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18 April 2003
Dear Robert –

"A bit late but well deserved praise for Eduardo's articles. They are very good, specially The Gynaeceum. I'm looking forward to see some more.

"BTW same late news from Australia. About a month ago we had elections in the state of New South Wales. To my initial surprise, and I say initial because I realized quite quickly that it should have not surprised me at all, I saw a small poster with the picture of a Chinese local businessman; the words below were something like this: VOTE FOR PING PON = UNITY PARTY. This was in Gordon an affluent suburb north of Sydney, which has been inundated by wealthy Chinese, mostly "refugees" from Hong Kong's takeover in 1997. In another suburb I found a similar poster but it wasn't about Mr. Ping Pon but Mr. Chaw Ming. A few days later, watching the results of the election at State level, I found that the UNITY PARTY was prominent in mostly Chinese areas (coincidence? of course not!). The moronic Australian honky does not realize that the "new Australians" are showing their appreciation to this stupid nation, who opened its doors to them, by organizing their own political party, which, of course, will only take care of their own kind (as it should be). We also already have Chinese Yellow Pages (pardon the pun) written in Chinese, of course! But the pale-faced imbeciles still delude themselves singing "We are all Australians" (a new pathetic song that would eventually replace the old national anthem, which, BTW, is pretty mediocre) The video that promoted the song, part of a commercial by TELSTRA, the once state-owned telecommunications company, showed a multicoloured bunch of creatures jumping and dancing happily in a sunny landscape. The only morons who gladly participate in this race-mixing orgy are the "old" Australians (that is: White, of predominantly British stock). Indians, Chinese, Malaysians, etc. KEEP TO THEMSELVES (with the exceptional degenerate race-mixer) I say: Why not? Good for them! BUT: In the first place I would not have allowed them here; and those who were would never become citizens or have the slightest say in the running of the country. I'm for the preservation of ethnic and cultural identity (in fact both go hand in hand) that's why I understand their attitude; the problem that it is done at the expense of the White majority who created the society in which they happily live. It only takes Jews and their degenerate and corrupted Goyim slaves to ruin everything. One more thing: The UNITY PARTY has comparatively scored more votes than the almost extinguished ONE NATION PARTY, which was supposed to be the voice of the dispossessed White majority.

"We richly deserve everything we get! Anyway, we must never give up."

Regards – Rienzi

Robert – "I read something to the effect that the Israelis now have authorization to carry out assassinations in this country in the interest of their security."

Robertsez – Authorization or not, they have always done that. As I maintain, Israel is the most roguish of our states. Believing that Israel operates independently from Usrael is a reason some people just "don't get it" when it comes to understanding the way our present world operates. The entity which FUNDS anything, CONTROLS those who are funded whether it be public education or Israel. The purse is the American tax-payer and ZOG pulls the strings.

FEDZOGUSA FUNDS Israel. FEDZOGUSA CONTROLS Israel. Whenever a patron sees some undisciplined brat raise hell in a restaurant, he should remember that this annoyance takes place because the PARENTS ALLOW IT! The same goes for Israel. Israel is no more sovereign than this country is. The Moslems have it right when they see USZOG as their main enemy. It is. If USZOG disappeared tomorrow morning, Israel would soon become nothing more than a memory. If that doesn't tell you something, then I cannot think of anything which would.

The three most powerful men in America are named "Bush," "Dick," and "Colin." It's all about regional power.
Old Glory no longer stands for what it used to. The braindead honkey still hasn't grasped the fact that his country was given away. We are living in the transition of dissolution, nothing more. When White people no longer have influence, ye olde Constitution will be little more than ancient toilet paper, but the boobs dream on, as does any pot smoker. More jobs are vaporizing as US Tax Returns are now being processed in India. The gates are wide open and we are "defending" America by waging war on the other side of the planet. Perhaps it's time for Congress to declare a moratorium and revamp the entire government so that it is a REAL democracy, not just jew-hype and sophomoric babble, and let the people VOTE on whether they want to blow up the rest of the world and contaminate them with degeneracy. Otherwise it's idiotic to impose a democracy on others which we do not have ourselves.
When one views the blanket lying and corruption of FEDZOGUSA, Israel, and the Mideast in general, anything can be predicted and everything expected.


Yikes! It's an atomic holocaust. Apparently people have discovered that war is not very sanitary or healthy. The latest fuzz buzz concerns radiation from the uranium used in modern ammunition. Weez alls being nuked! Where's my lead jockstrap?

The fact that DU (depleted, that is, no longer useful, uranium from atomic power plants) is being used in ammo has nothing to do with its radioactivity. Most everything on the planet is radioactive to one degree or the other. We need no more feminine hysterical outbreaks and wringing of hands. Radioactive uranium isn't good for your health as are so many other things. People who get phosphorus burns live with the misery all their lives. People with missing hands don't live happily ever after either.

