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28 July 2001
Dangerous White Male! (Courtesy tsun@nacs.net)

I am a Dangerous White Male! I made $631 dollars today, working my own plan. I followed no orders, bought no license;  paid no tax; and took no shit. I produced $912 worth of product and service. To accomplish that, I paid one helper $100 in wages and I bought (consumed) $180 in other people's goods. I'd say that makes me a net producer, rather than a consumer. It also makes me a Dangerous White Male!

I am a Dangerous White Male. Today I dealt with an ex convict; a wealthy business owner; a police bureaucrat; a big-time realtor; the wife of an engineer; the wife of a big-time lawyer; two warehousemen; seven Negroes; a large-breasted White girl behind a lunch counter (she smiled at me); a bank teller; a long-haired White wigger anthropologist  (maybe he was too articulate to be called a wigger); two Asians; one toddler;  and four or five Jews. I looked them all right in the eye as I spoke my piece; asked my question; or did my thing. I treated them as equals, neither lording it over them nor crouching with cap in hand. I am a Dangerous White Male.

I am a Dangerous White Male! My working day began at 10:00 A.M and ended at 8:00 P.M. I took three calls. I set up my helper on a home improvement job.  I typed two proposals and a reference sheet. I surfed the net. I supervised my helper on the job. I picked up $2400 in checks from jobs already completed. I arranged to pick up $140 in check for another completed job. I went to the bank. I dropped off two proposals and presented one of them to a client. I dropped off a reference sheet. I closed a deal. I stopped for lunch. I supervised my helper on the job. I filled my gas tank. I bought a gutter. I hung a gutter (I tore down the old gutter first). I supervised my helper on the job. I helped clean up the jobsite. I sold another deal to the client there ($435 and I'll make $280). I put away my things and went home for dinner. I am a Dangerous White Male.

I am a Dangerous White Male. I do things my way and my word is my bond. I am not money-oriented, but when I work I make sure I earn plenty of it. My thoughts are my own; I sell my mind to no one. I am never too tired, or too burned out to think and I think very well. I think a lot! Today I thought about whether each of the women I met was qualified to vote. I thought about where each of the Negroes I met might be placed on the Bell Curve. I thought about whether each of the Jews I met was really cleaver or was only pretending. (One was cleaver, the others were pretending). I thought about how the long-haired articulate White wigger Anthropologist would answer the following question: “Quick! Tell me your first impression: A group of Angry White Men is setting up an organization to empower themselves; defend their rights; get better jobs; and prevent “certain others” from locking them into crappy work or squeezing them out of the workplace all together!” Would he respond, “Bunch of Racist Haters,” or would he say, “Trade Union?”  I thought about why we need an “Income Tax.” Instead of charging productive people a large percentage of what they make, shouldn't we be giving them a government bonus based upon their productivity?

I thought about why I will not join the political organizations: I answer to no one and my decisions must be made quickly – at the speed of thought. My plans change and evolve as fast as new data impact upon my senses. I thought about what would happen if I could teach a few (or maybe even a great many) other White males how to operate as I do, while I also taught them this and this and some of this. Would the nice folks working for the ZOG be forced to close up shop, turn tail and run? Or would they merely kill me for my troubles? I thought about whether the answer to that question would have any effect upon my actions. I decided not to worry. I decided that they would never realize who I was or what I was up to. You see, I look rather dumb and real innocuous. Nobody who saw me would ever believe I could do all the things listed above. Not all in one day! Few of the strangers with whom I cross paths remember my face for more than a moment – if they notice me at all. Most people searching for heroes or rebels look for someone who resembles a Hollywood actor, a rock star, or some other piece of useless fluff. But I am a Dangerous White Male and I just don't look like that!

During the last century, there were 2 World Wars to Kill White People. That was 2 too many.
Is ZOG getting ready
for Vietnam II, in Columbia, as Eric predicted nearly 2 years ago? It'll be a gasser if it comes about. Dysfunctional U.S. troops vs. murderous muds and over what? Another phony "war on drugs" where the top honchos are making their money? It's  a merry-go-'round, Greta. Just sit back and watch the fun.

