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14 August 2002
Yes sir. I was positive he was dead but I shot him 6 more times just to make sure. Revisionism, for a profit, is not like the old soldier who never dies but just fades away. Revisionists don't fade away. Just when you did your best to ignore the jewish hype, some revisionist comes along with a new twist to an old knotted rope. The gas chamber hoax is alive and well among the mental types who believe people can be turned into pillars of salt and that men can walk upon water. It's 100% bigoted belief not amenable even by an act of some god. For some inexplicable reason, the revisionists seem addicted to spreading their gospel – for a price, of course. The latest is an offer to buy an extremely overpriced video called "The Experiment" which portrays a small group of people actually putting a tale of gassing to test, as I have been recommending since 1962. They remain anonymous as all internet dwellers prefer, but do have something available at info@protobooks.org if you dare to oblige them with a return non-phony email address.

The men involved in "the experiment" went to an alleged gas chamber theme park and did the Zyklon B hop scotch and all came out alive. Lawdy be. Like the Leuchter Report, all this will do is generate more debates – never ending debates! The true believer will remain true to his faith and logic, documents, experiments, and such, will not change his mind one iota. He finds some psychological NEED to believe in the impossible.

Outside of several technical errors in Dr. Toben's article, it seems that the thrust is based upon these facts: (1) Gas chambers were usually at 60°F. and hydrogen cyanide, with a boiling temperature of 79°F. is a liquid at that temperature. Therefore, no gas could fill the air. While it's true that the use of Zyklon B required heat to drive the gas from its absorbing material, that does not detract from the presence of HCN gas at 60°F. To disagree makes about as much sense as saying water cannot exist as a vapor since its boiling temperature is 212°F. If the 'gassees' were in a room exposed to liquid HCN for a certain period, they would all be dead due to the evaporation of the HCN. HCN has a vapor pressure curve very similar to bromine which has a B.P. of 136°F. Anyone who has worked with liquid bromine, as I have, knows that being liquid does not stop the evaporative process. HCN evaporates much more readily than bromine. Water can even 'evaporate' (sublimate) at temperatures below freezing. Liquid HCN is usually known as Prussic acid which is not the same as a SOLUTION of hydrogen cyanide.

Prussic acid has been long used to dust people off. A favorite technique was to place drops of it into the tobacco of an offered cigarette. The HCN was held in absorption by the tobacco and released during the smoking (heating) process. This is why the Zyklon B canisters used diatomaceous earth, I believe, as an absorbing (retaining) component. (The brochure which I received claimed calcium sulfate as the inert substance, but I doubt that.)

Good gawd, Greta, get your thinking cap on. Here we have the nation of Germany engaged in a life and death struggle against vastly superior odds doing all of this: using man power to round up jews – place the jews on trains to be shipped to "death camps" – giving them all haircuts – lying to them as to the nature of the 'showers' – slamming the doors shut and dropping in cans of insecticide – THEN, carting all of those bodies out – transporting them to crematoria (to further 'kill' them, I suppose) – shoveling out the ashes – and so on. Why the asinine subterfuge? All of this happening, absurd as it is, during war time conditions when their country was under the most hateful, and massive, attacks known to modern times? Give me a break. One jew actually said that the reason Germany lost the war was that they spent most of their resources in obliterating jews.

Nuff said. BTW, Hitler has now been upgraded to "terrorist" status. I heard it on de radio so it must be true.

The next time you hear one of those "bomb Iraq" hate-mongers, ask him/her/it how soon they plan to enlist. It's as American as apple pie – let George do it.

According to a local stock broker, now is the time to buy. His weekly radio program mentioned that by 2004, the Dow will be in excess of 12,000. That's nice and if true, I would wonder what the inflation rate would be. Increasing the numerical count of a stack of paper means nothing unless it is coupled by what you can trade it for. One also might ask why Mr. Broker is so anxious for people to buy stocks. Is a desire to make us all happy and rich, a central theme in his life? No way, Jóse. Mr. Broker will go broke if he doesn't find customers. How do you spell 'snake oil'?

The seat belt and air bag circus was not designed to "save lives", for the 'state', and sundry others, don't give a rat's ass whether you live or die. It's all about money – insurance company money. Insurance companies, like all other rackets, have an ideal dream – have everyone send them massive premiums for which they return nothing. That defines the banking racket.

The 'law' does not prevent crime. It punishes criminals after the fact. 'Insurance' insures nothing. It pays after the fact. Reality declares that the probability of you getting smacked by a lightning bolt remains the same irrespective of an insurance policy to that effect. A  fellow I know, Martin Steinberg, buys a new Cadillac every year and never got a collision policy on any of them. In his words, "The insurance company gets rich playing the odds that I'll not need the insurance. Those same odds are available to me." The pitch of all these scams remains one of fear. You MIGHT be the one the gods have fingered for special treatment. Listen with open mind to the society about you which spends nearly all of its time in the IF world of make believe.