War is the most popular group activity ever devised. When they discovered that bopping another with a rock was a safer thing to do than biting him in the nuts, artillery was on its way to becoming part of the game. Big slings heaved boulders at the enemy. The bigger the better. BTW, both sides are enemies and since enemies are bad guys, wars are fought by bad guys.

Iron was a nifty invention since it's about 3 times more dense that a good rock thus enabling the projectiles to be about 30% smaller in diameter. When the White folks went to using lead, it saved even more space. More bash for the jigger, as they say. The use of uranium reduced this by another 15% over lead. "Great Scott, Greta, we can now kick bigger ass with a smaller boot." The higher density of uranium made it ideal for the rock throwers. But that's not all.

Lead doesn't react chemically very well. It can be oxidized (burned) only at high sustained temperatures. To demonstrate chemical activity of metal, perhaps you could steal your neighbor's hot water tank and take out the internal magnesium rod. It's about 1" in diameter and a yard long. While you are stealing things, also grab his blowtorch. Use this torch to heat one end of the rod. If you do things right, the magnesium will catch on fire and continue burning by itself – a giant 4th of July sparkler issuing clouds of white racist smoke. (Make sure you had this to a friend before it gets to hot for you to handle. Also, don't try to put this out using water or you'll discover another interesting bit of unwelcome chemistry.) At this point, return the blowtorch and pretend you are an honest man but return to the fireworks display because it certainly beats any non-White Bruce Willis action movie. Magnesium is a far more reactive metal than is lead, and gas what? So is uranium. How nice.

How sweet it is. A projectile with a center core of a highly dense material with the added benefit of being able to oxidize rather easily once given the proper activation energy. Inertia, plus lots of heat, coupled with other unhealthy materials, is what composes our arsenal of DU weapon ammo. Uranium would still be used even if it were radioactive free. Look at the positive side, a good war using DU is a way to evenly spread radioactive waste over the planet thus eliminating all those annoying screams from the environmentalists you find squatting at reactor sites. This distribution is certainly a Marxist way to have all equally share.

I cannot understand those writers for profit who seem to think that soldiers suffering from life-long effects of radiation are any different from a soldier who lost both arms and both legs during a "conventional" fight. No combat soldier ever returns from a battlefield in the same condition he entered it – never! One of the most shaking events in my life was when I saw a fellow – no arms, no legs, no ears, no lips, no eyes – strapped to a wheel chair being fed with a tube through a hole in his non-existent face. This was at the military hospital at Valley Forge PA. I'd rather have an aching ass from "Gulf War syndrome" or even AIDS, than be in this fellow's position. Tears washed my face at that moment.

War is about killing, maiming and destroying so why object if new ways are devised?

Yes, I am anti-war and if imbeciles equate anti-war with anti-American then I suggest they volunteer for active duty straight away. It's this sort who have the least to lose, who are the greatest hawks. Ain't that so, UU? Yes, they support freedom of speech and opinion as long as they approve of what you say. It's now p.c. to tell people who don't share their version of p.c. to "leave America". If one loves his family, he doesn't leave it. People who love America will stay here are try to sweep out the dirt and clean up the garbage. Being American does not mean being a willing robot marching to the tune some batch of jews presents on TV. I'll let no jew define America, or patriotism, for me! Especially when he's a "dual citizen".

Hello Robert,

"So like you predicted, a race-mixer longing for good old Ruben.  I gotta hand it to you Robert, you have no trouble picking these women out.  Maybe the "Bennetts" that are so easily offended have a few skeletons of their own that they wish would disappear from memory.

"I had been wondering why the attention on the actual KIA injun girl was getting no play and now it all becomes clear.  Minorities are great, but a race-mixing blonde is unbeatable for propaganda purposes.  I am looking forward to the eventual Barbara Walters interview with shots of this female and her boyfriend.

"I gotta hand it to the jews.  They are demonic of course, but they are on top of their game.  If we were on top of ours, they would have absolutely no chance, not only of victory, but of survival.

"PS – May 6-8th are "Holocaust Remembrance Days" at your old Fort Monmouth stomping ground.  This message is the left half of a giant banner that features on the right – you guessed it – 'We are an equal opportunity employer, come join us.'  Jew Jersey in living color."

The peepholes were having a great time on the U.S.S. Tit Antic. The music was playing, drinks were being poured and notice was given that the dreaded dust mite was exterminated. The passengers were typical for an American cruise with niggerball fans, a few kikes monopolizing First Class, revisionists, patriots — mostly goyim, as it were. There were two rather odd fellows on board who occupied a small nook in the cargo space. One was Eric the Negative and the other, Robert the Impugner. A recently discovered cassette tape gave record to some of the last utterances of passengers on that ill-fated voyage.

Eric the Negative: "Captain, I'd advise heading south because those cold winds remind me of the iceberg waters I encountered as I was fleeing Argentina in my homemade sheepskin raft."

Robert the Impugner: "Contrary to accepted thought, this vessel cannot withstand the rigor of iceberg collision, especially if the ice is frozen."

