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       Robert Frenz – Anchorage AK

Hi, my name is Robert Frenz. I'm the in-demand author of How To Marry a High-Quality Stud: The White Man's Humping Manual... and I'm STILL SINGLE  :(  despite 6500-17300 responses to my personal ad, and several thousand more that were lost, when my pussymail account was inaccessible and subsequently shut down.

While the high-quality series ran, I was getting as many as 540-670 broads emailing me *per day*.  Only two of them were Bolsheviks, and two sent hostile one-liners (one said "You muff dive" and pasted below a Birdman Girl of the Day photo; the other wrote "I'll bet it's only a 4 incher."  This is more a testament to FAEM's readership following and a need for a White personals service, than my own well-hung person, I can assure you.  But thanks to the incredible volume, I got to know 69 beavers via email correspondence, and phone chat, who were definitely concubine material.  They were extremely "hungry", successful, intelligent sheilas with 'right on' plumbing qualities. Unfortunately, they had 4 inch long pubic hair – and for me, that's out.

Now the mail has slowed to a mere trickle of 55-100 per week.  So here I am, still a frustrated bachelor, without even TV noise to assuage my loneliness and boredom at my present half-way house.  I'm 37.  I'm secretly yearning to fall in love, be dominant, get laid and have a blast!  Turn off your TV and set down your Jewspapers, everybody, and hear my plea:  If you, or anyone you know, fits my basic requirements, drop me a line right away without a second's delay, because my erection won't last long and I ain't got much more time before I report to my parole officer.  Fall into my sack, baby.  I'm seeking that elusive ideal, a broad who is:

(1) Arian.
(2) Trim (no hip to hip pubic hair / dealing a full deck of submissive cards).
(3) Employed, preferably in the $90,000+ bracket.
(4) Not addicted to multiple orgasms.
(5) Short with no varicose veins, with good nipple structure (I'm a dwarf – needs to be shorter than me).
(6) Free of breast implants, venereal warts, tattoos, hernias, ex-husbands, and diseases.
(7) Above average intelligence, say IQ 186.
(8) Married, and a virgin.
(9) Demonstrates some kind of an artistic/intuitive side with a strong desire to support a man..

And finally, No Junes. Just Righters need apply.  Thanks for your consideration!

Your Own, Robert Frenz
Anchorage, Alaska

P.S. – I'd also like to start a small, discreet ORGY CLUB FOR FAEM FANS in the Glacier National Park area... for purposes of drug exchange for mutual benefit, far-out support, and profitable sales.  If you're interested, please contact me.  The emphasis would be on quantity, not quality.  But I don't care if you're a single young trollop! You could be a housewife, a married grandmother with 14 grandkids, or even a grammar school drop-out with one tit in the middle of your forehead – as long as you're humpable. As long as you can spread your legs, are Arian and proud of it.  Let's stroke it.