The Nature of Man and His Government (1959) –
In the event this link disappears, this book will be posted on FAEM. Thanks to those who scanned the book.
The following essays, which were written during 1963-4, represent the economic philosophy of Robert LeFevre. He claimed that it would do much for improving the general understanding, and morality of civilized men. However, during a private conversation I had with him in 1965, he lamented that only about five percent of the human population was really civilized. Since he often criticized the government, he was sometimes monitored by federal agents. Robert was a pacifist – just a man with ideas – and a physical threat to no one. Here is that series of 24 essays:
  • The Public Sector
  • Guilt 1
  • Guilt 2
  • Guilt 3
  • Industrial Revolution 1
  • Industrial Revolution 2
  • Business 1
  • Business 2
  • Contracts
  • Marriage
  • Retributive Justice
  • Protection