"This is the Captain. We will soon be entering waters which may have an iceberg or two. This will give you the chance to experience icebergs in the wild. They are not the same as the Affirmative Action kind in your lemonade."

The ship moved self-assuredly while the band played the refrain of "Kill the Kaiser", in D#, sung by Liam of the Hair Pie Trio.

"Hey Captain. Is there a problem with the plumbing? I have a foot of water in my cabin."

"A hole in the hull? What are its dimensions? I'll calculate the mass water flow if I am also informed of the depth."

"Hey man, what was that f--king noise? My beer fell off the table."

"Balderdash. I just turned on TV and Dan Rather never mentioned a ship colliding with any iceberg."

"If Patrick Henry were alive today, what might he say to this?"

"Ha! You silly people. I prepared for just such an event. I have inflatable breast implants and my own personal bilge pump. It's every dyke to himself, er..., herself, er..., itself. Personself?"

"I've examined these documents carefully and historical precedent has convinced me that we are in tropical waters and no icebergs would be found unless planted by a mischievous UFO."

"How can the ship sink? I have reservations for the opera in 6 more weeks."

"I'm glad I have a cellphone. I just called a taxi and then 911."

"That damned Hitler. He's still causing trouble. I think this ship was built by the Auschwitz Drowning Barge Co. Ltd. SS."

"What, me worry? The brochure gives the time of arrival at Portsmouth and they wouldn't dare put a lie in print."

"I'm ramming the woman I met at the bar last night. How much more time do you think we have?"

"I've never had a swim in the ocean before."

"Of course...... ub.. da..."

At this point there is heard a sound not unfamiliar to those who have listened to the amplified sound of a toilet being flushed. It was rumored by the survivors, Marv and Hyman, who also survived Treblinka, Sobibor, Dachau, and Ann Frank's cooking, that Eric and Robert left the ship on a speedboat fabricated from orange crates and the bones of dead jews, while the passengers babbled on. That appeared to demonstrate that the infamous two were cowards all along and distracted more worthy people with all of their negativism. Later on, Marv and Hyman were asked what their secret was relative to their surviving the shipwreck. Hyman boastfully retorted, " Ve neffer got on da ship in da foist place, Schmuck."

A reader pointed out something to me which I was not alert enough to spot. If women are allowed to vote, the same as men, then why should they be exempt from military draft? Doesn't this afford them a privilege not granted to men? I am not sure what today's rules are, but if Little Sgt. Muffet gets knocked up while 'serving her country', is she pulled from the front lines and out of harm's way? The problem with ZOG's version of Marxist equality is that it is not applied straight across the board. When it come the the White male, well, he's to be considered differently.
It seems that our national honkey hero loved spic-nig dick and that the heroic rescue was not that at all. I am a macho soldier, please don't hurt me. – http://www.iraqwar.ru/iraq-read_article.php?articleId=3186&lang=en
The following text I clippped fromhttp://www.mediamonitors.net/

No doubt, when the purported "smoking gun" is found – and it has got to be found – a stream of Iraqi generals will come forth with waterfalls of testimony and evidence. (This brings to mind the more than 20 German officers who had testicles amputated after the Second War due to being repeatedly kicked in them to extort atrocity confessions.) And, no doubt, the average G.I.s who find the "evidence" will be impeccably honest, clean-cut American boys.

How's this for a great idea? Replace the star field on the US flag with the flag of Izzy's Rail. It would please nearly everyone and be more honest as most of the world knows. Is it me, or has the blue on the yid's flag been moving away from the light blue of the UN flag? In regard to the above described flag, if anyone knows where they can be purchased, let me know.
I come for visit, get treated regal, So I stay, who care I illegal?
I cross ocean, poor and broke, Take bus, see employment folk.

Nice man treat me good in there, Say I need to see welfare.
Welfare say, "You come no more, We send cash right to your door."
Welfare checks, they make you wealthy, Medical plans to keep you healthy!
By and by, I got plenty money, Thanks to you, Canadian dummy.

Write to friends in motherland, Tell them come as fast as they can.
They come in turbans and Ford trucks, I buy big house with welfare bucks.
They come here, we live together, More welfare checks, it gets better!
Fourteen families they moving in, But neighbour's patience wearing thin.

Finally, white guy moves away, Now I buy his house, and then I say,
"Find more aliens for house to rent." And in the yard I put a tent.
Send for family (they just trash), But they, too, draw the welfare cash!

Everything is very good, And soon we own the neighbourhood.
We have hobby – it's called breeding, Welfare pay for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills? We get free! We got no bills!
Canadian crazy! He pay all year, To keep welfare running here.

We think Canada darn good place! Too darn good for the white man race.
If they no like us, they can scram, Got lots of room in Pakistan.

We can really have freedom of nothing as long as we are trapped in the jews' sewer of mental conditioning. In one's noggin, may exist an idea. It hurts no one nor benefits no one. It's the image the keyboard buff gets from watching a porno site while whacking his willie.

