06 September 2002
Rienzi's letter on Monsieur Louis Ferdinand Celine, made interesting reading, and it is true that thousands of French men and women who were not traitors were tortured and murdered by French Communists. The brutal beatings that were witnessed were beyond comprehension. In some instances a human face was unrecognizable. I recall one poor fellow who was rescued by our troops thus saving him from a sure death  and our people were stunned by the brutality of the beating and these were combat veterans. Thousands of other Frenchmen were not so lucky. The Communist savages not only beat and killed men but did the same to women although if the infraction were minor, the women had their heads shaved while the savages chortled like wild beasts. They murdered German prisoners that were mere boys of 17 and 18 years of age. They were not French patriots, but Communists.

The French S.S. Charlemagne Grenadier Division fought quite bravely in East Prussia especially after they recaptured the town of Goldap, and saw the savagery the mongols had inflicted on the civilian population including children. The Russians used captured German troops that had communist leanings and had switched sides. These reds were incorporated into the Soviet Army to fight against the Charlemagne Division. The German traitors were not even impressed with the cruelty inflicted on their fellow countrymen, which say's something about these fellows. However it must also be said that Germany had many Jews and half Jews that were in the German Army and were thus protected by the Wehrmacht. That is not to say that all these men were traitors because many did valiant service.
Basically the war was one of systems, one being Communist and the other Fascism, which  was more representative of European values through the ages. General Patton understood this very well, and did not want the Russian's to occupy Europe, and recommended that the German forces become allies, and drive the mongol hordes out of Europe, and it would have succeeded, but the leftist of the west including that drunken bombastic Churchill and the Hebrews, as well as the dim-brained nitwits celebrating a lost victory, could not see the evil their actions in collaborating with the Communists had wrought. It's not inconceivable that the great General Patton's recommendations contributed to his demise for our forces had it's share of Communist sympathizers and fellow travelers in high places, more than most people ever realized.

Old Field Marshall Petain understood the issues as well and when the jackals under Premier Renaud  recalled that fine, and brave soldier out of retirement who was a hero of Verdun in W.W.I, and requested that he lead France after the defeat of 1940. That great old soldier did the best he could considering the ill conceived declaration of war that the foolish French initiated in 1939.  The rabble then had the gaul to try the old soldier after the war's end as a collaborator by a Government headed by a true traitor Gen.  Charles DeGaul, and his Communist allies. General DeGaul was a soldier who disobeyed orders and did his own  imperious thing that resulted in the deaths of numerous  fellow French soldiers in N. Africa and elsewhere.

The cemeteries of Europe are filled with white men including my comrades who never should have died to save Communism.

The Hebrews made W.W. II, happen just as they said they would when they met in the Hague  in 1933 and brazenly announced that if Germany did not get rid of Hitler they would make a war against Germany. Hitler's response was that if they did, they would not survive. Being what they are, they did not listen nor did they care about the Jews that would suffer as a result of their mischief and their desire to continue their behind the scene domination of Europe, and ultimate ownership of a crummy little state in the middle east they call Israel.

We now enter the third stage of this drama when the two prime states that are the puppets of the Zionists who have their Palestine and treat the Palestinians like animals, will certainly carry our world into the inferno of hell by ultimately make happen a nuclear conflict that will terminate millions of lives.  Monsieur Bernard, French Ambassador to England  expressed true insight when stated recently, "That shitty little state in the middle east will cause W.W. III," he was absolutely correct, and may the God of the Universe have mercy on the souls of our poor humanity.

Regards. Joe.