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1 July 2002
Some call them "wiggers", or "whiggers", but decades ago this sort of person was referred to as a "Snowball". This was in reference to a chocolate cupcake confection with white frosting – white on the outside, black on the inside. "Uncle Toms" were refereed to, by the Black community, as "Oreo cookies" – black on the outside, white on the inside.

Now a geologist comes to our aid by offering another term for ostensible Whites we could do without. E.H. calls them "coprolites". Coprolite is fossilized shit, or to be vulgar, excrement. When nuggets of it are found, they are white on the outside but upon cracking them open, you find a dark brown or black interior.

I am sure we all know many 'coprolites' – just follow the boomboxes and ass backwards baseball caps.

The jews, with their Marxist Anglo whores, have been pumping our school kids so full of "weez equal" and holohoax horse manure, that its actually coming out their eyeballs thus making everything they see, brown. When it comes to N.S. Germany, all stops have been pulled to make sure no one learns the truth and those who seek it, and find small bits, are soon slapped down. ZOG is scared shitless of truth and you'd better believe it. A while back, Dr. Pierce wrote a great article which I believe was called, "What We Destroyed". (I could not find this on natvan.com so I will dig into my boxes and see if I can find it.) This was in relation to the remarkable German achievement of the 1930s. If Germany had been left alone, one probably could not begin to imagine the technical advances which might have come to bloom by the year 2000. Here are some more eye-openers and please note the continuing credit which is given to German authorship.

http://users.visi.net/~djohnson/misc/sanger.html     http://www.g2mil.com/SRT.htm   http://www.g2mil.com/June2002.htm

Parasitism is on the increase as more and more "young adults" sponge off their brain dead, and spineless, parents. Shirley Hungrycrotch gets knocked up and promptly dumps the kid into the laps of her parents for care. She stays at home, farts around a few days with a part-time job, and then gets knocked up again. The boys are no better. Drinking, whoring and snorting. Sleep 'til noon while dads break their asses supporting the losers. In this picture, who are the real aholes?
If you have lots of time then I suggest clicking around this site. It's parent is Radio Islam – http://www.abbc.com – and there's a slot for the National Journal – http://www.abbc.com/nj/ – and a very good bit of reading concerning other life on this planet – http://www.abbc.com/nj/e2000/history/vivisection-e.htm
The now massive Federal free food summer lunch program for parks, only reveals – feed more, breed more. Here we find Nature's law being inverted. The survival of the useless. Why is it, if we are all equal, that only Whites seem to be able to feed themselves and by what twist of the mind are people convinced that they have an obligation to their parasites?
Again let me repeat that we are not gung-ho in a racial regard. We are concerned heavily with a person's behavior and do recognize that behavioral tendencies are influenced greatly by heredity. In the sane society we envision, a 'lily white' White might be super on the genetic front but he will be dismissed outright if his behavior is faulty. On the other hand, any who stack up behavior wise will be acceptable even though there might be small portions of non-White in their bloodlines. We take our cue in this department from the laws of National Socialist Germany. Perhaps and example –

Down the street is what most anyone would call a White family. Mama is about 120 pounds overweight, swears a blue streak and her 13 year old son wears size 46 pants. Dad is pleasant enough but he does not mix with any neighbors. The only time they ar noticed is when the boy's boombox gets new batteries. To the "save the White race" crowd, these are worthy people. They are White aren't they?

A few months back, the hairy Syrians who lived next door to the Whiteys, sold their house to Blacks. They also previously demonstrated their lack of love for White folks. It wasn't long before the White female moose was jiving it up with the Black female simian. Today papa, and the very off offspring, were all boomboxing it up in the front yard with the Blacks. At last, the ostensible Whites finally found their soul mates. One set is black on the outside and black on the inside. The other set is white on the outside and black on the inside.

This obvious gut level behavior shows that one cannot judge a honky by his skin for ooga booga drum log thump often dwells very deep inside. Such people are NOT White according to myself, Eric and Maguire. They are NOT US.

Thanks to H.P. who sent the link in. This is worth reading – http://www.bankindex.com/read.asp?ID=903
I see that the toddler next door is training his mother to "fetch". He tosses things down the driveway and she chases and retrieves them. I suppose that when he's 16, he'll take her along for duck hunting. He is also teaching her baby talk. He says, "Goolub, goo, lub, goo," and she repeats, "Goolub, goo, lub, goo."  She learns well.
The Ibrahim Kannab family in Toronto are in Canada illegally. That makes them criminals in my book. However, the sweet folks in Canuckistan think its terrible that the sons Karim and Mohammed, are denied public schooling by current law. Don't ever grant me political power folks, since I'd grab their mud asses, give them a Big Mac and a Coke, take them to the New Jersey shore and toss them in with the final words, "Go home. Just keep swimming east and you'll be there before you can recite the Koran backwards. Don't worry. Allah will protect you all of the way."

