Laden was once "our boy". Now he's Adolf Hitler. If USZOG is your friend you have no need for enemies. Hypocrites, liars and treacherous bastards, all. All I know is that ZOG is the American people's worst enemy for it has caused more needless deaths of Americans than any real enemy in all of our history. I love this country but when I think of "our" government, visions of hemp fill my noggin.
For every 1 American White male soldier who died in World War I and World War II, 2 Americans died in the Civil War. The Civil War was very costly to the genetic pool of America. If one remembers the beginning history, White people came to these shores with not much more than the clothes on their back and managed to build, within 2 generations, ship building capacity which rivaled the best Europe had to offer. The history of White America remains awesome. It signed its own death warrant in 1945 after a preliminary agreement in 1932.

The second of the fratricidal wars Americans engaged in, cost the White race about 4,000,000 of it best young male stock. The third fratricidal American involved war was called World War II and over 6,000,000 White men died. I am not counting Russians here as there is so much Mongolian blood involved that its hard to tell what percentage is White. For every American soldier who died, there was also 1 British soldier, 10 Germans and 38 Russians. A Chinese general once remarked that God was on the side of the larger armies and WW II was won by the Allies mostly due to numerical superiority which is decisive when it come to attrition. For every Axis combatant who died in WW II, there were 3 Allied soldiers who died. Germany simply was swamped with hordes of cannon fodder from the steppes of Russia.

As I watched a TV program on the manufacture of the new rare earth magnets, I was again held nearly spell bound by the genius of the White race. I tried to imagine a Black people doing the same thing. It was laughable. The only thing Black "culture" ever produced was starvation. What is most puzzling to me is that so many Whites appear to believe that Blacks are just as capable of invention as are Whites, this in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The eagles of the world are White people and in their midst are a lot of chickens wearing eagle feathers. This outward appearance lends to the belief that all could soar into the heavens but when asked to fly, the Blacks simply cannot. The muds cannot. Yet we accept them as our equals by lowering our behavior to their level and giving in to their demands. What sort of sickness plagues the White man? If he is not killing his own kind, he is giving away his land to non-Whites. He lets his daughters mate with simians all in the name of equality. It's insanity.

Not all White folks are hopelessly lost, but 19 out of 20 are. These are our mindless consumers focused on little other than full stomachs, orgasms and wallowing knee deep in toys. Such people are herd animals always following the ass in front of them and knowing not much more of life than the rear anatomy of its peers. As the Koreans noted nearly 50 years ago, it's that 1 out of 20 American Whites who command respect. The older generation drowns in its misery caring not about what is left behind. The middle generation is steeped in self-indulgence and too intoxicated with pleasure to care about anything beyond themselves. Ah, there is a strong contingent of the young generation who instinctively feels disgust for what we call the "American dream". Those who do not succumb to drugs and other items of nigger culture, will someday be the rescuers of the White race.

The path our alien government has taken, and the saps who support them, is rapidly approaching a head on conflict with Nature. We shall not conquer Nature, as the Judeo-Christian loonies believe, but will be snapped back into line in a most unpleasant manner for Mother Nature is Nazi.


All of us are suffering. Any anti-Zionist is being "spoofed" (having emails sent to others which appear to be from you) with viruses being sent out in our names. The good news I suppose is that it shows the yids are feeling vulnerable.

All the best,  http://www.heretical.com

War, as far as Americans are concerned, is a spectator sport where 'out there somewhere' people get massacred and their homes destroyed. It's one thing to see refugees on TV fleeing with only a push cart holding their entire belongings, and quite another to experience pushing such carts. Americans have been shielded from the real world for over a century. I don't think that shield will last forever. 
Since Bushez's advisors Y claim he can declare war without the approval of Congress, which is required under the Constitution, I say let's have a real, live democratic vote on the whole thing. Our kosher Congress certainly won't speak out since they are all busy planning what they will do with their million dollar tax-supported retirement plans. Hey man! This is a democracy. Do you the people want war with Iraq? I know all of the jews do, but what about the rest of us or are we just cattle as their religious books claim?

Eric still holds to his 2 year old prediction that Arabia will be fingered. (He was right about the current situation in Afghanistan. So much for 'hi tech' weaponry.) Also, if I were a Moslem, I'd stay away from crowded areas this coming September 11. The lunatics who run this asylum have a penchant for mumbo jumbo and symbolism, as per the talmud.