The idea may be expressed so as to inform others. Thereby lies our freedom of speech and print. This again hurts no one except those so tender as to "be offended". People who are thus offended really wish to alter the world to fit their desire without consideration for you. If they claim to support the F.A. while trying to get you to shut up, then they are hypocrites desirous of silencing people and if that won't work, then exterminating them. The jews have a lot of goyim who support them in this. As one heckler shouted to Ernst Zündel, "This is a free country so shut the f--k up!"

Idea to free speech. What's the harm in that? If ZOG doesn't know the true feelings of its serfs, then how could they manage to change things so we'd be more contented grazers?

Ideas put into practice are another matter. If Tesla never had his ideas put into practice, we'd not be as well off as we now are. If Ford hadn't put into practice his idea that autos should be made available to the working man, then we'd not be as well off as we are. If Grieg or Mozart never put into practice the melodies swimming in their head, the world would be a more barren place. Other ideas, such as those of Charlie Mansion, Ted Bundy and Jeff Dahmer, or the Aztec priests, when put into practice, cannot be said to benefit the public good.

People bitching about the present practices of our alien government have a right, and duty, to do so. That's one thing. But to put those frustrations, and dislikes, into practice by hindering whatever the government attempts to do, is another thing. That's why you'll not see me carrying a protest sign interfering with the passage of other people, nor will you see me joining Abdul the Bulbul Ameer and physically oppose people in this country. If I were of draft age, and were called, I'd do my duty to this land even though, in my mind, I did not approve of it. Hundreds of thousands of men did just that during WWII. When any employer asks me to do something I dislike, I do it, for it is he who makes the rules. I choose to live in this country and I would like to see conditions improve for my kind just as the Blacks want to improve conditions for their kind. I love this country and I'll be God-damned if I'll leave it as the many assholes among us appear to demand if you don't agree with them – the hypocritical bastards! As a kid, I killed chickens. I disliked doing it but it was necessary.

My biggest grievance is saved for those who equate verbal dissent with active physical opposition. All of us, at one time or the other, have wished to see some antagonist meet a quick end, but we never acted upon that desire. That's what mental control is all about and it is necessary for any society to function.

Although action requires an idea, the possession of an idea does not imply action and I abhor those who do not make that distinction. Perhaps their minds are so diseased that they are prevented from doing so.

The jews burned the library at Alexandria and they are still up to their old mischief. Some things never change. http://argument.independent.co.uk/commentators/story.jsp?story=397350



I feel confident that many people have recognized the Orwellian word-twisting which is pervasive in this asylum. "Patriot" has been turned to mean someone who supports "our enemies", a term our masters define. A Patriot is one who stands by his country, that is, the territory occupied by his Nation. A country has a government and only a jackass would equate country with government. They are two separate entities. A fellow on a radio call-in show put it well: "I love my country but I hate the government." (I would imagine that UU might finger this fellow for 'special consideration'.) At present, we are ruled by Zionists and their actions indicate that their interests are not parallel with those of my Nation. I am anti-ZOG because ZOG is anti-White. The American War of Independence once had its patriotic leaders playing the part of "traitors" when the British ruled. Every patriot I have encountered, opposes this Zionist-Israeli war. We are now being subjected to the accusation that if we oppose the war, we are not "patriotic", that is, un American. This is logic for the simpleton and those types we have a bounty of. The intense dislike for ZOG is probably more wide-spread than most would like to believe. I have met dozens of people who are scared shitless of saying anything critical of the Zionist regime. Apparently they believe that the First Amendment no longer protects them. I am sure that the future will demonstrate that the Constitution has had its day.

To be anti-ZOG does not mean one is pro whatever ZOG declares its Hitler-of-the-month to be. As with WWII, we obey the law but that doesn't imply that we approve of it. How many approve of our tax laws? Yet, most obey them. I have noticed among the jew-dazed young a tendency to believe that the whole American population was gung-ho during the war against Germany during 1940-45. If that were so, the draft would not have been necessary for that supplied the bulk of the cannon fodder. A draft dodger could anticipate 3 years in Leavenworth and that thought probably made thousands more aware of their "patriotism". My dad told that young men lived in moderate fear of receiving a draft summons. 90% of Americans opposed the war but they acquiesced. Being drafted to fight FDR's jew war was not something the majority welcomed contrary to the jews' who were the main cheer-leading section. Only blood-thirsty sadists enjoy the prospect of war, if they are to play an active part. Once one is assured that he will never end up in combat, he discovers immense patriotism filling his bosom and he becomes an ardent flag waver urging others to fight.

I am certainly not pro Arab but I believe these people have a right to run their own lives without self-righteous nitwits of another land trying to run things for them. But alas, history has shown that idiots love to slaughter each other for little or no reason. We kill in order to "save lives". We wage war in order to "secure the peace". It's insane. 

A lot of people like to eat at salad bars where the radishes are separated from the cucumbers and the peach slices from the croutons. This sort of arrangement is called SEGREGATION.

