27 March 2003  by Joe  – Comments on war.
W.W. 2, was fought in Europe to primarily save the German people from brutish treatment by the Czech's, and Poles, and in that context it can be classified a noble cause when a nation protect millions of their kinsmen that are being harmed. The war got out of hand because the countries that opposed Germany thought it was 1919 all over again, and that they could intimidate Germany, and have them again groveling, and asking for pity. They then would ask that Chancellor Hitler be removed, and the Nuremburg laws regarding Jews be rescinded. Of course, that event was not posssible, but the Hebrews did not think so, and a terrible war was underway at the behest of the Jews.

Germany invaded Norway to forestall a British invasion intended to cut off Swedish iron ore shipments out of Narvik. In fact, the British did mine Norwegian territorial waters after the Altmarck incident. Neither Denmark, Norway or the low countries would have been invaded if the world had not been pushed into a war through Zionist conniving, and media control that whipped the masses into a frenzy. Jewish controlled Russia was simply biding their time, and when the Russian Foreign Minister Molotov demanded the Rumanian oil fields of Ploesti, the war expanded eastward.

W.W. 2. never should have happened, but it must be remembered that in the U.S.  the secret Hebrew Government played no small part  in causing war to start by encouraging England, France, and Poland to resist the just German demands for the return of Danzig, and a ten mile wide corridor through former German territory linking East Prussia with Germany.  To this day I am convinced that Germany did not  want W.W. 2 even though a Jewish cabal controlled Russia in a Communist iron grip. Chancellor Hitler would much rather build up Germany and National Socialism and play architect, and paint pictures. Men that know war do not as a rule want war.

The Germans truly did pay a terrible price with the loss of 10 million men, and 7 million civilians out of a population of 87 million. They were fortunate that 40 million more weren't starved to death under the Jewish Morganthau plan. The U.S. and England now try to lie about the terrible harm that was inflicted on Germany in order to cover up their deeds like the air war to destroy the German people and obfuscate the truth from new generations of brain washed Germans.

In a way, we now see a replay of that time frame only this time the victim is Iraq. The Iraq invasion of Kuwait was justified because that arrogant enclave ruled by the Sabah family went 60 km. into Iraq, and slant drilled the Iraq Ramalah oil fields. The Iraqi's were quite ready to pull out within three day's after their invasion. Their only stipulation was that the Sabah's family with their 350 billion dollars not return. In any event Kuwait was a former province of Iraq's, and they had more justification on their side than the crowd that are now invading Iraq do.

There are only two reasons for the invasion, and that is Israel, and oil. Iran is next on the list possibly Syria, and  then even Saudi Arabia could be a victim, and of course they will have a go with North Korea, and you can bet the fat will hit the fire. For when they try their luck with North Korea they will then have a war with China, and it will be nuclear. Be glad that you live in Norway, for the war-like folks we have in this country are going to cause an intercontinental ballistic war. I frankly hope that it never happens, but recognize that it is inevitable.

When the final act of this saga unfolds, France, and  Germany will remain neutral ,and Germany will have  had a final revenge on those that cost the lives of so many of their kinsmen, and  inflicted terrible destruction on  their Fatherland during W.W. 2. Russia will give China considerable logistic support because there are elements in that country that are beginning to view the U.S. as a rogue state, and a threat to Russia interest, and the aggression in Iraq is unfortunately  causing that to happen. In the final analysis the Hebrew's just get to the point when they think they will succeed in their objectives, and the God of the  Universe deprives them of their prize. Anyway that's the way I see it.