I went to see David Irving speak in a nearby city. I have never seen David speak, and it was very interesting. The location could not have been worse. The place that we were in was a room that faced the street with floor to ceiling windows. I cannot believe that David had much to do with the choice, as it was custom-made to be protested.

It was held in a small room, there were perhaps 50 people there to see him speak. Mostly, those there were in the 50 range, few in the 30-40, and the next largest group was in their 20's, believe it or not.

About half way into the meeting the usual entourage that Irving attracts where ever he goes showed up. About 30 total, they consisted mostly of piercings, snarled hair, bullhorns, placards, smells and all. This brought the meeting to an end, it was far too exposed a situation for David to want to deal with. I have since found out that those urchins and their keepers (you could tell them because of their chant organization and camera usage) were affiliated with the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity, another lovely group. That was pretty much it. There was a valiant  attempt to keep the meeting going by some of the audience lining up along the window blocking the demonstrators view. But the owner, a terrified Polish woman, stopped the meeting.

No video press showed up, but I was told later by the hotel owner that newspaper reporters had shown up. The police showed up, and their actions were very interesting. They would do nothing about the protesters, as a matter of fact, that thought it was all the fault of Irving for having this symposium. Listening to them talk, they seemed to each personally know of at
least one holocaust survivor. They made no attempt to hide their bias against Irving, as a matter of fact, they were advising the protesters on what and how to maximize their protesting efforts.

This is all to be expected, but I, standing in that room, thought about things that I have read on FAEM. I have become much more alert to my surroundings as of late. I also know that the NCHD has, for a long time, been infiltrated into the friends of David Irving, meaning that in that room, were spying members. And, all I had to do was look at the actions of the people in that room to see them. They make themselves easily apparent. I'll give an example of one.

Right before David began, there was one empty seat in the room. It was at a table in the center, and a family was sitting at it. A woman and a man went up to it, having just walked in, and asked if the seat was taken. (They were the only people to do this; there were already others standing) The man at the table said no, there was not, she sat down and the waitress brought a chair for her friend. But it was in the way that she asked. Before the man at the table had said yes, she was already sitting down. That caught my eye. During the disruption, with the lecture stopped, I went up to them and I introduced myself. They were very pleasant, and very well dressed. Each had notebooks that they had made notes in. We talked, I asked their names, (very
common names) and asked about their interest in David. He said that he had heard about this in his history class at a local junior college. I just looked at him for awhile.

The meeting was on a Saturday, and the location had just been changed because of security concerns. He could not have heard about that in his history class. I had prepared myself for an answer like that, and so attempted to make no change in expression. I found it difficult that he expected me to believe that. But they are so used to lying and getting away with it, that even blatant misrepresentation of the truth goes unchecked.

Others were obvious because of their demeanor, more "people watching" than interest in the topic, something one does not go to an Irving lecture to do without reason. I could pick out at least 3 others.

On a grander scale, you could see that the whole thing was orchestrated to play out a certain way. The police go through ADL-sponsored "sensitivity training", guaranteeing, like the dogs in animal farm, that they will observe the proper enemy at the proper time do to proper training. The mob, each wearing their fashionable "rebellion kit" of castoff rags and metal, was the sweeping of the streets, they cared little other than that they were doing what their commissar leaders told them was right. The owner went into a panic for the only reason that she would, that this would have adverse effects on profits. And the whites inside looked like pigeons in a cage, confused and paralyzed, hoping that no one will hurt them or take their picture. They were content to sit and wait until the issue came to a resolution by itself. It is so amazing, so easily replicated, and so simply a microcosm of "Life with Zog"

Wanted to thank you all at FAEM for helping me hone my instincts (or turn them on, whatever the case may be ).