12 March 2002
Black Hawk Down.

Even though I consider VNN an excellent  web-site, I disagree with the critical review given to Ridley Scott's last film "Black Hawk Down". My first reaction was to write about it, but I decided to wait until the film was shown in  Australia  to confirm, or not,  my  ideas.

The film was worth waiting for. A film basically tells a story where different people come together to tell us their stories, stories that to a greater or lesser degree allow each of them to develop a particular and unique character that, providing the script is good and the direction crisp and clear, would eventually blend with the other characters without compromising the main story. Almost all the war films have remained faithful to this formula. There is a story, and that is the story of a group of men who go into battle. The so called "war scenes", are an important part of every war film but, in fact, these are only highlights subordinated to the story line. Most of the acting/story telling takes place away from the battlefield. Not in "Black Hawk Down", here there is no time, neither space for character development. WAR, with capital letters, takes over and what we see is a very convincing and realistic  (as far as is possible) recreation of a terrible and brutal phenomenon called war. This is not a "war film", this is almost a documentary; with no script, no "personal conflicts", no "reflexions about war".

Up to here with a simple observation about the film from a purely "technical" point of view. Now, let's go into the real meaning of the film, and its possible interpretation from a political/ideological point of view. First of all, the characterization of the film as "brave white men versus stupid niggers" as the critic of VNN wrote, misses the point completely and doesn't explain anything. In fact, it only shows a childish and shallow form of racism that doesn't help anyone. Let's consider the question of bravery. All soldiers, particularly those who belong to elite units like the "Rangers" are, in principle, brave. It is part of the make-up of those who have chosen military life. Military training aims to reinforce that feeling of self-confidence and pride that  enables men to go through hell without breaking down under the terrible strain of battle and its aftermath. The US soldiers portrayed in the film  had all the advantages of an excellent training, a proud military tradition, and the traditional White concept of military honour or, if you like, "esprit d'corps" that makes great soldiers. The Africans don't have any of these qualities, and never will. Full stop.

It is not a question of "brave white men versus stupid niggers" but a question of well trained, properly led, professional soldiers versus untrained, ignorant and indisciplined thugs. Of course the racial make up is very important in the formation of a military force, but let's not forget the ideological aspect of the film. This is not XIXth century Africa, this is not Rorke's Drift with its magnificent Welsh red-coats and brave Zulus. Let's not forget which kind of government these white American soldiers
were/are serving. If circumstances make it necessary the same "brave white men" that my friend from VNN so childishly celebrates would be slaughtering Germans, Frenchmen or Russians, should any of these nations get rid of their jewish masters and their treacherous servants.

Now, what is the purpose of a film of this kind, a film that celebrates courage, patriotism, military virtues, old fashioned sense of honour, comradeship, loyalty, elements all so out-of place in this multicultural hell that we used to call USA? Is it a strange phenomenon, a freak of nature? Of course not! What a good timing! After the destruction of the Jewish Twin Towers also known as WTC, the US-ZOG decided to boost the anemic patriotism with a helping hand from Hollywood. That's why we got "Black Hawk Down" and "We Were Soldiers" (by the way I have not seen the latter, but the critics already show it as a pathetic piece of multicultural garbage). Let's not lose sight that the "victory" of Mogadishu was simple a tiny episode in a big public relations exercise organized by this piece of filth called Bill Clinton. Mogadishu was NOT a victory of the White man. Mogadishu  was a victory of fire power and discipline at the service of an evil regime who was fighting an even more evil regime. "Black Hawk Down" is not " ...the best pro-White flick ever made"; is just a very good, gritty depiction of men in
battle. Let's not try to find secret messages where there aren't any. Let's not fool ourselves. We don't need "brave white men" like those depicted in the film; who would kill anyone who is an "enemy" of the "United States of Israel", efficient but brainless "professionals". We need political soldiers. The sword without a sharp brain who controls the arm who wields it is useless.

A few words more about the manipulation of archetypal White virtues by ZOG. Let's not be fooled by Holly-Jew-Wood
I'm quite sure that we shall see an increase in the production of films of this kind. Maybe "Saving Private Ryan" was the very first one in this huge campaign to get some thousands of useful idiots to join the US Army to "save the world from terror".  The principles which shaped the military traditions that the White man developed through centuries, a unique product of its racial ethos, are now completely and utterly corrupted. A perfect example is provided for that anachronistic institution within the British Army known as the Guards. In their bright red-coats and impressive bearskins they are no more than ghosts of another era. An era of chivalry  where the horrors of war were somehow softened by a code of honour developed over the centuries,
something only possible among White men. An era  where the expression "for King and Country" had a true meaning. Look at them now performing the same empty rituals in honour of a repulsive and (according to some) Jewish "Royal" family. Look at them: useful idiots that will die in some remote  corner of the globe enforcing the law of Israel in the name of a "Queen" who
doesn't give a damn for anybody, except her dogs and horses. The idiots died by the thousands in two colossal wars organized by their political masters and still keep kissing their hands. When shall they realize that the world and the principles that they upheld in such esteem doesn't exist any longer! That the last genuine standard-bearers of the White race and its martial virtues were the soldiers of the Third Reich and their European comrades who joined them in the Waffen-SS! They were the lucky ones because they knew why the were fighting for! To join any military institution in a traditionally White country nowadays means becoming a mercenary at Israel's service. Do not let nostalgia or a distorted sense of honour or patriotism fool you. You are going to fight for the enemy of your kin. Keep yourself fit and healthy, stay away of the bisexual-multiracial-multicultural
military forces of Jew-Ess-A, don't engage in stupid, senseless acts of violence,  maybe one day you will be called to fight for the White race. Until that moment comes, remember: it's not being White what it makes you a better man, but  to behave like a White man. Your skin is your uniform, so make sure you deserve to wear it.