The Atlantic Ocean contains about 5% salt. America's Great Salt Lake contains about 25% salt. Stratton Lake contains hardly any. The liquids therein are collectively called "water". In this sense, they are all equal. "Weez bro's," as the waters declare to each other.

Humans are much like this due to the human proclivity to copulate with anything and everything upon which it comes in contact. If sheep, goats, monkeys, cows, etc., were inter-fertile with humans, this planet would resemble the Island of Dr. Moreau (a Marlon Brando movie). As we look at a flight of swans, and then to the critters infesting a shopping plaza, we cannot help but notice a greater difference of countenance among humans than among swans. This is the disastrous effect of race-mixing which has led some to declare that there is "no such thing as race." One might as well claim that there is no such thing as aluminum because aluminum is never found pure in nature. The pivotal word here is 'pure'.

The number of 'pure' white people is probably very, very small but there is certainly a much larger population which are "close enough". It's the defining of what's 'close' and what is not, which adds to the problem.

In the above mentioned bodies of water, each could be valued as to the intended use. If drinking is what you had in mind, then clearly only Stratton Lake is of value. If you wanted to sail using the greatest load per boat size, then the Great Salt Lake is best due to the greater buoyancy resulting from a greater density. Visitors to that lake are amused by the fact that one can float with absolutely no effort.

I still have no reason to alter my belief that the inclusion of black or yellow blood, in excess of 5%, to the white gene round table, will render that person, or group, as non-white in function, irrespective of physical appearance. This is not a result of some abstract computation, but the result of my life long observations of that peculiar assemblage of critters well on its way to generating yet unforeseen calamities due to its free-for-all copulation practices.

Waiting at the checkout counter – a great time for observing the local denizens and their often humorous antics. The book on the rack had the title "Kitten Care". As one might expect, a sweet little kitten puss was present on the cover. A young woman, with an odd looking child of about 4, pointed to the picture and enrgetically issued, "Kee-kee. kee kee, kee-kee." I suppose she thought she was helping the child to learn how to read. There it was. The object symbols – KITTEN CARE, and the sounds, KEE-KEE. What a beautiful association to embed in a child's mind.
Mud people = muddy skies

"LONDON (IANS) – A three-kilometre brown cloud hanging over South Asia could have thrown the monsoon rains off course, says a major study by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)."

The massive brown cloud is becoming devastating for India, says the UNEP study, conducted between 1995 and 1999 in an experiment involving 200 scientists from India, Europe and the U.S. Air pollution caused by the cloud is leading to at least half a million deaths a year. Agricultural production has begun to decline as a result of the cloud."

Ostensible ecologist Al Gore's beloved Kyoto Treaty on global warming specifically exempted the above catastrophe from its provisions.  As we learned, Kyoto had nothing to do with global ecology and everything to do with furthering white genocide.  It's de-industrialization provisions were aimed squarely at the western European and northern American countries with the best environmental records.  China and India (the creators of the above climate altering Brown Cloud) were specifically exempted from Kyoto's limitations on emissions of greenhouse gasses.  In what may prove to be their last effective pro-white action, the Republicans of the U.S. Senate banded together to reject this anti-white racist treaty that did nothing to clean up the earth.

In the mid 1980s I got personal lesson in the differing results of rule by brown Mexicans and rule by (mostly) white Americans.  Smuggler's Pass Road in El Paso provided the perfect vantage point for an education.  On the northern side over El Paso were clear blue skies, except for a fringe running along the Rio Grande River.  Starting at this fringe and extending south until the eye couldn't see was a murky haze of blueish/brownish/gray soup overhanging the companion border city of Cuidad Juarez.  The fumes from ancient leaded gasoline engines, diesel fired cookstoves, open campfires and God only knows what else blended together into a thick airborne puddle.

Driving west along Interstate 10 was another treat.  Visible just across the border (Bush and the Republican Party want to dismantle this border) on a muddy hillside was a refugee encampment constructed of cardboard boxes.  Through binoculars I could see raw sewage cascading down in rivulets into the Rio Grande.  Columns of white smoke poured from many of the hooches.  I'm sure this encampment is still there although the tenants back then have long since moved northwards.

Oh, the coming joys of the Browning of America.


P.S.  The most peurile, the most futile of all ideologues are the Marxists of the various 'ecology' and Green organizations.  They've never seen a pro-ecology action they didn't support so long as it impacts only white people.  In the face of the Mud Flood into America and its coming ecological union with South Asia these Judeo-Marxists are paralyzed, speechless. 