As King, I'd nuke Israel and then say to the Moslem world, "Let's talk."

Sam Limpdick never had a dime to his name. John Fatpurse usually carried $1000 in his wallet. One day Sam approached John, "Hey man, I know you enjoy a good time and so do I, so let's pool our resources and do the town up right. After all, we are all in this together."

How come this reminds me of the Black leaders when they talk to the White folks about ending world starvation?

The Spoils of War

A lot of the American expertise on anti-gravity dates from decades earlier, and National Socialist Germany in particular. Much of what formed the basis of the Skunk Works' (Lockheed) projects came from German technology and expertise plundered by the Allies at the end of the Second World War. Gennany was a treasure trove of desirable technology, covering everything from weaponry to electronics to textiles and medicine. It was a magnet for the Allies, including the British. Ian Fleming, who was later to write the James Bond novels, set up what was virtually a private army tasked with 'tech-plunder'. But the British were ill prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that faced them. Not so the Americans. They simply removed the paperwork for hundreds of thousands of patents and shipped them home. According to the U. S. Office of Technical Services – the body set up to ensure that German technology was rapidly moved into American industry – the documents contained a wealth of material which very likely contained practically all the scientific, industrial and military secrets of National Socialist Germany.

NICK COOK (Aerospace Consultant for Jane's Defence Weekly) in The Mail on Sunday, London.(19/8/2001)

ZOG, understandably, does not want any serfs who can think for themselves. That is why so much emphasis and subsequent conditioning, is placed upon alienating us from our God-given senses. LaRoach's jew troupe has gone on record declaring that one cannot "know reality" through his senses since those senses relay false information. Today, thousands of people graduating from college are firmly convinced that nothing is true unless it appears in a book or flows from the mouth of some "expert". In other words, you know nothing for yourself, cannot ascertain things for yourself,  and thus are dependent upon external beings supposedly superior to yourself. If that isn't a king/serf relation, then what is?

Today, I listened to an "expert" who said we must drink at least ½ gallon water daily for "health" as many doctors advise. Some people may require a full gallon, it was added. Note that this is some foolish intellectual approach and not once was thirst mentioned. I even heard one Ph.D. claim that thirst was not an accurate indicator of a need for water. Dawh? Aside from the nonsense, which no sane critter on earth pays attention to, notice that here again we have a separation of senses and the abstract mind process. The bonehead continued the emphasis on the ½ gallon of required water by advising that if you had a hard time drinking your requirement, you should eat some salt to increase your thirst. Thirst is not an indicator and now it is. Now you see it, now you don't.

The two warbling hens who were advising us on how to eat, went ballistic when it came to that cyanide of the food kingdom – fat. Anything, from olive oil to the artificial glycol stearates which we consume, are called fats.

In the desire for profit and taste bud tickling, food has taken on a bizarre form. We hear that "presentation" is the major factor relative to meals and all chef shows are little more than showing people how to arrange a myriad of things into what I call edible garbage. Each is trying to find some mixture of this and that which no one else has put together. That makes you a super cook. Ho about chocolate cake with a little horse radish or steamed yucca leaves with clam sauce?

Good food like just plain pears, a bowl of steamed beet greens, a simple portion of beef, and so on, really isn't very exiting, is it? The problem is one where our meals consist of combinations for which our sense of taste simply cannot deal with relative to what the body requires. It's all about pleasure. If it tastes good, eat it. If it feels good, do it. Better yet, if it is cheap, than 'pig out'! Old age is that time of life when you pay the penalty for being feckless, and carefree, while young. Nearly all old age problems have their roots in lame-brained living while young.

Attention body fluid mixers:  Robert was right all the time.  100% right so far.

This is from "Maguire".  Two recent (pardon the pun here) "mainstream" news releases ought to be of literally life and death interest to a certain segment of the population out there.  First up....

Spermicides Fail to Thwart HIV and Other Diseases


"GENEVA (Reuters) – The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that spermicides used by millions of people worldwide do not provide the protection against the HIV virus and other sexually transmitted diseases previously thought.

"Experts agreed that nonoxynol-9, contained in most spermicides and sometimes added to male condoms as a lubricant, may actually increase the risk of HIV infection in women having frequent sex, WHO said."

Semen Acts As Anti-Depressant


"Semen makes you happy. That's the remarkable conclusion of a study comparing women whose partners wear condoms with those whose partners don't.