I see that the popular TV soap opera, The Hung and the Useless, is getting darker by the month.
I was talking to a young man
who claimed he was a pacifist but wanted to enlist in order to 'fight our enemies'. I must have looked puzzled, because he hurriedly explained that he wanted to be in the Air Force so it wouldn't be like some foot soldier shooting people he could see. I told him that if one didn't have the fortitude to look an enemy in the eye and then rip his guts out with a bayonet, then he shouldn't be in the military at all. When a man dies because you shot him point blank, or dropped a bomb on his house, makes little difference. It was killing just the same. It seems that moral cowards like to do their killing at a distance – with 'smart weapons'.

I later told him that there were 3 separate entities – the American people; their government and the territory upon which they all sat. Which did he want to defend? Certainly not the territory because the government allows invaders to pour in by the score. Would he defend the government which was nothing but a bunch of insane Zionist aliens? What people would he defend? His own kind? That would be racist. Perhaps he'd like to defend the invaders and colonizers. Maybe the Blacks so the Affirmative Action machine would be well oiled. What?

The man looked dazed – the typical jew-daze glassy eyed look. He left. Maybe he went to the nearest pub for a few cold ones.

Our economy is going Weimar and our demography is going ape.
Zionist Jew Internet Spam Campaign.

Both Robert's and Maguire's email addresses are being forged and used to send out pro-Zionist Jew lies and sometimes file attachments.  This effort is not a local action by one zit-faced pud pounder momma's boy in Brooklyn.   The spam is being sent as being from every prominent anti-Zionist activist on the net.  This includes pro-whites, Palestinians, Islamics, Christian Identity, non-Zionist Marxists, some anti-NWO folks and others.   "Maguiresez" has been forged in the headers of dozens of pro-Zionist emails to hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinian groups, listservs and individuals.

For general information:

1.  Robert and Maguire never send broadcast mass emails, with or without attachments.  If you have received such an email of late, be assured it's a forgery.  Correspondance from us is nearly always in reply to a letter and will have in context quotes and replies.

2.  We do not mass email our own articles.  They're posted on FAEM and sometimes copied by others and posted elsewhere.  A reminder, everything here is copyright free.  You have our standing permission to copy anything on FAEM and reuse it elsewhere on or off the net.

3.  We do not mass email 3d party internet articles.  Anything we think is significant is linked on this page, usually with a short intro or commentary.

4.  Eric Thomson does not have an email address.  ANY email claiming to be from Eric is a forgery.

Robert Frenz "Maguire"

Bush and Jewish War Party spit on U.S. Constitution:


"Bush Aides Say Iraq Decision Is His"

"CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – White House lawyers have told President Bush  he would not need congressional approval to attack Saddam Hussein's Iraq, although advisers say political considerations could prompt the president to seek a nod from lawmakers anyway."

"Two senior administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity (Maguire offers good odds these were Zionist Jew traitors Wolfowitz and Perle), said White House counsel Al Gonzales advised Bush earlier this month that the Constitution gives the president authority to wage war without explicit authority from Congress."

Here's what the Constitution of the United States says about this:


Article I, Section 8, Clause 11

"The Congress shall have Power...To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

The Bush Administration and its Jewish war criminal masters ignore every bit of this.  Rapture Cult nutcase Ashcroft has previously trespassed against this clause over war prisoner confinement.  Crystal clear English says neither he or Freemason Rumsfeld have any power at all to make such determinations, decisions and policies.

But nothing is going to be done.  The Congress of Bio-Canaille won't even breath a word of this.  The Zionist central media favors this war.  Nothing substantive will be said.


P.S.  Despite everything reported here, I've recently had inquiries about joining ZOG-USA forces and which ones to join. Answer:  They have been lucky up to now in avoiding high casualties.  Their luck is going to run out.  When it does tens of thousands of young men are going to be left holding the bag as at Bataan. 

Many have surmised that the reason Hitler never was more than a corporal, was because he lacked the leadership quality to be promoted. Anyone whose head is not up his tail knows this to be a false assumption. Incompetent people are often promoted just to get them out of the sub-system. The "Peter Principle" also describes another mechanism. Competent people are often held captive and not considered for promotion. Why lose the best man at the job we've ever had? This happened to me at Camp Pickett where I was the best damned coal shoveler the BOQ enjoyed in years. I actually was pulled out of one company, delayed for about 3 weeks while I shoveled coal during that extra cold winter, and then assigned to another company to finish 'basic'. Promotions as we all well know, often go to those who "go along" and not to necessarily the best. Leadership is a natural attributeand no amount of "leadership training" can turn a turkey into an eagle. Eisenhower was a political hack who made 'deals'. Patton had men who'd follow him to hell. Eisenhower's 'leadership' was entirely in the authority to inflict punishment. I know ex-GI's who knew the man and none would voluntarily follow him to the latrine. The military is no different from corrupt corporate America when it comes to who gives orders to whom. Mr. J.J, from Denmark writes – from  http://smoter.com/slaughte.htm

"All Hitler's commanding officers agreed that he was a brave and exemplary soldier, with an 'upright and honorable nature.'"

