07 March 2003
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Eduardo S. B.

A gynaeceum has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome. It is essentially the same as a Muslim harem and can be described as a house or a section of a house reserved for women members. The male elite who acted as their male-providers in society often created gynaeceums.

Concerning the medieval gynaeceum, Phillipe Aries and Georges Duby[1] writes -

“In the chansons de toile, women were seen to be dependent and in a virtual state of rebellion against the institution of marriage.” Womenís time was a time of waiting; and was experienced inwardly, and in despair . . . . Womenís space is closely guarded, for within it resided the women in whom the quality of the lineage was vested. In the gynaeceum, a woman was exalted in her role as mother. Men may enter, but only for a limited time. In parts of the household where multiple female functions were on display (lady, retinue, nurses) spatial functions were absent. In the gynaeceum, the child received its earliest education; the segregation is functional . . .  The womenís group has a very distinctive character.  It defines itself in terms of boundaries . . .  Withdrawal is another constant.” [2]

The gynaeceum was a secure environment for females. Away from the threat of any males, females were given the sense of security and safety in numbers. Their lords and masters lavishly provided them, for which to some might not have known. They knew their purpose concerned lineage and reproduction. Their thoughts centered on the seed they might carry and its importance concerning her future welfare.

The Jewish-communist elite has succeeded in created the rebirth of a modern gynaeceum in America that is "collective" in nature. Donít be fooled in thinking that the basis of the gyneaceum has changed. Its purpose still relates to the control of reproduction and the children henceforth.

As a result of it being so ubiquitous and colossus in scope, the collective gynaeceum is virtually unknown to the average person. Yet it would be insidious to everyone if only they recognized it. The gynaeceum is different in this sense than the medieval version. Women view it as an entitlement program designated only for women as a result of the long fought liberation from female suffrage.[3] However, females have swallowed the entitlement bait hook, line, and sinker. Little do they know they have traded their rights along with their childrenís for the sake of a state promised security.

Many men have recognized that there is something wrong. Draconian Court judgments against family members and friends as a result of divorce or child custody hearings are prevalently known. The oppressive rulings have instilled fear in a new generation of white males and have had a widespread damning effect. A growing number of attorneys admit that women are given preferential treatment in family courts and at work.

In the collective gynaeceum women are regarded as being wards of the state under its care and protection. Any beau wanting sexual intercourse with a female better understand that he is dealing with a protected class or “property” of the state. The consequence for a white male will be quite severe if the relationship turns acrimonious. Relationships with females have become metaphorically like the mating ritual of black widow spiders. The male spider, which is considerably smaller than the female risks his life mating with her. In many ways the same can be said today about the roles of racially conscious men to women. A Caucasian male risks his life and freedom if he chooses the wrong female. Daniel Amneus, Ph.D. correlates the white racial plight with black males of the ghetto-

“If you drive through a ghetto and see groups of idle black males congregating on street corners, rapping, trading dope, getting stoned, plotting mischief, you realize the same thing.  Apart from their function as sperm-providers, these street corner punks are so obviously unfit to be parents that if they tried to horn in on Mom's reproductive enterprise, she would do what the mother-cat would do to the father-cat – shoo him away.” [4]

There is no question that these black males have been reduced to that of breeding stock. As Dr. Amneus notes, the black woman is “sexually irresponsible.” The Negro female knows she is free to have intercourse with any male she prefers. For any child she bears, government has become the “male provider” and provides her the income that a Negro male would otherwise bring in to support his family. The Negro male, who is often “job-irresponsible,” understands that she has absolute power over him. He is free to copulate for that instant of gratification without consequence. If she doesnít want him around, she can call the police to remove him and have him arrested. The male will avoid the police because the ghetto has produced a police state long ago, which is particularly brutal.  Thereís virtually no chance for him to be a father.

The police state has since been extended to the American middle class – which by definition is still mainly of Homines occidentals, the white race. The Jewish subjugation of Caucasian mores and family has been brutally effective. They have cajoled legislative acts and judicial rulings for diminishing Caucasian productivity and criminalizing the natural instinct for procreation. At exactly the same instant in time these same destructive acts exist in all the European nations of the world. Is it any wonder the white race is dieing out? Author Dr. Oscar Levy, writing in the Preface to his book – “The World Significance Of The Russian Revolution,” admits it is Zionist intentions to destroy:

". . . we Jews have been nothing else but its (the worlds) seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners. We who promised to lead the world into heaven, have only succeeded in leading you into a new hell . . . It is our (Jewish) immorality which has prohibited us from all real progress and even worse, which stands in the way of all future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours." [5]