The problem as I see it is that most people do not think too much about tomorrow and for the most part  are struggling to make ends meet. They're often insolent children grow up and could care less about their parents, except to dump their children on aging folk if they live nearby. Wives and husbands in fact care little for one another anymore so why the hell should people care about the country or what others do when there is so little concern care  about themselves? Truly hard working people are often one dollar ahead and two behind. The church is no longer a binding factor, and if they are Catholics they have to be in a true quandary about those who preach values and morality and are in fact degenerate. Most know that their politicians are lying bastards so they  no longer even bother to vote. Just look at how they dress – they all look like bums. The young listen to negro rap music and the elderly still think Elvis Presley is alive and in hiding. They read the sports pages or trashy advice given by the likes of Ann Landers  and  briefly scan the news and that's it. They accept all they see on T.V. and for most their favorite show is Wheel of Fortune. People are barely alive. The Italians used to say mezzo morte or half dead. People need to have some value to stir their souls and today's world is bereft of any, so it's live for today and the hell with tomorrow. There needs to be a reawakening and a shaking out of their lethargy or they are truly doomed. In fact they must fear for their very existence and that of their children, and a love of their race if they are to find salvation.

Regards. Joe. 

My output to FAEM is slowed of late due to the following –

An elderly couple, whom I know, were considering replacing nine window in the front of their house with the new type flip/flop whatchamacallit types. The estimate they received was considerable and they would be hard pressed to afford it. I told them that modernizing the windows on an attractive 90 year old house would destroy its aesthetics – like refinishing a rosewood grand piano with K-Mart wall paint. After asking, I was told the glazing was mostly gone, sash cords broken, windows jammed and some rotted wood. I made them a proposition.

Since you were considering trashing the windows anyway, let me work on the worst one. Keep track of the hours I spent plus materials costs. Get an idea of the going hourly rate, which is usually for mediocre work, and grant me a price relative to what you think it is worth.

I finished one window and Mrs. Georgia M. told me it was beautiful and I should be paid double what other people would charge. I then told her I'd complete the other eight windows under the same conditions. They accepted and I was happy that it will cost them far less than hiring a 'home improvement' bandit.. In parting, I mentioned, "Thanks for the compliment but I am not 'excellent'. I am just good."

Remembering American Wars http://theoccidentalquarterly.com/vol2no2/re-wars.html

A lengthy, well researched and documented article by a Mr. Richard Early.  Read, download, save and print.   Mr. Early brings out in detailed statistics several points I've mentioned here time and again.

—  American wars since 1861 are best described as "wars to kill white people" and more specifically white men.

—  Dan Quayle/Rush Limbaugh/George W. Bushism.  The American WASP establishment has consistently excused itself from the front lines of the great moral crusades they are accustomed to prescribe for others.  It is a simple statement of fact to say the GOP's ruling elites are descended from a long line of cowardly, greedy hypocrites.  Almost all of the Democratic Party's elite structure meets this same criteria.  Mr. Early undertakes an extensive analysis of the casualty rates of both Harvard and Yale starting with the 1861-65 war.  The author decisively shows that their behavior as student bodies during the Vietnam Era was the rule, not the exception.

   If inter-generational behavoir in war and peace means anything  we can only conclude they are in fact genetically destined to be greedy, two-faced cowards.  George Bush Sr., Robert Dole and John McCain (well on his way out of the GOP) are the three major exceptions to this rule.

—  Jews and negroes also have definitely not carried anywhere close to their share of the bleeding and dying.   Assertions to the contrary are simply lies propagated by these groups and the WASP class described above.


A fellow goes to Las Vegas and loses his shirt. He was heard to say he'd return so he could "win it all back." This reminds me of the local yokels who voted away their country and now think that voting will win it back. 
Domestic incompetence is doing more damage to this society than any batch of "terrorists" ever could.
Ten cripples do not make one gladiator.
After Jack looked it up and down,
and scratched his head, he agreed to tackle the job. He had to put together a hardy organization and realized that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. He therefore set out to enlist stout hearted men with strong back and strong will. He thought at length and came up with a set of requirements for the men he would enlist on his side. After surrounding himself with 27 of the fittest, they banded and went to the work site. Alas, the organization was not yet large enough to get the job done. O, what to do? What to do? A meeting was called and suggestions offered from one and all.

"I know there are not many of us, but we must add numbers to our group."

"I know Harry is a dwarf but he does have a great time piece which would be good for keeping on schedule."

"Yes, and how about Sam the faggot? He has AIDS and he'd be OK if we never let him get behind us when we are bending over."

"And there's Hal who works for our competition but he does have a powerful searchlight which we could use at night."

"Let's ask Martha to join, She's not very strong but does tell the truth sometimes."

"The Wiedrich sisters should also be with us. One of them can cook and the others have after dark talent."

"I know he cannot get out of his wheelchair, but Benny could be used as a lookout."

Little by little, the blind, lame, weak, unreliable, stupid, and diseased were added to the organization. When the numbers swelled to 101, they again went to the work site. "Diversity is strength!", shouted the blind man who then fell over the man in the wheelchair. As the deaf fellow bent over to help the cripple, the fag dropped his drawers and grabbed him around the waist.

