Some of this material is fictional and any similarity to persons living, partially living, or embalmed, is hypothetically circumstantial. The following items are not intended for the emotionally unstable.

Anjoy yerself...

Leadfoot Jim
Mr. Boombots
Rhodesia 1976
Mr. ZUD Hisself
General Remer
The Freedom School
Cold Bird + Warm Nest.

A fellow with an addiction to blowing Corvettes off the road.
Yours truly pretending to be a chemical devisionist.
The No Sweat Welfare Parasites' Party.
Two young American men enjoying intrigue and the African sun.
Tonto's King of revisionist flim-flam drops his balls.
General Otto-Ernst Remer's short note to me.
Yours truly at Ye Olde Freedom School.
Scholastic medals – Like father, like daughter.
A penciled self-portrait of ornery Robert.
A young blonde appreciates FAEM
Wants add when you use a want ad.