1. From what I can make of it, the greater percentage of women previous to my Mother's generation seem to believe men are a necessary evil to a certain degree, but are not as motivated by these feelings that it was able to impede the basic necessities of reproduction, marriage and child rearing. Nor did Feminist political fancies at the time overwhelm the pleasant reality of having strong husbands and sons. Among needs, I would add "sexual needs" as a lesser but none-the-less pressing psychological and (according to some people who study it) mental need. But I am 23 and I accept that younger men are much more greatly influenced by sexual desires then mature men. There are two influences of sexual desire: one a greater aggression for sexual relations. One of the negative results include a propensity towards a series of unfulfilling encounters; and because these encounters would always to some be devoid of important levels of intimacy.

Thus an emotional handicap would gradually come to envelope the moral integrity and capacity of the man. The other influence would be a propensity for the male to surrender power in the hopes of pleasure. I have met women in the post-WW2/pre-Boomer era who seem to have no interest in what the younger women think about men, for good or bad. I have met even one woman in this generation who suggested men have it rough, and expressed particular sympathy for the position of men in the younger generations. I assume my sense is correct that generally there is great regret among older men at the horrifying conditions America is experiencing following their expulsion from the realms of local political power following WW2; but so few seem engaged in active resistance and are disinterested in counter-revolution.

2. My mother's generation seems to believe that men are a necessary evil that must be checked and corrected to a larger degree than previously; drugs and scientific trauma (psychological humiliation in the classroom for example, is very common in my experience) institutionalized and then accepted publicly and shamelessly.

"All White boys are naturally arrogant and supremacist and will become evil White Men unless policed ruthlessly by a society that hates and fears them" is considered an enlightened belief, with female sexual power as the Gold Standard which is "all in our (jewish) hands". They also seem to have a feeling that men have fewer, less important, real life needs and difficulties of psychological and physiological natures. They seem to feel men deserve these weaknesses and that they should be aggravated until recovery is definitely impossible. Among the vast majority of today's women, and not just feminists, the religious belief is this: There is an inevitable propensity of white men to dominate and torture their women unless severely crippled psychologically. They feel the exploitations of such needs in men is very fair as we are so brutal when given any breathing room.

Perhaps this is a form of anger or vindictiveness whereas Boomer women long ago took the factual concept that men must be strong and stable mentally, and utilized this fact as a tool of punishment: by adding a rule that men obviously have these needs but they are not of priority (unlike breast cancer or abortion) and may even serve, by denying service for male needs, this End: weakening the resolve of the men within their dominion to make decisions.

This tool serves for deranged women to set all the other rules in any sort of spousal relationship as well as political and parental relationships which are prime importance in regards to ultimate Jewish manipulation.

They believe the moderated exploitation of man's potential weak-spots (moderated by necessity since many men in the Boomer generation seem to have become hardened to the more or less careful exploitation of their needs) is justified as they feel themselves disadvantaged in the fields men were created to command.

They may also have a tendency to feel that white men must make amends for their superiority throughout history, even if they acknowledge these advantages are god-given.

The feminist TREND among the Boomers (since I am only considering feminists), appears to have becoming moderated by the results of this experimentation, at least among the Boomer Feminists because of one reason: Doubt, manifesting some years ago, about the possibilities of Feminism to alter their ability to actually rule the fields they once or still desire to command.

Perhaps Boomer Feminists leave it to the younger Covens to experiment more thoroughly with their own generational products of males (the children the Boomer mothers gave birth to Gen X and the older portion of Gen Y), and possibly (if they have any sense) wait with diminishing expectation for the annihilation of the White Man entity, as the products of what shall come about from this campaign become more undeniable every year. In other words – Hesitation born from counting the eyes of the Savages along the Gates, which these vindictive women have for so long baited towards the White Citadel.

I believe a feeling of doubt among the Older Feminists, about the wisdom of the momentous operation they took part in during the 20th century, will hasten as the marriage of Lillith and Lucifer hastens towards final consummation.

I have met some relatively decent women of my mother's generation who have much of the old "charm" of womanhood, but they are either indifferent to the current state of white Male/Female relations or surprisingly firm in their conviction that "things are better now". Many are very proud of what their Gen X and Gen Y Covens are affecting. Although they may not be proud of the actual products – the suicides and drug use and self-hate and despair among White Men; they behaved pleased at the resulting decimation of the White Male regardless.