"The study, which is bound to provoke controversy, showed that the women who were directly exposed to semen were less depressed. The researchers think this is because mood-altering hormones in semen are absorbed through the vagina.  They say they have ruled out other explanations."

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  My oh my.  What will further research reveal?  Remember how Robert has said for years that breeding heifers with defective bulls permanently ruined them?  Really starting to look like "ee-ah ee-ah" jackasses of the barnyard are ya'll, not Robert.

EOM = End of Message.


P.S.  This doesn't mean little boy poopies are safe from other unstudied effects.

The current evolution b.s. states that in the beginning there were apes. The apes evolved into Blacks. The Blacks evolved into Whites. (The Whites migrated north and the frosty temperatures bleached out their Black color.) From this we can draw two conclusions – (1) Whites are a higher form of life since evolution is always upward, and (2) Whites mating with Blacks is equivalent to Blacks mating with apes.

Eric mentioned that he had just seen one of his Negro 'equals' with an offspring whose knuckles nearly dragged on the floor as he walked. When this lovable specimen grows up, I am sure he will find some willing blonde eager to mate with him.

Instead of answering the numerous email, regarding the possibility of German A-bombs, individually, I'll do it here. Wilfried Kernbach gave a lecture in Toronto which admitted much logical information. (1) The Germans had an operational cyclotron. I believe that George Dietz published, or had, photos in that regard. (2) Germans always built things in multiple ways as were the three American used bombs, i.e., uranium, plutonium, wedges, hemispheres, etc. (3) It appeared that the jews, Enrico Fermi et al, had no idea that the sections of critical mass required a certain minimum velocity of collision in order to explode, since one jew "survivor" experimenter dusted himself off while farting around with casual uniting. (4) In the Apocalypse Generation, there are photos and descriptions of the religious paraphernalia the kikes brought to the Trinity site, including the homunculus and its attendant ritual mumbo jumbo.

No matter where the truth lies, it will not stop the collapse of the Late Great USA. Instead of wasting time arguing about  the past, we would be well advised to ask ourselves what we will do when the fickle finger of fate shoves the purple shaft up our deserving rectums.

We are no longer citizens – just serfs. When we shunned personal responsibility, we threw away our personal rights.
Most Americans will not believe they just witnessed an auto accident unless they see it on TV.
If the "good" jews fail to denounce
the criminals in their group, then the "good" jews are accomplices to the foul deeds.
The crooks of Enron and WorldCom were just plain out-of-the-pack Americans as are the people who make up the IRS and  FBI. Do you really believe there is a corporation, or ZOG agency, in this land which is staffed with 100% honest people?
There's a new drug for "unspecified anxiety" problems. I suppose that if you can't get this drug, then the anxiety will be specified – anxiety due to the unavailability of 'unspecified anxiety' drugs – which means you should find something for "specified anxiety". Suicide, of course, gets you out of this terrible dependency loop.
Dear Robert: I really enjoyed our conversation, as always. You could very accurately call your telephone conversations The Voice of Sanity. In my slow thought processes, I only now react to your cogent statements about the "LaRoachies". You said that they view animals as totally expendable; that they deem sunsets to be 'valid', only when they appear in the form of a photo or painting. As I rose up from my box  today, before my graveyard shift, the Marxist definition of Nature as "a wet place with birds" and "the idiocy of country life," came to mind. That sums up the LaRoach Approach to Nature: it is totally jewish! Nature and its creatures are not conveniently controlled or sold, as are factory-produced items. Hence, the Main Theme of LaRoach is kosher. In their pseudo-religious quackery, I suspect that LaRoach has an order of 'soul'- value, with jews being tops. "Some souls are more equal than others!" quoth Orwell. I lack the stamina to put up with such a crowd. My daily routine demands lots of alertness & diplomacy, for I am dealing with all sorts of wogs, nignogs and mestizos. No pro-White Whites here in Covington's "Great White Hopeland". Eric Thomson
Now that the country is deluged with reports of document forging and document altering, although now mainly concerned with the greed business, one might sympathize with me when I use this as a reason I do not to get into duels over "history". If people can screw up records today, what makes you think they didn't years ago? I have, ever since I can remember, questioned all tales whether gossip or "holocaust". Not being an intellectual, I cannot confine my thoughts to what can be "proved" by the use of a ream of "documents". I will admit that SOME documents do represent fact, but how can anyone really tell this from that? I first ask myself if the event in question was possible within the confines of natural law. Then I look for contradictions. I also look at present reality and gauge the tales by this. I can listen to a bevy of people claiming that Fido is a nice pussy-cat of a dog. The vet can supply documents attesting to that, but when peace-loving Fido sinks his fangs into my ass, all of your "proof" goes up the chimney. Intellectuals, of course, would believe that the "eye witness" testimony and the "documents" still were fact. They'd look for a reason to "prove" that Fido was actually Osama the terrible junk yard dog.
It appears that Fearless Fosdick Cheney (emphasis on the 'dick') thinks we should not only kill all of our enemies (very grandiose considering we, plus Izzyrail, are the most hated people on earth), but kill anyone who might be an enemy either by looks, association, or what he thinks they might think. This I am in favor of since after we kill all of those billions, there'd only be about 300,000,000 people left on earth. Now that's good for the environment.