I suggest an immediate dissolution of all borders. This would make the copulating diversity crowd happy and the Colombians could then freely come here. That would save all of those travel expenses involved in shipping our troops to South America. It would also be good for the agriculture business. Screw the potatoes. Plant  coca (Erythroxylum coca). The nigs who peddle the stuff wouldn't have to pay those high shipping costs. This would drive the price down and ease competition. Thus, drug related killings would slow. Then, police departments would have to lay off people and the economy would slide. But who cares anyway when you are high on whatever?

Every once in a while I become enlightened. One critic continually accuses me of using 'pseudo-science' in my arguments. I was perplexed by this and pondered the accusations until my ice cream melted. At last. The dawn! Real science is when you read it in a book, see it on TV or memorized something which will appear on a quiz.. Pseudo-science is when you figure it out for yourself.

This sort of thing often appears in court room trials where the judge openly admits that he doesn't know dog doo-doo from fudge. That's why he needs "experts" to testify on matters. If a cross-eyed Ph.D., high on crack, gets lost traveling to the witness chair, he will be recognized as an "expert" and whatever he says will be received as if God Himself uttered them. If he says that 2 + 2 = 6 and you pop up as a non-expert and use your fingers to demonstrate that 2 + 2 = 4, what you say will have no effect since you are recognized only as a dumb frump.

At the David Irving trial in far away limey land, statements claiming that an average human body can be cremated with 3.5 Kg of coke, was allowed as 'fact'. The composition of the human body is well known as well as the heat energy supplied by burning coke. Also, the heat energy it takes to burn body tissues is also described in chemistry handbooks. The calories required to raise the temperature of water and then transform water at the boiling to vapor, is documented as well. If you cannot find all of this, then the free energy values are available and you can calculate it yourself. Caution – when given in metric, that is, Kg-cal per gm., the degree is Centigrade (Celsius) while the BTU/pound figures mean degrees Fahrenheit. If you believe that an average body can be cremated using only 35. Kg. of coke, then I suspect you also believe in phlogiston, the Tooth Fairy, 'mirror' universes and vibrating vacuums. YET, that is – YET!!!! the court accepted this preposterous bit of "holocaust" crap AS TRUTH! In a realistic sense, old Dave had the deck stacked against him anyway. He was marked for slaughter even before the judge drank his kosher tea. So, be careful you young white men. They are just waiting to balloon your parking ticket into a hate crime.

By the way, if your calculator comes up with the same numbers as mine, then this figuring is obviously pseudo-science.

White fight or white flight? We all know what flight means – skedaddle. But when?

Barbara and I went on a picnic. Just about the time the last box was placed on the blanket, she was hit by a raindrop. Immediately she wanted to terminate the affair even though I pointed out that the only cloud in the sky was a very small one directly over. It would soon pass. Having silently made up my mind never to see this beautiful spineless girl again, I complied and the sojourn ended.

One can be hit by a single drop and if he looks to the heavens, he might well see very large and very black clouds amassing in the direction from which the rising wind was coming. That would be the time to cut and run for only a fool "fights' where no promise of a gain would be forthcoming.

A single wognog moving into one's neighborhood is not reason to look for something else out in the boonies. I have experienced this on many occasions and my wait was rewarded by the fact that most of the 'block busters' ended up delinquent in mortgage payments or utility bills. They left. Now, if the neighborhood shows a tend towards looking like Harlem; niglettes begin to graze on your lawn; and things not nailed down start to disappear, then it's the time to rent a few U-Hauls.

One certainly should bail out the hold when a chance of saving the ship is still a possibility. This is what all mariners do until the Captain sounds the bell and shouts, "Man the boats!" There's a distinct difference between fighting and committing suicide.