"Stop!", shouted the youngest Wiedrich sister, "Let's all strip and have a little fun so as to quiet the temper."

Hal turned on his searchlight and claimed he'd spotted the competition hiding in the bushes. Sheila threw a rock into the bushes which bopped a sleeping bear. The bear became irritated and proceeded to chase the fag who tripped over his dropped pants. As he fell, he disturbed a rattlesnake which promptly sank his fangs into Sam's exposed snake. Sam hoped someone would suck the poison from his wound.

The original 27 stout hearted men then spent the night keeping the others from accidentally, or intentionally, harming one another.

Jack's inner voice said, "There are 27 good men who are wasting their time trying to keep the other 73 in line. It sure looks like my organization is now effectively one man – me. Yes. Diversity is strength for the strong odor of that pottage reaches all the way over here."

All the while, Hal was waving his searchlight in all directions. He was heard to shout, "That's no bear behind that tree. It's a savage nigger beast."

Harvey mumbled, "I know he's on our side since he has a great searchlight and can say 'nigger' at least 23 times before he takes the next breath."

Jack drew upon his talent and decided what to do. After positioning himself on the opposite bank of Republican Creek, he opened his WWII duffle bag and took out a Thompson submachinegun which was autographed by John Dillinger way back in 1933. He slapped the bolt to cock position and yelled to the fighting, and copulating, swarm which was environmentally polluting the nearby rose bed. "Let the first 27 who cross this creek, line up behind me. After that, I will shoot the remainder."

What a scurry that triggered. It was mayhem but Jack was true to his word as all noticed when the rat-tat-tat sounds echoed through the hills. Jack turned around and smiled on his crew.

"What the f---", how did Hal the blow-hard manage to end up here?"

Bill, an otherwise quiet bull of an man said, "You killed Pete, who was one of us, but that was because he was too far in the rear. Hal happened to be nearest the creek as to avoid the bushes and possibly more bears."

Jack replied," We can't have this clown in our organization. Besides, the batteries in his searchlight are on the way out."

As if of one mind, the rest grabbed Hal; put a noose around his family jewels; and then fastened the other end on a high branch leaving a swinging 'life rune'.

The group started in song and marched off towards the small lake. Jack was heard to say, as he glanced back at the swinging Hal, "Hell mates, crows and worms gotta eat too."

Moral – It's only takes a little dab of shit to wreck a gallon of fine lemonade.

Fellows have written taking issue with my views on "destroying the Republican party". I have always tried to encourage people to think and then follow their dictates. I do criticize, but if it were in my power to do so, I'd not want to stop anyone from following their conscience. There is no rule which says they are wrong and I am right, since we are all dealing with events yet to come. Many are involved in the upcoming November election and I wish them luck so I'll make this statement – I think you are trying to push an elephant which is mired in the mud. OK. Go ahead and prove me wrong. I'd like that. Furthermore, within limits, I'll even help you push.
In Niagara Falls NY, the voters turned down the addition of a "city manager" to the already bloated city government. Today, the city council approved of the job thus ignoring the wishes of the electorate. The bastards would have been more honest if they had just added the job without the farce of having an election which meant diddlysquat.

This sort of thing goes on all of the time, especially in the mud state of California. Any politician who tells you this is a "democracy" either doesn't know his arse from a gopher hole, or is lying. Come to think of it, it's probably both.

I have heard that voter "apathy" is the result of uninspiring issues. That's bull. Our wiser citizens know voting for the fraud it is and many with whom I have spoken, would certainly get up early to vote if it involved bringing your own rope – the true inspiring democratic way of voting, I'd say. As the mood of the White man changes, only some sorry ignoramus would dare to be in an elected office when the boiling point has been reached.

You can dither around with elections if you like, but it's only spinning your wheels, giving perhaps a few moments of euphoria where you feel you are "doing something". The SWATKWP ended the American Republic and there is absolutely no way back if people insist upon clinging to the very same notions which caused the demise in the first place. Some now are beginning to realize that when Hitler went, so did we.

The Republican party is already dead, so why shoot a corpse? White men no longer have a choice in anything. Look at the candidates – William Biscuitpumper, an ostensible White faggot – Martha Mushbrain, a blonde with the IQ of a walnut always desirous of 'helping the poor' – Desiree Shawana Jones, an arrogant racist Negress – Marvin Pilebaum, the smiling jew offering to "get it for you wholesale" providing you first bend over.

I do vote, from time to time. I always vote for the turd whom I believe will do the most damage and for propositions which will raise taxes. I view voting as an opportunity to throw gasoline on the fire. We must do everything we can to make those White fence-sitters, those do-nothing gawkers, as miserable as we can. Who knows? They just might want to save themselves some day rather then perish in the "equality – race makes no difference" delusions of those shit-for-brains Honkeys who gave away Rhodesia and South Africa.

