Surviving Street Activism
 by 'Andrei Kievsky'

If you don't read any further, heed these two pieces of advice:  Ask for police protection ahead of time for your demonstrations, (they will be glad to provide it) have camcorders and tape recorders, and DO NOT let Jews draw you into an angry debate.

I just had a conversation with the fellow member with whom I demonstrated yesterday, and with whom we faced down a baseball bat swinging nutcase.  Now in retrospect, despite them dropping the remark about "we just came from church on Easter Sunday," we think these were Jews trying to set us up.

The father was a military veteran and probably had a gun in the car with him.  He didn't get out of the car for quite a while to stop his son; his son swung his bat probably a dozen times, even hitting their own truck.  He swung hard and he came close, but he didn't hit us.  We stood our ground.  We suspect that if we had engaged the bat swinging son, the father would have exited the truck and shot us.  Just like kikes in Isn't-real shooting Palestinians.  Whether or not this was the case, we'll probably never know.  We may have just been really lucky

From experience doing demonstrations, I can tell you that Jews come up to you and very aggressively badger you with questions and try to draw out your rage. Think about it.  This Jew is desperate to stop you.  If you hit him or beat him up, he'll be able to have you arrested and tried for hate crimes and sentenced for ten years, or his friends nearby will pull out a gun and "defend the tribe."  It's their court system. Even if they do some time, they'll be taken care of by their tribe.  Don't be surprised if they have a bounty out for any Jew who can get a White nationalist arrested or killed.

The solution?  Don't even argue with Jews.  Have a recording device on you, and a camcorder person, and ignore everything they say, and if they touch you and you catch it on camera, press charges for assault.  If they block your way, ask them repeatedly to move, and then announce that your way is blocked but you feel in danger and move through them.

You need to realize that they will treat us White Americans just like they treat Palestinians.  I have been lucky so far, despite my lack of awareness that my run-ins with Jews were not accidental run-ins.  We have to continue our fight, and we must not allow the Jew to derail us.  They'll use every method available to the Mossad to do so, but so far they haven't been able to derail me.  And remember, we outnumber them.

Think Gandhi with a camcorder.   Call the local police and ask for police protection ahead of time (don't be shy, they have to accommodate you), and DO NOT DEBATE JEWS!  You are there to awaken the Gentile population, not to get in shouting matches with Mossad agents.  The Mossad will be happy to provide an endless supply of kikes to badger you. You want to drive the kikes nuts?  Ignore them completely.  Like they literally aren't there.  Don't make fun of anything they say, don't say "oy vey, the holocaust, wasn't six million enough."  Don't say a single solitary word, no matter how the jew badgers you.  Literally imagine the jew is already not there.  Visualize a jew-free world, even if there is an evil illusion pestering you.  Any utterance you make, they will jump on that.  If you have it on a tape recorder, all it will sound like is an obnoxious kike
badgering you.  Send it in to our sites for amusing sound files of desperate Mossadists badgering you.

In Hamilton we made the mistake of arguing with someone who was obviously hostile and just looking to get tempers flaring.  If the person is not worth converting, or if he's so hot that they probably won't be converted, don't engage in debate. A strong determination to maintain the discipline of no engaging hostile people will serve you well.  It will keep you alive and out of prison and continuing the fight.  Please, please take this advice if you go out on demonstrations.

Andrei Kievsky