Like Gulliver, the young white male is trussed like a turkey on its way to the oven. Most of them WANT TO FIGHT and by that I mean using everything at their disposal to rid themselves of the ape plague which is consuming everything in its path. Sure, they are surrounded by hundreds who encourage them to "fight" but offer NO ASSISTANCE whatsoever. What these sorry bystanding specimens want is for you to risk your job, family and life, so that THEY might gain. (Have you seen Cool Hand Luke, in this regard?) Astute young men KNOW that they are surrounded by many who cheer them on but deep in their hearts they know that these are not comrades. They are not trustworthy and untrustworthy people are friends of no one save themselves, and even that is often dubious. Trust no blow hard – those who revel in their version of "kick ass". The next time someone suggests that it'd be a good idea to break the law, ask him if that if is such a good idea then why doesn't he do it. Remember the silly grammar school taunts like, "I double dare you to throw chalk at the teacher." One might then feel obligated to do so lest he be considered a 'coward'. Like the actor Chief Dan George said to the hawker, in The Outlaw Josey Wales, when asked to buy some snake oil remedy, "You drink it." See this finger? Rotate.

At the present time, a time which will not last much longer, there is nothing to be gained by defining "fight" as some illegal action no matter how spectacular it might appear on talmudvision.. Waiting is frustrating, I know, but keep your eye on the gathering clouds and find some humor therein. To be a good fighter, you must first be prepared and you do this by learning, teaching others, contemplating and keeping a very low profile. Do not endanger your job or anything else. Confront Marxist ideas only when it serves a purpose and not be grounds for some red canning you or tossing you out of school. Be a teacher for those who appear receptive to your positions. Encourage them to visit the FAEM site and all other sites which have a white message. Form loose groups if you are fortunate to know anyone who cares about the future of this country. Not many do and that's why we often become extremely discouraged but never forget that you are a white man and white people have ALWAYS fought against vastly superior numbers. In the end, they always prevailed.

Fighting for our cause covers everything from being an honest worker to being the head of a substantial family. It means having the tenacity to retain white values and exhibit white behavior even if you are alone in a crowd of one thousand skraelings. Once you become one of them, you have committed spiritual suicide. No commander sends troops into battle unless they are prepared. In this stage of the revolution, little can be done beyond preparing ourselves. That's all a part of the fight. Reread Eric's, What Can We Do?

Recently we have heard good intentioned white people claiming "the federal government has lost its sovereignty" and then arguing on that basis for a series of actions by white citizens.  We've heard others worrying the federal government is ceding its sovereignty to the United Nations or other external groups.  Both of these events are theoretical and practical impossibilities.  The federal government can neither lose or delegate something it never had.  The true state of affairs in the United States of America was long ago explained by James Madison when he said, "In the United States the case is altogether different. The People, not the Government, possess the absolute sovereignty."

Another clear point of Constitutional practice is that illegal usurpations committed by corrupt cliques of traitors do not acquire Constitutional authority even by long usage sustained by force majeure.  This even applies to certain so-called 'Constitutional Amendments'.  A series of these were not 'ratified' by freely elected state legislatures expressing the true will of their Sovereign People.  They were ratified by puppet Federal Occupation Governments (FOGs) at the point of federal bayonets.  It is not we who must perpetually suffer from such High Crimes, Misdemeanors and violence to Constitutional procedure.   It is the perpetrators of these acts, their willing successors and co-profiteers who must live in dread of inevitably being brought before the bar of the People's Justice to give an accounting for their deeds.

The Founding Fathers also clearly foresaw that a time might arise when unConstitutional tyranny imposed by illegitimate government would appear in the United States.  A core principle of FAEM is that this situation has already come to pass and has fully blossomed.

What then to do now?  In the Bill of Rights the Founding Fathers added a series of mechanisms specifically designed for the present day which they long ago foresaw as a possibility.  The most important of these were mechanisms were enshrined in the First and Second Amendments.  God has not given to everyone equal talents of speech or of writing.  But each does have the ability  to point out to their fellows, writings that do highlight the present emergency.  The ultimate purpose of the First Amendment (read Madison's writings) was not to secure sodomites the right to molest children or aliens to propagate strange religions unknown to our forefathers.  The purpose was to secure the Sovereign People the necessary facilities to reform a legitimate national authority in the event of illegitimate and alien usurpations occurring in the physical real estate of the federal government.