The Jewish controlled media has beguiled women with notions that are contrary to every raceís survival. An ancient religion has been resurrected that falsely preaches a matriarchal society. It expresses to young white women that there is “equality” between genders. It encourages young girls that cultural rules and taboos are secondary to a “womanís right to choose.” False oracles teach the total destruction of the Caucasian race. Under this veil the cabalistic cult of “Lilith” is slowly being revealed. At first, fringe elements of misandry were fused together by the Jewish goddessí teaching and soon found its home as head deity of the lesbian movement.[6], [7] The demon-goddess has been resurrected to lead the spiritual usurpation of a once Christian nation and to destroy, once in for all, the patriarchal society. Every young woman knows who Lilith is and what she represents. A generation ago this would not be so. The Talmudic legend of Lilith states she became the first lesbian and witch. Her teachings are rampantly promoted to young impressionable women in educational institutions and through the media. It is here that females are taught enmity against all men and the patriarchal family. Given the fact, that women are considerably a more cohesive population than white males, the propagation of it has spread rapidly as an “in vogue” trend. We now find our children regurgitating these myths of old that were popular in Isaiahís time, and preached the need for returning to a former time when women ruled; before the time when men overthrew the “natural harmony and order” of their she-god; mother earth (Lilith; Gaiah). Militant feminists state all males are rapists and promote women are superior to men. Similarly, men have been accused by Jewish feminist ideologues of being insensitive and potential rapists. A growing number of white males are refusing to “tie the knot” in marriage because they distrust the motives of women. It has become the fruit of the poisonous tree and enmity between genders is at an all-time high.

Prior to no-fault divorce the leading cause of single parent families was attributed to war mortalities. It didnít take long before the Jews dominated the divorce industry as “experts” in virtually every profession. In the postbellum South, Jewish carpetbaggers took advantage of war torn Southern families in much the same manner. The difference between these times is that post Confederate states recognized and despised the Jews for their unsavory acts. Today, the average American is ignorant that the Jews have made divorce acceptable for the first time in history.

Several Statutes, in piecemeal form, have been set into place that effectively renders the white male to that of a sperm donor. The Battered Womanís Act was the first of these. Indeed, it was originally thought to be a just act. At that time, many news reports sounded the alarm that domestic abuse was widespread and needed to be stopped. Albeit there is certainly a problem in which a remedy deserves a closer look. It reveals that the media focused only on males as the transgressor. Conversely, an analysis by Martin S. Fiebert at California State University, Long Beach, examined one hundred thirty scholarly investigations and demonstrated women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.[8] The Battered Womanís Act would not have passed in Congress if these studies were well known. Instead, Jewish feminists with the aid of the controlled media greatly distorted the truth and continue to perpetrate the big lie concerning all men.

The existing Battered Womanís Act is very oppressive and targets the white race. Under the present judiciary system, a male is required to prove his innocence if a female accuses him of any type of domestic abuse or harassment. Advocates for the battered womenís shelter, who are often male hating militant lesbians, promote the filing of such domestic abuse complaints. These centers, supported by public money, serve primarily to promote the expulsion of men from their homes without due process of law. This is the first step in taking children away from the father and granting of custody to the State approved guardian-ward; the mother. These centers also serve to promote abortion, divorce, and the prevention of reconciliation between husband and wife. The affidavit forms have become entirely automated for women to file and be processed. All a female needs to claim is that she “fears for her safety.” An ensuing exparte order will be signed by a judge or administrative officer to remove the accused male from his home and prohibiting further contact with his wife and children. A “fear” crime is ambiguous and extremely difficult to be vindicated of. Evidence for physical abuse is not required and the only female rationale needed is being fearful of the male. It is estimated that sixty-six percent of all domestic abuse charges are false.[9] Incarceration is quite common for the male. After his release, he is always expelled from his own home and ordered not to return. A magistrate will hear the case, but he will not be able to return to his house unless she allows him too. Not since prior to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD, which guaranteed a sovereign citizenís right not to be ordered from their home, have such police powers been carried out. Tens of thousands of innocent men have been thrown out of their homes and onto the streets, unsheltered, often on perjured affidavits.  Nobody is ever prosecuted for these perjured affidavits, even where the proof is abundant.