If all the vegetables and fruits were tossed randomly into a broad pile so as to resemble a garbage dump, I am not sure if it would be appreciated, but the arrangement would be a good example of DIVERSITY.

Other fine examples of DIVERSITY are sewers, rural outhouses, decaying carcasses on the veldt, leper colonies, vomit, an unflushed public toilet, the leftovers in an abortion clinic, and a diseased rat after it fell into a running food processor.

Mr. Frenz:

When I first started reading you, I was quite impressed because of the 'common sense', 'down to earth' observations. Now, every now and then, you'd say something that seemed harsh, or unfair, about revisionists, weightlifters, Rimland, etc.

Then, people would complain their asses off. (I've seen you mentioned on other sites.). I myself even would write in and inquire about some of the things you said. But, then, you end up presenting a case that must have shook a lot of people up. It shook me up! I checked out some of the things you said, and God Damn, Frenz turned out to be right! From now on, while I never 'believe' anything on someone's word, I simply will not dismiss what I see on this site again. But, Robert, you do burst a lot of bubbles. But, as one once said, "Let's have the truth though the heavens fall."

As far as you hating women. Jesus Christ, that claim only proves that white racialist woman are just as Jewified as everyone else. How many times has Frenz placed such a value on motherhood, for example?

Again, keep reading Frenz, and get past his blunt manner. 

Good evening Mr Frenz,

"A few years ago, I bought several books from Vanguard Press and one of them was "The Score". Back then, I put in on the back burner. A few weeks ago you had made reference to it, so I decided to start reading it. I finished chapter  5 and I do not see how anyone can not feel a sense of anger, despair, and helplessness. One wonders how long stuff like this can persist. This explains why the meat in this country is sickening. (I buy organic meat; the kind without hormones and so forth.)
"My father grew up on the farm and around the mid 30's during Roosevelt's term, a bunch of federal thugs came around the farms and slaughtered a bunch of animals under the pretext that they were "sick". I never knew what to make of it. My father said that the government was trying to stop farms from over-producing. My poor father always had a habit of giving the "system", or the government, the benefit of the doubt. How wrong he was!"

Robertsez – In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, in spite of people needing food, FDR's goons were pouring milk down the sewers. It was all about control and people be damned. In spite of having it stuffed up their rumpolas, the great American herd tolerated this degenerate's getting us into an unnecessary war and elected him 4 times!

The 1986 book The Score, by Rudy Stanko, available used for about $25, tells of the jews' heavy handed activity leading to their total control of the meat packing industry which today is filled with Mexican 'cheap labor'. White men need not apply. Did you think Oscar Meyer was White?

If we didn't have buzz words, we'd have little to say, I imagine. A newby is "embedded". It is a requirement that each jews' broadcast contain the word 6 times per 10 minute slot. "Reporter John Blowdry is embedded with the 69th Cavalry Unit in Crotchistan and he's......" I was thinking of embedding a shovel in some TV commentator's (script reader) face. I am trying to see if I can come up with a better choice for my favor other than Tom Brokaw. Whenever my dog Damnit hears his voice, he starts chasing his tail. Who says dogs are dumb?
A war with China? We are still shipping factories and technology to China and admitting them to these shores so they can colonize, buy up real estate, open restaurants, get elected and stuff the universities. Of what advantage would a war do them? It would also be bad for those traitors we refer to as American business men. Besides, many jews are trying to take up residence in China. Are the rats starting to leave the ship?
Prosperity is just around the corner. The problem is that there are no more corners. The employment offices in portions of the northwest are becoming so burdened with calls, relative to unemployment benefits, that they are now rationing telephone calls to these offices. Hey man. Need a job? Why not enlist? You might just get a nice post standing on a dark corner guarding a bunch of non Whites who don't like to be guarded. Unlike Americans, these people can be counted upon to do something about things they don't like.
Sinus of the thymes – The FBIs "wanted" posters are now appearing in many of the nuevo Mejico states only in Spanish. That's the Great White Hopeland, or Arcadia,  in case you are wondering. Whitey, I hope you have your boat ticket to the Canary Islands at the ready.
Since God set things in motion so that the lion would eat the lamb, wouldn't those who work towards having the lion lie down with the lamb, be in confrontation with God and thereby be guilty of heresy? Let's burn them at the steak with mine medium well.
The jackasses next door are having a party for their young boy. In the process of teasing him, while still seated in a highchair, I could hear the boy scream and cry. The parents, plus friends, laughed at this, and continued with the physical teasing. What enjoyment it must be to see your own child in obvious misery. These types should be offered the choice of being introduced to a surgeon's scalpel or a dandy bullet. Where do these shitheads all come from anyway?
Several have asked about the mysterous "Planet X", according to some sources, the facts of which are hidden from the public so as not to create panic. This 10th planet is supposed to zip near earth sometime in the May 15-30 peroid of 2003. (I can harly wait so I can get drunk.) This close encounter of the 10th kind is supposed to cause volcanoes to errupt, tidal waves to rush to and fro, plus a whole bunch of other unpleasantries. It'll be the end of 95% of us and all that was built. I do hope the animals survive as they appear to be the only life form, other than plants, which are deserving of populating this planet.

