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6 February 2000
Eugene often had to work late into the evening. He was my friend. On these occasions, I would keep his girl-friend company, watch over her and if needed, offer what protection I could afford. Sometimes we'd go swimming and sometimes we'd see a movie. At one time, while walking a path around a small island, she slipped and slid into the lake. What a sight her white slacks and white angora sweater were! At the close of Gene's schedule, we would pick him up and we usually had a late snack at the nearby 'greasy spoon'. He'd drive me home since it was his convertible which I used to escort Jean. Eugene was my friend.

When I tell this story to the young of today, they blink and small revealing smiles engage their faces. They KNOW what it was about – they foolishly thought. They simply could not understand that Eugene was my friend and with that certain bound responsibilities were involved. One of them was fidelity. The young – like the jews who never understood real friendship and were always puzzled by the fact that Adolf Hitler was August Kubizek's friend – simply do not know what I am talking about. When a society becomes little more than a batch of marauding, untrusting buzzards, all out for themselves, it never enjoys a very long, nor pleasant, life-span.

The American people love to be humbugged, robbed and ruled and love the people who humbug, rob and rule them. P. T. Barnum
                    95 percent of the population learn by repeating like parrots.

                     5 percent know what they know by proving their imagination.
Vote Independent! Vote for J. Snead Glanswacker!
If elected, Senator Glanswacker will propose a National White Guilt Month sandwiched nicely between Black Delusion Month and We've Been Persecuted Month. Whites will be able to hold self-flagellation parades and publicly beg for the Matabele and Xhona to take their homes and their children. A selected volunteer group will be killed during a reenactment of Custer's Last Stand – complete with stakes being driven into their ears. Whites will drag out replicas of space vehicles and burn them as an open admission of White inferiority. Aryabhata Bhaskara will be on hand to perform drive-by lobotomies for those who simply cannot endure another day  thinking like a White person. Robo-Wash has agreed to set up several walk-though paint spray booths to accomodate the "soot and mud are beautiful" crowd. By the way, Snead has passed the "shower test."
The hebe, Bill Gates, with his "minority" scholarships purse, is certainly anti-White. Whites are excluded from his bag of freebies and this is discrimination pure and simple. It is not blatantly anti-White but simply de facto by way of the anti-merit and inclusion route. If the playing field were level, which it decidedly is not, then an open merit competition would be in order. Instead, the opportunity is closed to the male honky and any so-called merit consists of inflated school grades – the norm these days. Merit at one time prevailed for the most part – before the 1960s. Since most of the faces belonging to the merit group were White, this led to the mis-named racial discrimination nonsense. If one will not accept a piece of dung on his dinner plate, then that certainly would exclude manure piles wouldn't you think?
Support the United Penguin Flying Fund. A wing is a terrible thing to waste.
The fact that ZOG's continuing assault upon of America's White heritage is beyond accidental is shown by its insistence that we should tolerate the hogs who are rooting out our flower beds. Hogs have "rights" too, don'cha know? The initial request didn't find too any takers and so social ostracism for the so-called intolerant was instituted. Today, there are not many who lack the urge to vomit if the little voice in their heads appears on the verge of muttering ni..g......ah. One needs only to shout that Pavlovian N-word in a crowded brothel in order to stop the humping cold in its wet tracks. It seems that there are still a few renegades out there who take the First Amendment in a serious fashion. The next step – which we see being erected daily – is the enactment of laws which make it illegal to mention that a hog is rooting out your flower garden, that is, if your brain still functions well enough to recognize what's going on. The American boob has mounted his jackass facing to the rear and is still baffled at why the distant tree always gets further away each time he yells "giddyap". Yet, a public which elects a degenerate who cannot tell a cigar humidor from a vagina, is a public which isn't worth saving anyway.
Cube head Regis Philbin of the "everyone wants to be a millionaire" TV gawk show apparently complained that there are too many male honkies grabbing off the goodies. That's the same complaint we've been hearing for years – about everything – and the solution is simple. Rig the show like it has been for years in education, job promotion, grants, special rights, etc. Weez all ekills ain't us? 
I see that the clown Ruskin – the Canadian Ph.D. with the 'big dick, small brain' theory is in the news again. This is the fellow who ranks Asians as more intelligent than Whites – due to their small peters, I suppose – but until those billions of Chinese manage to produce someone comparable to Grieg, Mozart, da Vinci, Gauss, Newton, Euclid, etc., I'll not bother carrying my yardstick into the shower room. There's white, and black, with yellow in the middle. Don't like it? Complain to God.
The largest batch of anti-White people are Whites themselves. They fall all over each other in adopting the young of another race. They simply cannot elect enough non-Whites to office. They welcome the grinning Chinese as the latter colonize their once White territory. They imitate Blacks and can't wait for the next salsa recipe to be handed out. Reminders occur daily such as a recent talk-show coming out of Buffalo NY. It seems they want to name the court house building after some distinguished individual. Listeners – all White as far as I could determine – called in with everything from a Black police officer killed while on duty, to Red Jacket (Otetiani or later, Sagoyewatha) a Seneca chief who usually wore a British military red coat since he was on their side during the War of Independence. A coward in battle, Otetiani was easily routed by General John Sullivan's troops in 1779. Although a great orator, he engaged in double-dealing against his own people's interests. As a supposed British loyal, he secretly sought a separate peace with the Americans but then in a chameleon like fashion, agitated against any peace treaty when it appeared inevitable. Although publicly against land sales of Indian territory, he nonetheless secretly signed property cessions to the Americans. The tribal leaders deposed him at a council in 1827 due to his continued drunken behavior. Later, the intercession of the Office of Indian Affairs managed to get him reinstated. What could be more fitting, name-wise, then this silver-tongued scoundrel – an enemy of his own people? If alive today, he would probably be appointed to some high position by that epitome of virtue, Cigar Bill. 
You've probably heard this but I'll repeat it anyway. It seems that a college has dropped their written entrance exams. They were declared 'unfair' to those sacred groups who are feeding gratis at the public trough. Instead, the entrance exam will now consist of building a Lego duplicate of a pictured robot. They say that in America one must attend college in order to get a high school education. It now appears that one must attend college in order to get a grammar school education.
Spic heaven – the Devil makes us copulate; God gives us babies and the gringo picks up the bill. – Ongowa Dillibe.
Did you know that in the non-Great Britain books such as Nigger at Eton can be purchased, read and discussed without people having convulsions and throwing up over the use of the N-word? In fact, this book was a best-seller and the Black author loved the royalties better than steamed missionary.
Nova will air a program the week of February 22nd tracing the historical and genetic line of the Lost Tribes of Israel. They will present the case by using genetic markers to show that the Lemba tribe of Soweto, South Africa are descendants of Abraham! The Christian Identity bunch should love this program! It seems that everyone except the blight-wing knows how to find a Jew in a haystack. 
The part Injun Hal Lindsey, author of doomsday books, has reshuffled his monologue since his predicted Y2K whopper turned into a fiasco. Now he is peddling the notion that 2000 A.D. was the LAST year of the millennium. Like Jack van Impe's, those marvelous dates are always mañana. The people who control the networks know clowns when they see them and, under the guise of religious freedom, allow them to side-track the sheep so that they are unaware of the REAL problems.
Sweet gooks. Monkey brain is a delicacy in Vietnam. They serve it in this fashion: The top of the monkey's skull is removed while it is alive. The monkey is then strapped under a table so the top of its head is in line with a circular hole. The diners then proceed to scoop out parts of the brain. The monkey dies about half-way through the meal.