Yet, it was surprising to many that he still remained a lance corporal. With the high casualties among the lower officer class, there had been more than one discussion among Hitler's superiors about promoting him to a rank equivalent with Sergeant. Although most biographers have accused Hitler of joining the army to satisfy his "cravings for prestige" he never requested a promotion. He was content with his job as runner and never applied for promotion to the rank of non-commissioned officer let alone a commission.  As Ignaz Westenkirchner, his fellow runner and friend, would later state: "He never wanted to be anything more than the others."  This may have been the reason for Hitler's "unmilitary manner," and his refusal to snap heels at the approach of an officer, that later caused an adjutant to remark that he found "no leadership qualities in him." The army, therefore, never voluntarily promoted him and he remained a lance-corporal throughout the war.

A more likely reason why Hitler was not promoted was that he had made himself indispensable to regimental headquarters and they didn't want to lose him. As one finds in any big organization, people are apt to get pigeon-holed if they excel at their job.

Advancement becomes almost impossible except for the well-connected. The officers of W.W.I soon learned which soldiers were the most reliable and Hitler's commanders considered him the best. As one of Hitler's officers, Reserve-Lieutenant Horn, would state: "If Adolf Hitler had been promoted to the rank of sergeant, he could not have remained a battle orderly and the regiment would have lost one of its best dispatch carriers."

Not even a cow would believe that – "A", who lives in Slobovia, and "B", who lives in Mudany, hate each other. They have been warring for years. Due to their "refugee" status, Slobovian slobs and Mudan muds come to the late great Jew Ass Oi Vey. Once they are naturalized, their hate for each other suddenly vanishes with the passing clouds. Believe it or not.
Gulag ZOG-USA:


Report: Millions Behind Bars in U.S."

"WASHINGTON (AP) – One in every 32 adults in the United States was behind bars or on probation or parole by the end of last year, according to a government report Sunday that found a record 6.6 million people in the nation's correctional system."

"Almost 4 million people were on probation, 2.8 percent more than in 2000, while the number of people in prison grew by 1.1 percent to 1.3 million, the smallest annual increase in nearly three decades. More than half of those on probation – 53 percent – had been convicted of felonies, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics report.  Experts noted the recent trend of arrests declined for murder, rape and other violent crimes. Many of those on probation were convicted of using illegal drugs or driving while intoxicated, the report showed."

The 1 in 32 number is a bit dramatic so we'll deduct the drunk drivers for now (just watch out on the highway) and deal only with felons.  Four million x .53 = 2.12 million (felons on probation) + 1.3 million (Gulag) = 3.42 million felons.

Repeat:  3.42 million felons.

This number is nearly twice the size of the entire Department of Defense (active + National Guard troop program units) plus the police.  After deducting for the combat unusable uniformed camp followers, the Navy and most of the Air Force, this number is many multiples of the disposable ground combat power.  This particular article did not go into the disproportionate numbers of blacks, mestizo Mexicans and Indians in the prison population.  Nor did it delve into the racially polarized nature of the Gulags.  These are Bloods/Crips, La Raza and Aryan Brotherhoods.

Prediction:  I'll take a very tiny flyer here.  In the near future (2-5 years) you are going to see a prison 'disorder' start and then very curiously and instantly spread to involve a number of regionally adjacent prisons.  This 'disorder' will occur in the southwest.  In the aftermath the autopsy will reveal this to have been a carefully conducted pre-planned mutiny.  It will originate from external sources in 'La Raza', possibly in an initial alliance with the Bloods/Crips side of the cell blocks.  It will open with external attacks on carefully selected institutions.

Before a lower level of order is restored you will see several thousand causalties amongst all parties, declarations of martial law covering multiple states and the deployment of combat troops to generally suppress it.  And by this I mean two division's worth or more of troops, principally air assault operating with helicopters.  Neither suppression or recapture will be complete.

Out of the unsupressed portion will emerge the kernel of an Aztlanist urban guerrilla insurgency comparable to the FARC in Columbia.  This insurgency is going to be complete with secure cross-border sanctuaries in Mexico protected by the plausible deniability of some or all of the Mexican government.  History is littered with similar operations as the opening gambit in multiple guerrilla and seccessionist wars.   The Bolsheviks and Anarchists conducted a number of these operations in pre-Revolutionary Russia.  It was an early feature of the Algerian War of Independence and a staple of the early years of the Viet Cong.  Nor should we forget our own John Brown's attempt on the U.S. Army Arsenal at Harper's Ferry as a preliminary to starting a slave insurrection.