Let's suppose that ZOG is covering this up and it will predictably happen. Then why would they bother massacring Iraqis and celebrate the limbs blown off children and the destruction of some of the world's most beautiful architecture? Wouldn't they take the time to "party" – to phase out in a series of drunken sprees and multiple orgasms? If the population, once informed, stopped paying on their mortgages, of what difference would it be to the banks after May 30? If you truly believed that you'd only live one month more, what would you really do? Buy more stocks? Plant a garden? Look around for another house? Plan next year's vacation? Would you panic over something which no one could control, or have one hellova binge?

This reminds me of a story told me by my older sister, then manager of a bank. A young couple came in and borrowed every dime they could. Their religious cult was under the impression Jeeesus was a coming and they'd be among the 144,000 whisked off into the welkin of gold-paved streets. They had a vacation blast fully believing that Jeeesus would not require them to pay back the loans. October 31 came and went and all remained quiet on the banker's front. The two nitwits spent many, many months paying for their foolishness.

As for myself, I will not bother writing my epitaph. I'll leave that to Barbara, the always willing.

Dear Mr. Frenz – "A favourite propaganda technique is to show a child doing what 'adults ought to be doing'.  We've seen these before.  The group of black, white, and miscellaneous children playing in a daycare with the words "They don't see any differences".  Another popular one was used for the Iraq campaign.  The priceless shot of a 3 year old Iraqi girl waving an American flag.  No, the kids don't see any differences – just like with a bottle of coke and a bottle of bleach.

"These are so idiotic that you have to wonder if they can actually fool anyone.  Of course, if they didn't accomplish that purpose, then something else would be used.  So who falls for this crap?  It obviously isn't an attack at the intellectual level.  So that leaves...

"Women.  Robert, I wish people could just THINK for a minute about what you're saying about them.  It's also funny how people will completely zero in on what you say about women and ignore the bigger picture.  For every 1 thing you say about women, there are 5 you say about men.

"Maybe you can put this better.  I gathered it from many different sources with FAEM among them. Basically, it's like this:

"Human beings are not designed for civilization.  Humans still display many of the behaviours and emotional responses of their tree-swinging cousins. That civilization could arise is the result of our putting aside some primitive drives and exercising the intellect.  As we can see however, the drive to procreate as often as possible and with anything in sight is still kicking as strongly as ever.  The concept of race has no meaning at the level at which these drives operate.  By our observations we can see that
these drives are still more powerfully manifested in females.  Other than because it doesn't sound pleasing to the pride, why the hell wouldn't it be so?  Thus, a large part of maintaining civilization consists of keeping these primitive drives (be they male or female) in check.  There is nothing in the big book of the universe that says civilization or racial purity must necessarily exist.  A brown and crowded planet is life too, but only high quality life ever stands a chance of reaching the stars.

"I'm actually trying to say something much bigger, but I'm no Oliver or Yockey.  It's the best I can do when I put together all the anecdotes and bits of wisdom and say 'All right, what does it all mean?'"

Robertsez – Any so-called adult which uses the behavior, and ignorance, of a child as a pattern for adult behavior is well beyond the pale of intelligence. As I write this, the dim-witted female next door – the corking companion of a real knuckle-dragger – is cooing like a pigeon to her 1½ old son and still doing the ridiculous 'baby-talk' routine – goo, goo, wheee, kitchy, kitchy, hoeee, da, da..... A growing infant is doing its best to imitate the language and when women do this shit, it actually impedes the child's learning how to speak properly. Their job is to bring the child up and turn it into a responsible adult by the time it reaches 18-20. It's not a f---ing toy to be amused by or to amuse. That's why dad needs to supervise the operation as far too many  females left to themselves appear to regress to when they were infants.

I am no Oliver nor Yockey either and what you say is very aptly put. It's a sad commentary but 90% of any population simply cannot operate in peace and cooperation, for mutual benefit, without the heavy club of authority reminding them to behave. Appealing to their better judgment does not work. There is enough damning evidence as to the deleterious effects of swilling down carbonated beverages as if one's thirst had no bounds, but informing the public of this would have little effect since they operate in this case purely on what feels (tastes) good. The beverage industry has no stake in the population's general health. It's profit uber Alles.

