16 July 1999

From: C-FAR
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If you read any minority rant about "racism" and the "White beauty ideal" you will undoubtedly hear complaints about Brown bottle blondes. This is supposed to be a manifestation of the societal preference for blondes, hence "Whites." Racism? If this were the case, you'd see more Browns dying their hair light brown, since that is the predominant hair color of White Northern European women. White Women with darker hair wouldn't be the biggest purchasers of blonde dye if racism and a "White beauty ideal" were at work.


I see something more sinister. To me, it is a clear diversion from the fact that 99% of European-American women struggle to make their skin brown by subjecting themselves to skin cancer and spending enormous amounts of money on tanning salons. Contrast this to the very few minorities who dye their hair blonde and you'll see the myth of the White beauty ideal disappear before your eyes.


Why is it that every White woman you talk to will tell you she has been teased for the color of her skin when she was a child? As children, our schoolmates would say they are being blinded by our whiteness. How many people put their arms in front of their eyes to dramatize the issue? I remember how much I hated the heat (and still do), and in the summer would wear pants instead of shorts because I didn't have a tan. I felt embarrassed in gym class, so I tried to use sunless tanning lotion once. I ended up with brown welts on my legs from uneven application! As teens, it was impossible to make the cheerleading squad or be popular unless you were brown or at least bronze. I am not talking about a few of us, I mean ALL OF US. We got relief only when the cult of the "Mods" and "darkies" (yet another manifestation of self-hatred) came into style.


If it is supposedly "racism" and self-loathing that causes Brown women dye their hair blonde, why do White women strive to dye their skin brown? Subconscious racism, pure and simple. A "Beautiful brown body ideal". Societal Pressure applied to White women to be more "ethnic." If you think this is off-the-wall, consider the state of our children today. Nose, tongue and bellybutton rings, rap music that advocates killing White cops, baggy pants that stop below the buttocks, the prevalence of "ebonics" speech, etc. These are not the ways of my kinfolk.


If we find our roots and be proud of our Whiteness, we won't have to feel we have to be Brown to be beautiful. White is not ugly, it is a beautiful piece of the world's ethnic mosaic. Our folkways have been suppressed by the Tan Klan (i.e. multicultural social engineers) in favor of an empty, consumerist nothing culture that devours our pride in self. We as European-American women should resist the societal pressure to be Brown. We shouldn't engage in self-destructive behavior to fit a beauty ideal. Yes, too much sun means skin cancer. Today we are only beginning to see the results of this behavior. Like the woman who wants big boobs, we take risks to fit a beauty ideal, even if it kills us. Isn't it time we stop this and accept ourselves?


We should ask ourselves why polls have shown European-American schoolgirls have the lowest self-esteem of any ethnic group. Why they mimic "ethnic" kids and put dark brown lip liner on with no lipstick in the middle. Why they know more about Mexican, Indian, African and Asian culture than their own. Why they can name more Paleo-Asian tribes than their own.


It is up to we adults to pressure the schools to teach Indo-European history, not just the history of imperialism. Mexicans are in touch with their Aztec roots, so why aren't we in touch with our tribal roots? To find the answer, someone must ask the questions. Otherwise our people will get melted out of the American ethnic pot.

If you aren't convinced our kids are clueless, ask any teen these questions: Below them I have listed likely answers based on an a conversation with a White teen on ethnic identity.

1) Are you a Celt?
-Huh? What's that?

2) Why do we have St. Patrick's day?
-To celebrate being Irish and to drink green beer.

3) What is a Vandal?
-Someone who vandalizes.

4) Who invented the swastika?

5) What is the origin of cross "burning?"
-The KKK.

6) Who was Boudicca?

7) What religion was Ireland before St. Patrick?
-I don't know (shrug).

8) Who sacked Rome and why?
-Barbarians, because they wanted to steal stuff.

9) Where are your ancestors from?
-Oklahoma, etc.

10) What is your ethnic background?
-Uh, a little of everything and NATIVE AMERICAN!

11) No, what country did they come from?

12) What is an African-American?
-A Black person.

13) What is a European-American?
-An immigrant.

14) Can you name an instrument played in Scotland?
-Uh, the drums.

I fear any adult would be clueless too. Why? Because we have insisted on suppressing our own cultures and history in favor of Americanism. Now we are caught naked in the midst of ethnically aware minorities and have been led to believe we have no culture. It is up to us to change that. The future of our kids depends on it.

Corkie Beardsley

* * * * * * * *

Your comments were well received but there are a few points I can make due to my extreme old age and acute memory.

I never remember any woman trying to tan her skin due to some nefarious bit of "white guilt" nonsense. I grew up in a community where, and at a time when, minority pollution was virtually unknown and the "turtles" as we called them, tanned themselves for the purpose of "looking healthy". When White people are ill, they do develop a pallor which causes grandmothers to say, "God, you're as pale as a ghost." Furthermore, it was noted that men who became tanned from working in the fields were very often healthier than those working in factories. Thus, tanning was viewed as a means of appearing healthy. I find it hard to believe that all of those beautiful women whom I knew of in the 1930s, were tanning themselves because they felt guilty about being beautiful. It was merely an enhancement. (Big boobs are in demand by boys who long for the safety of their mother's arms. In the desire to attract "men", foolish women gladly complied.)

The old hydrogen peroxide treatment was very much in vogue in those days. One only has to view films of that period to acknowledge the fact that blonde hair sells whether it was Lana Turner, Betty Grable (the WW II pin-up), Joan Blondel, Jean Harlow or the novelty songstress Betty Hutton. Red hair also had its Hollywood days with Susan Hayward, Greer Garson, Eleanor Parker, Rita Hayworth and Susie Parker. On the practical side, and as lightly touched upon in my articles on race, coloring of White people's hair is relatively easy since the pigment lies only in the medullary tube – there is no pith. The hair of the Yellow woman not only contains black pigment in the medullary tube but that tube is filled with pigmented pith, also black. The hair of the Black, which is actually a variety of wool and not true hair, contains neither the medullary tube nor enclosed pith. I am quite positive that if the hair of Black and Yellow women could be as easily changed as that of a White, you'd see a myriad of examples.

Tanning is a natural process while bleaching is not.

Men of all types have gazed upward and few have not marveled at the sight nor have ignored the source of life's power. They see the yellow sun (hair), the blue sky (eyes) and the clean whiteness of the clouds (skin). When people bearing those living colors appeared on the horizon of those not so endowed, it was understandable that they felt the gods had arrived.

When a White person is badgered by a group of non-Whites, nay, even ridiculed for being White, it is not peer pressure since those antagonists are not that person's peers. The mob always descends upon the minority whom are perceived as superior. Hence, the attacks truly bright children receive in school. The same goes for beauty. They hate you for it and if the law allowed, you'd be killed instead of only verbally abused. The sewer people of the French Revolution cheered each time the guillotine delivered up a blond head.

Your knowledgeable servant, Robert Frenz