10 July 2002 – by Tsun
About physical degeneration: the first time I read your narrow eye socket theory for near sightedness, I did a double-take, since I am nearsighted.  I was skeptical at first, but it makes sense. However, I think you gave the reason as random de-evolution or something. I thought there had to be some real reason for it, other than just mutation or "bad luck." Well, it turns out there is a reason for it and Weston A. Price traveled the world seeking its cause, back in the Thirties. His book, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration," was published in the Forties. Price was a dentist, not an optometrist, and he was wanted to know why dental arch deformity and tooth decay is such a plague among  "civilized" peoples, including groups of far off natives who had only recently (at that time) adopted the "civilized" life style and diet. He visited a number of remaining primitive peoples, or peoples who lived a more old-time lifestyle, including non-modern food. He studied two European areas, where, wonder of wonders, the old ways still survived: Outer Herbrides Islands (off Scotland) and  a high valley in Switzerland.

Price's findings: The modern diet, including refined grain and sugar, and pasteurized milk (or milk from cattle who did not range free) caused a rapid physical degeneration, especially in children. In all groups visited, Price examined people who'd had more contact with the city, as well as earlier and more recent children of the same parents. These people exhibited a narrowing of the center part of the face (that's where the eyes are located, right?). Price's concern was the dental arch, but sinuses are located in the facial center too. He noticed things in the more "civilized" people and children, things like allergies, which the old-timers had never even experienced. Price's book is illustrated with something like 150 photos he took of various groups, in their older, healthy configuration, and in their modern "civilized" form.

Here is a longish book review, that provides a thorough summary: http://www.westonaprice.org/book_reviews/nutrition_physical.html Here's a quote from the review:

Possessed of an inquiring mind and a spiritual nature, Price was disturbed by what he found when he looked into the mouths of his patients. Rarely did an examination of an adult client reveal anything but rampant decay, often accompanied by serious problems elsewhere in the body such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, intestinal complaints and chronic fatigue. (They called it neurasthenia in Price’s day.) But it was the dentition of younger patients that gave him most cause for concern. He observed that crowded, crooked teeth were becoming more and more common, along with what Price called "facial deformities" – overbites, narrowed faces, underdevelopment of the nose, lack of well-defined cheekbones and pinched nostrils. Such children invariably suffered from one or more complaints that sound all too familiar to mothers of the 1990s: frequent infections, allergies, anemia, asthma, poor vision, lack of coordination, fatigue and behavioral problems
Something else, along the same lines: Have you heard about Dr. Pottinger's experiment with 900 cats (laboratory cats – he raised them)? He fed two control groups raw milk and meat over a period of four generations. Three other groups were fed cooked food, cereals, and pasteurized or evaporated milk.

Results: The two "natural" groups remained healthy over all four generations.

The three "unnatural groups had the following problems: First generation: individuals developed diseases and illness near the end of their lifespans. Second generation: developed disease and illness near the middle of their lifespan.. Third generation: developed diseases and illness from the beginning of life, many died before six months of age. Fourth generation: none produced; either third generation parents were sterile, or infants were miscarried. Pottinger's experiment may be found on the web, many places, if you search "Pottinger's Cats."

I have often wondered why government, medical, university, and "church" authorities are not interested in this sort of material. The protocols claim they are all now under the control of the jews, and thus intend to ruin us. However, look at the physical degeneracy that runs rampant among the jews. How many generations ago did they leave the farm?

Criminal activity is boosted by poor nutrition, Price discovered. As a final note, just do demonstrate the almost unbelievable boldness of the ZOG liars, did you know that all that wonderful calcium that is touted by the Milk Lobby is... ready for this? It's not even available for our use, because the enzyme that would allow us to assimilate it has been destroyed when the "milk" was pasteurized. The author at the URL below claims you can make your own calcium drink by taking a free range egg and soaking it in fresh lemon juice for 8 hours in the fridge. He says: "the lemon juice absorbs calcium right out of the eggshell and makes a highly assailable form of natural calcium called calcium citrate." You may then eat the egg for breakfast, and dump the lemon juice into your orange juice, or use it on a salad, etc.