Soon, the provisions of the Patriot Act II, will be made available. If you think your ass is in danger now, then hang on to your gonads. If you loved Uncle Jew Stalin, then you'll love what the Zionist hawgs have in store for you. The Constitution, now gasping its last, will be a goner in the coming Orwellian nightmare. Of course, the sheeple will welcome it as the only means of having "security" and "being safe" – oooh, ooh, whine, whimper, I needs to feel safe, boo hoo. But, as usual, people with their heads up their asses don't seem to learn that the "security" will be to protect ZOG, not them, against dissidents who think freedom means more than a full stomach, access to drugs, something to screw, and niggerball. They want all guns confiscated. Surprise. Surprise. Dawh... weez gots da Second Amendment. Hah! It's ZOG who will be enforcing the rules, not the Constitution. The deed to your property won't mean diddlysquat if the boys with the tanks and flame-throwers want it.
 "Just wanted to point out that merely being able to produce offspring between two similar mammals does not make them the same species. Take camelids for example. Camels (Camelus dromedarius) and Llamas (Lama guanicoe), two distinct species separated by over ELEVEN MILLION years of evolution (the separation time of dromedaries and guanacos) are reproductively compatible and can be cross bred into a new camelid currently called a cama, lamel, or some other cute name depending on the writer. Doesn't that blow the tired and overused argument out of the water that “because we can procreate with them they must be the same as us?

"Although the products are infertile due to failure to pair homologous chromosomes from the two parental species during meiosis.  Too bad hybrid humans aren't infertile, that would solve our problem.

"Another point, a quote:

"....Breeds of dogs can not be distinguished from each other by any known anatomical attribute or even biochemical genetic test, including DNA fingerprinting. Since a given breed of dog can not be defined by any scientific means currently known, our contention is that it is not possible to write any ordinance or law that would single them out for special treatment since they cannot be so defined in a legal sense.

"So dogs and dog breeds don't exist, they're just social constructs. LOL  I want to see Affirmative Action for Chihuahuas as police dogs, as it's discriminatory and hateful."

Robertsez – "Species", etc., are LABELS and LABELS cannot be used to prove anything. (I'm a Ph.D. Therefore I am smarter than you! Ph.D. is a LABEL.) Evolution is a THEORY, not a fact. Here again – and I am not criticizing the fellow who sent this in for his points are well taken – the whole topic of biology falls over itself. It's contradictory when it's not a taxonomy. "Eleven million years"? Even this is based on theory, and the idiotic ASSUMPTION that the C12and C14 interchange has remained CONSTANT over the ages. How would one PROVE that? Hint: He can't.

Now, to say that one cannot tell a Dalmatian from a Collie because of some silly DNA stuff, which I personally doubt, is to toss insult upon one's senses and ability to think. Moreover, the remark "a given breed of dog can not be defined by any scientific means currently known", appears ludicrous. What 'scientific means'? Do you mean my sight, touch, hearing and nose aren't scientific'?

It seems that very form of life on the planet can tell what's what without any "analysis" save the addlepated honkey who cannot tell shit without a laboratory analytical report. It's little wonder the jews have managed to get us into so much doo-doo. Our heads are up our asses. Are we really fit to survive any longer? Niggers aren't us! Period. Period and more period.

My grandfather could tell what a cow was eating by the taste of its milk. He never once saw the inside of a laboratory nor knew one "scientist". Amazing what God gave us to work with, isn't it? It's time you discarded all of the Marxist bullcrap you valued as "education" and started to think again.

BTW. Related topics have been covered before on FAEM. One would do well to read EVERYTHING on this site. I am sure that those who view me as a "woman hater", etc. have never done so.

There he was! Kinky black hair, a nose which looked like discarded potato, and eyelids last seen on a rattlesnake. What was he doing? He was telling his goyim serfs what America was all about. The context was "our American troops" which consisted of non-citizens, feminists, darkies, not so darkies, plus others, which composed the righteous victors in this cosmic battle against evil – which means anyone the jews don't like. I have often wondered, "How can there be a real war since niggerball goes on uninterrupted?"
Our little clutch of mischievous young men had the privilege of enjoying Jack's varied stories, nearly all which were false. Some were humorous and others not so, but all considered them as entertainment and questions never arose. This is certainly a very practical activity when one is confronted by a barrage of falsehoods even though the possibility exists that some statements might be true.

I waste no time, nor emotion, relative to the "news" farted forth by the jew-owned media, nor would I tax my mind trying to "analyze" the current arrangement of horseballs on the pile. The difference between CNN and NBC lies only in the different bad breath of their script readers. Anyone foolish enough to consume his time processing garbage, is someone who could be sold a map to a fountain of youth. Dan Rather, like UU Bush, reads whatever crap the jews write for him. The difference between those two fellows is that, under the proper circumstance, Dan just might be capable of thought.

The TV series, The Western Tradition, is sponsored by a collection of Malbergs, Weinfarbs, Crudsteins and Pilebaums. Right away one could wonder how unbiased this account would be or how objective. It was interesting for me to listen to Eugen Weber, the narrator, because he had a wry sense of humor plus a fresh take on recorded events (history) of which we have no way of verifying whether they were accurate or not. History experts are not far removed from archeologists. One gawks at paper and the other, rocks and bones, all dusty items form a past long gone and not remembered.

