09 September 2002 – Reflections on WW II.
Thought I would reflect on a few of my memories of the mid 1930's and the demonization of Herr Hitler, National Socialism, and Germany, in general.  During that time frame, there were many  veterans of W.W.I around and everyone had a tale to tell of the dastardly Hun.  I think every vet thought he had been gassed, even if they weren't near battle sites. There were many parades especially those sponsored by the American Legion. Young boys enjoyed belonging to clubs where they could wear a uniform of sorts particularly a navy type, and parade around on Saturday nights, anyway that's the way it was where I lived.  The newspapers were always harping on the terrible Germans especially when they reoccupied the Rhineland. Americans acted as though they had taken something that  belonged to Americans. It was after that time frame that the war drums really started to rattle for no day went by that the news didn't make Americans think the German army would invade the U.S.A. It isn't much different than today when the fools talk as though Iraq, a small country of 20 million people, is a threat to the entire world. The military parades in Germany were depicted as most ominous even though the Soviet Union had bigger ones, particularly in October. Radio commentators like Walter Winchell, Gabriel Heater, H.V. Kaltenborn, and a host of others constantly tried to keep the country on edge by alarmist reports of German military intentions.  During the Spanish Civil War the Communist loyalists were depicted as wonderful and Gen. Franco's Falangists were monsters because the Germans helped them, never mind that the Russians assisted the other side, and many innocents died including priests and nuns. Communists from all over Europe rallied to the Loyalist cause including Americans – many were Jews who joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

When Austria elected to become part of the German state, the press went ballistic. Every school boy in the U.S. knew that a war was coming to Europe and the U.S. would be involved. Not one Sunday went by that maps were shown  in our newspapers speculating  as to what countries would next be taken over by Germany.  Many men in our country  were out of work, and knew that war would bring jobs, and it was desired that it happen. None of the fools thought of the consequences or that Germany was struggling for a correction of the Treaty Versailles,  and that their very existence was at stake,  for the Hebrews saw to it that an embargo was placed on all German products and all that nation could do was barter with foreign countries mostly Latin America. Today we use the word sanctions instead of embargo.

When in 1938, the Germans wanted autonomy for the oppressed  Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia, and ultimately  incorporation into Germany,  then England, and France encouraged by the U.S. went bonkers. The Czech's mobilized their Army using many Sudeten Germans in plans to fight their fellow Germans. Premier Deladier of France, and P.M. Chamberlain of England needed time to prepare for war, so they put on an act at Munich as though they were seeking peace when nothing could be further from the truth.  How often have we heard that if Mr. Chamberlain had not given in Germany would have backed down – pure fabrication, for Germany would have fought to protect their people. The Germans did get the Sudetanland, and other countries such as Hungary and Poland took pieces of land from a country that never should have been created to begin with. Mr. Benish the Czech President resigned and Mr. Hocha took over.  In December, the Germans summoned President Hocha to Berlin and he agreed to placing Czechoslovakia under a German protectorate, and at this time Slovakia broke away, and became an independent state under Mr. Josef Tiso. In this connection it must be said that the Germans never intruded into the affairs of England, and their relations with Scotland, Ireland or any other of their many inflicted injustices, therefore what gave this nosey crowd of islanders the right to intrude into Germany's affairs with their pip squeak neighbors.

The English well knew that tensions were building over the Free City of Danzig, a German city administered and taxed  by Poland . Danzig's population was over 900,000 folk of German origin along with some Poles who did quite well among their German kinsmen of sorts. During this time the U.S. war fever really began to reach a high level of abnormality. England, encouraged by the U.S., sent Lord Halifax to Poland telling them to stand firm, and then negotiated a treaty to the effect that England, and France would go to war should Germany attack Poland. The Germans simply wanted the return of the German city of Danzig telling the Poles they could keep Gydinia, formally Gottehaven. The Germans also wanted a 10 mile corridor with a rail line to connect East Prussia to Germany which was not all that unreasonable considering the fact that the land in question was former German territory.  Premier Josef Beck of Poland pretended that they might compromise, but was only faking. The U.S. played quite a game as well by continually encouraging England and France to stand firm. The Poles were told they could beat the Germans, and many Polish officers had visions of a victory march through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Up until the German invasion the ethnic Germans in Poland in cities like Posen and Bromburg were thoroughly brutalized and some 49,000 murdered. No country in the world would stand for such actions, this was evident even in our own country in our confrontation with Mexico in Texas, and the Alamo fiasco, certainly the Mexicans were no where near as brutal as the Poles were toward the Germans.

Actually Germany preferred Poland as an independent viable state as a buffer against Russia as well as a potential ally. War of course erupted on Sept. 3, 1939, and Poland was conquered in 18 days.  The Russians also entered the fray, but neither England or France went to war to honor their agreement with Poland, which tells something about their intentions to begin with.  England, France and the U.S. wanted a war against Germany because the Hebrews wanted it, including the Hebrews in Russia which were only biding their time. War with them came about after the war with Finland had ended, and the Russians concentrated huge forces on the German border, and had their Foreign Minister Mr. Molotov demand the Romanian Ploesti oil fields, as well as the Dardanelles, and shouted at Hitler in an insulting manner.  It was then that Hitler decided that Russia at the behest of England would ultimately attack Germany, and decided to eliminate the threat.

Today we see an extension of that conflict because after the Hebrews caused the destruction of Germany, and finally got their Palestine/Israel and huge compensation from Germany and billions of dollars from the U.S. they decided that the time had come when they would be chosen to lead the world through the U.S.  Now they desire the destruction not only of Iraq, but the whole Muslim world using the U.S. to accomplish the task. These actions of course will lead ultimately to a third W.W. and the real adversary will be China because at some point we will challenge them, and since there are no Hebrews to influence them it will be a monumental  nuclear war.

The Hebrews believe they are God's chosen people, and have convinced many that it is so, but in truth it would appear that they are more like the devils chosen, for their hidden leaders have caused great suffering among our western nations over many centuries. It is recognized that not all Hebrews are demons,  and many constructively contribute to society, however there comes a time when those that know better must act to stop their age old Jewish war against western man, and stop trying to destroy a race that has given so much to the world.  If there are any Jews like Benjamin Freedman they should try to condemn those fanatics who hate christian men. Further we must recognize that with no change, the white race has a mortal enemy that will cause the demise of all that we are, and truly must know the enemy these people can be.


Joe – Combat veteran, WWII, ETO.