by Don Clark (assigned nom de plume)

I am not fully convinced that a de facto White ethnostate is something Whites should pursue. I reserve my recommendation simply because I haven't done enough research and carefully thought it through sufficiently to be so confident. However, I am not quite so eager to dismiss the idea. Surely, it is fraught with problems. However, there are things to recommend channeling white flight toward an area in the territorial United States with the idea of forming a de facto White ethnostate:

It would make a very strong statement to globalists, niggers, Jews and whomever else we count among our enemies. Let me state that a little more strongly: it would draw a line in the sand, forcing our enemies to step up their genocidal program to another level – a level that they could hardly justify to the lukewarm racialists and those Whites who now flee when the niggers move in, but otherwise will deny that race had anything to do with it.

The outcome of doing that might be disastrous for us, but if the ZOG should send their armed forces after those in the ethnostate (and I don't believe for a minute that ZOG is stupid enough to make an all-out, unprovoked military assault on a White ethnostate), it would wake up those who may yet be jarred to semi-consciousness.

ZOG would most likely start by bringing federal charges, of one nature or another, against any and all citizens of the White ethnostate. Those who remained in violation of those charges would then be subject to siege ala Ruby Ridge. No doubt ZOG would single out some families, perhaps even whole communities, for extermination Waco style.

ZOG would certainly isolate the ethnostate economically, as well as harass individual citizens in every way imaginable (is it even conceivable that the IRS would not be all over every citizen of the White ethnostate?).

A cultural renaissance is probably the single strongest recommendation for forming a White ethnostate. The generation reared in such a cultural renaissance might be our salvation. It certainly stands the best chance. We can write reams about our current problems, trying to awaken Whites, but it will have only negligible effect. I base this on my own awakening. I don't believe you can make someone racially conscious. I think it must exist in them first, being only dormant. When one such man sees that others are actually speaking and acting racially, then he realizes he has someone to talk to, and does so.

I do not believe that the White man's enemies can be persuaded to cease their genocidal program. Ergo, it will require violence on a large scale at some point, organized and executed in some fashion which I won't attempt to predict here, now (if anywhere, ever). This being so, I cannot imagine, offhand, a better position from which to engage the enemies of the White man, than from an ethnostate where presumably the majority are ideologically on the warriors' side.

Are we going to lose large numbers in this war? Yes, we are!

Will it be worth it? That's the decision one makes when he relocates to the de facto White ethnostate.

I could continue with this cursory analysis, and cite even more reasons why I think a de facto White ethnostate is the best option I can see now. Perhaps that is a project which I should undertake. And, perhaps I will when I can find the time it deserves.

Numbered among White racialists/nationalists, from every political persuasion, are men of considerable talent and intelligence. These need to be brought together to brainstorm. I still advocate the formation of an elite corps, funded by various factions of these White racial movements. This elite corps might have as one of their objectives, exacerbating the friction which already exists between different factions of our enemies. I wish first, above all else, that White racialists could be organized more tightly. Race Traitor, recently wrote that leftists are genuinely frightened by Louis Beam's "Leaderless Resistance." I don't believe that Leaderless Resistance can ever win for Whites what they need and want. I don't discredit it altogether, but every action against our enemies, in my opinion, must have a purpose beyond what it immediately accomplishes. Such actions must fit into a larger plan, unless Leaderless Resistance hopes to actually diminish our enemies numerically to such a great degree that they can no longer remain organized against us (think of how much Leaderless Resistance is required to accomplish that). Perhaps fewer casualties than I imagine would be required to demoralize our enemies, but so far, Leaderless Resistance has dusted one loudmouthed Jewish talk-radio host, a few unemployed niggers who had no political clout whatsoever, injured a few kiddie Khazars, and not much else. Leaderless Resistance is obviously in dire need of a little leadership.

The Lone Wolf violence that the Nationalist Observer champions is part of Leaderless Resistance, and we can see what they have accomplished – life sentences or budget funerals for themselves. The only Lone Wolf that I am aware of, who has any brains at all, was Eric Rudolf.

Shooting up a gook here, a Jew there, and a couple of niggers over the weekend does nothing for us. I won't address what it does to our public relations because I don't care at all what our enemies think of us (except that they take us deadly serious), and I care only slightly more what deracinated Whites think of us.

We cannot win what we need and desire without doing things which must be judged by a morality of survival which Michael Masters has written about. Given what the majority of Whites now think is moral – which can be summed up as White genocide is good, and anything else is immoral – then no amount of public relations work is ever going to make what we are required to do palatable to deracinated Whites, and even many Whites who claim to be racialists.

The closest we can come to achieving this new morality is by rearing a generation separate from our enemies. When the Jews, the niggers, and other enemies of the White race come to collect the tribute we so freely give now, this new generation will have the moral fortitude to deny them that tribute, and will do so with however much violence is required.

Very many more years, and we will have missed this window of opportunity. We will no longer need debate this issue. We either quit talking and writing, except where it is part of a plan of action with an achievable goal and a timetable for reaching that goal, and begin to act in an organized way, identifying specific goals and a plan for achieving them, or else everything we write and say is worthless. Posterity will judge us as the noisiest, most pretentious bunch of cowards history has ever produced – second only to Jews whose holy books are filled with stories of genocide they and their god have committed against the unchosen.

10 October 1999