It's starting to resemble the days of the Golden Horde who were often heard to sing, "God has given man a thousand things to enjoy but man cannot offer one thing in return. Kill. Kill. Kill."

In the continuing mental breakdown of the denizens of our Late Great USA, I see the IRS is now being investigated for being naughty with their records. If there is a piece of paper anywhere, someone is sure to alter it. It's a compulsion of people of the "information age" – everything needs to be revised, updated and made more correct. It's called 'revisionism'. Enron revised their data in order to fit their "facts". I am sure that after all has collapsed into a sea of honesty, "stress" will at last be cured.

Remember Tom Lehrer, the jew mathematician who was kicked out of Harvard for his bawdy behavior? He wrote, "Midst the yuccas and the thistles, I will watch the guided missiles, while the old FBI watches me..." I spy on my neighbor and he spies on me. Such a deal. People policing themselves.

Remember folks – there is no inflation. That's why the largest railroads in the U.S. have raised their prices 13 percent. As people lose their jobs, the economy "grows". Businesses go thud, and the economy grows more. If all went bankrupt, and the rest lost their jobs, we'd be enjoying unbounded prosperity. Eh boys?

Hey man. Charlie was so prosperous he starved to death.

Lettuce see – If a kid flunks a test, it means something is faulty with the test. The following is from my real life experience:

I worked in one school (zoo) for one year. Why I stayed there that long probably proves I was a first class ahole – a slow learner myself. In all fairness, I must state that the student body was 99% 'cream of the crop' honkies, that is, according to the parents who assured me that their kids were geniuses. I was in charge of writing the final exam. For two solid weeks we "reviewed" the course material. I do confess that by the time June rolled around, my integrity was becoming a wee bit eroded. (You didn't think I was perfect, did you?) The review consisted of each and every question which would appear on the final. I never told them that the rehearsed problems were the final, I just indicated, "On the final you will see problems similar to..."

The exam came and the exam went. Each consumed the entire 3 hour period. As they filed past my desk, sweet Jimmy said, "Gee Mr. Frenz, those were the hardest problems you ever gave us." Several others nearby also nodded in the affirmative. When the last paper was corrected, I quickly noted that 52% of the class failed. I expected to be confronted by the principal and indeed I was.

"Mr. Frenz. These grades are not acceptable." He handed me a pencil and added, "Jack them all up 30%. We are here to please the parents."

I took the pencil, and the grade book, and dropped them back on his desk. "Mr. R. You know how to write. You change them."

Needless to say, I became unemployed in about 17 seconds.

Velly interestink – Microsoft Gates' largest offshore (out of the zoo) interest is in the land formerly known as Palestine. If sleazy Bill ain't a jew, he should be. (Thanks M.S.)
Bush, Cheney, Clinton – the 3 blind mice who were draft dodgers. Heroes to the last and we elected them. When the first two shout "war, war war", they certainly do not mean they they should give up their lives to fight "foofooism".
Mr. F.M. writes –
"I cannot confidently comment on whether or not Mr. LaRouche (nee Lyn Marcus) is Jewish.  However, this sycophantic article betrays him as a judeophile, at the very least.

Non-conservative articles on the internet describe him variously as "funded by the Rockefeller center" and an "ex-trotskyite".

The rest is open to your imagination.http://www.cecaust.com.au/dialogue/on%20music.htm

Camping, to me, meant a canoe, tent, sleeping bag, hatchet, frying pan, small fishing gear, lard, cornmeal and wilderness. It decidedly did not mean some ugly wheeled barge loaded with everything from the house which wasn't nailed down. It did not mean driving to some populated "camping resort" where one could plug in his computer, TV and microwave where he'd cook his pack of bring-along supermarket junk.