Of equal importance is the Second Amendment.  Some claim it secures the people the right to bear arms.  Others claim it only applies to the 'militia'.  Both proponents are correct because every white citizen is a member of the Unorganized Militia (this doesn't mean start sending money to illegitimate leaders lacking  authority from a legitimate national government).  It does mean you ARE a militiaman whether you like it or not.   Since the Amendment securing women's suffrage was Constitutionally ratified, this same duty of citizen's membership in the militia was automatically extended to women.

The current question is, are you fit for militia service?  Are you fit physically, materially, mentally, morally and spiritually?  Again, make no mistake on the ultimate purpose of the Second Amendment.  The purpose of this clause is not to secure Elmer Fudd the facility to easily hunt down and destroy Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.  The purpose was to create a mechanism for the Sovereign People to hunt down and destroy would-be tyrants and internationally-minded traitors AFTER the Sovereign People reformed legitimate civil authority using their First Amendment powers.

So on the question of "what is to be done now" our answer is this.  "Use the First Amendment for its true purpose of reforming a legitimate national government.  Meanwhile fit yourself for service as a militiaman in the the armies that that government, once reformed, will certainly call forth to deal with the present ultimate national crisis."


A fellow writes, "I like your website very much.  The writings are very thought provoking ..." Yes! That's what we are all about. We make mistakes and many opinions might appear odd, but we are not out to sell a party line. Whether we agree or not, is beside the point. If what appears on these pages shifts your brain into overdrive, then we've accomplished our purpose for only THINKING people will be able to change anything. Parrots forever are bounded by their cages. That might be safer but is sure is dull.
Yes, I criticize people's favorite gurus if I feel they are putting chaff in the oats. There are some warning indicators which should go "wooee, wooee, wup, wup wup... dive, dive, dive" in your brain every time to hear them: (1) Anyone who yaps about 'liberals' and 'conservatives'. (2) Anyone who thinks there are important differences between Republicans and Democrats. (3) Anyone who calls Nazis 'fascists' or uses fascist as a blanket term for people he doesn't like. (4) Anyone who thinks better teachers will straighten out our public schools. (5) Anyone who asks you to send them money so they can tell you to do things they wouldn't do themselves. (6) Anyone who tries to sell you the idea that a BIOLOGICAL problem – racial problems are biological – can be cured without ever bring up the topic of biology. (7)  Anyone who says spending more money will cure the U.S. military's manpower, equipment and combat readiness deficiencies.  (8)  Anyone who tells you that 'Arab terrorists' are a significant threat to white people living outside of areas with large Jewish populations.  (9)  Anyone who thinks the Department of Defense has anything to do with defending white America.  (10) Anyone who keeps saying Russia is a grave danger to America.  (11)  Anyone who believes the Central Intelligence Agency's principle task is collecting information for the U.S. Government. (12)  Anyone who thinks the Drug Enforcement Agency is not an industry regulatory group like the Federal Trade Commission. (13)  Anyone who says 9mm is an effective pistol caliber or believes the military and police  adopted this caliber for any reason other than the average woman's inability to control more powerful pistols.  (14) Anyone who claims real soldiers can be trained in three months.  (15)  Anyone who says that women soldiers don't reduce a combat unit's effectiveness.  (16) Anyone who believes the biennial Republican accusations of low combat readiness in selected military units results in improved combat readiness.  (17)  Anyone who believes a standing army of mercenaries will fight to the death defending their employers.  (18)  Anyone who says the southern border with Mexico is too long to effectively seal off.  (19)  Anyone who thinks semi-automatic rifles are superior to a 12 gauge pump action shotgun and double ought buckshot for home defense against criminals.  (20)  Anyone who does not understand that the typical wood frame house wall will not stop rifle bullets.  (21)  Anyone who believes long range aimed rifle fire is militarily obsolete.  (22)  Anyone who thinks technical impossibility is the reason the Army never issued effective body armor.  (23)  Anyone who recommends joining the Army to 'learn how to fight' or thinks modern Army basic training will keep you alive in Cuidad Juarez longer than 15 minutes. (24)  Anyone who doesn't understand that (a) negro sergeants will endlessly try to seduce your daughter with a variety of pressures if you are stupid enough to allow her or encourage her to enlist in the modern U.S. military, (b) no one in authority in the federal government will do anything effective to prevent it and (c) the drill sergeant scandals at Fort Jackson didn't even slow this activity down.  All that stopped were government efforts to investigate it after incoming accusations threatened to swamp the entire Department of Defense.