You may find more useful stuff on his page:
Tips on Raw Milk, How to make Calcium from Egg/Lemon, more:

P.S. Dr Pottinger took some of the degenerate cats and gave proper nutrition to them and their children. But even after 4 generations, only some cats began to approach a state of health.

Robertsez – A partial duty of ZOG education is to alienate your brain from your senses. This is so pervasive that evidence is heard everyday. A child says he 'wants this' and mother tells him he does not. I am hungry. No you are not. Young white kids are usually repelled by the presence of simians in their midst but they are told that their feelings are in error, or 'wrong' – you must love that which offends you. And on and on it goes until the day comes when you can no longer think rationally. You become a proper serf for your enemies. Yes Virginia, you DO have enemies even though they smile at you. Your senses are evil doers intent upon keeping you from being civilized and educated. That's the thrust.

I continually harp on the fact that you must undo this mental mess but it cannot be achieved by mere wishing. It took years of ZOG crap and manipulation to pollute your brain, and shoveling out the trash won't happen overnight.

In the above mentioned book, please note that "primitive wisdom" was not obtained from a book or college course. Primitive wisdom, the old time knowledge, was gathered from experience and observation. A fire built under a block of ice causes that solid to change. Anyone observing this has no need for an explanation of calories, temperature scales and other AFTER THE FACT volumes of descriptive hot air. The ice melts because of the heat from the fire and not because its temperature exceeds 32° F. Read this last sentence as many times as it takes to sink in! Kick a bull in the nuts and something remarkable will follow. A book might be written describing what came next but that description IS NOT THE CAUSE. A description or an explanation is NOT A REASON. The distance traveled by a falling body may be DESCRIBED by the equation d = 16t², but THE EQUATION IS NOT THE REASON such events take place. Mathematics describes with the use of symbols and if the description is accurate, then it can be used to predict.

Primitive tribes also have the distinct advantage of NOT BEING A BATCH OF RACE-MIXERS. City folks are more prone to this, especially in "diverse" countries. Dr. Price focuses upon nutrition and this is very limited by its nature. Moreover, the general health of primitive tribes is enhanced by a very common practice – deformed infants are left to die if they are not killed outright. They also have no "health care" where the weak live to reproduce.

Health is much more than merely breathing. It implies an absence of disease, drugs – recreational or prescription – or any other encumbrance which restricts normal activities. Health is an absence of physical defects. When we look at those around us, all we see is one sick pot of protoplasm which is kept alive by an artificial environment.

Dr. Pottinger performed an experiment. I ask – Does one have to be a Dr. to do exactly what he did? Of course not! All he did was to control the diet of some pussy cats and OBSERVE the results. You do this everyday but you have been trained NOT TO HAVE FAITH IN WHAT YOUR SENSES TELL YOU. You can't think about anything unless some "expert" is kind enough to help you. That's why you run to the bookshelf or attend some lecture. When you decide to turn your back on your own god-given abilities, and ignore your senses, then you have assigned yourself to the pen reserved for serfs.

Stop and think for a moment when some TV ad spews forth its bull crap about how dogs will benefit by eating dried peas, carrots and corn chocked full of vitamins and minerals. If dogs could talk, what might they say about this? The current stress on carbohyrates, especially grains, has nothing to do with your health. It's all to do about PROFITS. It's about sales pitches and their jabber about variety – nutrition's 'diversity'. How many ways can one market a carrot?

A few days ago I conversed with a young man, a factory worker, 30 years of age. He barely graduated from high school but I was astounded by his wit and grasp of the real world. He talked a bit about a personal problem (/a female) which resulted from "Following my balls instead of my brain." He could admit his past mistakes without once appending an excuse. It is this sort of young white man which are very numerous throughout this land. They have relatively no clout in a political sense, but they will be the ones left standing.