In order to find wilderness, I'd drive to the northern end of Algonquin Park in Canada where it would be a very rare thing to see another human being. I nearly always went alone since finding someone psychologically able to drink from streams and eat roasted cattail, was difficult. I cannot stand to be around people who need a drink of water every 5 minutes and a snack every half-hour, for very long. On such trips, they are a liability as they impose an unnecessary burden on my existence, and for what? Because I did not want to be alone? To those who live in fear of Nature, I'd like to remind them that the greatest personal risk one can place himslef in, is to be part of a crowd.

In my many trips to such places, I always noticed the near complete absence of "muds" of any color – yellow to black. The "outdoors" seemed to be an exclusive White thing. This is also quite evident when it comes to housing. Most Whites seem to prefer a home situated upon a substantial bit of property. It is precisely in the cities where the swarms are found.

Our house had 8 bedrooms and was planted near center of 40 acres. There was a stream, ponds, swamp, woods and all sorts of inviting things to explore and use, for all of us kids. I remember a time when gramps took myself and my brothers to the second floor and marched us around all rooms making sure we looked out of all windows. After the tour, he scolded, "If you can do this and see another house, then you know it's too damned crowded."

This "White thing" is the reason exploration is a White enterprise whether it's seeking a pot of gold or wanting to kick dust on the moon. Imagine what the world would have been like if the last 2000 years were devoid of White influence. If you think living in a "state of Nature" is the way to go, then you might think it would be an improvement.

I'd like to ask the Whites reading this, if they'd really enjoy living in an ant hill or as a bunch of cliff sparrows – apartment buildings, the jew delight, comes to mind. Are bumper to bumper muds necessary in order for you to feel that life is worthwhile? What is it about pristine areas than invites an itch to destroy it with theme parks and condos? When I hear the word "development", I see plunder and destruction. How much of this sort of insanity do you think planet earth can stand before it revolts?

As the muds multiply and occupy space, Whites desirous of "elbow room" will be found wanting.

Dr. Faurisson once told me that revisionism was all about nit-picking. I am not a nit-picker.

I once wrote that Bill Gates was a jew. This was an opinion of mine based upon this: A well known attorney of my acquaintance claimed that there was an article in a jewish periodical which stated that Gates was jewish. Eric wrote and asked for the date when the article appeared but never received an answer. If Gates is not a jew, then this leaves me with (1) the lawyer was lying or (2) the jewish periodical was lying. Gates gives tons of money to non-Whites – typical jew behavior. Gates is rapacious and unscrupulous in his quest for money and power – a trait not unknown to the jews. Gates has a 'strange' physical look which lends credence to a belief in the presence of non-White genes. Thus my opinion.

I was told that Lyndon LaRouche's family name was Marcus and that he was a jew. I have asked several LaRouchites about this and obtained not one denial. Usually there was a change of topic. LaRouche is rarely found in White company. His organization is well over 50% jew. His entire program is directed toward benefiting non-Whites. He does have an odd physical look. Eric believes LaRouche to be a jew. Eric is the best jew spotter I know in spite of the fact that many claim he sees one in every waste basket. None of his critics, however, are willing to gamble $5000 in a contest "Name that jew". Thus my opinion.

If you believe that LaRouche and/or Gates is not a jew, then what would you accept as "proof" to the contrary? God sending you an email? What? As for me, I really do not care. It's their behavior I abhor. In the realm of opinion, one either agrees or disagrees. "Proving" opinions remains an absurdity.

I have recently read something which claims that homosexuality, as a discriminatory issue, will divide the White community and thus should not be an item of discussion. All must tolerate the homo bunch.

First, we are hardly a community. Mostly, we are keyboard peckers who are completely unaware of like minds even in our own city, and prefer to remain anonymous. Do you think this really worries ZOG? Second, what proportion of the White population consists of homos anyway?

From what I gather, and I am no expert here, homos are people who like to insert their erect penises into the rectums of others thus enjoying having their stick covered with you know what. (Ask yourself why anyone would want to have any part of his body covered with excrenent.) This hardly serves the procreation end of the sexual urge and thus can be defined as unnatural, that is, a perversion. It occurs nowhere else in any other life form. Sodomy is degenerate.

If, in order to preserve the imaginary "unity" of White people, we are to look the other way while certain slobs spread diseases and drool when they see us bend over, then should we also accept the sheep humpers, the heifer mounters and those who masturbate while watching pigs being slaughtered?

I remain steadfast. A White nation does not need Black people nor does it need perverts. To admit that we must tolerate degeneracy, is to admit that we strive for nothing higher than personal slobbery.

College Board Adds Essay to SAT


"NEW YORK (AP) – College Board trustees voted Thursday to add a handwritten essay to the SAT, drop its analogy section and include higher-level math questions in an overhaul following complaints from the exam's biggest customer that it fails to test what students know."

