Negative RH factors are a trait found only in about 15% of Europeans and North Africans (not Arabs), mostly Scots, Irish, Spaniards, Berbers, Basques, and Norwegians, which regions have up to 40% RH-. All Blacks and Yellows are RH+, although some suspected mixed-white pockets like the Ainu are RH-. So RH- is a Caucasian trait, and another reason to keep Whites away from mating with Blacks and Yellows. When an RH+ person (say a "wonderful" Negro Buck like Nushawn Williams) mates with an RH- person (say some White Jamestown slut), the first Whiglet baby may be born safely without a shot of rhogham (a great white invention for overcoming God's safety net against the encroachment of Black and Yellow blood into the White genepool). Now say said White Slut cleans up her act, now that ol' Nushawn is doing time up the river and marries a White man who is also RH-, or just RH+ Heterozygous (meaning one of his Rhesus factor genes is negative, and one is positive). She is now polluted with RH+ antigens from Nigger Nushawn, and all her subsequent RH- babies will die a horrible death before or during birth as they are attacked by the RH+ antigen. Comprende? See here –

Still want to "get jiggy with a Niggy" ladies? At least do the White race a courtesy of having your blood type checked first.

This brings me to another point that some seem not to have grasped – the cleansing of blood from genetic pollution over generations. We each inherit half our genes from our mother, and half from our father. Since they each inherited half of their own from their father and mother, we are commonly said to have inherited 25% of our genes from our grandparents, 12.5% from our great-grandparents, etc. So it would seem that any pollution of the pure White set of genes (all of which are recessive) by Yellow and Black genes (all of which are dominant) will always be there. As Eric asked, "Would you eat something that is 95% vanilla ice cream and 5% India Ink?" But this thinking does not apply to human genetics.

Each egg and sperm contains a random half of the genes of the mother and father. This half of the halves contributed by your grandparents can be distributed along a normal curve where we can see that in an extreme case, someone might inherit no genes from say, their maternal grandfather, and all of the genes of their maternal grandmother. More likely is some combination where the half from one parent is anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 from one of the grandparents.

Now carry this thinking further. Lets say a man has 1 Black Great-Grandparent, and 7 White ones. He is therefore an Octaroon, and the average Octaroon is 1/8th Black in genetic makeup. But an Octaroon's genetic make-up varies widely. For example, lets say that only 1/3 of the Black grandparents genes were passed on to the grandchild, making it only 2/3 of 1/4 Black, or around 16.5% of all genes. On the other hand, say 2/3 of those Black genes were passed on, the percentage would be 33.5%.

Now this Quadroon mates with a White to make the Octaroon. The Octaroon gets half the Quadroons genetic material, a number which would vary on average from 8.25% to 16.75% Black. But there is now a large possibility that the half of the genes passed on might not have any Black genes at all, especially if we are dealing with a Whiter Quadroon with only 16.5% Black genes, leaving 83.5% White genes from which to select 50% from. We can see that while it is likely that Black genes will be passed on, it is no longer inevitable. But lets say they are, giving us a new person who may vary from about 2.75% to around 11% Black, with an average of 6.25%. To go to the next generation, there are now many combinations which do not need to touch any of those 6.25% of genes. In fact, it is highly likely that the 5th generation from an incident of racial pollution will not be affected by it at all, or only in a most minor and superficial way, such as hair that's a little too curly, or brown eyes, or a slightly yellow or tanned skin through which the blood vessels cannot be so clearly seen. Go one more generation and you are down to a 3.125% average. Will it be passed on? Doubtful – imagine having a bag with 97 white marbles and 3 black ones. Chances are slim that pulling 50 marbles out will result in even one black marble coming out. Even if it did, is that one black gene really going to affect a person who has 99% white genes? This is why racial mixing 5 or 6 generations back is not particularly relevant, even where a foreign trait has built itself up to a larger occurrence, as brown eyes and RH+ blood have among Whites. The only bad trait we really don't want is Black behavior, discernable even that far back in the "Whigger Phenomena". The real danger to White society is not from distant race-mixing, but in the "passing for white" phenomena among some Quadroons and more Octoroons that gives us our Whigger population. Knowing this, we can better understand the empirical wisdom of our forefathers who set laws separating everyone up to the Octaroon from the White Race, and sometimes even everyone up to the child of an Octaroon and a White, as Louisiana did. They were following Mendelian Genetics before anyone knew what it was.

(anon) 03 Sep 2001

PS: Any Injun Blood in Jenna Bush would probably come from her mother. W's descent is pretty well documented given the prominence of President Daddy and W's Mother, and I don't recall mention of any Indian relatives. Plus they are from Connecticut, a land where the Indians were exterminated by the Settlers. on the other hand, Laura Welch Bush has darker features and is from Texas, and thus much closer to the Asiatic gene pool.

A comment from RF – Perhaps you have forgotten that mestizo implies asiatic blood and that adulteration need not necessarily come from the indigenous red skins on this continent. Asiatic blood adulterated the European gene pool from the days of Genghis Khan to the mongolian Soviet troops which raped masses of helpless German and Polish women following the Second War to Kill White People. Thus we have mestizos with their roots in Europe. Bushyhead's countenance might deserve a little more scrutiny.