21 October 2002
Mr., D, Lair, Editor

Harrison D. Times

Dear Mr. Lair,

Having watched the "browning" of Orange County, California over the years, and not liking it one bit, I had hoped to find in the White enclave of Newton and Boone Counties Arkansas a built-in resistance to the destruction of European-Americans and the culture that sprang from those ancestors of ours who founded and built this country. I expected too much.

My disappointment in my fellow Americans (unhyphenated American means White American as the whole world knew in 1939) is  abyssal. The number of Americans who have the ability to think clearly, who think with their brains, rather than some other organ, and who have a wide-ranging knowledge of history (especially history from history books that the establishment has suppressed for fear of the truth; a larger number than most think) is a small percentage of American population. The History Channel, where most of those who pretend a knowledge of history obtain their information, is merely a propaganda tool. While much historical fact is presented, far too much historical fact is ignored. What is presented, is presented in such a way as to insure that the viewer is guided toward a certain, politically correct conclusion that is, of course, the one the establishment wants adopted.  All of the major media outlets, including PBS, are now totally subservient to the Jew and non-Jew plutocracy that wields the real political power in
this country. The Presidency and the Congress are merely over-paid props;  flunkies, actually, for this ruling elite.

Therefore, those who depend upon TV and the print news-media for their news are poorly served indeed. Lies, disinformation,
misinformation, and noninformation are the stock in trade of those entities. The poor old misinformed American, even those few who
would like to do the right thing, has no more influence with the nefarious cabal that rules America than does the poor old North
Korean with his government. Most Americans aren't even aware of their loss of sovereignty.  But, alas, they are so easily gulled.

What disturbs me most of all is the callousness that now defines the American. He cares not a hoot what happens to others,
except the bloody Israelis, of course, and shrugs off the murders of hundreds of thousands by his "government" without any pang of
conscience whatsoever. Yet, he, with pious-pretending hypocrisy, has signs all over the place asking "God" to bless America. He runs around with flags waving everywhere  whilst bellowing his warm, full support for the warmongers in Washington and New York whose mission is to attack a helpless little country, Iraq;  murder even more of its populace, and then STEAL ITS OIL.  No man of honor, decency and right could possibly give his support to such a violent, immoral program as that. Only a god like the Jews' Yahweh would sanction such outrageous criminal policies. (See the Old Testament and the Talmud for examples so sanctioned) I presume that is the god they are seeking their "blessing" from. No god of truth, love, honor and compassion would ever bless such an enterprise as that now being proposed by the elite's mouthpiece and puppet, UU Bush, and his flapping flock of Zionist and pro-Zionist Chicken-Hawks.

Ah, to think that this once pleasant land of 1950 could have deteriorated so far in only 50 years.  We have the Jews and their
willing collaborators to thank for America's descent into barbarism.

The above too grim for my usual "toodle ooh" sign-off.

Josh Erskine  – Newton County, Arkansas

PS:  UU Bush calls those who bomb Jews and others "cowards" while calling his high-flying  minions who bomb innocents from safe altitudes: "braves."  Are you a Bushite, too?