They also relish dogs. A popular method is to prepare a 'tin can' by cutting the bottom in such a fashion as to leave several triangular shaped edges pointed inwards. The can is then shoved onto the captured dog's snout. The front legs are then forcefully pulled backwards and upwards over the dog's back where the feet are tied to form a carrying handle. The dog is then hauled off and butchered while still alive.

It is this sort of oriental cruelty which so horrified the American settlers that pure vengeful hatred erupted and led to the extermination of many of the 'noble savages'. Cortez encountered the same thing with the Aztecs but he fell short of getting rid of them to the last man. Some day Whitey will start a job and really finish it.

If you love this sort of thing, my uncle has an 8 mm film showing Blacks carving steaks from a live cow whose feet are staked to the ground. The horrible cries of the cow inform all of the brothers that dinner is being served.

Years ago, the jew Leonard Nimoy ('Spock' in Star Trek) started using C.E. (Common Era) when referring to dates usually named A.D. (Anno Domini) in programs of which he was narrator. This is being pushed by the 'you'll never guess who' crowd. BC is to be replaced by BCE, Before Common Era. I prefer the designation UE, Uncommon Era, as it would be more logically proper. Besides, UE sounds like a hog call which might indicate that the uncommon are really pigs after all. It's an interesting notion. After Christ was born, the era became common – hardly a great change. I think we might consider 1945 generally as a great divide – Before Auschwitz and After Auschwitz. The BAAA denotation has all the ring of a batch of sheep who just love to be flocked. Did I spell that last word correctly?
The non-race kosher political race just might be between Gush and Bore. I'll place my bet on the one who is backed by the big, really big, drug money. We all know who that is, don't we George? The mestizos are humping for Gush and the darkies for Bore. White people are the only ones who haven't caught on to the fact that solidarity wins elections.
Tomás de Torquemada, the first Inquisitor General of the Inquisition was a Jew. He was the one who urged Queen Isabella to establish the Inquisition in the first place. He introduced the doctrine of limpieza which was used to condemn those of 'impure blood'. The fact that he fell into this class didn't have any dire consequences in his case because he had political power as we see today among the charlatans which become our hypocritical representatives. His brain was scrambled, not because he was a Jew, but because he acted as though his religious delusions were reality.

Christians also get unhinged as was the case with Don Lope de Vera who wanted more than anything to be a Jew. There was not one drop of Jewish blood in his veins. He studied Hebrew and became fanatically pro-Jewish and so was grabbed by Torquemada's goon squad. While in prison he circumcised himself. He was shortly led to the stake while chanting Hebrew prayers and finally declaring that being burned alive would constitute proof that he was a Jew after all..

If the women of another race appeal to you, then one, or both, of the following conditions are present: (1) You have been in solitary far too long. (2) You are degenerate.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.