The increasing incompetence and political weakness of the state authorities, the increasing corruption, non-whiteness and incompetence of the prison guard personnel, the increasing state budgetary constraints as the Virtual Economy winks out, the increasing and open disloyalty of Mexi-Mud political leaders, the increasing gridlock of prisoners' 'rights' interfering with operational security, and the willful blindness of the higher echelons of the Judeo-Republican Party to any danger at all from the Mudslide Invasion into America, makes this event very predictable.

The immediate aftermath of a botched Iraqi campaign could well accelerate the timing.


Remember folks – I have no mailing list nor do I send attachments, links, or forward anything. If you are getting crap which looks like I sent it – open nothing, trash it, pay no heed, and follow none of the links. It's just more enemy action.
Taken from the recent issue of the Marxist NEA minorities-are-precious magazine (National Education Association.), a new White teacher for the underpriviledged simian community writes, "I've never seen children like this. One minute they are kicking me, cussing and screaming, and the next minute it's, 'Miss S. I love you, you are my favortie teacher.'" My chauvinist minds whispers, "Only an air-headed broad would put up with such nonsense, love it, and end up feeling orgasmic."

The NEA claims that today's new teachers are far superior to those of the past. In the same breath, they claim that kids are failing because teachers are not doing their job. As I recall, kids didn't fail 50 years ago and the teachers were not, according to the NEA, very good. If this computes to you, then why not go for a Ph.D.? You have the basic requirement. S4B.

From a reader – I tuned into the Little League World Series final about an hour ago and caught the tape of the players introducing themselves and naming their favorite major league player. The Japanese team named a fellow Japanese 8 out of 9 times.  The dissenting fellow named a white player.  Our boys from Kentucky, all white, were quite different.  3 named a white player while the remaining 6 made reference to their simian hero worship.I was pretty shocked by this, but I guess the wigger agitprop is having an immense effect on these 12 year olds.  I really shouldn't be surprised.  (F.F.)
King Kong is alive and well. His kids are attending a public school near you.
Remember folks – There's no such thing as 'race'. It's all in your faulty senses and warped little sick racist mind.
More links –
http://english.pravda.ru/main/2002/08/22/35050.html === http://optics.org/articles/news/8/8/32/1

 === http://www.whitehouse.org === This one is good for a few chuckles.

Why is it that so many will completely disregard their God-given ability to reason and have it supplanted with the nonsense of "experts"? This is what happens to many college people. They call it "education" but it is really indoctrination. Once hooked, you are then little more than a ZOG serf.
I am behind in handling email and letters from Eric, but I do surface from time to time, to show I am still on planet bye-bye. I couldn't resist making a few comments about comments others have made about the comments of others. Here are some links which are entertaining *** http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-race20.html *** http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/Jesup/fieldletters/Bios.html ***  http://www.ups.edu/cta/boaz.htm ***

Once any population let's the jew do their thinking, they are 69% of the way to going completely batty. Franz Boas Y is only one of many who should have had a "pro choice" mother. Here's a quote from a person whose eyes, ears, and hearing, don't seem to work right –

"Arguing against collection of racial data, Russell Tuttle, a physical anthropologist at the University of Chicago, said: 'There is no such thing as biological race. The genetic difference in a single population of chimpanzees is far greater than in all of humanity.'"

What this proves is that there is no such thing as 'chimpanzee'. Moreover, if ye olde chimp is so divergent genetically, then how come they all look nearly alike? This proves that the closer things resemble each other, the greater is their genetic difference.  That's jew math – 2 + 2 = 6. An uneducated man knows exactly what to copulate with. After getting his degree, heifers, goats and apes all are targets. That's ultimate equality.

The test score difference is a group of  average students is far greater than in a group of 'special ed' students. This proves there is no such thing as 'special ed' students, I suppose..

"Arguing against collection of feces, Harry Balz, a physical turdologist at the University of Chicago, said: 'There is no such thing as shit. The genetic difference in a single population of chimpanzee turds is far greater than in all of humanity's droppings.'"

I think I can make a generalization that there is no greater collection of jackasses than is found in the higher echelons of university. It's hard to tell if their brains can reason simply because their senses apparently cannot supply them with accurate, real life, information.

