09 December 2002 – Some comments. – P.T.
Currently in Alberta, Canada, some elk are suffering from a copper and nutrient deficiency which causes brain damage in the form of “chronic wasting disease.” Of course it only takes a little diligence to find the truth on the internet:


This reminds me of a TV show where a doctor spoke with astute ignorance about STDs. Some people don't seem to logically consider that, say, genital warts, or warts in general, infest weak or dying animals. Our food supply, like the elks', makes us weak, however, we have the option of trotting down to the store and buying medications without noting that out-of-control infestations are not a natural part of a healthy human and so, with a swipe of the credit card, we forget like the fly which keeps on smashing into a window, over and over and over again.

Another one is acne, a nice name for puss sores, which is not a natural part of the skin but a very obvious sign that something is, duh, wrong (mostly food causes acne). The medical establishment perpetuates strange convictions of normality when things are blatantly wrong.

A dentist, in whose workshop I had my, foolishly, wisdom teeth removed because my jaw is not large enough to contain a full set of straight teeth due to nutritional degeneration, remarked that some people aren't born with wisdom teeth anymore because these are not needed:

(a) Most doctors and humans are not capable of logical thought.

(b) Our "food" and chemicals are causing irreversible genetic damage because some mutated traits, perhaps missing teeth, can become dominant traits.

As the reporter spoke of the government's permission to eradicate the elk, images of youths with handfuls of ammunition filled the screen. To kill an animal for food or self-defense is a part of life but to slaughter many animals without any consideration deranges people, especially the young.

I personally believe this blood lust comes from overpopulation, which leads food shortages, which in turn leads to lack of breeding space which makes men aggressive. Asia is now short 120,000,000 women due to infanticide and the Chinese (short 70,000,000+ women), in their vegetable determination, become monks, hermits, homosexuals with incest becoming more common. In some parts of India (short 50,000,000+ women) men hold hands and "practice on each other" (saw this on TV) until they are, say, 25 and are able to find a 14 year old girl to marry. As the female population shrinks the age gap increases.

This leads to a nasty social situation and sometimes war.

We are starting to feel this shortage in the West. The more we focus on sex, whether it be witch trials or pussy and beer commercials, the more we are unable to have normal sex lives or find a life partner. Food, shelter and sex become important when they are lacking. A trip to a magazine store can confirm emotional derangement because silicone tits are far worse than even small real ones and since many men admire these obviously fake images most haven't experienced reality or they're shallow and unfeeling. Our immigration policies bring people from places where women are scarce thus a net income of Asian males only makes our society more aggressive and deranged.

Most Americans are filled with cathode ray emanations which portray Arnold blowing up 500 people in a relaxed manner. Some of these brainwashed people went to Iraq in 1991 and killed 200,000 people in about two months. Unfortunately life is not a movie and the reality of war is daunting to many. Most soldiers are, according to some veterans, immobilized by fear as demonstrated in WWI and Korean trenches.

The Gulf War sickness, according to my interpretation which is based on some experience, stems from mental trauma because to run across an open space for 30 seconds in combat gear brings forth understanding which relates to our slowness, and relatively frailty compared to a speeding bullet.

To this we add the slaughter of many surrendering Iraqi soldiers some of whom were buried alive, etc. Most military establishments, especially those with female recruits, don't prepare a human for such an experience, and rightly so, because most normal people would go insane.

When these soldiers came home they bought some diet Coke to stimulate the war memories away, then they bought some fries and then a dog.

They feed the dog sugar to see it "happy" and eventually the whole family starts to live off coffee, sugar, chips and other garbage making everyone "happy." Psychiatrists will state "you are depressed because there isn't enough serotonin in your brain" but this is academic specialization which limits ones thinking. The body is interconnected and when the liver is dying the body doesn't produce many hormones and oddities which make us go, serotonin is only one piece of the puzzle. A family fueled by junk food will be at first full of energy but eventually the body malfunctions and depression sets in, the dog dies from intestinal cancer, the wife ends up with arthritis, on and on.

It is virtually impossible to grow a normal skeleton or eyes with our nutritionally dead food. On top of this once a person damages him/herself with junk it becomes almost impossible to come back to missing-wisdom-teeth-pseudo-reality. Those who are off to a war should reconsider due to the mental damage they'll receive, not to mention the possibility of losing ones face, limbs, or something worse.

As we narrow and elongate, due to nutritional degeneration (If tall and frail is good then braces are rare: Obviously not true.), women loose their curves (not to be confused with McDonald's fat) and men loose their facial features. The whole shaving thing is also peculiar especially on women as genital hair is a sign of sexual maturity and something is wrong with our Playboy brainwashed society. Something to consider from the days when we overpopulated, starved and warred for breeding space:


The above have a homosexual or demeaning flavor and Europe was short of women in the witch hunting days.

The image of female beauty forty years ago consisted of an hour glass figure, a soft, slightly fat, body, bouncing breasts and hair down below. Today it consist of long legs, angular elongated faces, hard bodies, stiff boobs and all around clean shaved sterility and a lack of serious curves. Women aren't supposed to be able to run marathons or do chin ups but, I guess I'm old fashioned. Due to malnutrition and PC brainwashing women are becoming like men and men are becoming like women.

Some more:

truthful, not truthfull
useful, not usefull
meaningful, not meaningfull

Food and water will be in short supply by the end of this decade. Of course there is a peaceful(l) way out which involves giving up many useless possessions and a one child per family policy. I hope for the best.