"Also scored on a 200-800 scale, the new section will boost the top SAT score to 2,400. Each student's essay will be read and scored, then scanned onto a Web site for college admissions officials to read."

The college trustees cannot possibly be in contact with the undergraduates at their own institutions.  This kind of racist testing will go the way of previous elementary-high school education 'reform' efforts in the 1990s.  The first two years will produce real feedback that the entire system is in collapse.  In the first year it will be discovered that most students can't even write legibly in cursive.  This crisis in cursive penmanship is probably a blessing in disguise.  Readable penmanship would be too revealing of other, far deeper problems.

Negroes will do worse than whites.  I will say that what's marketed as 'white' right now will be discovered to write less legibly than negro students in segregated schools in the 1930s.  That merely pertains to cursive style.  Grammar and composition do not even bear thinking about.  Then will come the chipping away at the margins under the guise of 'fine tuning' this new system.


Robertsez – This is all assholish and not worth worrying about (I don't mean Maguire's comments, please!). Contrary to the dreamers who think all two-legged critters are Isaac Newtons in the rough, race-mixing, drugs, alcohol, sex-obsession, among a dozen other factors, have turned much of the population into a batch of cretins with value not much above that of organic fertilizer. Note the "... fails to test what students know."  How does one know what another knows? I am sure that Mr. Maguire knows tons of things which I, the one who is about to test him, do not know. Therefore, what questions do I pose? If a question is asked about something one knows, then he'd get it correct, would he not? If you know that 2 + 2 = 4 then such a question would be answered correctly. If you believe that 2 + 2 = 5, then you have only a belief. You do not know. Thus, asking a question in this regard would be testing someone on things he didn't know.

Essays are always graded subjectively for the most part. This gives the liberal grader a chance to add points for his favorite imbecile.

Our education system worked when it was merit based. Merit is discriminatory and produces segregation. Discrimination is bad. Segregation is a sin  Merit must be removed and segregation destroyed. So we returned to fantasy land. Since simians are equal to humans, why not give everyone a Ph.D. in a field of his choice and let them go back to doing what they think life is all about anyway? Eating, drinking, screwing, defecating, and just plain f--king the planet up. Hell, orangutans are human too!

Right up the rear of the working stiff and he loves it!(1) He pays school taxes for his kids.

(2) If he chooses private school, then add that cost to #1.

(3) ZOG will now use more tax-dollars to help Untermenschen attend private schools. Add that increased cost to #2.

Not only is the working stiff required to support his family, he increasingly is forced to support dead beats. Marxism is what's wrong with this picture.

The following alliance seems to be taking shape: USA, Russia, UK, Israel, China and India versus the Moslem world, with possible exception of Pakistan, traditional ally of China. US will attack Iraq. Will Saudi Arabia be next? Allah had better do something, fast. He's jewish, you know. Will US Moslems revolt? Stay tuned! OK, honkys, are you ready to play one more round of Heads, jews win – Tails, Whites lose? Go on, Goyim, see if you can score one more for Izzy. (Eric Thomson)
I see that a few honkies are migrating to the northwest – the Great White Hopeland where a new Republic will be established. Heh, heh. Nice work if you can get it, but I wonder how they are going to oust the Mexicans and Chinese which are moving in at a rate 1000 times as great as the fistful of honky drag-asses.
"I was interested to read Maguire's take on the UN report concerning HIV growth in China. My own opinion is that the report is too alarmist and completely mistakes the Chinese character. The Chinese are NOT africans. The Chinese have a hard-headed, practical, non-sentimentalist point of view to these things. If eradication of HIV requires a mass testing of the whole population and the strictest possible measures being imposed on the infected, the Chinese will be willing to take this action. One of the saddest films I've ever seen in my life concerns the eradication of sparrows from Peking. Canny Chinese calculated that the aggregate sparrow population of that city ate enough grain in a year to feed several thousand people. Therefore the sparrows had to be eliminated. This was done by making the whole human population of Peking make a crashing, drumming noise by roosting trees of the sparrows for several days. The birds being to scared to perch literally dropped out of the sky in exhaustion." (from K.J.)

Robertsez – The Chinese expand at the expense of the sparrows, tigers, and other forms of life. Blacks expand at the expense of the elephants, gazelles, etc. Whites expand at the expense of buffalo, wolves and cougar. Rhinos are killed so some fool can make an imagined sex enhancer from the horn. Japanese kill sharks by the ton for the delicacy of fin. Everywhere, extermination of other forms of life continue unabated, Are people capable of extrapolating anymore? Will we be left with only maggot piles of humans coughing in each other's faces and crapping on each other's feet? Who has considered what this massive exploitation is doing to the equilibrium of this planet? Are you so silly as to think that all of this makes no difference, and if it did, some benevolent god will straighten it all out for you?