Little by little by little by little, I am adding a simple search engine to each folder. I hope this helps in some way – and it won't cost you one thin dime!

"Hey, you, yes you out there! I see that you are drowning and I'd like to help you. I have this book which gives the explanation for your predicament and another one which will explain how to save yourself. Now, I went to a lot of time and effort to make these books available to you, and I will have to ask $25 for the pair of them. You must understand, I am a blightwinger who really wants to help you."

OK. You've been elected and your first official act was to seal all of our borders tighter than frantic Freddy on a Friday fling. No more imi-ingrates! OK. What do you do with the millions of mestizos who are now locked in? Declare them to be White people as Franklin Roosevelt did, and racially mix in one giant stew pot? How about those tens of millions of Blacks? Will you continue to feed them while they breed more of their own kind? And those silent Chinese who now are the majority in dozens of cities both in the U.S. and Canada, what of them?

All of this election twaddle reminds me of the fellow who took the matches away from his grandson after the barn was burned down. ZOG fully intends to infuse each and every pocket of Whites in this land with non-Whites.This is for the dual purpose of adulterating White blood lines and to absolutely dilute the White vote. (Most White women vote against their men already.) The mess we are in is because of an established policy and only a nitwit first class could believe that playing by ZOG's rules, and that means elections, is going to change things. The g.d. game IS RIGGED! Wake up little Suzy, wake up. All previously isolated White enclaves are being targeted by ZOG for settlement by wogs and nogs – "..the wretched refuse of your teeming shore," as the jewess Emma Lazarus put it. The day is rapidly coming where you will not be able to elect a White street sweeper. Those who think we can somehow "work our way up from the bottom", precinct by precinct, are simply too late – TOO LATE! Those days are gone as are those for street demonstrations. White apathy, and stupidity, has removed all peaceful, and legal, options. The cattle have penned themselves in but since the gallows in not yet in view, everything appears fine and dandy.

The muds, once in power, will not grant Whitey the favors Whitey granted them!

The best is yet to come. 

One month ago I committed a perfect crime. It was so perfect no one has yet discovered what it was.
If a fat man can sue the fast food slop dispensers for being fat, then why can't I sue the match manufacturer if I burn my house down?
Air heads and enemies
are still wasting your tax dollars trying to teach penguins how to fly. Teachers – the reason simians cannot learn as well as humans – are now being required to attend classes supposedly to make them 'reach' dull brains more efficiently. What kind of baker would waste his time trying to use inferior flour for bread by dicking around with oven temperatures and special varieties of yeast? A sane person uses the best materials. With the millions of discriminated-against superior White youth around, any sensible government would make sure it is they who are given the advantages for by that, we all shall ultimately benefit. ZOG is anti-merit which distills down to anti-White. The sooner it does itself in, the better.
One in seven 'top' German 'neo-nazis' revealed to be government police agents.


We have always maintained that Germany remains an occupied country totally controlled by ZOG.  This has been a continuous condition since the official end of SWATKWP in 1945 (meaning cessation of open firebombing raids against white women and children).  It is therefore no surprise to learn that the most ostensibly pro-German party, the National Democratic Party, is barely more than a false flag police operation.  Since political donations are given unevenly, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that 40% of the NDP's budget has come from German-ZOG government sources.

"It turned out that many had been working for the intelligence services, some of them for decades. Five were identified and the court stopped its examination of the potential ban among fears that the evidence presented could have been influenced by the government's desire to ban the party.

"Now the authorities have admitted that they have been paying 30 of the 210 top NPD functionaries for information. The figure, published in the German press this weekend, applies only to the ruling ranks of the party, leaving open how many of the average members might also be feeding information to the government."

Not only is the German federal government employing political spies, so are most German states.  The above is food for thought whenever you are dealing with pro-white Americans who have had (a) serious past brushes with the law and (b) appear to have escaped most or all consequences.


The Yellow man had had kites for thousands of years, but he chose to remain earthbound.

The White man wanted to fly, so he built a kite, cut it loose, and called it a glider. Then the White man chose to free himself from the vagaries of the wind, so he motorized his glider and called it an airplane, in much less than a century!

The Yellow man said the White man was crazy for wanting to fly on a kite.

Yes, the White man was crazy, for giving the airplane to the Yellow man!


Ancient Roman explorers discovered some islands in the Atlantic Ocean which were overrun by wild dogs. They named them the Canary Islands. Although those islands had a good share of those golden songbirds, the name actually came from the Latin word for dog, canis.
I have been asked by several people concerning my opinion of The America First Party. As most know, when my tact is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate a -4. Also, I do not need to eat a whole manure pile to get the idea planted by one teaspoonful. Here's one of the AFP's 'principles': Recognize the Judeo-Christian heritage of our shared values. The "OUR" means muds, cruds, duds, fuds and thuds of all descriptions. Chinese values are not White values. Black values are not White values. Mestizo values are not White values. I gather from the words on their website, that "American" means exactly what White nationalists object to. It's all about economics which means it jes ain't gonna go nowhere for THAT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM. This is a g.d. race war and if America were White, economics would solve itself. We White people can solve anything and have NO NEED for the input, or presence, of ANY OTHER RACE. Let them do their thing BUT NOT IN OUR LIVING SPACE! As for the conservative ANP bunch – phftttt! See this finger? Rotate!

