13 November 2001
After reading http://www.freedomsite.org/ and browsing their extensive images and articles about ARA (Anti Racist Action, a militant anti-white group), I noticed the raciality of ARA thugs.  Not surprisingly many of them are white, the fairest skinned  often being women.  To my way of thinking this is a "win win" situation for the Jews, since they double their pleasure and double their fun by having whites face off against whites.  If you don't believe me, go to http://www.freedomsite.org/ara/index.html and see for yourself.

If you were wondering why this is, it's because most whites have no sense of racial awareness in the first place, but genetic disposition dictates white people are the only ones willing to fight perceived injustice.  White people by design are compassionate and want to fight for something, the only trouble is we don't always challenge those telling us what we're fighting
for.  Our youth are looking for a cause, but they are looking to the mass media to give them that cause.  Look at the people in GreenPeace or proponents of feeding the baby shitters overseas.  By and large they're white, marching to the beat of a handful of jews beating the drum.  Who else has the genetic disposition to fight for anything these days?

We've been seeing a problem here, there are fewer and fewer white people out there to "fight the good fight," and what remains is often of dubious pedigree.  If you ever find yourself watching TV, you'll, you'll notice most of the "white" people who star in commercials are peroxide blondes with black olive eyes and mottled skin.  You'll see an increase in imported white talent in Hollywood over the next few years as the USA's white genetic stock depletes itself.

Many of you have heard much of this before, there is no shortage of racially aware white people who are adept at identifying the problem.  What we need are some proposed solutions to the problem.  I don't think any racialist white group can make any inroads against the media, they will always be drowned out long before any message will be heard by their target audience.
I have found the best way to awaken racial awareness in sheeple is on a case by case basis.  White women will always be a hard sell, because they have a very low sense of self-esteem, they have been bombarded with images of women being nothing but sexual gratification toys, mothers, "nurturers" or career moms for so long it takes something drastic to get any gears turning.
You can turn the tide for white women, but unfortunately it's very slow work with many pitfalls, and it's very difficult for them to reciprocate trust. The internet has been a great tool for providing objective information, but this will not last forever.  The internet in 10 years will likely be a proprietary information system with major corporations like Microsoft and AOL acting as the gatekeepers.  There will always be people who operate outside of this sandbox, but they will be in the minority, spending most of their time preaching to the choir just as racialist short-wave radio broadcasts do.  We have already seen new legislation enacted which make any form of white racialist thought illegal, this is only going to increase.

There will be a white awakening soon, our Zionist friends know this, and if their power is threatened sufficiently by any other "minority" groups, you can bet on them acting as the catalyst to start it.  Deep down they know that white people are the only ones who can protect them from the coming shit storm they have designed.  Be wary of any group which fails to identify
Jewish interests as the true root of our nation's collapse.  Any white racialist group which fails to identify this fact is not blind, they are protecting their benefactor.  This awakening will only take place when the average slob's comfort has been taken.  It will mean the cost of living will have to exceed the average income, which is not too far off for most of the working poor.

Again, I am only describing the problem and not offering a great solution. The best solution I can think of is be a white man.  Exemplify the qualities you know that make our race great, in the name of our race.  People learn by example, the young white men and women in this world need role models now more than ever.  Don't be a chicken hawk, don't be a drug pusher, a peddler of garbage "Oi" music, a liar, a thief, or a coward.  When you see a white man who needs help, help them, because no one else will.  Tell them you are proud of being white, and make sure they know what being white is.  Don't make the mistake Christian churches do.  Almost every church has a soup kitchen which will provide the poor with a free meal, in exchange for listening to mumbo jumbo reminding them that Jesus loves them, how they are poor and wretched, but can be great if they love Jesus, etc...  In my part of the world, homeless people would rather go to a government sponsored food bank than sit through that kind of mind rot, much of the food gets thrown out.  Who can blame someone for not wanting to sit through that? You can lead by example, start today,

Our Race Is Our Nation!

J.H., Sandusky Ohio