All went fine, even the details of Stalin's slaughters, and the jew takeover of Russia, until the topic of – yas! you gassed it! The Third Reich. From that point on, the tired images of corpses, and distortions which can be demonstrated since there are still a few people left alive who lived though that period which were not from the tribe of the forever gassed. Hitler was on his way to conquering India after his legions swept past Egypt, so says Weber. Why did he stop and turn the tide of German victories? He turned on his ally – partner in crime – jew Stalin, and invaded Russia. No reason for this was given but anyone with a brain not turned to stone by the Marxist schools, could research the topic of the intended Soviet invasion of Europe.

Yes, dear wonderer, Weber is a jew. His name might not reveal that but the negro kink in his hair did not escape me, nor did those other subtle characteristics.

Request – If you are asking a question then it would be nice if the return address was valid.
Why is it people will spend billions to "cure" some health problem but hardly think a second over developing people which can naturally resist diseases? If zippers were controlled, STD would disappear. We develop disease resistant plants and animals, for our purposes, yet encourage mating practices among ourselves which guarantee that each successive generation is a poorer specimen than the previous. Disharmonic ugliness is on the increase as well as stupidity. We can war with Nature all we want, but Nature will have a say, at a time of her choosing. The Renaissance followed the Black Death which rid the planet of tens of thousands of bottom-feeders – Untermenschen – thus changing favorably the ratio of problem solvers to problem makers.
In regard to the fun and games over yonder in Iraq, Maguire has this to say —

There are tried and true measures for controlling conquered cities and their populations.  Dusk to dawn curfews, sector isolation of different neighborhoods by means of barricades and checkpoints at key avenues and intersections, "no go zones", "looters will be shot" and instant impressment of the local civil and police administration under military control are some of these measures.  ZOG did none of this.

ZOG preferred to televise scenes of self-inflicted Iraqi pillage and rapine occurring while ZOG troops were standing by under orders not to intervene.  This served a number of useful objectives.  First, it distracted attention from the rising tide of reports of lawlessness, looting, shooting (and doubtless rapine if our negro troops' previous performances mean anything) among ZOG-USA's own troops.  The local Iraqis simply drowned it out with larger size and scale.  Second, it 'proved' the need for a long-term military occupation to 'restore order' to every Judeo-Goy idiot who accepts televitz as being Gospel.

The Department of Defense has enough recent experience from Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan to understand what was guaranteed to occur (absent proactive preventative measures) in Baghdad and other Iraqi urban areas upon 'regime overthrow'.   In other words, General Franks (also the Afghan CinC) and his staff cannot plead ignorance or lack of experience resulting in 'surprise' by events that could not be reasonably anticipated by any half-way competent general staff.

And despite our polemics they have at least a half-way competent general staff at work.  Incompetent general staffs do not defeat enemies that outnumber them by 3-1 and more.

Under the White Man's Geneva Conventions these actions were required by the USA (or ZOG) as being the "Protecting Power".  This means ZOG-USA occupies Iraq and is therefore now responsible for its population and their governance.  Now these "Geneva Conventions" are White Man treaty Laws of War, which were largely suspended by the victorious allies early in 1945 prior to the Nuremberg Trials (themselves a violation of Geneva).  Or in Russia's case they were suspended in November, 1917 when the Judeo-Bolsheviks denounced all treaties made by the white Czars with other white men.

Dear FAEM –

"It's interesting to me that Americans of German, Czech or other non-British origin are considered fifth columnists or traitors if they express pride in their cultural heritage. Yet a president subordinating U.S. interests to Britain's, or a jew selling them out to Israel, or a mestizo celebrating Cinco de Mayo are all "patriotic Americans." I note also that there are some Brit expats in my area. They seem to regard people of Germanic origin with contempt and disdain or regard them as niggers or lower forms of life, whereas they regard actual niggers and mestizos as their equals and friends. It makes me believe that there would have been a ZOG even if no jews had ever existed at all. I guess if I speak Chinese or I'm called Juan de Goto, I'm a real "Merican" But if I eat Paczkis, drink Bitburger Pils and eat smoked pork ribs and sauerkraut, I'm a damn foreigner and should be killed or deported at once for high treason. But then, being White is ALMOST a crime, and IS an act of treason in ZOG's eyes."

Robertsez – The attack on anything Germanic is only a beach head. This jews' war will be extended to ALL White people including those ahole Brits you mentioned. It's quite ironic since any muds I have listened to classify jews as gringos, and thereby fit to be eliminated when power is in their hands. Jews are not one of them and the Chinese take a similar view. If you've seen the video, The Sweet Jew, you can fully expect hymie to come crying to Whitey when he has no more place to hide. Technology has allowed the jew to plunder to a heretofore unknown degree. This will result in "anti-Semitism" mounting to a hurricane. It will remain to be seen how many gullible goyim will go down with the jew acting as his defense.

Jews despise goyim and it makes no difference whether you kiss their ass, or not. Being nice to niggers also does not erase their natural, and deep felt, hatred for Whitey as many White sluts have found to their dismay. Zündel irritated the jews and then tried to back track. It made no difference, the word went out to nail his nuts to a board. If you write, or say, anything which the jews don't like, you are on their list and no amount of apology will erase that mark.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.