At one time in the past, geography meant nation and that's why there was 'geo-politics' up until 1945. Now, geography no longer defines nation-kin-folk and so we need to think in terms of 'bio-politics'. Chang Wang is still Chinese whether he lives in Mexico City or Paris. Reciting the Declaration of Independence will not turn a parrot into anything other than what he was at birth.

Here are some links to explore but keep in mind that just because I post them does not mean I agree with, or endorse, them.

Gathering up all sides of an issue gives us more to think about.

http://www.voxnyc.com  http://www.disinfo.com/pages/news/id2516/pg1/

           http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/           http://www.jfkmontreal.com

Yes, the news stand sells both The National Enquirer and the local rag sheet. Buyer discretion recommended.

When Negroes Rule...         http://www.rense.com/general27/hdi.htm

Just when we thought we were done with this tiresome bimbo, she's back.  I mean Catherine Buckle of "betray the white Rhodesian soldiers" infamy.  By her own admission, she was highly active in bringing negro Robert Mugabe to power in 1980.  Now this stupid bitch whines and snivels about everything the former Rhodesian Army was fighting to prevent.

"There is a desperate air in Zimbabwe as we approach the 10th August when almost 3000 commercial farmers have been ordered to cease all agricultural production and move off their properties."

There is more of this insanity but I've quoted enough.  These new agricultural production shutdown orders come at the same moment that Zimbabwe is being listed as a new client of the World Food Program and is asking for external food aid to avert famine.  All of the calls for 'help' should simply be ignored.  Oh?  Do I hear someone saying that is harsh?  It's the most Christian possible attitude.  "He who will not work shall not eat."

And there's a simple name for those who would tax me and hence my children to subsidize the above evil-doing.

That name is ENEMY.


P.S.  In the interests of equal opportunity and non-discrimination, I say white Catherine Buckle's calls for international charity should be equally ignored along with the negro Zimbabwean government's own international begging.

Whitey is still the largest batch of voters, but not a majority. Most White women vote against the interests of their race and coupled with like-minded males, the anti-White vote from this source is on a par with the block jew, mestizo and simian votes. The Republican party, if it wants seats, will out of necessity cater more and more to the anti-White male vote. What the election process does is to squeeze the White male out of a position he firmly held a century ago. The net effect is to make the Republicans sound like second-rate Democrats. The White male has now passed the point of no return, and with his, the country. He was too busy tinkering under the hood to notice who was in the driver's seat.

The election process is now beyond its usefulness. Should we be concerned? No. The future will offer us a more efficient way to remove people from office than by means of a vote. 

If you are trying to download James von Brunn's PDF book Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog! (Kill the Best Gentiles) at  http://www.holywesternempire.org  be advised that you might have to use the latest version of Acrobat Reader. It's here —


(1) It is highly unlikely that non-Whites will vote for a pro-White candidate.

(2) A pro-White vote will be the strongest in areas where there are many non-Whites. (Rockwell's law.)

(3) One man, one vote. The pro-White votes in the area described in (2) wil be in the minority.

Conclusion – Pro-White candidate loses.

Moral – If you intend to keep a White country White, then don't admit non-Whites who will out-breed, and later on, out-vote you. Only a honky could be so stupid as to not know this.

Long term health care? It's right out of Soylent Green except you didn't have to wait as long to die.
After we've gone, who'll feed the darkies? After we've gone, they'll be fed to the sharkies.

Chang won't care, neither will Wong, Let the simians swim back to where they belong.

Lotsa voter discontent out there. As the ZOG regime enters its collapsing phase, one might wonder if 2002 will be the last batch of useless elections. 
In the SWATKWP, if the Allies were right, why are they still trying to convince us 57 years later?

Ditto for the Holohoax. If it were truth, like gravity, then it would not need pumping up on a daily basis.

That says it all. I listened to Lyn LaRouche for a short spell on TV last night. At one point he referred the Franklin D. Roosevelt as one of America's greatest patriots. For you young uns out there, FDR made a speech in 1940 promising the mothers of America that their sons would not be sent to fight in foreign wars and all the time he was planning to destroy Germany, and had been since the day he was elected. For LaRouche to call FDR a "great patriot" reveals just where he has placed his Judeophile priorities. 
Robertsez – As I mentioned quite a while back, Congress axed Traficant, not for his petty crimes, but because he was exposing too much about that corrupt entity of lieyers – our whore Congress. He wasn't "playing ball". Here's Maguire's take on the matter:

What do I think?  I think...