"Better" they seem to think for everyone, though perhaps not for the "Evil" desires of the White Man, or for "Evil White Male oddballs" who dare to reach for things they are supposed to have learned to cringe before attempting.

When we "Oddballs" struggle or claim interest in working towards un-opposed power for any decision making of consequence; a position which would circumvent the suppression power of democratic voting, hoary jewish roars from the ugly Feminist Vanguard resound up and down the hall. This suppression is of course the cause of oppression of the political power of White interests, and is therefore a priority among Jewish interests.

3. The females of generation "X", of the 25-to-34 ages, seem to believe that men are indeed seriously needy emotionally and sexually-physically; "great news girls". And that this need, which can be easily conditioned as our weakness, must be exploited with all perversity in order to achieve social advancement for White Women (for authoritarian positioning, economic positioning, sexual position, etc., powers which are all bound up with each other).

They also seem to feel white men are a problem they must put up with until non-white men, perhaps of a Mexican-mulatto persuasion can provide them with financial and political security. Sodomy and humiliation are necessary evils to such women (or justified if they also happen to be self-hating), while White Men are slowly marginalized as UNnecessary evils!

Many seem to truly enjoy, as an actual Lifestyle, the utilization of feminist weapons of war to undermine their male spouses. They may feel they are great Guardians of the path, the plan for the complete annihilation of the White Man, as a THREAT, to what they believe to be positions their Mothers have won for them.

Because non-whites are actively anti-White Man, these women assume there exists a kinship between themselves and those anti-white non-whites. I feel they are wrong and that there is no kinship with non-whites whether male or female among white people, and these women would or shall suffer heavily if their intent to derail the last train hauling White Power is successful.

But, it's true that they cannot capture ALL White Men, cannot convince ALL White Women. While some of those "trains" have chosen to travel for more fertile rutting grounds in Asia, Mexico or Africa; more respectable trains have visited Nazi Germany and will return one day, towing along cars mounted with Maxim guns and all the rest.

4. The women of my generation... I cannot comment very much because I must admit most women my age are either in college (I have yet to enter college and admit to dreading it to a considerable degree), married or set forth on careers which seem to occupy their lives completely. I also believe there are not so many women in my 21-25 age group, or they are VERY busy with sometimes besides moi. I also hesitate to predict how they will operate if and when they obtain majority political power, because they will still be waiting in line for their own piece of Whitey's pie long after Uncle Sam runs out.

I am not sure they will have any opportunity to exercise political power because the busy-work for displacing The Man, now seems to be the pre-dominant domain of Non-White men.

Another factor counting against Gen Y's Potential Feminists is that the days of our present situation, the abysses' edge of American consumer culture, seem to be numbered; and logically mexican Bonita Conchica wants white Sally Spreadleg's piece for her own damn self. Mexicans and blacks and asians don't share real well.

5. Any women younger then this I will refrain from commenting on at all, as this appears to be the burden and fear of men of a newer age. I fear for what they are experiencing, but I do not wish to become too familiar with their suffering myself, as I have sampled a sufficient quantity of American Women to convince myself of their main ingredients in GENERAL, though there are exceptions obviously.

And perhaps those now in their early teens, or younger, will have their revenge by living in a world where men and women truly love and respect each other as white people, and perhaps my generation (often referred to as "Gen Y") will enjoy the sensation of throttling the last gasp of the Jewish cabal's mercenary forces.

As White Men, we will have to fortify our knowledge, wisdom and resolve significantly to accomplish this necessary and monumental task. We starve for these human faculties, but we must gorge on them now and forever without delay in preparation for the Global D-Day.

We will have to train by the guidance of our elders, motivated by the conditions we exist in, and supported by the hope and possibilities we must identify, appreciate and nurture in ourselves and recognize and appreciate in each other.

As Aryans our recognition of our ability to route and crush our enemy in future concerted efforts, ought to parallel the fear the enemy holds towards that realization of what we are steadily becoming; we will be what they must face. So let us be fierce at those moments by cultivating ourselves ruthlessly.

At the climax of our accomplishment our women will be there for us, waiting. As it was at the beginning.

Failing that, we will simply haul them away by the hair.

S.M.G.      04 October 2001