No other animal on the face of this diseased planet makes more extensive use of tools than do the humminoids. In fact, some humminoids devise ways to change one substance into another and thus invent new ways to manipulate their environment. Chemistry is so pervasive that many no longer think about it as they no longer think about such things as what happens when electricity goes thud. Thus, the way we set ourselves apart from the reset of the animal kingdom, is not by counting the number of dwarfs some moron can stomp on – Chuck Norris comes to mind – nor by how fast one can run, or climb up banana trees, for that matter. Sports are by nature contests of animal traits and the more animal-like a society becomes, the greater its interest in sports. I'll leave the intangible "soul" difference to those who fasten their parasitic mandibles onto societies.

Of all the races, the white man evidences this non-animal characteristic of rearranging, and indeed transmuting, nature's elements and substances virtually without restriction. It is this characteristic which not only sets white men apart from all other animal life but from other races as well. This superiority is so pronounced than one has to wonder why anyone with sound mind would ever question it. Here then, we have an observable superiority based upon race – a racist declaration, if you will. If you can acknowledge this and you are a member of the white race, then inescapably, you are a racist. What is remarkably puzzling is why so many white people spend so much time denying this fact. "I ain't no racist," is one of our more popular bits of sniveling. It's tantamount to claiming, "I ain't no white man." Any group of people, white people in this case, which denies fact as a way of life, is a group not long for this planet for Nature abhors idiots (that's why we spend so much time and money tying to 'safetyize' the world for them by fighting Nature). Nature soon erases any chipmunk who fails to act like a chipmunk.

"Are boys the weaker sex? Science says yes. But society is trying to deal with male handicaps." With those words, U.S. News & World Report opens this week's cover story on boys. The story is a case study in the pseudo-science, media bias, and general silliness that nowadays passes for knowledge about the differences between the sexes.

The U.S. News cover story, written by Anna Mulrine, can't quite decide whether boys and girls need to be raised androgynously (dolls for boys and chain saws for girls) or educated separately. But in either case, as far as Mulrine is concerned, masculinity itself is the problem.  "Little boys are stressed-out, sensitive creatures whose problems originate in their failure to vent their emotions like girls. On top of that, boy brains develop slowly – so slowly that society ought to consider forcing boys to enter school at a later age than girls, just to compensate for their mental "handicap."

* * * *
I won't include the rest of the article nor spend much time on such drivel. I taught in segregated boys'/girls' schools for 20 years and in coed schools for nearly 10. Boys and girls are different by virtue of biology. They are complementary (notice the spelling) in a biological sense. Unfortunately, most of the practitioners of Marxist education are feminists and faggots and most are not happy with males being males. They try to drug young boys with Prosaic, so as to erase their natural energy which they dub 'hyperactivity'. Remember the ugly broad Carrie Chapman who went into bar rooms, with a gaggle of her equally ugly sympathetic hens, simply because they couldn't stand having mens' clubs in the community. In those days, bars were where men smoked and swore and generally behaved as men. No women were allowed. One thing that is evident about ALL of these feminist types – they bellow and stomp but when their asses really get into hot water, they are the first to holler for masculine help. A pathetic type has always been the female who thinks she can wear a jock strap.

At the boys school, where I taught, the faculty was all male and boys were allowed to be boys. Academically, they surpassed all coed schools as did the girls at the all girls school where I taught. I was the only male – a token to prove 'equality', I suppose. Needles to say, these young ladies were far more substantial in character than any I met from mixed schools. This observation was utilized when it came time for our daughter to enter school. The 'home schooling' route was out, not because of the malarkey about 'social adjustment' but because I had no way of financing a chemistry and physics laboratory. Teaching chemistry without a test tube is like swimming without water.