1.  Traficant was indicted for exactly the same petty corruption as an elected Sheriff and beat the rap acting as his own attorney.  He tried this again as a Congressman and lost.

2.  For over a decade Traficant was a faithful servant of the Demo-ZOG machine.

3.  I think he crossed someone behind the scenes so 'they' ginned up an investigation of the kind that could send 70% of the current Congress to jail.

4.  After he got in trouble he moved to independent status and started aligning with GOP-ZOG.

5.  As his troubles deepened he started hammering more and more on populist themes.

6.  As his troubles reached critical mass with conviction and now sentencing Traficant started reaching out to the hard right and even the blightwing.

I believe Dr. Johnson once said "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" and that may well be the case here.   For a very long time he was a steadfast system player and nowhere to be heard or seen on the 'Patriot' front, let alone fighting a white man's battle.  The sinking mast of the Traficant ship is no place to nail our colors.  Were he one of 'ours' we would have known it long before his current troubles.


Hey Knute, please note – I post links which I think are interesting and informative. That does not mean I agree with the content nor endorse any position.  Always keep that in mind as you exercise your jingle bells. Blacks, flying in space ships, built the pyramids according to one link I posted. It was informative. It informed me that not all the planet's denizens are glued together properly. Information need not be true. Some is absolutely hilarious. I recommend that people read jewish newspapers just to see what they say to each other. As for peeking through keyholes, well .............. nah.
My high school geometry teacher once told that it was impossible to trisect an angle with only a straight edge and compass. I asked, "You mean I cannot trisect 69°, for example?" "That's right."

I went home and wiggle dicked with my straight edge and compass and then brought back to school next day, an angle drawn with a 4F pencil and labeled 69° with 2 other lines marking off 23° each. "How's that?", I asked. When asked how I did it, I told him it was a secret method I learned one night from a dream. "Impossible," my teacher commented. I retorted, "If the shoo were in the other fly pie, I'd ask, 'How do you know that's 69° in the first place?'"  I continued by telling him that one would have to measure it and accuracy was dependent upon the instrument used. In other words, one could never be certain if the angle was a little bit over, or a little bit under 69°. "So," I smiled, "if you can't be sure of what you started with then how can you say it cannot be trisected? Besides, I have noticed that my compass point is often not exactly on the point it should be; the straight edge just might not be straight; and the pencil mark seems awfully thick to me. It appears then that 'construction' is a very sloppy procedure and I think it somewhat audacious to claim one can, or cannot, do such and such with it." (I was in good stead since 'audacious' was on my latest vocabulary English sheet.)

The bell rang and I quickly left the room since I was not sure what he intended to do with the book he was waving in the air.

If one takes a moment to reflect upon this, he should come to the conclusion that mathematics is just mind games albeit some does have practical application. One can dream about constructing some figure and catalog all sorts of properties none of which ever occurs in the real world. It's somewhat like those physicists who can "see" 'black holes' and 'vibrating vacuums' just by looking at a set of data gathered from nebulous outer space by questionable instruments and uncertain means. I always thought it a shame that no teacher ever told us that math was a "mind" thing instead of letting us believe it was a sort of science which only the 'genius' understood. It was like being taught the intricacies of "psychic phenomena" as if it were fact and since few, if any, were "tuned in" to the psychic realm, it would make them all feel stupid. Thus, one who found math easy was given the unearned title of class genius. It was interesting that during all of my science years in high school, no one could remember the myriad of lab apparatus I designed and built, from Tesla coils, camera strobe lights and photoelectric cells to those which made explosive chlorates from table salt plus another which extracted oleic acid from pig fat. My iodine sublimation apparatus was featured in a teachers' science magazine and the local newspaper carried the story of me, an 11 year old kid who made hot air balloons out of tissue paper. (I sent aloft Mrs. Martin's cat one time. No one ever knew what happened to "Chester".) None of this ever followed some blueprint yet I am still remembered as being "smart" because I could get a 100% on some foolish math test. It was quite pathetic and the notion still is.

In regard to Stan and Rosa =====================

This scenario is reminiscent of the "Unwritten Rule." If there was a tacit understanding, on going out gambling, that their fortune was shared, then the money should be split. The female would be breaking an unwritten rule if she refused to do so.

I deal with unwritten rules in detail in my forthcoming book, 'The Tyranny of Ambiguity.' Unwritten rules are superior to formal ones because they can be broken in exceptional circumstances – the example I quote is the unwritten rules implicit in lending a key to your house to a friend when you go away.

Females tend to break unwritten rules.

