13 December 2002 – A reader speaks out.
"We are now, as White people, and have always been, our own worst enemy and if every Jew were to vanish overnight, we'd still be in the same mess." – FAEM

[Birdman comment: Which is the major reason for my permanent invitation to the 'gas all Jews now' crowd to take a hike.]

The above is just screaming for a comment from me.

I agree with (Eric, Robert or 'Maguire').

I always felt that the Jews were not so smart, itz the goyim that are incredibly stupid. And unprincipled, have no integrity, are cowards, etc.

Look at Christianity. The entire story is absolutely insane. Really. Totally insane. God sends his son to die for our sins? What does that even mean? And if you do not accept Christ, you'll scream forever. Scream FOREVER. For not 'believing'? It does not matter what type of life you've lived (acts are not important), it only matters whether or not you 'give yourself to Christ'. Do any Jews believe anything so ridiculous?

The average person seems to be a total stooge. In assessing the worth of a claim, reasoning, logic, etc. carry absolutely no weight. I swear, if it was sunny out, but the TV said it was raining, most people would think it was raining.

Pierce used to say that people were basically 'moral'. That they believed what everyone else believed because of their morality. (Part of the reason, anyway.) I disagree. I think the reason people tow the PC line is not because they want to be moral, but because deep down, they know it is the SAFE thing to do. They are cowards. Deep down, they probably are aware of the truth of the heretic, but, they do not want to deal with it. So, they 'convince' themselves of the PC line. I simply find it too hard to believe that people who can be so competent in math, science, etc. can be as unbelievably stupid in other areas. I really think it is in large party simple cowardice. What else would deter a Christian from admitting he has just a teensy weensy bit of doubt, for example?

Also, among us (Whites), we have smarter ones. But, many are despicable. No scruples, no sense of decency, etc. EVERY politician fits this category. Every (gentile) newsman, etc. I find them infinitely more hate worthy than the Jews. And, look at Britain. It was not Jews who bombed Dresden.

As for Jews, I do believe they are the worst thing for any decent society.

I do not believe it is only the 'Big Jews' that are detrimental to everything decent. Look at so many parasitic, exploitive 'professions'. Sex therapists, coin/stamp dealers, dealers in general, middlemen, psychologists, lawyers, etc. 'Professions' which produce absolutely nothing. 'Professions' that capitalize on human weakness. I know, Jews would not succeed without despicable, stupid goyim, but, the Jews do not get angry at the dummies, or attempt to educate them, (which any decent person would), they are happy to have someone to exploit. Just because the Goy are assholes does not make the Jew excusable.

That is why I have no objection to the LEADERS of the 'Gas all Jews now' crowd. Or, what I should say is I have nothing against the sentiment. After all, Birdman, the Germans tried to deport them, which you are aware. That did not work. The Jews are more powerful, and obnoxious, as ever.

Why do I say, 'Leaders'? Because the followers (say, the 'racially aware' whites), are, in my opinion, just as pathetic as the average person. You want evidence? Go to Stormfront's 'Talk' Section. For the most part, I find them indistinguishable from wiggers/niggers.

So, I agree with FAEM's quote. And agree with Bryant. But, for a different reason.

I have no use whatsoever for Jews. They are indeed alien to me. They lie as naturally as they breathe, they are parasitic, etc. Not just some minority of them either.

How many Jews deny their religion? No, not the Talmud. The 'Holocaust'. In all the time I've been in this topic (The Hoax), I think I am aware of 2 Jews who say there were no gas chambers. All the other so-called good jews (Finkelstien, Shamir, etc.), even the ones on The Birdman's site, all take refuge under the Holocaust umbrella. To hell with them.

So, do I think there are any people, or any cause, worthwhile? Yes. Being with responsible, clean, decent, intelligent, principled, people. Even though I despise the Jew, and Bryant seems quite soft on them, I still like Bryant. Why? Because I think he is smart, honest, brave, etc. I can live some differences of opinion. Now, I'll admit, those traits seem to be more predominant in whites than in other races. But, the percentage is so low, I see no good 'white' cause. The average white is simply stupid, selfish, etc. Why embrace them?