03 March 2003 – A few words from Europe.
When last I wrote I said that Bg had very few kikes, that I had only seen three, but I had not at that time been able to distinguish them from the populace as there is a large admixture of Turkish genes here, but the kikes are very abundant. They are mostly what would be called the upper class. Before communism the Bulgarian population held a fair proportion of the wealth, but during the years of communism it was stripped from them in the name of brotherly love and implanted into the hands of the kikes. Now the Bg mafia (which is of course all yid) are the people with the money. I just had coffee across from three of them the yestermorn, and watched very carefully.

I have also been traveling around Europe trying to get a feel of the state of affairs. Germany and Austria are totally Weimar. And chock full of kikes. I would wager that a third of the population of Salzburg is yid, most unknown (in the closet), but some very open with their jewishness. They get very uncomfortable when you recognize them for what they are. There are loads of nigeroos in the cities as well as all other forms of mud. England is almost the same as the US. It is far from uncommon to see some ugly fat white woman riding shotgun in some drug running nigger's Mercedes. There was a large city in Yorkshire that was about 75-80% Paki. I talked with a lot of people, stayed in peoples' home whom I had just met that day (English hospitality is great!!!), and being foreign, played ignorant and just asked questions. In the north, there are lots of people, I would say about 90% of the white population who do not want these people there, and they will tell you that they sympathize with the BNP, but they can't believe that they deny the Holocaust. Anti German propaganda has been so successful that they are total mindfucks. I would suggest that if the BNP wants to actually accomplish something they should push certain things to the back burner and focus on the problem at hand: muds.

Now I agree with you that if voting were affective it would be made illegal, but could at least be a better chance of unification of the White population. Reeducation can occur after the muds are out, and as far as I'm concerned, whatever it takes to do the job.... Now history has proved time and time again that nobody can fuck things up like the British, so, we'll see.

The Czech Republic is trying to go EU, so the population is starting to get more and more diverse. Lots of hebes there too. One has to wonder, if so many died in the "holocaust", how did they repopulate to these levels so fast? They don't have breeding habits like Catholics or Morons, so where did they come from? Oh wait, they never left.

There's getting to be a lot of anti-American sentiment in Europe. Most everyone has a 'Fuck Bush' bit of paraphernalia.

You've made many comment about others saying that Eric spots a jew in every waste basket, and from what I can tell he's right.