All the best, Simon Sheppard ——— www.heretical.com

If you say that A + B will get you C and I say there is no way you can even get A, or, that A + B will get you D, I would appreciate not being called names and you should simply point out where I am wrong. In that way, we'd both benefit. Telling you that your boat is sinking is not being "counterproductive" nor "negative". False hope is a very dangerous disease as is wishful-thinking.
Giles won't be in debate at fair
– by Sylvain Metz  – Clarion-Ledger Staff Writer

Citing lack of evidence, U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate today denied a preliminary injunction filed by Rankin County activist and independent congressional candidate Jim Giles to stop the scheduled congressional debate.

The 2:10 p.m. debate today, sponsored by the Neshoba County Fair Association, features 3rd District U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, a Republican, and his Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Ronnie Shows.

Giles, who announced he will drop his suit against the fair association due to a lack of money, said he is uncertain whether he

will attend. If he does, fair organizers say he will be ousted if his conduct becomes disruptive.

Shows represents the 4th Congressional District but is running against Pickering in a redrawn 3rd District. They will face each other in the November general election. Following the 2000 Census, Mississippi lost one of its five congressional seats. Under a redistricting plan, these two districts were merged.

Giles, representing himself, filed for a preliminary injunction early Wednesday after he was denied a request to join in today's debate.

Wingate, who heard from Giles and the Neshoba County Fair Association, continued Wednesday afternoon's hearing to give Giles the opportunity to secure documents to prove one of his arguments, which is his contention the 113-year-old fair is supported with tax dollars through contributions by the Mississippi Development Association, a position he said was based on a radio advertisement.

Donald Kilgore, attorney for the fair association, denied the accusation, telling Wingate the fair is privately supported and that

making public speeches is "invitation only." Further, he said that due to Giles' "disruptive behavior" at last year's fair, he had to be escorted from the premises by security.

He did point out Giles was invited to speak Wednesday, and Giles accepted.

Giles' sole evidence was a recording of a radio ad encouraging people to visit the fair, which he said was "paid for in part by a grant from the Mississippi Development Authority."

Kilgore told Wingate the tourism arm of the MDA has sponsored ads for large events that draw statewide attention.

Prior to the hearing, Giles also subpoenaed representatives with MDA, Kenneth Breeland, president of the fair association, and representatives of a radio media concern which aired the ads. But he faxed the subpoenas himself and did not include expenses.

Federal court rules require that an uninvolved party deliver those subpoenas, and that appropriate expenses be provided prior to one's appearance. Therefore Wingate determined those subpoenas were invalid.

During last year's fair, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove spoke in favor of changing the state's 1894 flag. That prompted Giles, a fervent

supporter of the state flag, to stand up and "vigorously" object during the governor's speech.

Giles was then kicked out by the governor's security detail who believed Giles was a threat to Musgrove, Kilgore said.

"They are a bunch of Nazis," Giles told the judge.

"They don't believe truly in the First Amendment."

Giles, who admits to speaking out on controversial issues, told the judge fair organizers denied his right to speak because they were scared, "scared of my white country rebels."

Robertsez – "Lack of evidence" means nothing other than the judge didn't like what was presented. Since there are no rules as to what a judge accepts, it leaves him with a discretionary power he should not have. In this cesspool, we see that a mere "belief" – a prejudiced value judgment – is sufficient to get people thrown out, axed and often hung. The Queen is as mad as the Hatter and anyone who thinks they can logically argue with any ZOGling, or rationally present an argument in the hope of convincing, will be in for a rude awakening. There is simply no way the White man can be represented fairly today. Even White ZOGlings know deep inside that they are whores for power and profit. As I have mentioned, ZOG is a one-party system using two names. White people will lose no matter who wins any election for elections are serf-confining rackets within themselves. There is no legal way for White people to regain what they foolishly gave away by trusting their elected representatives. This in no way is to be misconstrued as a recommendation to break the law, for I say no such thing. None of us need to go to jail for doing what ZOG, and its ZOGlings, are doing to themselves.

Many young people can sense the dire results for them as ZOG moves merrily along with its evil 666 agenda. There are those thick-headed people who need something more than analysis to know "the score". It will take a severe rap on the cranium for them to wake up. ZOG knows this all too well and that's why keeping the slop trough full is top priority. Fat hogs dream little of freedom and permit oppression. ZOG's insane course, as with all kosher schemes, will eventually be its own undoing.

To support, and fight for, the White race, does not mean that all Whites are worth effort, for many are not worth the sweat on those well known parts. We know who they are and they shall be consumed by our racial enemies as evidenced by the effects of race-mixing. Those anti-Nature hedonists had faulty genes to begin with. Don't fret one bit over that lost White simian whore.

The White race is the creator race – in the image of the Creator – and it stretches logic to assume that it shall disappear. Those who oppose the Jew World Ordure today are exactly those in whom the god spirit remains alive. The gods help those who help themselves and the god spirit compels us to help ourselves. We cannot do other than fight. It's better to live 5 years as a lion than 50 as a sheep.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.