24 November 2002 – A ventilation.
Yesterday, I was relieved of my consulting assignment. I can't really complain though, as the contract was scheduled to last only three months, but managed to limp along for almost 10 months. The funny (in a pathetic sort of way) thing is that when I started work back on February 1, I had been out of work nearly 8 months, and despaired of ever again working at my chosen profession. I remember experiencing profound feelings of regret at the time that I had acquired no job skills beyond those of pecking away at a keyboard. You see, the way the IT Industry works is that if you've been out of work a while it becomes MORE difficult to get a job, the presumption being that if you were any good, you'd still be working. Not a particularly outrageous presumption, presuming of course  we were still living in a healthy and sane country, where one's chances of being sacked INCREASED with the level of one's incompetence. This naturally results in an accelerating vicious circle that quickly renders one unemployable. However, all seemed right with the world again when I enjoyed a bit of luck and was treated not only to a job interview, which at the time were, and even now are about as plentiful as hen's teeth, but moreover an interview that focused on my mastery of software engineering and particularly expertise in C++ and Java rather than the reason(s) for my dismissal at my previous place of employment. After obtaining the position, which again was to be no more than three months in duration, I found solace in the erroneous notion that I had just dodged a bullet and that in three months time the job market would be fairly brimming over with jobs. Boy was I ever wrong! It is now almost ten months since the day of the delusion and it's starting to appear that all I'd gotten was a temporary stay of execution, for, as all three of you have mentioned at one time or another, there WAS no RECESSION; however, there WAS and STILL IS a DEPRESSION.

Your job of educating the masses seems to be an unavailing one, Robert, for after having been exposed to your German cobweb cleanser for going on five years now, I still fell for the old Jew "Why yes we are experiencing some temporary economic difficulty, but history teaches us that every MINOR recession is followed by an extended period of exuberant economic growth. We (who is this 'We' Jew boy?) are wealthier and have a higher standard of living than any one else in the entire history of mankind... [Followed by jabber, twaddle, und gibberish ad nauseam et infinitum]" flim-flam. And this is not even one of their more sophisticated impositions. Perhaps coming events will, as you have said, educate them (us) far better than words ever could. Let's hope so!

P.S.: The company I recently worked for had a PERMANENT technical staff comprising five people. The senior member of the programming team was a particularly odious and repellent kike who once in response to a simple "Whaja doo fer da weekend?" gratuitously flatulated "Wee shooda bin bombing Eye Rak!" Again, just who is this "We"? I have a feeling it isn't young men named  Goldman, Epstein, Silverfarb usw. He also regaled any one who (didn't) care to hear with constant professions of his atheism and edified us all by discoursing interminably on his learned thesis that the chief motive for the diabolical Hitler's (Oy veh!) atrocities was his being, get this Robert, a devout roman catholic! Danke schon fer da lecture Rabbi! The next in rank was an Egyptian Arab woman, who, though reasonably amiable and (just barely) competent at her job, shouldn't have been in this country in the first place and certainly not holding a job rightfully belonging to a displaced, far more competent WHITE MAN. Rounding out this motley crew was a Chinese Gook from one of the larger pacific archipelagoes (As Eric opined, the Chinks are eastern Asia's Jews – they even have their own Diaspora). Suffice it to say, if it were left to inventive gooksters like this guy, we'd still be computing on abaci. He did however, periodically evince a strong dislike for the people of the eternal swindle, the very ones who had made his entry to the US and subsequent sinecure therein possib – er, mandatory. The ingrate once manifested his feelings in utterances that would have gotten a white man jailed anywhere in the western world, except in the USA, where he would have merely been blacklisted and starved to death. "Me no likee fookin joo". Man, Eric wasn't kidding.

The most tragic figure, in the sense of Aristotle and the Greek playwrights, was a mischlinge whose function was that of system administrator. This fellow, who was born of an eastern European immigrant yid turned well to do dentist (natch!) and and a German gentile woman (a roman catholic to boot), seemed to be in the advanced stages of terminal insecurity. Unlike the aforementioned kike, who was quite secure in his kikiness, and therefore felt no need to bruit his ethnic affiliation (he didn't have to, his obnoxious behavior trumpeted forth his judenheit) this poor guy would interject a protestation of his putative Jewishness into every other paragraph. However, it was manifestly obvious (to me anyway) that the rebbe wasn't buying what he was selling. In his eyes the mischlinge was as much a goy cur as I was. This mischlinge was also a helluva nice guy and a first rate sysadmin (musta been the Teutonic blood). He was, coincidentally, married to a gentile German woman of some protestant confession.

To cap it all off, the corporate IT officer managing this merry little group of invaders was a strikingly handsome fellow, of distinctly Nordic appearance. Despite being burdened with the task of managing people, he still found time to do a great deal of software development, at which he was quite good. He also possessed a degree in advanced mathematics and was married to a gentile Irish woman (I bet you can see this one coming a mile away). On the last day of my employment, a somewhat like-minded coworker confided to me that the eminently handsome, competent and Nordic looking officer had confided to him during a Christmas party that he was a hebe. I still find it hard to believe.