Prior to the White man's invention which brought into the world metallic aluminum – among billions of other things – we could have well argued that there is no such thing as aluminum since it was always found in combination. If one surveys 666 million mongrels, it certainly would be difficult to believe that there was much in common with any of them. All characteristics are inherited. The existence of mixtures does not prove there is no such thing as pure substances.

What we are living in is the asylum mentioned by Schopenhauer. Me and thee have the correct time since our watches were synchronized to the electromagnetic frequency of the cesium-133 atom. We find ourselves trapped in a madhouse where the inmates' watches all indicate a different time. How far do you really think we'd progress if we argued as to what the real time was?  Keep this in mind the next time you converse with a turkey. (Thanks to an email from Mr. M.C.) 

"Supremacists attacked at city hotel"

"3 suffer minor injuries in melee; 20-30 arrested."


"About 200 white supremacists on their way to a Washington rally were attacked with gas grenades, tire irons, baseball bats and hockey sticks at a Southeast Baltimore hotel yesterday, police said."

This garbled article refers to an assault by ARA ZOGists on NA members and supporters staying at a hotel enroute to the Capitol demonstration yesterday.  Mounting this kind of attack requires advance planning and intelligence of when and where the targets will be.


Note to Chairman Gliebe and Coordinator Roper:  You gentlemen have very serious counterintelligence and internal security problems that need immediate attention before you do anything more.  They are probably of long-standing duration.

To "Maguire" r.e. McKinney.I don't expect to see your take on the election to be published in the NYTimes!!

Though McKinney is a bonafide nutcase (and borderline retarded), the fact that a 5 term negress gets booted in a primary serves to add further proof to the theory that when ANY politician significantly violates the "party line" (pro-zionism) they are finished.  How many 5 term Congressmen lost their primaries this year? I would imagine that with the exception of Condit (very unusual case) that the answer is zero.

The loyalty of the Jew has always been to himself and the "tribe".  The notion that there are Jewish Democrats and/or Republicans who are genuine in their stated political beliefs can be quickly dispelled by anyone who cares to look even slightly below the surface.

Thanks for your insights.  You, Frenz, and Thompson have been most instrumental in my racial education.

Take care. (name withheld)

Thank you.

Despite losing McKinney stayed racially loyal to black solidarity principles.  She had another alternative.  That was to ignore the 'Democrat' primary, re-register as an independent and contest the election that way from a position of incumbency.  This would  have led to a three-way race between her, Majette and, most dangerously, possibly a white Republican who might win given a divided negro vote.   Had McKinney's 'anti-Zionism' or other putative 'ideals' been foremost it's what she would have done.

McKinney instead chose to contest the 4th District Democratic primary with another negress.  This decision guaranteed that, no matter what else happened, come November there will only be one negro candidate.  There is thus no danger (given the racial balance and political dynamics) of a white person taking that seat.  Majette will be automatically elected and will soon prove to be more pro-black and anti-white than McKinney was.  This is because Majette has to create a political base for 2004.  She cannot expect any substantial white Republican support in 2004.  She therefore must capture McKinney's negro voter base.  The easiest way to do that is pandering to negro greed with white tax money and inflammatory anti-white racist statements.

We can thus assess the various groups' outcomes in this primary.

1.  Jews.  Winners.  An anti-Zionist was tossed out on her ear and publicly so.

2.  Negroes.  Still winners.  Come January a negro will still hold that Congressional seat and be happily plundering white economic resource.

3.  White Republican Majette voters.  Need we even comment on the results they obtained and can reasonably expect?  The above is all these braindead Rush Limbaughtomized pseudo-patriots have achieved.  Enjoy your Pyrrhic victory, Judeo-Neo-conned ones.  A few more like that and you'll be no more.


Jews have one great principle. When order prevails nothing is to be gained.
I watched millionaire body-builder
showman Jack Lalane on TV hawking his juice machine. After squeezing up a storm of fruits and vegetables, he went on to describe the wonders of vitamins, enzymes and great drinking taste. What is always overlooked is that the juice of fruits and vegetables is one of the best sources of natural water. Even a banana is 75% water which means that if they were 30 cents per pound and you subtract the weight of the water and skins, whatever constitutes food  is a tad more expensive that one realizes. The real kicker came when he lifted up a large wad of pulp to show how dry it was thus indicating the extracting power of his machine. "Don't throw that pulp away," he said, "it is full of nutrients and is a great source of fiber. I take my pulp and mix it with water and it's a great drink."  Someday I'll tell Jack that I not only drink the juice of peaches but eat the pulp as well – and all at the same time. My 32 teeth are a built-in food processor and I never have to plug them in to any outlet. Also, I never leave home without them. Ain't Nature grand?

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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