5 February 2003 – Harold Covington (some portions deleted)
Dear Racial Comrades:

This isn't a Northwest Bulletin, just a quick word I want to have with you about some fairly serious developments that may hold ramifications for the future of the Northwest Migration movement.

Most of you will be aware of the fact that the Federal government has significantly increased its level of active persecution of Aryan racial nationalists over the past six weeks or so. To begin with, David Duke's plea bargain and subsequent jail sentence are common knowledge. Duke has admitted that he gambled away something like $200,000 of his supporters' contributions on riverboat casinos and during junkets to the Bahamas, but even so, his claim that he was singled out and persecuted for political reasons by the monkoid U. S. Attorney in New Orleans is not without foundation. There is no doubt in my mind that Duke will eventually be back, and apparently a significant number of his followers are willing to forgive him and hoist him onto their shoulders again. I find this incredibly bizarre, but I long ago gave up any attempt to analyze the thought processes of "our" people. Those thought processes appear to have only minimal relation to anything in the real world. Anyway, Duke is out of action for the next several years, and that means that there is a correspondingly large gap on the White racial landscape.

On January 8, Matt Hale was arrested in a Federal courtroom in Chicago by a team of agents from the FBI Counter Terrorism unit. He was charged with allegedly conspiring to kill the Federal judge in the bogus "trademark" lawsuit. It didn't come out at the time, but Hale was actually arrested under the infamous Patriot Act rushed through Congress after 9/11, making him to my knowledge the first White racialist against whom that piece of unconstitutional legislation has been used.

It has now turned out that Hale's so-called "security chief", a man using the name of Tony Evola, was a long-tear sleeper agent planted on Hale several years ago by the FBI. The "evidence" against Hale, aside from his own very foolish posting of Judge Lefkow's photograph and personal information on his web site, consists of transcripts from an AOL chat or Instant Message session between Evola and Hale wherein the FBI informant clearly proposes the murder of the judge and Hale's reply is, unfortunately, sufficiently ambiguous to get him convicted by a jury of Chicago niggers. The media reports that the FBI has admitted paying Evola the sum of $50,000 over several years. There can be no doubt that whatever one thinks of Hale's bizarre version of racialism, the government very definitely did set out to "get" him. In that sense, he is a bona fide martyr to our cause.

On January 27'h, another FBI team raided the home of Byron Calvert in Leesburg, Virginia. The excuse for the massive raid, in which Calvert and his wife were handcuffed and abused and his two young children terrorized, is of some significance: "trademark violation", a la Matt Hale. It would seem that ZOG has discovered trademark and copyright law as its newest instrument of persecution. Calvert is a
former staff member of the National Alliance who went with Billy Roper's White Revolution group after the split which occurred after Pierce's death. When Mr. Calvert left, like many others in the NA's history as he was going out the door he helped himself to a copy of the group's mailing list. (This makes about the fifth or sixth time to my recollection the NA's list has been stolen in the past decade or so, plus the three occasions when Pierce voluntarily handed over the list to Morris Dees and the Feds.) No actual arrests were made by the FBI; it was obviously just an excuse to seize Calvert's computer and every document they could find.

Erich Gliebe of the National Alliance himself has some pending legal troubles. Gliebe has raised a lot of eyebrows by refusing to leave Cleveland and take up residence at the NA's Hillsboro compound. Gliebe is now under Federal investigation for allegedly "embezzling" $30,000 of receipts from Eastern European distributors for Resistance Records, the Skinhead and Satanic CD recording label that Pierce was able to wrest away from Canadian entrepreneur George Burdi back in the 1990s. Gliebe has also expelled a man named Lawrence Myers from the NA on the grounds that Myers was a spy for the FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center. It is known that someone at the April 2002 NA leadership conference in Hillsboro was wearing a wire for Morris Dees. This fact came out in September of last year when the SPLC printed long verbatim transcripts of speeches made to the conference by Dr. Pierce and by Gliebe himself, wherein they referred to Skinheads as "losers, punks, and drunken sieg-heilers." Gliebe has been under increasing pressure since Dr. Pierce's death to reveal or at least publicly to discuss the clearly known fact that there was a high level informant in the NA; the Myers dismissal is his belated response to that pressure. Myers denies that he is an informant and claims that Gliebe is scapegoating him because he (Myers) questioned certain financial transactions and also expressed concerns about the security of the NA mailing list.

The whole affair has seriously disturbed many old NA hands, to the point where the group is virtually collapsing through resignations, lost sales, and negative publicity. On February 3, Chester Doles of the Georgia unit, probably the NA's most respected local organizer, resigned from the Alliance over the Myers incident and also because Gliebe forced him to cancel a Martin Luther King Day activity to which Doles had invited members of other White groups. In his resignation e-mail Doles stated his intention never again to become involved in any open White organization.

Dr. Edward Fields, now in his 70s, still soldiers on. Fields is still publishing The Truth At Last, but he recently revealed in a letter to his supporters that in the last six months of 2002 his newspaper ran a deficit and lost over $40,000. The cranky, elderly racist Christian conservatives who kept the "Movement" going financially for so long are dying out like dinosaurs, and they are not being replaced. There are some good supporters out there, true. I know because I have a few. But while the spirit is willing, the wallet is weak. Very few White people of any kind, racist or otherwise, seem to have much disposable income for any purpose nowadays, never mind for significant donations to racial causes.

Billy Roper's White Revolution group limps along. He was recently able to get all of 75 people to Montgomery, Alabama in order to picket Morris Dees, thus refreshing the SPLC's photo files of White activists. Actually, for our "Movement" today, 75 people for a street activity is a very respectable turnout. Roper is so strapped for cash that he recently attempted to turn his White Revolution Yahoo Group into a paid service at $10.00 per month; he got less than ten subscribers and had to back down. My guess is that Roper's group is probably next up on the ZOG "hit list", since he is the only one remaining who has any public presence at all, no matter how ragtag.

(Remainder deleted as not relevant to the above.)