U.N. Says China Faces AIDS Catastrophe


The article itself indicates the Chinese government may not view the situation that way.

"China could have 10 million HIV sufferers by 2010 if no effective countermeasures were taken, UN AIDS officials said.  The Chinese government went public with its fight against AIDS last year after state media exposed the rampant spread of HIV in rural Henan province, where farming families contracted the virus from selling plasma to illegal blood banks. But the UN AIDS report said the government had not done enough."

This Chinese government is a regime that used the 23d Route Army in 1989 to clear Tianamen Square of political demonstrators.  Estimates of the dead ranged as high as 7,000.  This was a perilous moment for the regime.  The entire leadership went into hiding in their mountain nuclear war command center fortress.  There were very deep division inside the People's Liberation Army over this matter.  Satellite imagery at the time showed every military unit in the country deploying out of the barracks and into protective field formations.  China came within an ace of civil war and a relapse into warlordism.  But they got past that.

Will Rogers once told of a Chinese waiter in the Shanghai International Settlement in the 1930s.  The Japanese began a formal invasion of China in 1937.  The first day's reports said 10 Japanese and 200 Chinese were killed.  The second day the reported body count was 150 Japanese and 2,500 Chinese.  The third day brought 300 Japanese casualties and 10,000 Chinese.  Each day the waiter delivered the battle report to the restaurant habitués with a bigger smile.  He was finally asked what was making him so happy.  He replied, "Pletty soon all Japanese Army dead."

While this sounds facetious, the subsequent Korean Conflict was not.  Estimates of casualties vary.  This source seems as good as any:  http://www.skalman.nu/koreanwar/casualties.htm .  Now whether the true Chinese casualties in Korea were far higher than their official war report is not too relevant.  Probably the Chinese casualties were higher than they admit, simply because the U.S. Air Force had total supremacy everywhere over the Korean Peninsula except MiG Alley along the Yalu.  What is relevant (in my opinion) is that adverse casualty exchange ratios ranging from 1:3 to 1:7 were insufficient damage to deflect the Chinese government of that time from their policy.

This is food for future thought when trying to assess what the Chinese government would view as an unacceptable cost.  Their views on this are not the same as ours.


Whidbey WA – "There goes that sing again, we used to call it our serenade..." Holly Swartz, 30,  moved back in with her mother after the "man" she shacked up with, took a hike. She brought along her 7-year old blonde daughter, last name Monnett. Holly loved dancing and it wasn't long before she hitched up with Preston Douglas, a sweet, loving, hard-working and quiet nicker. They'd dance the night away while mom baby sat. Heck, ain't that what parents are for? Load them up with the shit you created? Anyway, along with the dancing was plenty of humping, rectum ramming, and that sort of good stuff. As typical with nickers, the one woman stuff gets somewhat stale and so simian stud "Hugh", as he preferred to be called, wanted a taste of the 7-year old. Mom apparently objected when the advances grew beyond rump feeling and crotch stroking. Understandably, Hugh thought this might smack of racism since the daughter was fairer than mom.

Shortly after the altercation, about 1:30 AM, Hugh returned to the house which now contained Holly's brother Bruce and his girlfriend Sierra. Hugh brought with him the usual nicker welcome kit – a 12-gauge shotgun and 11 rounds of ammo.

Holly was shot "high on the legs" (Guess where the bull's eye was.) and then through the head. Holly' mother received two shots in the head. The brother and sister were gravely injured. Hugh then blew his own brains out. Now that a good nicker! 3 dead and  2 wounded. Not a bad day for such a lovable "free spirit", artistic painter", "quiet fellow" and "dependable worker" – the kind the jews love to see dating White girls.

The pictures of the Swartzes and Monnetts showed good looking White people while Hugh was an ugly straight from the Planet of the Apes. Gawd! He was ugly. Big mother Monnett ran all sorts of hand-out centers for the underprivileged muds and saw nothing wrong with a little race-mixing. If this deluded woman was a naughty racist, her daughter and herself would still be alive, for the fact remains that when one associates with nickers, his chances of getting assaulted by these throw-backs to the Stone Age, increase. Hey folks! It's the "friendly bears" in Yellowstone Park which are the most dangerous.

I think that all nickers should be branded with a warning label – Familiarity is hazardous to your health.

