23 April 2003
Just wanted to drop a note in regards to the ongoing topic of race-mixing, down-breeding and its affects on the American Populace.

None of the people I know looks at others in the same way that I do. Blame it on daily doses of FAEM and what not, but it makes for a world very different from what I had previously been accustomed to.

I've been much more alert to my immediate environment in the last couple of years. I can now understand Eric's phrase “a jew in every wastebasket,” and must say that I am fast approaching a point where I completely agree with that statement. I was raised in a mildly pro-White household (meaning, we didn't accept all as equal and managed to avoid such things as bussing), but for the most part that was completely drowned in the Marxist style of education I received. And you are right: waking up to the true nature of our wondrous America is very much like putting on the glasses in “They Live.”

I have been ruminating for some time over the level of race mixing that is present in what passes for White in America. There seem to be many (many more than at first meets the eye) that are carrying around with them ancestral mishaps not of their own fault. In observing others, I eventually noticed certain things about those around me I have been calling friends for years. I have never applied to these people the same scrutiny that I applied to others, non-acquaintances, that I see as I drive, walk and work each day. Those people receive the eye of cold objectivity. My friends never did, till now.

This is a very good exercise for anyone, who considers themselves White, to do. Take a close look at the individuals that one associates with. Along with this, take a close look at old photos, on the internet, in grandmas attic, old encyclopedias or newspapers and magazines from the turn of the century, (university libraries are a good source for newspaper microfilms), anywhere you can find them. Look at them, and concentrate on recreating the world that they represent. Compare this to observations of your present day world. As one continues this exercise, you will begin to notice a void that will open between the old and the new. One will then begin on a self-driving path that will, slowly but surely, guarantee that you can never close your eyes again. You will become a person needing to recreate the past.

Your world view will begin to resemble the world view that the writings on FAEM are representative of. This, I have noticed, is not due to being converted by the FAEM crowd to their beliefs, it is because you have done something extraordinarily rare in today's world; you forced yourself to think. You opened your eyes and started up the long, unused brain you have. That, to me, is FAEMís most potent force. Making people think for themselves.

Anyway, I was sitting around a table with three people that I know over the last weekend. One of the women told a story about when she was younger, and in grade school. Her parents were divorced, her mother of German descent, and her father, Sicilian. A fellow student called her a “sea nigger,” due to her Sicilian ancestry and, not understanding the full import of such a phrase, she told her mom later when she came home. Her mom was shocked, and called her father. She was put on the phone with her father, who was rather concerned that she thought that it was even funny. “That's nothing to laugh at, and it is a very serious thing,” he said. He then told her never to say that again. Interesting, but she did not say that he denied the statement, he just told her not to say it again.

When she said this to me, it dawned on me that I am using a double standard when it comes to acquaintances and non-acquaintances. There is a very good possibility that she is part sub-Saharan African, and thinks that it is endearing and cute. I then turned my attention to the other two I was with. One is of partial Jewish ancestry, and the other is adopted. The best way to physically describe the latter individual is that he looks very Mediterranean, the North African side of the sea. Very Semitic. Not White.

Well, there I was. I noticed my double standard of viewing people, and then realized that I was the only White (barring something very far back in my ancestry that I know nothing about, as both of my parents are of Pomeranian ancestry) sitting at the table. Sitting among friends.

Thought you might want to know one of the unforeseen results of thinking with ones mind. I am curious if others have a similar experience with such things, I am sure that everyone can relate a similar tale.