In 1992, the passage of the so-called Dead Beat Dad law further demonized white males and subjugated them under a ruthless federal system. At the same time, it encouraged white women to trade their husbands in for this newly formed federal safety net.[10] Again, the media provided feminist militants vast publicity for pressuring Congress to pass this law. This Act; federal code 42 USC Section 666, allowed for the federalization of child support and its administration in Washington D.C. States were offered federal money if they complied with the guidelines therein. Similarly, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996 (also known as Welfare Reform) dictates that all states must have a program to collect information about newly hired employees. Under new hire reporting, employers must report information about newly hired employees to a State Directory of New Hires (SDNH). This act allows for the tracking of every new-hire and allows for wage garnishment of all child support payers. Very few Americans realize the federal government pays each state an average of three dollars for every dollar of child support collected. Where does the federal money come from? Why, it comes from every tax-paying American. This revenue is used to fund an ever-growing bureaucracy that includes Battered Women Shelters, Advocacy groups, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, lobbyists, attorneys, and consultants. The Department of Health and Human Services has surpassed the IRS in power and reported abuse. Confiscation of property, seizing of assets, jailing of debtors, and suspension of licenses are some of the tools the DHHS uses against males. Bankruptcy and death are not a defense to protect assets. Indeed, this tyrannical system sounds eerily similar to the Bolshevik pogroms of the former Soviet Union where every male was perceived as a threat to the socio-political power. Women are encouraged to apply for restraining orders to receive free representation and support. Little do females know they are joining the gynaeceum at this juncture. Conversely, the work-responsible Caucasian male will be sentenced to pay the maximum financial liability for knowing her. And if he chooses to fight, no longer is he litigating against his wife. It is the all-mighty State that has become her sugar daddy and provides for all her legal representation at the taxpayerís expense. He will find out he is facing a tribunal; a Court without a jury. The Judge, whose profession depends on the money brought into the State, is under constant pressure from feminist groups to tow the line.

The gynaeceum is very deceptive to women. Its outward appearance provides an inviting privilege to draw women into its fold. With the constant stream of propaganda coming forth from the Jewish media, and the sexist courses taught at universities, it is no wonder white women are quick to abandon their families. They are told they donít need them. The Caucasian male on the other hand has been debased; in some circles the male has been debunked as a viable influence in the family; reduced to that of a sperm donor.  The male-oriented instinct of protectionism (or cover) for his spouse and family has been virtually broken and replaced by a competing-governance for raising children outside the influence of male-oriented households. Essentially, the cover granted by government has replaced the cover and security once fostered by independent Caucasian males. The privilege of being part of this inconspicuous harem approaches an absolute right granted them by government.

There is no doubt women have been apotheosized in our society and in part, employed as an emotional front to carry out a planned and purposeful dismantling of the Caucasian family. The ensuing emergence of a worldwide matriarchal government has acted to artificially empower and enrich women. At the same time these same forces have acted to diminish men. The underlying goal has always been for absolute control of a nationís children. The story of which, in many ways has been a gradual happening and occurring over decades of time. Researchers John Lott & Lawrence Kenny, in – “Did Womenís Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?” suggest that power of the government increased dramatically as a result of females getting the right to vote.[11] However, voting is only the symptom. The deeper cause has been the Jewish propaganda influencing their voting. Indeed, women are the largest market segment and are a sought after audience.

The unfettered character of white females is in their most splendid nature adrift with charitable and sympathetic sentiment to the less fortunate, the young and helpless; always compassionate and inquisitive, while tending inwardly to their own family. These very traits without borders are what make white females vulnerable to the surreptitious tug of Jewish lies. White men are aptly the provider and defender of women against influences outside of their own families and kindred. The Jewish lie negates the femaleís quest for finding a strong Caucasian male-provider. White women are encouraged to break the norms and taboos of family, kinsmen, race, and religion to achieve security.

Todayís women have been empowered and “liberated,” They have been given the authority to trade their male-provider (husband) for the collective male-provider of government.  In doing so, they unwittingly sign over their childrenís fate as being chattel of the state. And in return submit themselves to a collective gynaecium under influences of their unseen Jewish masters. Assuredly, these wealthy Jews have made them a protected class, which infers “protection against white males.” The Jewish financiers are the true lords behind governments. They have become the masters and ruling class that have kidnapped our nationís women. Thus, they now control the most dangerous element of their ruling class; the European working class male.

It has been through white women, and indoctrinated males, that these sexist plans have become a part of our governance. Militant Jewesses and lesbians have been the actual leaders of the feminist movement, whose hatred of males has been disguised through the championing of womenís rights.[12] The controlled media, which the Jewish elite controls, air incessant propaganda for these feminist antagonists and their sympathizers. Enmity against Euro-American men has successfully been injected into the collective female herd. The bias can be seen everywhere from in the school classroom to television to family law.

As in Pavlovís studies, the use of classical conditioning has been used effectively on the female herd by the media to promote the Jewish-lesbian ideology and further collectivize women. By controlling the female herd, men will be controlled. There are too many similarities, in which our Euro-centric society has returned to an earlier time, such as what was described by Sir Robert Filmerís "Patriarcha," in which the vassal family was a slave from birth and was beset by a ruling class at that time. Can the same be true today under the guise of a maternal government?

“As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them.” Isaiah 3:12.

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