Yes, boys are more sensitive and that's why the most profound poetry and music always have "male" inscribed on their content. The culture destroyers assume that it is easier to f--- up the mind of a male than a female and that females can be more easily manipulated by propaganda relative to babies, children, the weak and the poor. The first thrust of the Marxists was, and still is, directed at the female. Once sucked into this sewer, the females were then directed to compete 'equally' with the male – with preferential treatment for their female attributes, of course. Men often settled their minor differences with a "belt to the mouth". Note that women wanted to be treated equally, instead of their previous privileged position. Some men now settle their minor differences with their wives with a "belt to the mouth." This is called "physical abuse". Yes ladies, "equality" with rules skewed in your favor. Such a deal. Anyway, I am pleased to add that not all women buy this Marxist crap.

The most devastating environment for any young boy is one where there IS NO FATHER. Here I do not mean a set of revolving "uncles" which relieve mom's crotch twitches and are "fatherly" to the boy because that's part of the payment to the whore this young kid is saddled with for a mother. These women will continue to tell you how they are putting their child's interests first, but their behavior gives lie to that. My father detested such types and so do I. Not because of  the whore behavior, for diseased whores faze me not, but because of the MASSIVE psychological damage they do to their sons while they delude themselves into believing that a crotch driven woman can be a substitute for the male presence.

One of my sisters lost her husband while her 3 children were quite young. For over 2 years, and to her lasting credit, she never dated nor entertained one man in her home. Her goal was a simple one: to find a man suitable to be a father to her children. She found one. John must have been sent by the gods for a finer man would be very hard to find.

If I had a magic wand, I'd give to all of those boys out there – those suffering from the lack of a true family – a home which is more than a way station for two nitwit adults, calling themselves parents, to eat, drink and satisfy their gonads. Alas, I have no such power and I therefore sympathize with such young men for the world wide assault is directed against them, and their lack of substantial home has rendered them nearly weaponless. Their struggle will be immense, if we intend to survive as a people.

Tried to listen a bit to the Hal Turner Internet Radio Show. I couldn't call in since the computer was using the phone line. I don't have a phone for every ear. The presence of "net congestion", and general thuds, together with erratic pitch and volume changes, was enough for me to pull the plug on such new technology.

Either Hal is ignorant, which I doubt, or he's putting people on. He lends an appearance of being naive on far too many issues.

Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Hal seems to think that if the ape which runs that zoo is replaced by a 'better' ape, whatever that means, then peace and prosperity would reign until heaven melts down. I wish this fellow would read Eric's articles – he lived in Rhodesia for years – and learn that ALL black 'nations' were never food exporters. In fact they could hardly manage to feed themselves. Then in came whitey with his brains and technology and turned those countries into food exporting ones. Rhodesia, in 1890, had about 700,000 blacks but the WE FEED – THEY BREED mechanism caused that population to reach about 9,000,000 in only a few decades. Take away the whites and you will have one hellova big batch of savages who, because they are black – genes, you know – are dropping back into pre 1890 conditions and without white intervention, the mess will be a large one and those stupid honkies who believed that "our blacks are different" will be exterminated. You can take that to the bank.

Schools (education). Lots of folderol about failures, etc., with the usually wishful thinking that "better" schools will change morons into average people. You cannot carry water in a sieve. You cannot teach penguins how to fly. Our school system has failed because the feminized dunderheads who run the system want to believe that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Once niglettes were crammed into functioning schools, the road to collapse was not long in coming. Spiclettes are coming in by the swarm but that won't help much even though most of them are about 8 IQ points smarter than Congoids. This has been so extensively discussed on FAEM that perhaps someone could convince Hal that he should spend more time studying and less time blabbing. Why not call in and give FAEM a plug as an educational tool he could use more often than he does.