"The Pledge ruling got me to thinking.  It seems to me that some white nationalists like to speak out of both sides of their mouths.  On the one hand we have them saying that Christianity is essentially a sissy Judaic religion that brings Somali refugees to a town near you.  On the other hand, the same white nationalist will rail against the Jews for undermining Christianity and fouling up the nation's white Christian heritage!  To me, fouling up Christianity is like throwing dirt at a turd. I have this funny feeling that the Pledge ruling is meant to distract the mob from the WorldCom debacle. Why are so many people worried about a pledge that no longer has any practical meaning?

"Really though, I don't mind seeing god get tossed out of classrooms.  I didn't need a god to realize that what a Christian calls sin is usually anti-social and destructive in its own right.  Whites will need to get the jews off their backs, but if we ever do, our real big cosmic journey can't start until we've freed ourselves from cloud gods and other assorted stupidity.

"Back to the Pledge.  People seem to worry that it'll be a disgusting sin of ommission to remove it or change it.  Can't they see it's the sins of inclusion that are the REAL issue.  Your daughter gets groped by niggers in class and your 8 year old son learns about fisting in faggot education, and you myopic Americans are worried about a 10 second Pledge?  I'd be more worried about the other six hours of the day when your kid is getting skull-f--ked.

"I saw a few minutes of that rascal Jack Van Impe the other day.  He seems to think that his god is angry because the magical land of Isreal is divided.  More about how god will smite a whole bunch in anger... But get this!  He then goes on to pray to his Jesus to save us and forgive us.  I can't keep up.  Do we have a forgiving god who wants to save all our souls, or a vengeful god that kills this and that in the name of a shitty strip of desert?" (from) L.C.

Sooner or later, the Supreme Court will rule that the Constitution is unconstitutional.
From a reader –
"What's so wrong with sending you money just for the love of it.  You have given me many hours of somewhat hard to find intellectual racial enjoyment.  What's wrong with a pay back?  You live too far away to wash your car or rake leaves.  I can't even give you a W.C. Fields hardy handshake or a pat on the back.  I see you are like me.  I just have a great enjoyment waking some poor soul up." Maguire replies – "The single worst crippling factor for our non-movement has been the sustained presence of a succession of con-artists and mercenaries posing as leaders.  We generically term these 'Paytriots for Profit' and 'Mini-Führers'.  They have been outted before on FAEM and will be again at timely moments.  In our very small way we are trying set a bit better leadership example by refusing money and making everything copyright free and public domain."You can pay us back by pointing more readers to FAEM.  That's the only payment we would want to "demand".

Robert adds – "We refuse to live off 'the cause'."

"Economy Grows at 6.1 Percent Rate"


"WASHINGTON (AP) – The economy sprang back from last year's recession, growing at a sizzling annual rate of 6.1 percent in the January-March quarter, the strongest showing in more than two years.  The latest reading on gross domestic product – which measures the total output of goods and services produced within the United States – showed the economy grew more briskly during the first quarter than previously thought, the Commerce Department reported Thursday."

In other ZOG-USA economic news, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced it has filed charges against WorldCom for lying about its earnings.  Speculation is rife that WorldCom will also join Enron in bankruptcy.  Motorola announced it's preparing for further economic growth by laying off another 7,000 workers.  The ZOG-USA trade deficit has hit a new record last month.  Playboy announced it's running a "Women of Enron" pictorial.  This will feature nude unemployed former female Enron workers  (And yes, I thought of and rejected as unseemly the obvious double entendre.)

Cognitive dissonance like the above was routine during the later Soviet period.   The macro-economic "Big Picture" was full of rosy numbers from the regime.  But these numbers could not be found showing up in tangible reality down at the street level as they affected Ivan Stolichnaya Bottle.  For the Ivan on the street, the picture was constant economic insecurity, rising crime,  increasing homelessness (yes Virginia, there was homelessness in the USSR) and increasing rates of prostitution.  Workers were not "laid off" in the sense they are here.  Here in ZOG-USA a laid-off worker is barred from entering the plant grounds.  In the USSR they progressively reduced and then stopped paying them.  Meanwhile the flow of work in the enterprises dried up.  But you still had to "go  to work".   This was just a social control mechanism to prevent mobs of unemployed people forming up.  Throughout the society there was a subsurface rumble of coming earthquakes.

Don't let reports of glowing numbers deceive you.  These are measurements not of real goods and services but of paper money sloshing around.  The current "Gross Domestic Product" numbers now manage to commoditize and quantify sex.  This is because so much prostitution is now charged to bank credit cards.  Does anyone suppose an Administration with numerous Enron veterans as political appointees doesn't also have Enron reporting and accounting ethics?


Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.