Some of callers also need a good dose of reality and could use more backbone. One belcher complained mostly about racial issues and then qualified himself, "I ain't no racist." P.C. to the end. Shrewdly, Hal says he's been called a "racist" but yet has to commit himself. Is he or isn't he? Why not call and ask him? He agrees that racism is tied to the idea of superiority but inferior and superior have no meaning unless parameters are named. God CREATED man in His IMAGE. Doesn't it logically follow that what was created was also a CREATOR? Isn't an image a duplicate? The ONLY RACE which CREATES is the white race. The rest copy as the Chinese are efficiently doing all over our country from university to corporation. Thus, there is no doubt in my mind that based upon creativity, the white race is paramount. If this be racism, then full steam ahead. You have nothing to lose but our heads – if we fail to win this cosmic war.

Call Hal. Email him. Do whatever it takes to get HIM TO COMMIT himself publicly, other than fart about "free speech" and call names. Otherwise, I believe he is playing his audience as if it were a violin, and for personal purposes.

Before Bushyhead II was elected, Eric said that the drug connection would insure the result. White folks had their hopes up as they do, in vain, every four years. FAEM mentioned the fix was in and it wasn't long before honest Pete discovered that number II sold them out. Even our favorite s.w. host Hal has discovered that something is fishy down at the wharf. Read Hal's earlier comments and then compare them with later remarks concerning the Bush bunny.

I wrote in 1964, in the Crystal Ball, that the first shot at the commie one world order would be to establish a pluralistic state here in the band of the tree. I watched events unfold and have made few mistakes as I counted my tea leaves. I screw up here and there and really blooped once or twice. I give myself a 92 percent 'on target' rating, thanks to writers like Eric and Maguire.

The 'inter-cause' bickering, nitpicking and general squabbling has been mainly due to feelings of deep frustration, as Dr. Pierce told me about 35 years ago. As more and more 'white' web sites appear, and more and more white people get kicked in the gonads, cooperation will increase, and faster than you might imagine. Feelings of being isolated will diminish as young white people coalesce around the white standard. It will again be fashionable, and desirable, to be white – white without those implanted notions of somehow being the shit race. WE HAVE NO PEERS. Our enemies know that. This is why they need to have us destroy ourselves through drugs, sex, irresponsibility and race mixing. If you can talk a man into handing  his wallet over to you, then you have no need to attempt to rob him.

The next time someone offers a non-white genius as an example of 'equality', notice how all of the tools he used were white inventions. The moron black man playing with balls is doing it in a WHITE society, with balls, rules, court, sneakers, jockstraps, shower soap, loud speakers, TV cameras, ... EVERYTHING ... belonging to WHITE genius. What would the world be without that pervasive WHITE discovery and harnessing of ELECTRICITY. Imagine a world where ALL WHITE DISCOVERIES AND INVENTIONS were suddenly removed. What in hell do you think would remain? White men. Wake up.

As kids, gramps taught us to watch the flies, caterpillars and birds for clues concerning the coming weather. Changes in society can be had by watching the jews. If the simpletons who handed over Rhodesia and South Africa to apes had kept their eyes on the jew, they would have left when the jews did, instead of staying behind to enjoy the fruits of 'diversity'. More and more jews are moving towards the 'white' position because they have their noses into the wind, and that wind is getting stronger as the insane rush for "more" collides with resources which are getting less.

Take a gander at this: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1002,53%257E73631,00.html  And this slime calls us hateful. If you watch the 'anti racist' crowd you'll notice that THEY are the really vicious bastards in this ongoing war against white people. The New Black Panthers is a racist group. How come they didn't attack one of them? Also notice the petty crimes this group committed. Yes, sewer rats, like faggots, do hate anyone who refuses to swim with them in their filth. What they really hate is themselves. Mostly, it has little to do with racism. It has everything to do with hating white people. Little by little, people are waking up.
I'll remind people again to view http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com as Al does an energetic job in finding pertinent news stories and making available well written pro-white material.
Levi-Condit update –


No way to tell if this genuine or not.  The Aztlan writer got one key fact wrong in saying that Jonathon Pollard's information enabled Israel to build nuclear weapons.  Israel has had The Bomb at least since 1970 and possibly since 1967.  When we did our Gary Condom, err Condit, report last we week we listed 'Levy in Israel with the Mossad' as very high on the list of possibilities. Maguire

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.